BlackBerry 10 quick tip: Stop the blinking LED by pressing the standby button

BlackBerry 10 LED
By Adam Zeis on 6 Feb 2013 01:15 pm EST

The blinking red LED on BlackBerry 10 is iconic. It's been there forever and it's something that we love our BlackBerry for. You always know when there is a notification thanks to the little red light blinking. At times I find myself plugging away at work and the LED will constantly be blowing up. Rather than having to unlock my device and head into the Hub to dismiss the notification, I've found you can simply tap the standby button on top of the device and it kills the LED. The notifications will still be there, but you can go about your business with no LED until you get a chance to check them out. Cool, huh?

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BlackBerry 10 quick tip: Stop the blinking LED by pressing the standby button


Haha, I wrote an app last year to do just that on other BB phones (except it's double-click) and almost NOBODY wants it to this day, even when it's thrown in free with other apps :)

But it was for just the reason you say, the light's blinking away and you just want to acknowledge and stop it without having to unlock the phone, wait, and go into Messages.

I saw this article and wished for a second that I'd been like some other developers, and filed a patent for the obvious -- "Method for terminating an LED notification without unlocking a phone".

question though, will the led go back to blinking when a new notification comes in or will it stay off until you do some type of action in the hub?

Wish I could see my LED light up in phone only profile... I have it set to be on in phone only, but bbm's and emails don't blink when something has arrived and I have done a full power off and 2 battery pulls.

why would I want to stop the blinking LED? The notification LED is the heart monitor of my BB :) I sure hope BeBuzz will be available for the 10's. Does anyone know if the LED is capable of different colors?

This will be really nice, thanks. It can be a pain when I'm trying to get work done and I can see that red led out of the corner of my eye lol Kind of a love/hate relationship

i must be oblivious here. what is the standby button? i tried hitting the power button on the very top of the device but it did no such thing described here