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Can't wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry 10 phone? You've come to the right place. Many carriers are already offering pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10. We'll be updating this page with other BlackBerry 10 pre-order availability as it gets announced!

Rogers BlackBerry 10 Reservations
By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2012 02:12 pm EST

The big BlackBerry 10 launch event is scheduled for January 30, 2013 and spans the globe with events in New York, Paris, Toronto, Johannesburg, London and Dubai. Leading up to the event, carriers have already started announcing that they will indeed carry BlackBerry 10 devices - notably the all-touch BlackBerry Z10. A few carriers in the UK said they'll be stocking the devices, and Rogers has even gone so far as to start preorders for customers so they don't have to worry about getting a device at launch. We expect to see many more carriers follow along with online or in-store reservations for devices, so we've got all the info you'll need right here. If you're looking to preorder a BlackBerry 10 device - this is where you want to be. Keep reading for a list of carriers that are gearing up for BlackBerry 10. 

These are the major carriers that we expect will be carrying BlackBerry 10 devices so far. The bold carriers have announced they will have devices already, and some have preordering available as well, so you can head to the links below to register for a device. We're assuming for now that this is for the full-touch BlackBerry Z10 model but no one is really stating that one way or the other. We'll update this list with more carriers and other regions as they announce availability.


AT&T Confirmed
Verizon Confirmed
T-Mobile Confirmed
Sprint Confirmed


Rogers Reserve Online
TELUS Register for updates
Bell Register for updates
WIND Register for updates
Virgin Mobile Regiser for updates
SaskTel Confirmed
Future Shop Pre-order now 
Best Buy Canada Pre-order now
Koodoo Coming soon
Mobilicity Coming soon
WalMart Canada Pre-order now
TBooth Pre-order now
Wireless Wave Pre-order now


Carphone Warehouse Pre-Register
EE Available Now
O2 Available Now
Phones 4U Pre-Register
Three Available Now
Vodafone Available Now


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BlackBerry 10 Preordering Hub


It should read: Not Yet Announced. Apparently many more carriers will be announcing pre-orders...

The links for the uk sites (as of now) only sreve as a register fow any new phones coming to market. Not BB10 specifically.

Sources have confirmed that Bell Mobility will be offering a BlackBerry 10 pre-order starting on Thursday (December 20nd), while Telus Mobility will be announcing their pre-order offerings on either Friday (December 21st) or Saturday (December 22nd).

Looked yesterday--nothing. Even though Bell online chat said today (Friday), there's nothing on their website yet. Disappointed, Bell!

Adam, do you have access to the number of pre-ordered devices from each carrier? It would be really cool to be able to have an idea of the number of devices pre-ordered or reserved and show this data as well.

when i pre-ordered from rogers i got the number 1034 in line at that location alone(calgary canada) there are many locations here lol so.... seems its going well for 2 days in.

Well, if rogers caries BB10, then I'm almost 99.9 percent sure fido will, and same thing with telus and Koodo, and I forget, doesn't bell or telus own virgin mobile?

Virgin Mobile Canada is a separate branch of Virgin in UK, Bell Mobility now owns the Virginia brand in Canada and their phones run off the Bell Network

just an FYI to any Rogers customers on a Hospital Corporate Plan, they have changed the upgrade terms to 3 years (used to be one year upgrade eligibility). This is not a grandfathered-in policy (typical Robbers) and applies to all existing Hospital Plans. Leave it to Rogers to do something like this with no notice sent. I asked to view the new policy and my request was refused. Early upgrade fee is $15/month. Basically zero incentive to upgrade unless you're on a corporate account that is paid by the employer. A corporate account paid by the individual = 3 year upgrade eligibility. Useless!

You have a LEGAL right to see new policy changes - their not in effect if they cannot show it to you (subject to change without notice still means you have a right to see the change).

Contact Rogers head office and ask for their Ombudsman contact details: full name, contact number, and email address - google this info to ensure its live and up to date. inform them that a policy set by Rogers Wireless affects you yet you've been refused information of the full changes and the date they became affective and you are in dispute as to whether you should be held bonded to ablige.

i talked to a customer service rep on the web chat on He didnt know anything about BB10 but believes if its released MTS will get it. If not Rogers here i come!

I'm on the same boat MTS has been good with me the Bold 9900 is like 99 + tax a month by bill has never been over $75 with the bold so far and plus I'm going to wait a month or two to see if MTS is getting it and for the BB10 to get the bugs fixed ( hopefully there isn't any) if by April they don't have it I'm heading to rogers. and for those that reserved it on rogers what if any is the price of it for a 2-3 year contract or to buy outright?

Sasktel here in Saskatchewan told me that they will only sell on a first come, first serve basis. They said it would be up to the retail partners. However said they would not extend any offers till Sasktel has announced release dates. *sigh*

Please cover more countries. I am a BB geek from India, a regular Crackberry follower & we Indians love BB. India, Indonesia, Nigeria and few others have become BB's primary market in last 3/4 years, while US,UK & Europe ditched RIM like anything. So kindly broaden your focus...

Don't worry! We'll update the post as we hear more from other carriers and regions. Just wanted to get a base list down since all the UK carriers announced today.

India ROCKS!
You will be one of the first countries to get your hands on one .... you guys are sooooo lucky.
Start saving !

Subs growth ex Canada, US, UK is still at 7 percent so this is where the bb10 carrier penetration is most critical at launch. The other markets will get it too but it's not as critical to have every carrier pushing bb10 right out of the gates bc bb7 sales are still robust. It would still be nice to know which carriers are on board first though.

Guys guys guys! I'm sure they'll add more carriers/countries as more announce it! Right now these are major ones, and only three places have announced it!

Is there any launch date for the Caribbean in particular Jamaica?? i cant wait i've been following this for a very long time love bb and Jamaica is BB land so let me know please :)

Respect mon, I come to the paradise island a couple times per year... If you can't get one by March... Hit me up on twitter @rocmon and I'll hook you up!

One love!

I remember reading an article a while ago on CrackBerry that Verizon did confirm that they would be selling BB10 phones. Why doesn't it say so here?

fscking damn US carriers... MOVE! might be switching carriers to whomever shows the most love to BBs once BB10 drops

Looks like I will be packing up and moving to another country ( maybe Canada ) if we don't hurry up and start selling BB10 in the U.S.
And we think we are the number 1 country in the world? Looks to be last if you ask me.
Dallas Texas

I work for Rogers. No way to actually tell how much pre orders my store has received.
Unless i reserve a device and select my store as the destination.
Im #203 at the location down the road. This was the morning of the reservations.

If I go on and try to pre-order an N-Series, is that possible? Or is it strictly L-Series? I'm too lazy to look.

It doesnt specify. All it says is RIM ----> BB10 Black
But i guess its common sense, L-Series :)

It would be great to have a thread where rogers reps and others could chime in on the level of know, tell us if the response is WOW or MEH

Bell....just hung up the phone from them and they have nothing to report as to when or if they will accept pre orders....not impressed.

does anyone know when verizon is expected to set up pre orders. I have been waiting months for my chance to order. My upgrade came in November. Just like for every other BlackBerry fan this has been a very anxious time.

I just called them they played the I don't see anything on Blackberry 10 card. Then told me they would look into it more tomorrow and call me with what they find out.

If Virgin Mobile can't get their act together to offer up the BB10, I'll have to switch to one that does... Which kind of sucks because Virgin Mobile has been really good.

Since when? i knew TELUS owned Koodo, Bell owned Solo, Rogers owns Fido, but i thought Virgin(US/CA) was its own company?

Heyyyyyy SPRINT??!!!! Your announcement to have BlackBerry 10 phones available at launch would make for a grrrreeat Christmas gift! Both L and N series devices please. Thank you.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

Why is Canada always the best, and first with everything? It looks like the great USA is heading straight down the toilet.

And I always thought that we were better, stronger, faster, and smarter then the Canadians. Man I am so wrong.

I just spoke to Vodacom consultant - they are not sure when pre-order or release will happen. She said keep checking vodacom website. Come on 30th January!

When will the Keyboard version be launched ? And why on earth isn't that the first model coming out anyways ? People use a Blackberry for the keyboard specifically!!! If we wanted an Apple product we would buy an iToy! Major dissappointment with Blackberry for not releasing the keyboard version first and foremost!! Can't believe these excutives and the way they think!

1. You can't tell rim to do anything.
2. The release schedule is final.
3. SHAME to those that can't appreciate the new blackberry 10 full touch experience. People don't just buy it for the keyboard, they get it for its efficiency.

Keyboard (N-series) coming out "shortly after" L-series. Rumour has 2 weeks later. We're almost there, kb fans!

Yours is the kind of thinking that got RIM in trouble in that the company failed to realize what the general consumer wants. Releasing the keyboard version first would be a fail of enormous proportions and would, imo, signal that RIM can't keep up with what's selling the most.
There are a lot of BB users and addicts, like myself who will happily go to the full screen device(s).

Unlocked BB10 and hopefully penta-band/LTE enabled. I roll on Mobilicity. Interesting times for RIM/BB10.

Carriers all waiting until after Christmas to put up reserve options? Must want to sell the old junk first I suppose, oh well!

Just online with Bell online chat. This is the latest from them. They don't seem to know much. :(
A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Chat representative Lindsay has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Lindsay: Hello, thanks for visiting How may I provide you with excellent service today?

You: I was told that pre-orders for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones would start Dec. 21. There is no mention on your website and your store reps don't know anything. When will you be making some sort of statement? Rogers has been taking pre-orders for a week and a half now.

Lindsay: I am sorry, we don't have the details of the Blackberry 10 online

You: Since I was told by 2 online reps the 21st, what is going on?

Lindsay: One moment please

Lindsay: Let me check that

Lindsay: I am sorry, we don't have the details with Bell online

Lindsay: Please contact the Bell stoe

Lindsay: store*

You: Do you mean in-store? I have spoken to 3 different stores--no-one knows anything.

Lindsay: I am sorry, we are yet to receive the updates on Blackberry 10

Lindsay: You may get it by January

You: I was told that Bell would be carrying the BlackBerry 10. But since launch is January 30, do you mean you'll have it on the 31st?

Lindsay: We will have it for pre order by January 20

You: Oh! This is new. Is this for sure or just a guess? No offense but that's the same thing the other rep said when they said Dec 21st. :)

Lindsay: This is for sure

I preordered a bb10 for my wife on dec 19th. I was #1108. When pre-ordering I was told it was the l-series in black (may have been in the fine print, I can't recall). Today, I preordered a device for myself and was #1719. I'm quite certain this is a national waiting list, not a store by store list. So in my opinion, pre-orders are rather slow compared to say a iOS pre-order. Can any Rogers reps shed some light on this? One interesting thing is that there is no indication of pricing or plans available yet and people are still pre-ordering. . I'm curious as to how many of these pre-orders will stick once pricing etc are announced. Personally I'd prefer to wait for the n-series to come out if the wait isn't too long.

I hear that it is a store by store thing.
Not many people know that you can pre order it from Rogers. It hasn't really been advertised.

Come on EE make the announcement! However with Phones 4 U and Carphone allowing signing up i suppose it doesnt matter that the carriers themselves havent let pre-order out as we can buy it on any network we want from these stores :-) hope that the UK isnt too far behind Canada and the rest of the world come the end of Jan! so excited to get rid of my 9800

EE have said to keep checking their upcoming phones page, I presume this is because they expect to be taking preorders soon.

MTN South Africa supposedly have a waiting list but not an official pre-order list.

Vodacom still no pre-order or waiting list yet...

Come on Vodacom!!!

I emailed Verizon the other day and was thoroughly disappointed that they didn't have a date to provide their customers about BB10 phones.

Managed to get onto waiting list at a Vodacom Store (S.A) - First on the list!

According to the sales consultant the phones will only be available mid Febraury... I hope he is wrong!

Just called MTS 8;00 am wednesday Jan 16th and they said they have "No information on this phone at this time" I guess im going to have to wait it out or go with Rogers. boooo!

No mention of EE now taking pre register in the UK now!

cougar boost ? your growling drink intrigues me !

Apparantly (again according to Bell Mobility online chat--not very reliable), pre-ordering is available in-store. Have yet to check since I don't want to make a special trip to waste my time.

Wind just posted an online registration for BB10 thank god!!! I use to be with Rogers,Fido and Bell. Paying $40 bucks for everything and having HSPA+ is amazing for that price and the speed is sufficient. Heck even my BB 9360 performs amazing on 3G!! GO WIND!!! GO BB 10!!!

No Indonesia? No Singapore? I thought Blackberry pay high attention to Indonesia since it's consider big market for BB? Anyone can update me?

SEA - powered by BlackBerry® Bold 9900 + PlayBook™ 32Gb

Baka Communications in Toronto is taking pre-orders for BB10. They are charging a $50 deposit to reserve a device. I know because I did.

Ok. I can only click this site a few more times and see the entire USA not taking preorders before I freak out. Come on you want my money or

Seriously seriously excited.....cannot wait to see a BB10 device and buy one....on payday (Friday)

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

NO South African Carriers, yet there is a launch in Johannesburg. hope they get the devices soon!!!