BlackBerry 10 pre-registration now available at WIND

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2013 09:17 pm EST

WIND takes the jump as the next carrier in Canada to offer up pre-registration for BlackBerry 10, Their landing page is now live and you can register for info and updates on BlackBerry 10 devices. No full out preorder here but you'll be able to stay in the loop all along the way. The launch event is only a week off now so expect more details next week for WIND as well as other carriers. 

Source: MobileSyrup 

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BlackBerry 10 pre-registration now available at WIND


Great to see every carrier lining up to offer BB10.. but why would anyone choose a non LTE carrier for BB10?

I'm getting close to 9MB/s down on my 3G 9900 on WIND. I would imagine I would get faster on HSPA+. I just don't see the need for LTE. For what I do my current speeds are more than acceptable. I've also been reading about LTE and battery drain and also over heating issues.

Having said that, I'm probably going to use this opportunity to switch carriers anyway. But LTE will not be a priority.

I'm with WIND, and sure LTE would be nice. But 3G on my Bold 9790 with unlimited Data is perfect and I'm only paying $35/month. I just hope they bring it out at the same time as other carriers. I want to be one of the first people to get a BlackBerry10 in my hands!

Unlimited Data? In CANADA?

Nice....but yea, I'm not going with them....I need Koodo to start their pre-registration program with hopefully some great plans :)

Koodo is far from being Telus. Sure Telus is their parent company but all Telus is is another Rogers or Bell. Koodo has great customer service and great value with their plans. Not to mention no contracts.

Actually, I'm also with WIND and I get unlimited everything for $29.99/month. But $40.00 is also not bad when you compare it with other companies.

Every carrier in the world is almost on line offering pre orders ...... except for our great country of the U.S.A.

I'm sorry fellow Americans, but this makes us look absolutely pathetic! I am so embarrassed. We care more about guns and violence then the things that really matter to us.

When are we going to wake up and show the world that we are better? Probably never. If we had a carrier like Bellman up in Canada, we would be so much more on the ball.

It's kinda crazy how pretty much every carrier around the world is doing preorders but in the market that matters the most, nothing is going on.... of course I'm talking about the USA. RIM/BlackBerry should be all over this asap, tell them to take preorders, NAO!!

ALRIGHT!!!! I'm going to wait it out until they have the QWERTY blackberry 10 smartphone available. Gotta save up the money.

Um, I just realized I cannot find a preorder page on windmobile's website. I'll have to search I guess, unless they took it out?

To all the Americans complaining there is no pre-orders, have you taken the time to call and/or write to your carriers telling them you want BB10?

Hello everyone,

I am a Fido customer and I was concerned that they won't have/support the BB10. Started to look at the options...

But I just logged on this morning and surprise ! The news/link to the Fido's reservation page is right there ! Ya ba da ba doo !