The BlackBerry 10 powered M1 Fuse lapdock is an idea we can get behind

By Bla1ze on 17 Mar 2014 07:43 pm EDT

Over the years there has been plenty of lapdock ideas floating around and I'm sure if you go digging through patents, you'll find several company's have their own variations locked down somewhere including BlackBerry. Most notable out of all of them though is likely the Motorola Lapdock that came along with the Atrix 4G. While a great idea, it was pretty much a flop for several reasons, take your pick really. High pricing is a good place to start. In any case, it's now dead.

But just because Motorola failed doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad idea. With the correct pricing and right implementation, it could fit really well into where BlackBerry appears to be heading. A new concept from BerryFlow and Pooter Mobile offers a look at what a BlackBerry 10 lapdock might look like and it's quite impressive.

  • With NFC enabled, dropping your device inside the LED cradle will trigger Terminal Mode–a combination of Wifi Direct, Miracast, and Bluetooth Smart Ready.
  • Terminal Mode allows the BB10 OS to project a tailored, landscape experience for the larger 15″ touch sensitive screen. Overall, a more mature multitasking interaction in which you can run applications in tandem with 2 live apps running alongside BlackBerry Hub.
  • A docked BB10 device can function as a virtual track-pad with full gesture support. As well, if the mobile supports wireless charging the docking tray will also allow a wire-free charge while the M1 is connected through magnetic rapid charger.
  • This same device cradle is also encompassed by a blue LED indicator strip. The indicator will change colors to let you know about incoming notifications and will return to blue, indicating the devices are connected via Bluetooth.
  • Left of the device cradle you’ll see a hardware key to quickly access BB Hub, on the right there is a hardware key to force applications from their vertical orientation into full screen landscape.
  • A one fingered down-swipe from the top will bring down settings and music control, a two finger swipe down from the top will bring in an application overlay and allow you to launch new apps.
  • The M1 Fuse is fully usable without the mobile being directly docked. Once the device is tapped on the NFC trigger and Terminal Mode is launched you can utilize the touchscreen on the lapdock to maneuver the OS.

Obviously there's plenty of pros and cons to this sort of thing especially given the history of such items in the market but again, it's one of those things that never really seemed to be done correctly and possibly ahead of its time.

Is BlackBerry the ones to do it right? Eh, maybe. it's arguable that they have plenty of other kinks to work out before they even think about taking on something like a lapdock but that doesn't make it any less of an interesting idea.

What do you all think? Would this be something you're interested in purchasing? How much would you pay for something like this? What would be vital to be added to this to make it a must have for you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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The BlackBerry 10 powered M1 Fuse lapdock is an idea we can get behind

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I just want to be able to wireless access my computer accounts on my Z30 as is promised on Link....

Is anyone doing this?

CB10 from the Z30

This could be of great benefit to BlackBerry because Google does not do this well or securely.

I want to mirror my desktop on my Z30 and have it work flawlessly.

Thorsten, used to, talk about this and he was on to something with it...

CB10 from the Z30

Cool concept but not really practical. All BB needs to do is make a DESKTOP client for MAC and PC to bridge and/or mirror our phones to our work stations.

It works for me. It is not fast, but it does work. Most of the time.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Yes, it works. I had problems at first then I played around with my McAfee firewall settings and turned them off and I was finally able to access my laptop files from anywhere. Really useful if need to access files on the go.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Ignore the negativity. Though the forums might have been a better place to discuss the issue.

You're right. It should work more seamlessly. BlackBerry have always had a problem with desktop to device connectivity.

Then again, I have problems connecting anything to Windows. Sometimes my Windows 7 OS refuses to recognize USB devices for example. Other times I can't connect to my LAN.

BlackBerry has gotten in trouble for years by "over promising an under delivering"... this is another example of what gives them a bad name....

As for nick... keep your head buried in the sand.....

sounds typical of blackberry having different experiences across the customer base but i am able to access my computer files everywhere and anywhere from my q10 and z10 and all i did was enable the setting. it has worked flawlessly since day 1.

Yes, link over the air works for me too. Love using it when I need something on my laptop but I'm not near it or across the world

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Yes sir, totally linked to my laptop. I even can stream my music located on my computer flawlessly from anywhere. Windows 7 with Microsoft security essentials. Access with Play Cloud.

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry must make a laptop pc instead of this. Laptop with BB 10 with well hardwareand stylish and made via quality materials. Just think the BlackBerry icon in the backside center of the full black lcd :) Make and watch it sell. :)

I'd be all over this! Looks beautiful and at the right price this would have a real chance at being super succesful.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

As am I. This is amazing sounding

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Totally agree, right pricing and great marketing it could have a chance. I'd be all over it though.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B


$500 (with smaller or no SSD)

Could be pretty useful. Just add some awesome speakers, like the Bang&Olufsen ICE Power on my ASUS N56.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I am 2nd! this will be great. Blackberry can be the first one to launch a successful model(i know motorola tried it but didn't work) instead of following Apple and Samsung, BB should take a lead.

LOL Jokes like you just write themselves. Not second. Maybe next time you won't be in such a hurry to look foolish.

Posted via CB10

Chuckle. Yup.

Everyone will get a chance to throw money at bbry to purchase this docking concept. I've seen lots of concepts from this company though... could be a long wait ...

Posted via CB10

I'd love one! However, I'm not sure how well it would be received in the market. With so many people owning tablets, this almost seems like an unnecessary product. I'd for sure love one though.

Posted via CB10

Exactly.....a lovely but unnecessary product, a tablet design with all this though.... will take my money!!!

Posted via CB10

Yes ! I agree! just give me one. I love my z10, I send all my emails from it. I would love to see a BB OS10 powered laptop, which would sync automatically with my phone

It'd be easier to just hook up with cables via usb, hdmi, or a combination thereof. That way, you don't limit the lapdock to just one device.

If it didn't have the dock portion at all, (that way I can keep my phone in my pocket / purse for the ladies) just a really slim keyboard and big screen I'd be 100% sold.

Like I've said in many posts before, the key is the "Terminal" mode or "Desktop" mode. This needs to happen, like yesterday!

Posted via CB10

Realistically I probably would buy it if it is anywhere close to a reasonable price. But then I would probably end up primarily using a Windows laptop anyway and it would be reduced to just a cool idea. Docking into a tablet I would probably use regularly, but I'm not sure BlackBerry 10 could really handle all of my workflow to replace my laptop (yet).

I would buy this just because it is BlackBerry, otherwise I would rather have a tablet format. Already have a laptop which unless I am traveling I am using less and less.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

But it won't be.

Tegra 3 with 128gb of storage? Would you pay 399.99 for an attachment? Seems a little pricey for a companion device.

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

Once BlackBerry 10 gets all the major apps then they can do this for sure apps is the only thing hurting blackberry right now and I mean native apps not android ports.....and once the blackberry name gets back into the positive light then this can kill ipad and android tablets easily if marketed properly :)

Posted via CB10

Anthony....why are the USA carriers "dragging their feet" on releasing 10.2.1?

Why are they afraid of BlackBerry users loading premium Android apps easily?

What is Google's involvement in this?

CB10 from the Z30

+1000 That's right. Although I agree with others here who say it looks great and they'd buy one, I think it would be doomed for failure right out of the box if the apps weren't there. Lots of people have complained about Windows RT for the same reason - you can't use Windows x86 apps except on the Surface Pro, and all of the most requested apps just haven't been ported to Win RT.

Both Apple and Android have ports. Android devs and iPhone devs have their apps ported to the other device. Why should BlackBerry be any different?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry will never get the "major apps" whatever they might be in your opinion. While an interesting idea I hear BlackBerry would design an underpowered, minimally-functional device. And the need to insert the smartphone into this concept device is a non-starter. Sorry but BlackBerry would screw this up too a la the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

No thanks. If BlackBerry is heading towards mobile computing I'd be happier with a simple bluetooth keyboard and mouse, with my BlackBerry connected to a display via miracast. I don't need it to mount into something that I have to bring with me. I think there should be stations setup at the office, at home, etc with the peripherals waiting.

Posted via CB10

Even after saying "This is what I've been waiting for!" earlier, I'd have to agree with you on this. I guess to me, the ideal mobile computing solution would be something that's fairly universal. Granted, a "BB10 exclusive" piece of hardware would be pretty cool.

Let's say you're on a business trip visiting another facility of the company you work for. Wouldn't it be nice if at their spare cubicles/desks, they had universal docking stations that would allow phones of any operating system to have a desktop experience? Maybe the dock would be some sort of QI/NFC/Bluetooth pad that automatically syncs your phone to the wireless keyboard, mouse, and Miracast enabled screen? QI to keep the phone charged (obviously), and NFC to trigger the BT and Miracast connections. If it could somehow bypass user input for everything to connect, that'd be even better! You would just set your phone down, and be connected to all peripherals in 10 seconds or less! The only other thing you would need is an OTG USB hub for connecting additional storage devices.

Now THIS has me drooling.. Haha!

Wait a minute! Looks like these guys are onto something..

Posted via CB10

I am in support of a BlackBerry 10 dock. But hey, docking doesn't mean it has to be physically docked. Some new laptops (I think Dell Latitude series) now have wireless docking stations. So, yeah, I am for a lap-dock or whatever but the dock does not necessarily have to be physical. It could be wireless too, either/or/both.

If BlackBerry 10 device is doing all the work (that is, processing intensive work) and lap-dock only provides a larger screen, larger keyboard then I'd expect this docking device to be VERY cheap (<$100 in total).

Over a certain price, people might as well buy a full featured tablet.

I'm not purchasing any other BlackBerry products until BlackBerry and US carriers get on board with one another; not my choice. I love BlackBerry and the phones are out of this world but enough is enough.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I'm in. Although I don't find that I have much need for my laptop since I got a Z10. I can imagine that z30 owners feel the same. I would get a BlackBerry computer in a second if the price was realistic and it had good navigation like other BB10 devices.

Waiting to see!

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

I think this is a great idea. Honestly, I would drop $600-$800 US for this and not worry. If it's done right, this could really be huge for BlackBerry. I wouldn't be surprised if there are early talks of something like this.

With all that a octocore device could do, why not make something like this for true mobile computing? With added features if your on BES12, this could be huge in enterprise.

I could go on and on, I won't, but really think about this, it could be HUGE.

Tools not Toys my CrackBerry brothers!

Very cool but BlackBerry would have to get Microsoft office (entirely possible I think) etc to make it worthwhile.

Posted via CB10

I would be very interested in this. Sounds really cool.

C00270EBC check out my Tattoo channel! Brought to you by Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing

When Documents to go can have multiple Word or Excel files open at the same time, I'd be interested. Otherwise I'll stick with my laptop.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Execution - the could not get the playbook right- just a tablet. Why would anyone use this over a Microsoft laptop or tablet. I would say focus on a successful phone launch- or os 10.3. How about a top tier phone- both spec and design. (for the record I think the design of the z30 is very good, a little weak on specs)

Posted via CB10

Dedicated hardware would be a mistake in my opinion. I'd much rather be able to use whatever laptop I currently own and have BB just release the software. Maybe if it catches on they can think about their own hardware, but it seems like a mistake to begin with.

However in enterprise having a dock that you can walk up to and use without all the login in, and then be on a bigger form factor is awesome. no carrying a big laptop... and yet you have a full desktop anywhere we would put a dock. Say in a patients room.
Without being docked it's just an empty shell.
Left in a room with nothing in the dock, no data would be accessible.
Yet in an instant you have the full mean deal... at least that's my view.

Just need the dock then let me pick monitor keyboard and mouse.

Nice. But I'm still having fragmented experience. Not complaining but can't wait til it's resolved.

Posted via CB10

I do need a new laptop to replace my 07 Macbook Pro. This would be something I'd buy for sure.

Wow. Loving the look.

Posted via CB10

I can see this being used for people needing to use 1-2 specialised corporate interfaces, which could be displayed on any dumb terminal, but 2 things would be required for this concept to be more versatile:

#1 Desktop quality versions of apps. Sorry, "The Hub" is just too weak for real business use, unless you're a number in a large corporation.

#2 Some proper computing power hidden in the dock. QNX can process data remotely, so let's use some of the OS' benefits

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

My thoughts exactly, this has a Tegra 3 co processor to do just that! And remotely can access 128GB on board storage as well! Apps will definitely be the weakest point regarding BB10 hopefully with potential like this we can make it happens in the future. This concept definitely speaks to "dumb terminals" and embedded peripherals beyond the dock. +1

Posted via CB10

Looks like a great idea, certainly BB must work in a variety of UI's to fit different modes (phone, tablet and laptop modes)

I'd pay $400 tops. I don't really need A laptop but if they made a cool one I'd splurge. I'd rather buy a 5.5-6 inch BlackBerry 10 phone though.

Heck I'd even buy another playbook if they kept it 7 inches me it thinner, lighter, faster, and of course had bb10 :)

Posted via CB10

Blackberry should just incorporate this into link software and allow bb10 users to use their existing pc to mirror phone device and sell ads in between.

I would be willing to buy this, if they provide a full-fledge OS support, with a shell terminal (bash and zsh) maybe eclipse like IDE. Currently, I use my MacBook Pro for development. Would like to see BBOS mature and bring convergence between the two OS worlds.

I saw this few days ago in BerryFlow. This is a great concept, hope the device is like Surface Pro 2 and is not too large or heavy. An innovative keyboard is a must like Surface Pro. I will just wait for the second version.

Nobody cares acknowledge Q10 double typing issue, write an article about it or you are you too much up Chen's butt?

Posted via CB10

I would love something like this, or a
PlayBook II and at the very least would settle for landscape mode on my Z30 with accessories and a screen.

Posted via CB10

A truly end to end mobile communications.

It would also be a major selling point to turn your device into a modem with complete Internet access.

Being able to send BBM from the laptop is a major asset.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

Posted via CB10

I think it a very good idea to make a Blackberry laptop cause I been think while why BlackBerry don't just make it

Posted via CB10

The bad news is blackberry 10 support is very sad!!
Most of the apps which is there on native os isn't available on the 10!!!

If they Try to improve that then os10 will be similar to chrome book or Mac!!

Posted via CB10

It's something that should be and might be in the works...
Need everyone to know about blackberry 10 to get Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser directly.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I like this. Not sure how much I would pay for it yet though. BB10 isn't where it needs to be to be used more than my laptop, but it's well on its way. I like that the BlackBerry can be used to go into the space provided but that the device itself is NFC capable so other smartphones could be used with it too. What would be hot is if the slot was some how adjustable to accommodate devices with different dimensions.

Posted via CB10

A $100 for a fancy monitor and keyboard - sure
A $200 for a keyboard and a Tablet extension - maybe
A $300 netbook replacement - no chance.

This is a nice if they made a tablet capable of screen sharing...I'd rather have that. I'm on board with the lap dock

I would love this form factor!!! I seriously considered the Motorola Atrix 4G (glad I passed). And coming from a PlayBook and Z10 user (my playbook is still absolutely functional), having one device is great! And if I was willing to consider the Atrix 4G in the past, I would pay AT LEAST that much for a bb10 phone with lapdock. If it ever gets made to work with the Z10, I'm in!

Posted via CB10

Yes please, they need to come out with more products that hit different categories and yet still incorpoates the phone. Apple got as big as it is by selling computers then software, then music players and then phones that connects to all of it.

Posted with the Glorious Z30

I believe that this solution should be rolled out to enterprise first. It presents an awesome opportunity to reduce costs, by combining phone PC and Mobile into one device with a few more affordable peripheral devices, some of which can be reused from existing equipment. With adaption in the business environments the consumer space will follow, it has been proven over many times! Look at the desktop, the cell phone, the Internet, it is a no brainer. The hard part will be demonstrating a big enough benefit that businesses will be compelled for try it.

Posted via CB10

My only qualm, when you said in the article "it might be slow"...yea... if it's not blazing fast BlackBerry doesn't need to release it. like my Playbook...I noticed when I first got it, it was blazing fast. Fast until I filled it halfway up with apps, games, and music that is. Whatever BlackBerry has to do, please allow the device to work as fast when it is loaded as when you first took it out the box. I would see this REALLY taking off with the people who deal a lot in media(pics, videos,&music), so this thing would need the most powerful quad core processor as well as an ATi Graphics card(top of the line), this will get ALL the DJ's, VJ"s, and Photogtaphers/Videographers on it. I mean, videos shot from phones are popping up more often in youtube&WorldStarHipHop...add the actual usability of an editing program/interface in this laptop and BlackBerry will have a breakout device. and, not to ostracize my business people, also throw a proprietary document converting app on this thing...Manufic!!!! those are my needs for this thing to claim a spot in my everyday satchel

Posted via CB10

Even though it looks cool, I'm not completely sure what this accomplishes other than displaying your device screen onto a larger screen? (which you can do already) Unless I'm missing something?

Powered by BlackBerry

Looks and sounds Sexy as F*ck, just needs a bit more memory and right price could be a great seller to those looking to create a more immersive BlackBerry experience

Posted via CB10

It looks like a good concept. One model would have to work with all BB10 devices. The price point would be critical. Also adding micro SD slots would extend it's flexibility. Yes, the phone has one, but one, two, or three on the dock would give filing flexibility for anyone who likes to be exceptionally organized (some would say OCD).

The price would have to be around the price of an iPad to catch positive media attention.

Saying all that...I'm ready for a road trip to Waterloo to buy mine!

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I like it.... but; it needs to run like a Windows environment, in order to properly use VERY popular programs like Office, Office Outlook, etc.
I am currently using my Z30 and the remote desktop for BB10 app, but it is barely cutting it.

Just some thoughts.

Lots of comments in support of this, and that's exactly why fanboys don't run the company.

For the price this would likely retail for, one could get a full Windows laptop or tablet that would be far more capable.

It flopped because it was a bad idea. The cost is in the design and manufacturing, not the OS, storage, CPU, memory. These can either be the price of a netbook or for a little more a decent laptop by itself.

This could end up being the "prosumer chromebook" if the device meets the corporate requirements, and works quickly enough to not frustrate the user. The pricing would also have to be equivalent to the chromebook pricing, or why even look at it?

I'd buy it or any new tablet. BlackBerry for ever. And as always apple kia Obama Starbucks facebook beats headphones samsung and people who endlessly post their pins and ask people to follow them on bbm twitter or other, are pathetic CRAP BS.

Z10 soon to be q20!

Delta Champion

Once BBRY becomes profitable and hopefully continues to grow its Enterprise/Consumer market, I can see this Concept becoming a reality. Perhaps for a small niche at 1st. This would also be a direct competitor to Windows and Mac.

The way it is presented - no.
15" and a tegra processor?

One might as well buy a laptop in that case - more power, more versatility.
I have a 14" laptop at the moment and that is huge (uses 13.3" 16:10 before that).
Also, 15" at 2560*1400 is a rather low resolution...
I have 14" at 3200x1800 pixels.

A "lap-dock" will only work of it combines the best of both worlds - the usability of a laptop (mainly keyboard, bigger screen, multitasking, more ports) witb the light weight and small footprint of a phone.

In fact, I even stopped carrying a laptop for a while and just took the phone because I had a desktop at university - less weight is always good. Eventually I got a new laptop and the desktop has been switched off now.
However if it has to be portable it cannot be too big - something with the footprint of a Sony Vaio SZ is possibly ideal - just big enough for a full size keyboard.

The other issue will be versatility - i.e. software.
Unless one can run Linux or Windows applications on it, I doubt it can take off. On my laptop I have for example Eclipse and MinGW, LaTeX for typesetting - that will have to be available.

Posted via CB10

In fact, the presented design has even more issues...

Just 2 applications? That's too few for a high resolution screen (xserver, ssh client and set client are already 3 applications).

In addition, how many laptop users actually use the touchscreen? I'm allergic to thibgs touching my screen and while my laptop has a touchscreen I only briefly played with it as a novelty - after which I can polish it right away. As a result, I pretty much do not use the touchscreen - a keyboard and mouse offer better accuracy and faster responses.
The screen on my Z10 warrants regular cleaning...

If one really wants a touch centric design, a tablet is a better choice as it has less bulk over a laptop - laptops users like their computers for a reason, the keyboard and mouse has huge benefits. (more accurate cobtrol over cursor, faster typing)

Posted via CB10

i like the idea but unfortunately i dont see blackberry as the one to do it. its more of a hardware play and unless something really strange happens this wont be part of the plan. i see them moving toward something like what unbuntu is trying to do with the phone as the desktop. YOu just plug it in to any screen and instant computer station. Maybe something that uses current product as well. A sort of virtual layer on top. So you could run it on android, windows or apple. Its got to have big adoption in the corporate space to work and frankly they are trying to get away from carrying more items. Its a pain in the u know what already to carry a laptop, a phone and possibly a tablet. Why not just carry your phone instead. Its easier lighter and you can probably use it for almost all the things you might do in the day. Really what you need is easy connection to peripherals that would help greatly. so you can just plug in or even wirelessly connect at a hotel to the monitor and presto instant workstation. ITs the reason tablets are going to go away eventually. Why have them just have a phone that can link to your tv easily and then its very easy to connect to everything you need. Cloud storage, cloud apps and most of the services are all easily available. So your processing power wouldnt even need to be huge although you might as well pack it with high end specs so you dont have to compromise. This makes more sense. The docking smartphone idea although a good thought just makes no sense its a part way effort. Everything can and will be done by phone so why work on something thats a dead issue in the next few years. The desktop already died the laptop is next.

With the right pricing (+-300/400€) and the right marketing this could be a potential hit!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

I think this is good idea. I would just hope you could use the dock without having your phone in the dock. Also what happens when you change devices?.

Thou art posted from z10


I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

I love the idea,except having to physically attach your device inside the dock

It looks slick as hell, but in reality the drop in connection limits a lot of different phones.

I would prefer another style connection.
Maybe a drop in on the side and that will give more BlackBerry phones the ability to Connect.

But, yes, I would love a fully functional dock of some type

Posted via CB10

This Docklet stuff is the silliest thing I've ever heard of. What is the point if having a device that doesn't work unless I shove my phone into it? It's just not going to fly. It's a hassle and frankly completely useless when there is the option of having a tablet that doesn't need a phone stuck into it. Bin it.

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Price, price, price. This would be so awesome and I would be all over it, but I won't hold my breath that it will be reasonably priced and coming anytime soon...

Posted via CB10

This, with blackberry desktop OS just like Ubuntu phone and desktop OS and then Autodesk/solidworks and the Adobe suite... dream device!.... I can dream right ;p

Why wouldn't I just prefer a dock for my phone that hooks up to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard? It would be much cheaper.

Very cool idea! I would get one but looking at the specs it would probably be crazy expensive. I could definitely see this in BB's future with their talk of convergence.

I already bought a rabbit stand, a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. What I want is just the display, not a cradle/dock that uses my phone for a touch pad. Ick... Ideally it would be a touch screen, with a flip out stand so I can use it at my desk. Maybe there is some value in a "unit" for those who use this setup on an airplane or train on those flip down desks but I'd rather have the seperate pieces so that I could use the screen keyboard on the display OR my bluetooth one...

You know what crackberry? Fuck you. You have been featuring shit that is direct rip off of my ideas for weeks with absolutely no credit. Fuck you. I'm done with this site. Go fuck yourselves. Fuck you.

Did you patent it? If not, you don't have much comeback. You can't claim no one has had this idea before you matey. I myself have seen various iterations of it over the years.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

This is too close. No I didnt patent it. As this is the third article in the last two weeks with very new idea from anything previous, I think I entitled to a shout out. All Im asking for.
Check it out, and check the date. Don't you think the feature set, especially using the phone as the trackpad is directly borrowed and maybe some recognition is finally due.

I share my ideas because I can't afford to patent them. I think I offer this community a lot of great ideas and they're constantly borrowed and augmented. Not one word from those who borrow them. It's a basic 'fuck you aftm, I'm gonna take your ideas and claim them.' I'm done doing that for this site. And all those ideas that get frequently used will no longer be available from me. Maybe nothing for you, but check my name and check all the recent concepts in their iterations and their date, you'll see a remarkable pattern.
Now none of you can have it.
Good bye

way to steal my idea which I post last summer and again last week. credit where credit is due. afourtrackmind, it was my idea originally not yours, sorry.

Interesting concept. A few comments...

1.The handheld is going to need greater specs to perform well enough to meet the laptop expectations. Or some way for the handheld to utilize the onboard resources on the laptop.

2. Cost is going to be a major opportunity / hurdle to compete with other tablets and laptops on the market.

I don't want to feel like I am working on another computer. It should be a transparent as socking or unlocking my Dell laptop.

Excellent idea. I really want it to work well. I'm the near future, maybe it will.

I would chuck between 30 to 70 Great British Pounds at this thing, depending on the spec and build quality. In other words, I would spend a reasonable amount for a solution which worked seamlessly and had a fair amount of facilities.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

"*In* the near future..." not "I'm the near future..." I ain't no Terminator or nuffink.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I've been saying BlackBerry should do something like this for the last 3 or 4 years! I'm glad they finally listened. ;)

How about just expand Link to do what the hardware does. BlackBerry can sell a subscription for Link Pro ($49/year or $4.99/month). That will be far easier than a commitment to roll out a new device.

Better yet...Link Pro should be a subscription-based iOS/Android/Windows 8 app (with Windows 7 non-app version as well...mandatory).

That way, no matter the form factor, you are in the a really nice price point. I'd buy in a heartbeat. A companion device I would unfortunately have to budget for.

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

This is one of the ultimate things that they could make in my opinion. I would hop on board for this if it were to come out, there is nothing more reliable for me than my Zed10

Posted via CB10

I don't like this idea.......for the moment anyway. I feel that BlackBerry should focus on becoming the corporate desktop replacement first. I'm currently using a dual core 2.9GHz with 4GB or ram. I don't expect my desktop to get anymore powerful in the next five years as it doesn't have to be. So, with new processors coming out this year, if BlackBerry was to use the latest "specs" the phone would be just as powerful as my current desktop and thus replace it.

Posted via CB10

Please release this. I think it's a cool idea and one, which if executed properly and priced right, would be a real boost for BlackBerry. I'd buy it.

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I like this....I would buy seems to be a computer but with BB10 running it instead of Windows/Mac/Linux OS....throw in the BB10 device (I don't know how they are going to do it with the different BB10 devices such as Z10/Q10/Z30/Q5 and more coming)...but sounds like a nice thing....wouldn't it be nice to be able to type out your BBM messages from a full keyboard? Or text with a full keyboard?

I've been dreaming that there will be a way to access my BlackBerry content (BBM, Apps, Screen whatever) from my desktop. Till now I'm not seeing any dev interested to develop this kind of App. Is it hard to do or what? At least you can earn money if you've develop one even only 1 module from BB10. Just curious ....

No matter, I think this needs to be fixed. I mean, laptopdock with ARM processors?

Why don't BlackBerry just make their own laptops with Intel / AMD based processors, then create a BB-LT-OS (BlackBerry Laptop OS) and have it able to run BB10's docked apps? Then what BlackBerry can do is,

1. Allow Android Player
2. Allow Windows Player
3. Allow 3rd party players.

What is the differenciating factor to make this work better is that the OS should be secured from normal security threats (viruses, brute force entry, etc) and should be compliant with most, if not all of today's hardware adopted standards instead of going propietary.

That's a PlayBook with a Surface-esque keyboard which is cheap enough to adapt the current PB and even a OS9 with what the PB specs could handle of BB10 but then again Chen killed that solution off with death of PB support and almost his two biggest markets in currency his EE UK & T USA...

funniest thing is Orange and T-Mobile (both own 50/50 of EE) and trying desperately to flog the remaining stock of BB10 devices off the premium 4G EE brand & on the non 4G Orange & T-M UK 2G/3G networks that support BIS...they don't want Blackberry 4G products cheapening their 4G EE subsidiary LOL

Example: BlackBerry Q5

Free from £21.99 on Orange with 1GB data and unlimited mins.

£9.99 from £21.99 on T-Mobile with unlimited data and 100 mins.

Chen is a puppet - 4 CEO's cannot be all so incompetent in such a short space, question is who is really running BB and chasing a dream of death to the brand and company...

Yes I think it's a great idea, sure Apple has there MacBooks, and Google makes good products but not well on the security sides of things, but Blackberry if they do end up making one of these it can be directed towards businesses that want security that can link to there blackberry devices.

Also it will get plenty of attention because it will be the first laptop blackberry has made and people will be curious on what it has to offer.