BlackBerry 10 phones later this year; Could be October according to rumor

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By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2012 10:55 am EDT

Just a few days before we get to see what's in store for BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World 2012, some more rumors have started floating around about release dates. Some reports are stating that we could see devices in October which would be great, but we're not totally sure just yet. We know the devices will be coming later in 2012, and sometime in the last quarter has basically been the official word. Looking that far ahead, October sounds good, but you know how RIM has been in the past - times can change. An official announcement could come along at any point (we'd love to get a date/expectation at BlackBerry World next week) and as with other RIM devices, it could be just days before an actual release.

Hopefully we'll find out some juicy details or a better timeline next week at BlackBerry World, but for now it's still up in the air as to just when the first BB10 device will actually be available. Hit up the comments with your thoughts and let us know when you think we'll see BlackBerry 10 hit the streets.

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BlackBerry 10 phones later this year; Could be October according to rumor


I love my Torch, my playbook bought day one is finally working as promised and I'm loyal to Blackberry for now BUT I will believe it when I see it. RIM has disappointed so much that until I see it solid working in a store for sale its vaporware to me. After getting burned on Playbook I will wait and see where BB10 is concrned. I really hope RIM has something amazing and not just ok.

Did I miss something? I thought the new Playbook was coming in April. As for the phones I would say August for back to school crowd or November for US Thanksgiving sale. Personally I just hope it happens before 2013!

Forget 2013. They need it by September. RIM has to get everyone in gear to meet that back-to-school date. It will be a big miss if they cannot deliver by then. Rally the troups to do it or miss the opportunity for folks getting new phones and rolling over old devices to new ones -- they're being locked in for another year or two. Don't miss out!

If it's not ready, it's not ready, and wait till November. However, by then it will be pretty hard to sell any BB7 phones. The stock may collapse by then.

Yes, the 3G PlayBook (HSPA+) is coming in May. This adds some credibility to that forecast chart. However, it appears from that chart that December is actual release date for BB10. I don't know where October comes in.

It would be nice if they came out this year. But considering my upgrade is september 2013, they would be almost a year old by the time I upgrade :(

Actually to me it nearly looks like Q3 2013. If you see where the word 'device' is positioned (top right hand corner)??

The image above is based on RIMs fiscal calendar which is nearly a year off from the real world. So 2013 there is pretty much 2012 in our world :)

It's odd but that's how it works. 

It looks like it's actually November/December. The "device" overlaps the segment listed as Sept.Oct.Nov. Am I missing something?

Nope, you're not missing anything, it definitely shows November/December.

CrackBerry authors should be careful when copying and pasting shit from BGR: 2012/04/26/rims-first-blackberry-10-phone-said-to-launch-in-october/

Just my opinion, but I think they need to get BB10 out before the iPhone 5, and that is thought to be in October now.

Let the best go head to head. So specs for specs, the comparisons, analysis and criticsm can take place for both devices at the same time.

Because of Apples current pull on the market - a pure head to head would be bad news for RIM - even if their product is much better than Apple.... For goodness sakes, when Apple announced "multi tasking" a couple years ago, RIM had already had it for years... But Apple was great (and people bought into it)... If RIM wants to succeed with BB10 they actually need to release AT LEAST a month prior to Apple... I would say August (as mentioned by someone above).... Unfortunately RIM needs a literal home run device, out of the park, KO type deal... Otherwise they will continue to decline in terms of market share - sad but true (IMO)

My only concern with that approach is we all know when RIM tries to put something out in a rush. Unfinished and unpolished criticms galore! I'm willing to rush. Wouldn't trade my 9900 for any iPhone, especially Android.

Yes, the BlackBerry loyal are willing to wait. But RIM needs to gain some market share, and therefore needs to be out before the next iPhone. This would likely get some people either moving up to their first smartphone, are on the fence about staying with BB, or switching platforms.

I agree with what you say, however, givin the fact that Apple is very popular these days the rest of the people wouldnt even look at the BB10 if it comes to the market after the iphone.

If you're going to release something prior to Apple, then you're better off releasing it six months in advance. How many times have we seen postings of "Oh, I'll wait to see what X has before I make the purchase. It's only a month away."

Release too early and people will wait to see what Apple has. Release at the same time as Apple and not get any attention from the press/media. Release a little after Apple and everyone's made their purchase already. Six months before/after is the best... in my opinion...

I agree with this sentiment; however, they would need to release now and that's not going to happen and they can't release next year as it wouldn't be a viable option. They're damned of they do and they're damned if they don't.

It's kinda tough to believe a chart that has the incorrect dates on it....everything for 2012 is listed in 2013. Does BGR make their own charts???

I hope the new BB10 phones have a non-camera Bold version. Or at least maybe the 9930 will get BB10.

I still have faith in RIM! Blind? Maybe. But I will definitely upgrade to the BB10 device when a model I like comes out!

The only thing that can replace my BB 9900 is a friggin 9900 on roids! So I hope that's what BB10 is going to be.

RIM should've learned their lesson by now so it's go big or go home time.

Touch only BB10 phone to be announced in August 2012 for an October 2012 release is the best case scenario the way I see it and a BB10 phone with physical keyboard not until April 2013 at the earliest the way things look, but I hope I am way wrong.

My prediction is that RIMM will release BB10 in August just around back to school. They keep saying late in 2012 because it is top secret and they want to confuse the competitor to know exact date. They will put out a press release within a month or two after Convention. On convention day, Microsoft will invest 3.5 billions and Samsung with 1.5 billion. Remembered, Alec S. said in his video there will be partners presenting there but he cannot disclose their names. It'll be a big surprises...

You mean like the "big surprise" that Angry Birds Space?

They keep saying late 2012 because the new smartphone probably is not even working yet. At best they will present a "simulated experience" within a BlackBerry smartphone case. I swear the product development teams (hardware and software) must all be playing video games and sucking each others' genitalia.

(Voice of Arnold Horshack‎, from "Welcome Back Kotter") Oh! Oh! Mr. Kotter. Vinnie says the new BlackBerry smartphone will be a chick magnet."
[[,_Kotter#Arnold_Horshack ]]

If the iPhone 5 is launched in October, RIM needs BB10 out by September. They need a response to the iPhone 4S or folks on the sidelines will get impatient and opt for an iPhone 5 instead of waiting for some future date for a BB10 device -- too much uncertainty then.

Slightly agree. The iPhone 5 is coming either way. RIM really needs stand out features for their phone to get noticed and hold appeal. It isn't solely about who gets there first.

What will be so enticing in iPhone 5. some quad core shit or some men voice support for Siri. iOS is old, it's GUI is stale and Apple can not do something very fancy with it. BB10 GUI will be fresh, with some fresh approaches in gestures (if you disagree you have not used Playbook), that make BB10 more attractive and fun then some new version of 6 year old iOS.

Am I the only one who Isn't happy with a projected launch date of October? Iphone would have already been way ahead. Also from what I've read of the rumours only the full touch will be released. The QWERTY version will not be released until Q1 2013. If this is RIM's attitude how long will it be until they become a next Palm?!

To me, I think RIMM do the right thing by releasing one version and make sure it is almost perfect and then release the second one with qwerty keyboard. It should be just two versions that is it and try to improve them every 6 months to a year.

iPhone is always going to be way ahead of the first iteration of BB10. Look how long they've had to perfect iOS. I don't know why BB10 has to be a "savior". It really just needs to be a competent device (as opposed to OS7 devices) with a couple unique features that can hold RIM over while they work to refine their ecosystem. Hopefully, the major players will be in place at launch.

If I were advising RIM, I would put significant emphasis on full touch devices and slowly phase out/convert over keyboard dependents. It's a niche market that is quite obviously becoming much smaller everyday in the North American market.

Ideally, I think RIM should have two devices that get revamped every year - a full touch and a keyboard device (slider OR candybar, not both).

[QUOTE]features that can hold RIM over while they work to refine their ecosystem[/QUOTE]

This is precisely the attitude that has driven RIM into its current dysfunctional state of affairs. Mediocre products will not excite the marketplace and even the BlackBerry loyalists are beginning to acknowledge reality.

[QUOTE]If I were advising RIM, I would put significant emphasis on full touch devices and slowly phase out/convert over keyboard dependents. It's a niche market that is quite obviously becoming much smaller everyday in the North American market.[/QUOTE]

There is a whole world outside of North America. That said, there are alot of people in North America whom prefer a physical keyboard. The conceptual design "Blade" with its curved body could conceivably incorporate a slider keyboard along the long-edge of the device, and with its curved form thumb-typing would be a breeze.

First, you say that mediocre products will not excite the marketplace [in North America] and then you say that there is a whole world outside of North America. So, which is it?

Unfortunately for RIM, their future rides on North America as they have positioned themselves so as a company. However, as was mentioned in the Mobile Nations Podcast, RIM has a large amount of revenue coming in from emerging markets that will allow them more time to "get it right". Of course the sooner the better, but if BB10 doesn't live up to the hype I think they will still have a few months to try and capture an audience. That said, I think the consumer base is growing eerie of RIM which is a product of the 24/7 blogger/news cycle. BB10 will be RIM's moment to shine with a totally new product but if it doesn't succeed we will see RIM die slower and more eerily than that of Palm - because they currently have the money.

There was of course more behind my mentioning of refining their ecosystem but this is a comment section and not a blog.

As for keyboard phones, take away all of the good keyboard phones and consumers will have to switch. I use a BlackBerry because it is a good communication tool but smartphones have become more than that. Keyboards simply take up too much real estate to make a device that competes with the Andorids and iPhones. What Android or iPhone device with a keyboard is everyone talking about? None, because they gimp the other features of the phone.

I agree there are people in North America (myself included) that prefer a physical keyboard, again, it's a niche market.

I can't upgrade unitl July, 2013. So I get to see if the launch of BB10 is on time and if the devices are competitive with the other makers.

I have all kinds of faith in RIM, just want them to produce a sound product.

I'll be happy as long as the full qwerty BB10 phone gets released before the end of the word.

TBH, RIM need to tell us why this device is taking so looong.
That is SIX months away. I'm sure they have been working on it for another SIX months.
Are they still waiting for that chip that is supposed to fetch us beers, sing us to sleep etc? I know they have been otherwise engaged lately but If a developers device exists NOW and a radio enabled PB is about to launch how come the first BB10 device is so FARRR away? I seriously think this is unacceptable.
Seriously all they need to do is pick one of the amazing concepts that have been floating on crackberry, cram dual/quad cores into it, an LTE chip (any chip!), as many pixels as they can in a screen that is about 4 inches, keep the girth and weight down with good battery life, give it a premium finish, slap a streamlined version of QNX that will run on the 4G PB, throw a couple of decent cameras and market the hell out of it and we're done. All this exists and has been done elsewhere at least SIX months ago.
Sorry folks to have to rant so much, it's that kind of a day.

RIMM will not disappointed again with not ready device. they've learned their lessons. Here is what the new CEO said in one of the interview in April: new CEO Thorsten Heins said “I have to say I am pleased with the progress they are making,” adding “I’ve seen the first working software on the actual device, and I was intrigued by the stability, by the performance, and by the beauty of the user interface that I was shown.”

When did BGR become a trusted source on anything Blackberry?

According to their analysts RIM should be bankrupt and sold in parts last year.

The graphic actually lists "device" as November/December so I am not sure where the October rumour is coming from. If this is an internal graphic then I am assuming it is accurate and October is wishful thinking. I can wait for a BB10 phone but the stockmarket and consumers may not. What is "knight" is it the developer alpha device we will see next week?

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I am having trouble telling from this graphic what is the fate of any particular model line. The slides give lots of buzz to the Curve. What if anything can be told from this about the future of the Torch line? Does it mean that the 9810 will support the upgrade to BB10, or just that they won't have a device like that available within the period covered by the graph? thanks... I love my Torch and want to continue to have a device with this style of keyboard.

Another meaningless teaser. Poor recovery attempt from that inconsiderate post Chris U put up yesterday.

Still kinda pissed about it.

I have a good feeling after bbw we will be seeing less comments like "rip rim Iphone 5 release in October "

Be ready to be scared ifad lovers because blackberry is getting ready to release the game changers!!

What a bunch of blah, blah.Who knows what will be released when? Given RIM's history it's simply a lot of conjecture. As for the rest, well blah, blah, blech, blech, blah. Don't you agree?

Many apple fans were disappointed when the 4s release being that it wasn't the 5 and chose to wait it out, I believe its possible to captivate those disgruntle fans with a spectacular device if it arrives before the 5 does. October would be perfect for me being as its my birthday month lol but catching the new school crowd seems like a nice idea.

Living Bold-ly!

It will be good whenever it does finally release and I'll be sure to upgrade because one thing seems pretty certain. Even by then, AT&T will not have officially released 7.1 OS for my 9900.

October is perfect and close to iPhone5 is also perfect. People cant honestly believe BB10 wont get attention because of iPhone5. Its new hardware old OS, BB10 is new OS and new hardware, very much anticipated especially after all the downfalls. It will surely get the most reviews to see if RIMM has made a comeback, how good the phone is etc. BBWD will really help us know what to expect... RIM is the only company i see with innovation right now *shrug*

Anyone else notice that the "Device" coming in Q3 is the same colour as the Torch in the legend. Could we be looking at a slider at 1st release?

Next Gen OS? What is that? I seen on the HTML5 test that the Playbook 2.1 is in beta. Been that way for awhile.
I hope it ain't Q3 2013 before they release it. We need it now with new features like bookmark editing. That is a whole year and a half. Get off the pot...for serious real.

anybody want bet ?? it won't happen !!
it's already good if we can have it by the end of this year

All I know is that after lining up and buying the Playbook on the opening day; I sure as hell will not be running out on opening day to buy a BB10 phone.

Lesson learned, I will wait until others have bought the product, played with it, and reported back on what is good and what is not so good about the new phones. I also need to see tangible proof that name-brand app developers have been convinced to support the BB10 platform - this goes beyond saying "yes we support it" as what occured with Kindle and the Playbook. I want to see the apps actually in the app store.

I don't have a bb but I used to have blackberries, and I hope bb 10 puts RIM back on the map. Hopefully they will release something to compete with top end androids and the new iphone. Only time will tell.

I thought I read it correctly. 2013...? I won't have an upgrade until Q3 of 2013. Either way, it should be Q3 of 2012 if they want to catch up. By Q3 of 2013 other phones will be 8 core. Rim will be on quad, if not dual. As much as I love my 9900, I'm beginning to lose hope for the future. I still have a glimmer of hope though.

To late for me i'm afraid, I bought my Storm II some 2 years ago, it is now acting arratically, call/drop buttons acting up, battery lasts 4 hours . I need to change now, i want a full touch, but no one in Australia carries the torch. I simply cannot wait, so it's either a HTC one X , Galaxy S 3, or maybe the note. Don't want to get locked in the appleverse, so that's a no - and looks like the 5 will be late this year or early next ( noting delays in supply of LTE chips).
However, i love the playbook, it does what i need, email, web, a few games, twitter, Oanda now have their forex trading app available (yay), odd word processing, spreadsheets, plays movies, sound is brilliant, battery life is good - so if it dies i'll replace it with a BB device (not android or win or apple....)
With Playbook II , True HD screen 1920x1080 (2202 pixels diagonal) , higher ppi , ie @ 300ppi = 7.34", 275 = 8.00 (that might be a good point to aim for), to keep 7" - we need 315ppi
Please do not use cheap displays, the colours on the current one are really nice, maybe an optional OLED display ? (better battery life, better screen) or an ordinary LED/LCD unit

Better processor, Tegra 3 or tegra 4 ?? - or a modern version of what it's running now , so 5 apps wouldn't cripple it......


I, for one, am in North America. I don't want full touch on a blackberry. Need RIM to stick with what they know best and that is as a QWERTY based keyboard, with their secure OS in their own hardware!

Hell! My Storm 2 is on its last leg and going down fast. Don't know how much longer I can hang-on for BB10. Might have to adbandon ship early.............Please help me by releasing BB10 soon.

When BGR posts articles that are negative on RIM, every fanboy has his undies in a knot. "BGR is biased...blah blah blah". But when BGR posts something positive or exclusive, like Geller's review on the 9900 or this roadmap, dumb fanboys don't have crap to say. LMFAO.