BlackBerry 10 Owners Poll: Are you using BBM Video and BBM Voice?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2013 03:13 pm EDT

Though we've fallen out of habit lately with all his traveling, Kevin and I used to make it a point to have a morning call before we started the work day. He'd typically call me up on his way to the office and we'd chat a bit about everything that was going on.

Before BlackBerry 10 it was always just an old-school phone to phone call, but now that we have BBM Voice, it's the call method of choice. So while we were chatting today we thought it would be cool to see just how many BlackBerry 10 owners are using BBM Voice and/or BBM Video.

I use BBM Voice a good amount to chat with other editors and also fire up BBM Video most days to chat with my wife while she's at work. BBM has truly become an awesome tool and having both voice and video features built-in make it even that much better.

So our question today goes out to all the BlackBerry 10 owners. Are you using BBM Voice and/or BBM Video on your Z10, Q10 or Q5?

Pick the answer below that best fits what you use, then hit up the comments and discuss!


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BlackBerry 10 Owners Poll: Are you using BBM Video and BBM Voice?



Only people i have left are a few some customers in Latin America & Caribbean, but even there, they've been moving over to iOS or Android one at a time.... hoping Cross Platform BBM changes this soon. Done Voice maybe 2 times from my Z10 to a 9900.

+1. I thought that I was the only one out there with only a few BBM contacts. Looking forward to cross platform.

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From the dozens I used go have I now only have 1 real BBM contact... it sucks. I wish I could use more awesome BlackBerry features

Posted via CB10 on a B@stard .483 hybrid Verizon Z10

Only 2??? Wow. In Nigeria blackberries are still popular. Have almost 150 people on bbm. Most of them still use os7 tho and wifi isn't that popular here.

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)

Good to know you are a +1 to the number of people who think like this. But an honest question ... What do you call showing a your forefather's mirrors and taking people to enslave them and develop a country so that you can sleep on good beds, food etc.... living at the detriment of the slaves called ?

How about, I can't use either because everyone I know does not own a BlackBerry. I'm the only one :(

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I only have three people on BBM, and none of them have BB10. That's going to change later this year though, so I am looking forward to giving it a try.

When in I'm a wifi environment I tend to use BBM voice a lot more than using the network. Perfect calls every time :D

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i have around 50 contacts .. but they're all those disappointed BB users, waiting for their contract to be over so they can switch to iPhone or Android lol

As in orange, ct? That's the same store that when I asked when the z10 was coming out, the guy laughed and said, "well, if that's your thing I guess I can look it up, but I have plenty of iPhone and 1 s4 available now. Why would you want a bb?" that's was the extent of our conversation

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That's exactly the response I got from Vodafone - sales staff are not pushing BlackBerry at all.

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Quite a few Telus employees are using Z10s:) And are proud of it. One guy I talked to wasn't too hot on BlackBerry and then I talked him again a few weeks later and he was more than happy to sell me a Z10. Must have been some new commision deal for them. (And I don't have my Z10 yet to try BBM Video. Tried voice once. Not enough WIFI in my area and I have unlimited minutes)

I need more on BBM, too. I would use it all the time but...

Arizona MTB Channel C0006F5EB

BBM video so I can see my daughters when they want to say hi while I'm at work. Don't use BBM voice as I have unlimited minutes on my plan so not much of an advantage to use BBM voice over wifi.

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To me, the advantage is that you can be BBMing someone and just hit a button to flip into voice mode or even Video call mode... I do that at work a lot, but on Skype: I text chat with colleagues until the conversation progresses to a point where a voice call or even screen sharing is necessary... just hit a button in the app you're using and bingo.... but no, if I needed to make a voice call, I wouldn't bother going into BBM first.

I would use both if I had more contacts with BlackBerry 10 phones. My family uses my bold phones which are all legacy at the moment.

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Wish I had people to try this with. Currently have 2 BBM contacts however neither are bb10 yet. Once my mom upgrades to the Q10 I'll be using it all the time.

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Not at all. ALL my contacts are in iOS and android! Looking forward for cross platform BBM. Maybe I jump platform myself as much as I love my Z10

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I would use both but none of my friends have a Z10 or Q10 yet so I only use voice at this point

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FEATURE REQUEST: Please disable screen captures during BBM VIDEO CALLS! Or at least enable a feature on my end that allows it to be blocked by the user on the other end when I want that to be the case.

Totally called Adam on the way to my office this morning over BBM Voice. So awesome. LTE coverage, no long distance charges. Amazing sound quality. Hiccup free. Yeah baby!

THIS! Since being forced to switch to a new plan with limited data I'm kinda scared to BBM Video. I don't want to burn right thru my 2gig plan with a couple of video calls.

I've done it with LTE and 11 minutes burnt 257mb. I use that as a reference.

BBM video have two levels of streaming quality depending on your data speed. Mine was HQ at the time.

It would be nice if someone actually did a test :)

I'm on AT&T. I'm grandfathered in on an "unlimited" data plan. 4G LTE works great. In the past, I've had the account activated as BIS, but it's currently just an Internet plan. The problem I run into is that whenever I try to use BBM Audio or BBM Video, the phone pops up a panel alerting me that I need to contact my carrier to add services to my plan in order to use the audio/video feature. If I flipped the switch back to BIS would this fix the situation? It seems a little too much to give up my grandfathered unlimited plan to use BBM audio... but is that really what AT&T and/or BlackBerry are demanding? Any thoughts? Most of my shop is on the Z10, but Heather still also carries an iPhone, which runs FaceTime on the same unlimited data plan without objection.

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Definitely love using both. Starting to get more Z10 users to chat with. I have over 200 contacts on BBM but only 4 made the upgrade to BlackBerry 10

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I'm not sure if this counts but friends of mine who have PlayBooks use video chat and I use my Z10. Works really well. Most of these folks have not yet upgraded to BB10 so I can also use BBM to chat with them. I should also point out that some of my BBM contacts simply have not updated their BBM to allow for chats. Goes to show that at least some people out there don't use all the services available to them on their smartphones. I guess that's no real surprise.

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Ok - I see I'm not alone. We here at CB may be a community - but we're not really talking to each other it seems.


No, since I am waiting for the cross platform release since most of my friends use other OSs :-(

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I use BBM Video with my kids PlayBook. When I am away overnight or just for the day. It is a good way to keep in contact.

Please BlackBerry update the PlayBook. It doesn't have to be BB10.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I used the video once to try it out. It works really well and I really like it, but I have very few BBM contacts, and the only friends that I would actually use it with on a regular basis all have Android or iPhone. Hopefully once the app goes cross platform, I'll be able to get a little more use out of it!

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I have a few friends with bb10 devices. So I video call once in a while. But I have about 300 contacts though. Most of then use legacy devices. They just began switching recently. As if they have been saving up money.

I gave my Playbook, and eventually my Z10 (picked up the Q10) so we could video chat. The video quality is great!

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I don't use either but that's cuz the ppl on my bbm list are ones that I normally wouldn't have a phone conversation with anyway.

If I had family or a significant other then I would for sure?

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Between my BBM contacts we only message each other, I do use BBM/PB Video chat with family members though.

Used BBM Voice once when it came out, but haven't done so again. I use my phone to talk to clients, but realy only message between friends.

I think this is another reason BlackBerry decided to go Cross Platform I had 50+ friends years ago no i have Zero...... Ive tried to convince friends that these phones rock...(especially the Q10) but they wont budge they want their instagram snap chat.......etc etc..... hope we get these apps soon..and well the whole cross platform BBM will be nice to be able to use it for a change such a nice feature and i cant use it is not cool.

Used once, but like some others here ,I've lost some contacts to iPhone etc etc as well.
The lack of friends not updated to "10" is also a factor. I only have maybe 4 I think that have upgraded lol!

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I have 59 contacts on my BBM 40 have a BlackBerry 10 device I video chat or voice chat with about 10 of them often so I enjoy the experience

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I only know my sister who has a BB10 device capable of video calling. And it only works under wifi coverage. So I'd only be able to do it at those times. Trying to get my mum on board the Q5 ship!

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No one I knows has a BlackBerry anymore. Hopefully when BBM goes cross platform I can use it.

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These polls are NOT looking good ... not just for this community but something BlackBerry should be concerned about.

I'm very curious ~ and maybe a few more listings should be added to reflect this sentiment ~ if those not using BBM Video/Voice is due to too many hassles and annoyance from childish people across the globe randomly adding you ... you accepting out of PURE curiousity only to have some's BBM status say he milks cows after playing with sheep down under kinda junk.

What are you talking about? Most people don't BBM Voice/Video because either is of no use for them or they don't have any BBM contacts, if someone adds you and you accept them is your problem not Blackberry's.

Here is an example:

Many threads on Crackberry are about BBM groups and joining. Anyone wanting to join willingly provides their BBM in the thread for the BBM Group Admins to add them via an invite. However, these threads are crawled like crazy by Googles servers ... meaning your BBM is just a simple 5 second search away; EVEN if you delete the post containing the BBM - try mine I long deleted it and no longer use that Z10 but its still searchable by Google. Now in this case some looser that is not even part of the BBM thread you've provided your BBM contact to can just add you. You have no idea if its from a person of the thread/group individually adding you. Thus begins the vague conversation that you don't wish to participate in and ask to be left alone.

The issue where its "your problem and not BlackBerry's" is exactly this situation! Sure you can BLOCK them on BBM, but they can still "PIN" message you to an annoying state. On BB10 you cannot firewall a single PIN contact so they can keep bothering you. At this point because no tool is provided to control this ... it "should" be BlackBerry's problem as they created this system and have indepth knowledge of how it works and can be resolved. Their choosing not to or avoiding it for now for whatever reason.

Next time think a little deeper about the nature of a tool/resource, how you or I choose to use it doesn't exclude the many possibilities of how many others use it. ;)


Someone that cares about privacy shouldn't put his pin number on a public website like Crackberry, I know I wouldn't. Again if the user gives away his info like that is not by any means BlackBerry's fault, is the user's fault simple as that. O do agree that the firewall functionality should be the same as BBOS.

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Lol, I agree there is more to the question than just do you use it or not. I have added random people just to use BBM otherwise I'd have one or two contacts myself.

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The quality of BBM voice amazes me. It's excellent. I use it quite often, but I only have a handful of friends on BBM now :( Sad..

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I've got 112 contacts and I personally know 99% of me contacts, being able to use bbm vid and voice would be amazing!! But...blocked in the UAE :(

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I think once BBM goes cross-platform and Voice and Video are added to that offering, you're going to see both explode in popularity. BBM is the best way to communicate....period. BBM + iOS + Android = OMG!!

Cheers. :)

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BBM voice yeah a lot, but I'm the only one I know that uses a bb10 phone so I have no one to use the BBM Video with.

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I use it for video but T-Mobile has HD voice which is awesome so there is no reason to use it for audio only.

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Yeah, but I have the $30 prepaid plan that gives me 5 GB of 4G data, but only 100 mins of voice. So, I use BBM Voice a lot with my GF so we don't have to use our limited mins.

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BBM voice quality is outstanding - far surpasses my landline and regular mobile calls so I use it when I can.

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I always make contact with BBM then switch to voice with any of my BBM contacts. I only get 200 daytime min so it saves those. Haven't tried BBM video yet, but intend to!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I used it for the first time with a friend who had just BBMed me that he got a Z10, and I was BBMing him back that I have a spare BlackBerry leather pouch case for him as a "congratulatory" gift... so I hit the BBM video button and showed him what the case looked like and video chatted with him a bit. Smooth as silk.

Probably won't use it all that much tho... I think video chat in public is kind of like walking around in a bathrobe with it open and no clothes on underneath. People around you don't want to see THAT... even if you're reasonably attractive.

"I think video chat in public is kind of like walking around in a bathrobe with it open and no clothes on underneath. People around you don't want to see THAT... even if you're reasonably attractive."
*****bullz eye..hahaaaaa awesome cdnt hv said it any beta...

Sadly, don't have many BB10 friends. I do, however, use BBM Video to chat with nieces and nephews from my Z10 to their PlayBooks...and vice versa. Works awesome.

I don't use BBM, mostly because just about everyone else in my business and social circles use Androids or iPhones. And I have yet see a Z10 in the wild.

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I don't have any contacts for BBM, the only suggested contacts I have I know don't even have blackberry's any more

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I'm using BBM voice and video. I prefer voice over network calling, but we need to get more people using BlackBerry. The call quality is amazing. Sometimes it even freaks me out how clear the audio is. I think that the person is next to me.

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I make use of BBM video with my wife who is away on a contract for the summer. It's not the smoothest experience I've ever had, but I think it's mainly to do with the reception she has where she is.


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I have used it (video) for one weekend when my wife was away. It worked perfect!! Loved it. But unfortunatly she is the only one on my BBM that has the capabilty to do it .

Can I use BBM Voice and Video in Zambia? I don't seems to see any options in my BBM? Is it only available to bb10 device? Or it is blocked by the service provider here in Zambia?

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If we had other peeps with blackberrys. But somewhat bcz got my bros on bb. And we all got playbooks so we can vid if u get green icon intermittent issue some bb10 gets green vid chat icon some don't smdh.

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Uses video with screen share twice, to help my nephew with his z10.and once to show a friend the share with his new Q..thats it though only know 2 people sporting BB10

Posted from my amazing Z10

Can't believe 48% don't use bbm voice or video. It's honestly amazing.

When you don't have reception at work, use it with wifi.

When roaming call and video your friends and family for FREE. Can't get better than that

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4651

Well, if you'd read the comments from people with few to no BBM contacts, maybe you'd believe it.

It would be totally amazing, were there any recipients to amaze.

I'm up to 5 BBM contacts, one being Kevin from when he did the Stress Test so I doubt that phone he used is still active.

And the other four are higher ups in the company that I should have no reason to bother without going through several others first in the chain of command before I should even think of calling them, so I count that as none.

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Tried using it to call family abroad, but overall it does not work that well from Germany to Venezuela additionally most standard BlackBerry os 5 users do never log on to wifi... I could not try bbm video yet as I am the only one on os10

Posted via CB10

That's shocking....Results are simply shocking...we are at the most fan site for BlackBerry and 50 % of users don't use BBM
Goes to show that it won't be easy for BBM to be a hit

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100.000 downloads in an hour of the fake BBM app for Android, it'll be a hit, people don't use it because is not available.

I don't use both BBM-X... But that is because I am the only BB user over here in my community. All the other people around have Android, iOS or some freakin old Nokia sh*t... Maybe when BBM becomes available on iOS (I don't think Apple accept this app) and Android... But so far...

This is crazy. Let me be the first to say, I have tried loading pin numbers and also joining groups with no luck. Will someone give me the simplest steps for these functions. Truly I am embarrassed, but want to be set free. Help me get this money off my back.

My Z10 has a flow

Never used either, all of my family and friends have either iphones or Android devices and if they're gonna video or voice chat, they use Skype or alternative apps!!

Time for BlackBerry to stop clinging onto BBM like it's some kinda holy grail of communication tools, those days have long since passed and competitors have sneaked up and taken a big chunk of the limelight!!

Posted via CB10

Yeah if I'm in Europe I chat with my wife and son back in the UK. Great call quality

Posted via CB10

My os7 devise shows BBM voice for some contacts but no vídeo. On T-Mobile by BB10 device shows no indication of BBM voice or video. There's simply no suggestion of it, not on my phone or on several others with different providers. It's supposed to be a signature service of OS10, and there's no hint of how to get it to work, it is really a bummer. Has no one else noticed this?

Posted via CB10

It should appear on the upper right corner of a BBM chat, if it's not there contact your carrier and ask for assistance.

Nobody left on BBM to chat with. Hope when it goes cross platform that will change.

Posted from my Z via CB10

Been using bbm video with my gf (whom I talked out of leaving BlackBerry legacy to go to iPhone!) on her Z10. Also with about 5 family members, all on either Q's or the Z.

Posted via CB10

Too bad as BBM really is the best. Now, if you don't have any BBM contacts, it's quite understandable. My list is down to two people but on legacy devices. They both love BBM but I have to wonder how many like them will leave for a faddish device once BBM goes cross platform.

The problem is, of which I know BlackBerry knows; Etisalat is blocking it here. I hope BB can negotiate and could come up with something to convince our carrier in UAE to allow us with this one. :)


Nobody i know has bb10 so dont use video or voice pretty sad because i only have one bbm contact and hes rocking a old ass BlackBerry Curve

I wish I was. unfortunately I have yet to meet anyone with a blackberry the last 2 or so years.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I would like to point out that if you are using crackberry on your phone this poll is ridiculously difficult to hit the right answer on!!! Crackberry needs to fix this or allow for zooming. If I'm just being ignorant someone please tell me how to do it.

Posted via CB10

Ya cb10 app needs zoom for shur.

And on the mobile site I can hit the answer but vote doesn't work. Been like that forever.

I've used it three times. The first time connection was good, worked flawlessly to a PlayBook. Next two times wifi connection was crap, didn't work worth a damn.

I would use it more if I had a faster internet connection. As it stands, I can't even use VOD on my tv. Telus has me on a waiting list for a faster port. Or so they claim.

Posted via CB10

I've used it a couple times but I don't really talk on the phone anymore. It's BBM or text 99.9% of the time

Posted via CB10

I really want to use BBM voice and video but I can't in UAE, the poll is incomplete!

Posted via CB10 Z10 STL 100-01, OS 10.1, Etisalat, UAE

I only use it with one contact occasionally, all my other users are on the old Bb, or they've switch to android and iPhone

Posted via CB10

I really don't get to use it just because the lack of people I know with compatible devices. I would love to use the bbm chat and give Skype a run for their money. Unfortunately I can only do it with other bb10 users. Bbm voice is available over wifi...i haven't had much need

Posted via CB10

I will definitely use it when it goes cross platform. Right now almost all my contacts are Android users (mostly Samsung) and some Iphone.

Posted via CB10

I have 3 people on my BBM list, only one of them has a BB10 device. we barely use BBM let alone BBM Voice/Video.

If you don't, you really should as the audio quality is way better than a regular phone call!

Posted via Me on my Z

Not enough people on bbm to do it. Will hopefully do it when bbm rolls across iphone and Samsung.

Posted via CB10

I really want to. But the people I have don't have the new z10 and I don't have that many people on there to begin with :(

Posted via CB10

I would love to use these features more but do not have enough contacts on BBM to make this worth while.

Also due to my plan I have unlimited calling and don't have any contacts in other countries to make use of it. Once BBM is cross platform I do see myself using these functions once they are available (voice and video is to be added later I believe).

Posted via CB10

I do at least twice a week to my boyfriend who is in England right now. 6-7 hour calls are the norm and great over WiFi. It's rare that we drop a call and the audio and video quality are awesome!!

Posted from my BlackBerry Live Z10

Only once used BBM video. To test it with my one other friend that has a Z10.

I only have 2 people on BBM. In sure once it rolls out to more people, I will use it slightly more often.

Posted in the pooper

I only have one friend with a bb10, we have video chatted a couple of times, When BBM is cross platform I am sure I will be using it alot more

I hate to say it, but I don't have enough contacts I'm on a personal level with to be able to use Voice or Video. All my good friends moved to iOS or Android. As soon as BBM goes Multi, then bam, I'm gonna be making BBM calls all day!

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Nope. Nobody I know, or work work with has a BlackBerry anymore :-(

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

I've used BBM Video once. A friend of mine lost their iphone5 and picked up a Q10. I used the video call just to test it out. If more people close to me had BlackBerrys I would certainly use this feature more often.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

I haven't used BBM even once and I've had a Z10 since the day it came out for AT&T in the US. D:

Posted from my Z10

I have a few friends I can use Voice with, which is really good but only tried video a few times to my cousins PlayBook. I have to say that the video chat is unbelievably clear, so much better than Skype in my opinion, can't wait till it goes multi platform. It will show doubters the power of BlackBerry and bbm.

Posted via CB10

I get a surprise call here and there (SuperFly_FR! I'm pointing at ya!)

Mostly BBM Voice with very specific people.

No I don't but that's y it's so important that bbm goes cross platform so everybody could chat and voice chat on every phone that's the biggest no brainer that's how bbm will blow up and BlackBerry phones will too

Posted via CB10

Vote button doesn't seem to work for me, but I use both quite often. I have 10 bbm contacts left and most are on bb10

I use both, and love how bbm voice is treated like a regular phone call via Bluetooth in my car. Very handy and works great!

Posted via CB10

Ok so help me out here to understand the wifi comments. Are you saying in order to utilise bbm voice and or video you need wifi or is it due to data usage?

Posted via CB10

Ok because I was like if its only a wifi thing then my phone is walked. I can do it without wifi. But yeah data usage makes sense but I suppose I should be glad I have unlimited data usage. Grandfather ed plan that must really kill my carrier.

Posted via CB10

I don't have no one to talk to on BBM that has a BB10 phone. I need new friends

Posted via CB10

Why when I tap on Vote does it not get accepted? These polls don't work for me ( on my Z or my Q) yes I'm signed in.

I only use it on wifi. Don't know if it eats data or not. I don't bother asking Rogers anything if I don't have to. Too many problems with them. I also don't know what the BlackBerry Maps app uses.

Posted via CB10

I use it often. My entire family is on BB10 and my dad lives abroad right now. Tons of reasons to use it lol

Posted via CB10

I don't use either much at all,because my one son has 10,my other7 my other ios.When all the plans run out probably will use more.

Posted via CB10

I use both when talking to my wife; I like that I can show her a picture or video of what I'm trying to do which makes communication easier. Hopefully this will be a part of the BBM apple and andriod versions as I would use it with the rest of my family as well.

BlackBerry should take up a serious talk with middle east telecom companies as why are they just blocking bbm calls and video calls and no action against android apps for voice and video. Its bad for marketing also it leaves me on zero usability of bbm calls as my most friends and relatives are settled in middle east!!!

Posted via CB10

Nope I'm not using either but then I'm down to just 4 people on BBM. Just haven't had an occasion to try it out.

Posted via CB10

I bought my resistant husband a Z10 just so we could BBM. The dept. In the hospital where I work has no ATT cell signal so BBM is the way to go for me. I love it! My husband has BBM video showing/asking me my advise on what he is doing on remodel.

Posted via CB10

Loving the BBM. Mum called me from her PB the other to video chat. I picked up my phone and answered..... confused much. I didn't know you could VC from BB10 phone to/from Playbook. Then made my first international BBM voice call. So yeah like I said, loving it.

Posted via CB10

I live in South Africa and everybody still has bbm legacy devices, BlackBerry 10 is growing slowly. I bbm voice call my wife every day just about. And I had no idea I could video call from pb to BlackBerry 10. That's Amazing. Just tried it and it worked amazingly. It's great cause I've got unlimited WiFi and home and at work, so instead of having to sign in to skype and get her to remember her skype password and do the same, I'll just ask her to kep the PlayBook close by.

People at work are going to be jealous now, and I'll market bb10 simultaneously

Posted via CB10

I have three contacts but they all have older BlackBerry smartphones :p. Tried connecting to my PlayBook and worked great!

Posted via CB10

Nope! No pretty ladies in chattanooga that own BB10 devices that I know, yet

Posted via Q10 from somewhere deep in the abyss that is the BlackDragon! -OOLONG

I would love to give it a try but I'm the first one one Blackberry here. There are very few Blackberry devices in Switzerland. No one wants to pay extra for BIS. Hopefully this will change since BIS is not longer necessary with BB10.

Posted via CB10

Isn't it possible possible to edit comments? I accidentally wrote "one" instead of "on" ^^

Posted via CB10

I don't know how to use it. Don't know my pin and to add a friend I only get the option to add by scanning code or rubbing the phones against each other or something.

Posted via CB10