BlackBerry 10 OS screenshots aplenty appear - Set Up, Adobe Reader, Story Maker and more shown off

By Bla1ze on 22 Dec 2012 02:08 am EST

If you're looking to get a closer at BlackBerry 10 the OS, a rather large batch of images have now arrived. As posted in the CrackBerry Forums by aragone79, you can see the initial set-up process, Adobe Reader, Story Maker, the pre-loaded apps and plenty more.

Overall, it's a nice look at OS we're all patiently impatiently waiting to see fully revealed on January 30th but nothing in them is drastically revealing. If you're looking to check the images out, you can head on into the forums or jump below where we have them all posted for your viewing pleasure. 



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BlackBerry 10 OS screenshots aplenty appear - Set Up, Adobe Reader, Story Maker and more shown off


The hype for BlackBerry 10 bere in The Philippines is awesome! A-list celebrities here are endorsing it & BlackBerry's marketing so hard right now bec sadly, iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3's are prevailing here in my country :( & I'm very positive that BB's gonna win the Philippines again w/ BB10!

It hurts to wait any further! Specially after my dev friends here showed me the Dev alpha devices!

Super egzoyted!!!

Baked into the system. Bridge icon will come up only if you bridge otherwise it's in settings. Protect is in BBID.

I agree.

My biggest fear with BB 10 is that there is going to be allot from BB 7 that I miss.

Call me greedy but I want the new platform to surpass the old in every way.

I want my Travel, Wallet, Protect, voice recorder, bridge, remote control etc. apps all there and better then ever.

I want my resource monitor, my device analyzer, and all the options to tweek and tinker with the system that are in BB 7.

Taking away the ability to make themes is also a huge blunder that will hurt RIM. How are they going to win over people from android without any options to personalize the UI?

They also need to add a third profile to BlackBerry Balance to widen it's appeal to everyone and not just BYOD carrying employees. The 3rd profile needs to be kids. Where the owner of the phone is the IT department and gets to limit kids access to the device. This is how they should incorporate parental controls into BB 10 as Balance is so simple to use already and it would also answer the Kids Corner feature on Windows Phone. Simple, brilliant and would allow balance to cover work life and home and be a feature for almost everyone cause even if you don't have kids you could always use the third profile to limit your girlfriends access to your messaging history if or whatever. Either way a third profile in balance is needed and I hope to see that introduced in an update.

I'm just saying a third "Kids" profile added to Balance that ideally would be password enabled so that the little darlings can't just swipe out of it could potentially be useful for people that don't have kids.

You don't even have to be cheating on your girlfriend, maybe you have a nosy room mate or mother in law. Basically even if RIM called the third profile "kids" because that would make the most sense for marketing it and competing with Windows Phone 8 and Kids Corner, it would be nice to have for many people I'm sure.

Just cause the software is ready for launch doesn't mean RIM is done with it and a feature like a kids profile in balance would be something to hype for a 10.1 update or something. It's a logical next step for BlackBerry Balance anyway and I hope RIM already has such a feature penciled into a road map for a future BB 10 update.

I'd market it as Balance being expanded to now help you balance your work life, your personal life, and your home life.

+.75 ;-)
I can live without the major UI tweeking but without the native built in BB apps that are on BB5 through BB7 there is no real advantage for me to buy this other than being new.

Where have you been? Have you been paying attention to the development of BB10? RIM is pulling out all the stops. Even stuff on the fringes have not been overlooked. There is a lot of new code, so I'm a bit worried about the bugs well find, but I'm happy that the core OS, QNX, is rock solid and proven. Heins asked for more time to better integrate and test the new code. I hope RIM has something stable and clean at launch. Based on Hein's approach, I think RIM will succeed at that. You will be very happy, my friend.

IF you haven't noticed - sales of Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4, along with the most downloaded mods for Android (since ICS/JB) allows users on their chosen devices to good riddance of custom UI/Themes. The themes are removing skins and add on's for a much cleaner to Google's basic UI design of that in ICS/JB.

Paying $1.99 to $6.99 is ridiculous, as well as paying for rintones (like I'm mostly forced to on iOS)!! This is NOT 1997 and those days paying for Themes/Ringtones like Nokia's S40 is LONG GONE!

I prefer a much more unified experience - too many themes have currupted battery performance in BB5/6/7 and also made an already small screen way to cluttered with information; LED/notifications in BB was to condence and control the clutter of information in a concise presentiation - I applaud this move. There are some themes that were incredible - yet too many original creators had their work robbed from them; that action I cannot condone.

I've always paid for my themes and chosen a select few in BB6. Now I'd rather pay for applications

The graphics are fantastic! Just look at the detail on the compass--it doesn't look like a cartoon, but like the real thing. Blues, reds are rich, and icons look sharp. Good job, RIM!! Looking forward to the real thing. #nosleeptillBlackBerry10 !

Agreed! That compass is beautiful!

I wonder if the compass tilts as the phone tilts like a real compass does so it always stays parallel to the ground. It doesn't matter if it does or not, but that would be a nice touch if it did.

Having been left out in the cold and abandoned by OS7, I just don't get it...IF I LET MYSELF I would get pretty PO'ed by all this BB10 stuff...I mean REALLY RIM??!!??...thats not to say it doesn't look AWESOME...BUT REALLY!!??!!...while I go through 3 bricked Bolds you're sitting on your
A@@es with technology to put out a product that could've TOTALLY competed with ALL cellphones realeased in DIDN'T have the ability to compete and stuck loyal customers with your crap since you knew they LOVE (d) your I said...I COULD allow myself to get real angry...but seeing as OS7 sent into "the arms of another"...I say THANK YOU RIM

sent from my GS3+JB

lol .... good one.
He just doesn't know how to use a phone yet. Jams it with screwdrivers and all.

Wow, settle down. First of all, RIM did not abandon OS7. They still are coming out with updates to the OS. As for you bricking issues, well that is the main reason RIM is putting so many resources into BB10. The current BBOS can not be salvaged. It wasn't built for the things it is being used for today and that is why we see the arrow glass so often and phones bricking or needed battery pulls. I know people with iPhones that had problems and had to return them, and many more people with Androids (especially early on) that had worthless phones. Fualty hardware happens.

All that being said, RIM really is trying to fix all those issues with BB10. They built this from the ground up and have been working on it for 2 or so years. You can hate them for what they turned BBOS into, but I don't see how anyone can hate what they are doing with BB10. They truly are making all the right moves for Devs and end-users.

I have a S3 and truly don't like the experience. I have had 3 lock ups, hotmail no longer works with phones integrated email app. The new jelly bean update really piled the device up. This is from a loyal BB user. Im just waiting for Z10 patiently. I have tried every format of smartphone. Blackberry always landed on top. Yes they had problems with software to hardware matchup, its why they chose to take the high road and start over instead of patching again.. We will all see it at release. Stop whining!! Get a flip phone if you can't stand what comes with a smartphone!!

My hubby has a GS3 - he hates it, I would never have one seeing what he's going through but each to their own. I understand your pain re Os7 and it does give me some thought regarding RIM's, Os7 to Os10 but I think they had to put something out awful damn quick (9900 w/ os7) or lose more people to "others". I love my 9900 but I am really looking for to BB10 N-series.

I have a 9930 and am on 3rd device. All of them were replaced in the first 3-4 months.
OS7 is a stop gap between BB10. That shouldn't be to hard to understand.
OS7 had more hardware problems than software problems. If it wasn't for OS7 Rim would have lost most of North American users for sure. I couldn't see my self with a 9650 till up to now. It would drive me crazy.So I'm patiently waiting for my next BB10 with keyboard to show up. After that who cares what happens to OS7? The adoption rate will be 70% higher on these new devices. That is because it is the first BB in 5 years that is not patched up!

I know it's a small thing, but I really really hope the Calendar icon has the changing day of the month like it does on the OS6 version....

Torch 9800

yup, calendar icon IS like OS6/7 devices, this was added to dev alphas in the latest update, dunno when internal devices would of got it, but this was the december update for dev alphas.

By Feb 13, I can rest my transition device, Samsung Galaxy S3 to a backup device... Probably with BB Z10 there won't be any need for a backup unit..

True. But I do like to keep some email addresses out of the consolidated one and access them via their own icon. I hope that functionality is still available on BB10. Yes, I manage 7 email addresses on my BB. :)

Inside the hub you can view messages from individual accounts separately with a touch on the corresponding account icon. There's no need to be hysterical... :p

Damm my app is on a leak image. Wish it was a defalut app that would be so cool. Launch Codes for BlackBerry check it out.

Very nice can't wait. This is akin to shaking your present the night before Christmas!

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Beautiful!! I can't wait to get this baby in my hands, but I won't be able to upgrade until February 25th. I have called Verizon and they will let me shave off 60 days till my next upgrade. Had they not allowed to do this, I would have had to wait till April.

Bla1ze, somehow someway you find a way to get me through the day. Screens look awesome. Of course I want some January surprises for my birthday but I need my fix and you provide it. All in for Z10

As usual, it should be noted this is being typed from the worst phone I've ever owned, the iPhone 5.

There is a video of the compass for earlier leaks. I tell you, that was the first thing that changed my mind in thinking that RIM was serious this time. It incredibly smooth when you tilt the device...

Since when do Canadian's speak or write in US English? RIM really needs to think about the country they reside in and adjust the language on their devices to match.

Lots of us do and really, Canada's English is becoming a blend of UK and US which I believe leans more and more towards the US - and when it gets right down to it, does anyone really care? With the way I see english being short formed to text speech I guess we have something called Internet English now too.

+ 1 on the "Internet English", we all understand one another just find, I don't read anyone's text in a particular accent/dialect. (Except on twitter, because it makes the tweet funnier).

This is random... I wish the secondary color of L-Series (I'm not fond of the Z10 name) was something other than white. I understand you need to do what 'sells', but I'm big on stepping away from the comp. Anyone else feel the same way?

Language, both spoken and written has and will continue to evolve. Speaker thou as Shakespeare dost? Thumb typed messages and price per character, then per message, introduced a whole new selection factor into that evolutionary process.

actually there are lots of international language that you can find in blackberry 10. I'm sure, one of them is fit for Canadian.

Canadian Language = English Pronounced like Americans, Spelled like in the UK.

Sorry for double post, my Playbook doesn't like this site (though it handles better after the recent update)

The home screen icons are kinda meh (I could do without the text, or have the text appear on a hover over or something - each and every one of those icons is obvious and not needing a description) but otherwise this is looking pretty nice!

Print To Go is so cool, I use it very frequently.
Glad to see Dropbox support coming to BB10. Very stoked about it!

This phone is a work of art. Beautiful and clean. If the software is as seamless and feature rich as has been suggested, BB10 will simply blow the competition out of the water. This puppy really rocks. Put me down for 3.

I have most of the blackberry news sites bookmarked on my PlayBook and I must say that it's been very entertaining lately. I'm loving the look of the new os but the thing that gives me a warm feeling going fwd with bb10 is the fact that now rim has the talent in-house to create some stunning stuff. I'm thinking that all the acquired talent will be unleashed (fully) once bb10 is out there in the hands of consumers and bb10 starts to morph/evolve into a super os, giving ms and apple stiff challenge in the pc space.

The only question I have is why are there icons for BBM and Text Messages on the home screen? I thought the HUB was controlling everything? But I can't wait, they need to release this damn thing already!!

You see, HUB is not controlling everything, but everything is in HUB. you can, ofcourse, compose new bbm message, compose new sms message, reply bbm message or sms.

but BBM icon and sms icon is still needed for many people for awareness.

I think crackberry is doing a good job at building hype for BB10 but if I see one more pic, video, spec before getting the phone in my hand I'm gonna go crazy!!!! I WANT BB Z10 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIM!!! NOW!!!!!

BB Traffic-Integrated with BB Maps (BB10)
BB Protect-Integrated with your BBID (BB10)
BB Travel-Not sure ATM.

Hope this helps.

By the way I liked the update RIM did to the icons a little back when they did them, but I think they have really grown on me today

Hey did anyone else notice that on the BBID screen it shows some interesting apps that are connected to BBID? Browser, videos, and music! I wonder howthey are tying all that together! Music and videos most likely for purchases but how awesome would it be to be able to view videos online via BBID? And browser what could that be about?

Are the icons scaleable? 4x4 not my favorite are their options to go smaller? BB Traffic and Travel are conspicuous by their absence unless they too are baked in somewhere?

Crackberry app going to be native BB10 on launch?

Agree Travel, Skype, and would add Mobile Conferencing are the most important missing apps, presuming Protect and Backup are in BBID... Can't wait! Bring it on, with quality, on time RIM.

but does it have apps? Like banking, mass transit, yelp, google+, google drive, does it sync with gmail contacts, cloud print, gTalk, pandora, google voice? I really want to give BB one more try but without apps I don't see it happening. And I don't want ghetto apps like Angry Farm instead of Angry Birds, I want the real apps. Og, and RIM, please, please, please make sure we don't see the spinning clock anymore. PLEASE!!!!

Sorry to say, but ALL the blackberry icons look horrible, especially the icons for Setup, Games, Text, Maps, Browser, Music, Games. It looks so retro and or made in MS Paint. Definitely a downgrade from my 9900 and playbook. RIM will get hammered on this.

Just shut up already with the negativity. Jeez. You either like the icons or you don't. IOS icons look childish to me, i dont see people hating on them, i need not talk about winphone8 icons... They are icons! What more do you people want from ICONS! they dont do anything whatsoever. You'll overlook them eventually. Or go make your own icons, better yet dont buy BB10 because people will hammer your phone because of the icons.

I think a good theme compromise would be the ability to install different sets of icons. Then people could use icons they like and shut the hell up.

What I'd like to really see is come printing capabilities. Especially on the playbook. There needs to be a cloud based printing solution somewhere.

One of the most important things we overlook is mapping and GPS navigation capabilities. My Telenav stopped working on 9930 and my phone value dropped 70%. Information like this needs to be in your face and tip of your fingers to create a complete mobile experience. Why are people worried about (&*(^%$#) games?

Someone else mentioned Travel...I hope it's in there, perhaps baked in. I use it quite a bit and in an updated format it would really help make BB10 a great business phone.

BB Travel, Protect, and Traffic have historically been apps that required download from App World....not sure why that was the case but hopefully this changes with bb10

To everyone asking about navigation, look at the maps icon. If that doesn't have built in navigation that is one of the most misleading icons I've ever seen!

lol ...... launch codes ....... that is a great one!
Launch all those BB10 directly into the US market and over seas.

Icons look amazing. I am so excited about this. The contract to nearly half our work phones expired 2 weeks ago, and we are all waiting for these NEW BB to come out. We are counting the days.

It looks like it's a pretty basic version of Reader -- like the one on the PlayBook. Would like to be able to annotate files, bookmark, search etc.

Can someone check this out and tell us what it actually does (other than read PDF files)? Thanks!

Will this time Adobe Reader be more featured than the anemic PlayBook version? We need a robust PDF reader with annotations/comments/presentation mode, etc, etc.

It also looks like BBID will have some use in the Browser coming up in BB10. I think that's it's icon in that BBID screenshot. My guess is it will be to keep bookmarks and stuff in-sync with the PB when it get's the BB10 update.

I was wondering what was the deal with the 4 spots on the shots that look blurred, and finally noticed in the last one that it seems they have the device PIN displayed in those 4 spots (see the 9 at the end?).. for leak tracing, I assume..

Don't forget to checkout Launch Codes for BlackBerry on your BlackBerry device alpha A and B. Reviews are welcomed and appreciated.

correct me if I'm wrong... is it just me, or is the HUB a revamped version of the current 'messages' envelope icon in OS6/ ? because right now, I can tap the 'messages' envelope icon and see ALL of my text messages, ALL of the emails from ALL of the email accounts that come to the phone, ALL of my BBM's, my ENTIRE call log, and my social apps...if I so choose, which is essentially the "new" HUB. so how is that entirely different from what's being offered in the new HUB, aside from the slide/peek feature? trust me, NO negativity, just a simple question. I don't know a bigger BB fan than me, but it's been bugging me since it was introduced as this new found thing that I've always been able to do...

Noooo way I am selling my RIMM shares anytime soon. Ooooh this is exciting I'm gonna get a new phone AND a ton of money :D

Invest in RIMM and buy a phone you'll cover the cost :P

Edit: I'm probably not qualified to give financial advice blah blah blah disclaimer.

I am wondering if the BB10 phones will have a functional earphone jack that won't break down like that on my Bold 9700. I would love to be able to listen to music but the jack jammed once, sending the phone into a headset-handset loop. Any news about this problem being resolved on the L series?

Its going to be a tough call between the L and N series for me, with all these L series pictures and screenshots, I find myself asking myself if I'm truly a physical qwerty person only.......better start saving up then, best of both worlds it is!

I'm really liking the look of this and can't wait for launch. I've been in love with my playbook since day one and the three I've bought since then. But my time with them has allowed me to find some things that I think need work.
My thoughts about BB10 and Im using the PB as my point of critique as thats as good as I can get my hands on. This is a critique, not a bashing, so please chill.

-The browser needs to be better. It is the most important part of todays smartphone next to phone/messaging. I've said it before and I'll say it again, buy a browser. Heck, buy Opera.

-WiFi connection integrity needs a lot of work. Not only does my connection drop far too often, it is consistently slower than all the other devices connected to that network. I cant tell if its the browser or the wifi. My mobile provider is crap so bridge is even worse.

-The adobe reader cant be the rubbish that came with the PB, its nearly useless.

-Maps had better not be Bing. Cause they're absolute crap, far worse than apple's maps. Google maps for iOS is by far the best I've used. I pray that BB10 gets it right. Its probably one of the most important functions of a smart phone next to phone/messaging/internet.

-App world is just plain ugly. I learned something a when I was young from a great cook I used to work for. 'It doesn't matter how good the food tastes, if it looks mediocre, no one will want it'. I believe this is also true for the app in app world. Not only do the apps need to look good, they should be served up on a beautiful plate to make the dishes enticing. (White works because it signifies bias purity. IMO)

-Consistency is key. Contextual zooming that behaves differently in native apps? Not really confidence inspiring. Different keyboard behaviour from native apps? Also not confidence inspiring.

Someone suggested adding 'Kids' to balance. Brilliant idea. Also, does anyone know if they've configured the speakers similarly to the PB? That is actually one of the best features offered by the playbook. It s a simple idea but is very powerful in the multimedia experience provided by this device. Never underestimate the power of sound, and it appears that almost every other company has except RIM. Absolutely nailed it with the PB!

On another note, I was just over at macrumors, and it appears a couple of developers redesigned the app switcher for iOS. Its really something. Even more so that it took the users to fix such a gaping deficiency in iOS which is meant to be a premium OS. Kinda crazy if you ask me.

Sorry for the rant, again. I guess it just me getting excited about this little computer for my pocket. I'm looking forward to being able to have back up batteries, expandable storage, drag and drop file transfers, multitasking, for my shares to go up and to be able to tell my friends and family I was right again. RIM will survive and thrive.

All good points.

I'd like a third partition for Balance as well - Personal, Work and a customizable profile for either kids or whatever else I want it for.

I was also hoping that with the size of the L series (too big) they'd include a speaker at the bottom of the screen so you can turn it sideways and have stereo sound for videos, but it doesn't look like that's the case.

Adobe Reader - god I hope that has been improved. It's absolutely useless on the PlayBook. I'd also like to be able to have multiple PDF documents open at one time in a tabbed browser like window.

As for the maps, it was rumored/discussed that Tomtom was the map provider. Too bad as I like Google's Street View, and I suspect most people who are as directionally challenged as I am (or just travel lots) will like it too.

One other suggestion I have is to make BlackBerry Protect a more integral part of the device OS and setup. Too often I see people lose their phones and can't get them back because they haven't installed BB Protect.

Oh yeh, I'm still waiting for a SLIDER with the TRACKPAD!

Get rid of the shadows around the app icons, please. Also, like fourtrackmind said, BB needs to provide a great browser, great app store, strong wifi connection, and consistent/smooth zooming and keyboard experience. RIM can't drop the ball being that this is their last chance and the delay means we expect more.

Native Adobe godd***ed Reader? That's some backup you got there BlackBerry.

But seriously, the icons are not pretty.

I'm NOT a fan of this BBID enforcement before using a device, even worse when you swap the SIM card and presented with the MEP code you're forced to enter your BBID which sucks because too many in the corporate world cannot even recall the password or the correct email - usually its an email they only access on the device - provider based email account

A really stupid move and fustrating to end users.

it looks like a wierd combinaton of iOS icon shape (just slightly cuz it's the shadows that makes the rounded rectangles), Android homescreen, and Windows Phone (found on the first page of the homescreen, which looks like it's multitasking window)