BlackBerry 10 OS leaks - Are they good or bad?

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2013 06:32 pm EDT

Once upon a time, leaks never really saw the light of day. They were forbidden to be posted, they were never shared and those who ended up posting them were downright scolded for their actions. Times change though and now, leaks are a fairly common thing for better or worse. For those who like to live on the 'bleeding edge' they're great and exciting. A sneak peek into what's being worked on and what could be upcoming. The forums tear them apart, find out what has been fixed, what remains broken, what's new, what's been carried over. It's like a massive beta test completed in mere hours and let's be honest here, having something you're not really supposed to have is fun.

Anybody getting into leaks has to assume responsibility for their actions. They are downloading and installing a version of the OS that is probably an improvement but there are no guarantees from anybody.  Hamilton Guy, CrackBerry Member

But with all that aside - are they good or bad? Does OS leaks getting out there really help BlackBerry in anyway? Arguably a lot of feedback comes from an OS leak but often times, leaks are so old that whatever feedback can be taken from them has already been noted elsewhere in the chain of command, addressed in a build that is 3 weeks old now that hasn't yet leaked and internally BlackBerry has already moved on. Feedback drawn from leaked OS' isn't structured feedback so does it really count as feedback? Then there is those folks who expect everything to work on a leak. They'll scream to high heavens about how something is broken but not even consider that they're running a leaked and presumably unfinished OS build. They're the ones who blame everyone else but themselves for their problems. You know them. They're the same people leaving terrible reviews on BlackBerry World complaining about how an app doesn't work on their hybrid 10.2 build made from 5 different OS' using a leaked radio file.

Sidenote: Running a leak doesn't give you the right to be an arse. Think logically, you chose to install a leak and know not all apps and such are going to work. Don't hurt developers ratings because of it.

Without leaks many users would still be enduring reboots from 10.0 OS and horrible battery life. If I hadn't installed a leak and gotten my battery life more in line with what should be expected... might have gone with a different device before my 30 days were up. scalemaster34, CrackBerry Member

What about those cases where a leak actually does help though? For instance folks in the US right now, carriers that have yet to push out BlackBerry 10.1 are causing problems for their customer base and installing a leak takes care of their problems. App incompatibility, random reboots, bad battery life, OS bugs and more. All fixed by simply downloading a leaked OS.

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The question has been asked in the forums. I've shared my thoughts in there but what do you guys think. Are OS leaks good or are they bad? Have your say in the CrackBerry forums.

Leaks - Are they good or bad?

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BlackBerry 10 OS leaks - Are they good or bad?


Blaze knows, so I'm not sure why he skirted the issue, that virtually all the leaks that drop into CB are OSes BB has tested internally and then shipped to carriers for their testing and approval. The fact that so many of the leaks have so many bugs, and application issues, is exactly why US carriers are so slow to test them. If Blackberry's own internal testing was far more rigorous, then carriers could far more quickly approve them, and leaks would be a thing of the past.

That simply isn't even slightly true, sometimes we get good leaks which are basically builds launched in other regions from your own, but most of these leaks seem to be builds that are not release candidates and thus the regressions in them are to be expected and should not reflect badly on BB, but sadly they all too often are due to the shortsighted nature of too many people blindly installing stuff they were never meant to do.

Right. I don't mind the leaks until they get it under control and not fragmented.

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I agree bit there is something fundamentally wrong with this. And it's one of blackberry's main selling points. The infrastructure and NOC to push these updates out. It's been posted but I couldn't agree more in that they need to figure out how to separate the communications piece of the OS that carriers are concerned with from the rest of the os that everyone is looking for updates on. Some updates would still always need to be vetted by the carriers but the current system of ALL of them having to go through the carriers is what's causing the issues around all the leaks.

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Precisely. BEFORE CrackBerry... no one posted leaks. Posting leaks on those other BlackBerry sites that existed before CB, pretty much meant you'd be banned sooner or later. I was tossed from several BB sites for posting OS leaks in the past.

I posted in the beta zone they should put out advanced o's versions in there to test the software on various carriers. This would speed up the process I think, at the very least it would give them way more data. Maybe even bypass the leak aspect.

Good idea! Do you have a link to that thread? I want to support you. I also thought about this while reading this article. Why not use the Beta Zone to test new Builds? Then the whole "Leak" thing wouldn't be necessary anymore. Or are they hindered by the carriers to do such a thing?

I just posted how iOS does this... and is a fantastic idea IMHO. Where do I sign up? Let's get a petition going or something! :D

Sorry can't find the link, I put it in the Beta Zone sometime in Feb, I think. If I get a chance today I will start new discussion about the topic. I am quite curious how BB feels about the leaks (pro or against).

In Bla1ze's defense I remember a time that RIM actually went and demanded the sites take the leaks down regularly. You had to be quick even here to get the leaks at first, or follow the bouncing website...

I installed my OS7 leaks via crackberry within 8 hours of postings.
To date I havent installed one BB10 leak, not shur why. Just havent felt the need I guess.

What I often wonder is does BlackBerry condone the usage of leaks, or do they frown upon it? Also, how do the leaks get "Leaked" to begin with??

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Well, according to some of the more prominent leakers, BlackBerry is going to greater and greater lengths to keep them from getting out, and apparently a lot of people are getting in trouble over some of the 10.2 leaks. I've heard some people lost their jobs.

So yeah, I'm not sure they're thrilled about it.

Some leaks happen within the carriers. Most (I suspect) are from co-op students at BlackBerry trying to be clever.
BlackBerry do release beta software, hence BetaZone and the Dev sites.

Heard a few people lost their jobs over 10.2 leaks also.

I don't see the point of leaks now (I tried some 10.1 ones), I'll wait patiently for OTA updates.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:

You know they should secretly allow them to be leaked and monitor those forums to get peoples reactions on what's working great, what bugs has been fixed, what has been improved and etc. This way they have a greater audience beta testing their software and can improve on that greatly!

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I like reading how others experienced the leak. If it looks like all is well I love it and install. Waiting for months for just a small update from my carrier is just....


Some companies are taking forever *coughs Verizon coughs*

BBM Channel C000D71C3

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This is exactly why I installed a leak. Big Red was taking too long. I have not had a reboot since installing either.

What was the OS number on your leak . I am still on 10.0 and starting to get more reboots by the day . Help !

Now, to be fair, we can install OS releases pushed to other carriers, so we don't *necessarily* need leaks to make up for slow carrier releases...

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

I'm on ATT and annoyed with the reboots. It's gotten much better now that I reboot my phone everyday but if there's an approved OS update ATT should be looking after their customers and pushing it out ASAP. I never felt like bothering with a leak but I might now just to get my phone to work like it should.

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Good! Why not have them there for the people that want them!? And their almost as easy to install as the normal ota update so i dont see why people wouldn't want the option!!

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I have to admit that on my Z10, with a good UK carrier which pushes updates correctly (for how long???) I'm quite happy to follow the "normal" way.

However, with the same carrier, I would have been stuck to a prehistoric OS on my former 9800. Without leaked updates, I would have not kept up to a correct standard, would not have been able to enjoy the good updates blackberry worked on and most probably, I would have never bought a Z10.

So yes leaked os are good as long as the process to upgrade is simple and easy. But take care of the source of the files as a little clever one could alter it and hack your phone without you notice it. This is why I never installed any underground or hybrid OS, only official ones from blackberry website.

This also the reason I haven't installed any leaks and also why I will not root my android tab. Well, I'm an old school security freak lol. Not like the masses nowadays who upload everything to facebook/twitter. Or instagram. Path. Etc.

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I think they're good. You're basically doing developer testing without actually getting paid in the end result. If enough people have the same glitch and they state they're issues to a forum that's well connected with BlackBerry (CrackBerry of course) the can funnel the users issues to them. I think it would actually speed up the roll out process in updates. Now if BlackBerry would roll out their updates independently without dealing with the service provider that would be awesome.

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Leaks are great to test out every possible error that software has.

The more people testing it, the more likely something is going to show up as a problem.

You just have to be aware that it a testing software and not officially sanctioned by the MFG

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Oh for sure. I would had a GS4. Not saying the GS4 is lame compared to the Z10. But I am saying that I rather keep my Z10 than switch.

The thing that gets me is that if the OS updates are to fix the reboots and other issues - which CB nation has somewhat confirmed, why aren't the carriers such as VZW urgently releasing the update? This extremely bothers me as a consumer. If they are really putting in the effort...they should do a better job at showing.

totally agree with your comments about the whiners. leaks are great for the users that understand the risks.

"Once upon a time, leaks never really saw the light of day."

Well then they wouldn't be a leak would they? Fucking idiot.

Not necessarily true, something can be leaked and not see the light of day, ie be underground. Also, even if that was true, it wouldn't make him an idiot, in fact, he probably pretty smart. And finally, that escalated quickly lol count to ten maybe? You seem tense.

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So in current times, people are not get banned for posting leaks, but I wouldn't mind if a dude like tranqui45 is banned for unnecessary cursing on a useless comment...

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The middle ground solution for leaked software of any kind is for the software developer to have parties interested in beta testing to sign up and be part of the testing process.
In BlackBerry's case they simply use their website to recruit beta testers who will also provide feedback on their own forum.
Makes it easier to collate and act on trouble spots and quite likely reduce the development cycle as well.

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This is exactly right. Have regular releases where new features, changes, and fixes are implemented but maybe not finished and collect useful real-world feedback with manual reports and mandatory telemetry. Require registration and PIN entry like the Playbook OS 2 developer builds and prevent users on developer builds from using the regular support channels until their device is confirmed to be reverted to a release build.

It's easy to see the value for development, and it's something I think a lot of people here would be interested in participating in. Further to the point, it appears that they have nearly all of the infrastructure needed in place for this already. It even appears to be componentised enough to allow for things like distributing new browser builds while keeping killer new OS features private until ready for their grand reveal, and radio updates could wait for the carriers to mull things over without holding up the rest of the party.

It would certainly be putting money to mouth with their "Keep Moving" slogan.

i'm fully aware of the good and bad side of leaks.. i say keep them coming.. it's a bandaid for fragmented updates or lack of.. it's the only reason why I'm still with blackberry. what that being said.. we do provide feedback as if we're beta testers for blackberry. there are times when crackberry nation puts requests for fixes/features that are not part of the official updates and go ignored. however, these requests/features would make the blackberry experience a lot better.

Leaks are great! Even when they work better than the software you had and it's been helping BlackBerry keep customers in the US! Let's be honest, Without them, people would've ran to another phone. Not another carrier as most people are stuck in contracts (excluding T-Mobile).

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Leaks are bad for the majority of users, especially in light of BlackBerry's current Carrier support model. People who depend on (i.e. Can't do with out it even for a minute) should stay away from leaks.
I view leaks as beta software and as such there is ALWAYS New bugs introduced.

Even though I deal with beta software at work, I will not install leaks on my phone. If I had a second phone, I wouldn't hesitate to install leaks on only one of them.

BlackBerry needs to introduce a proper beta program, for those that have oodles of spare time and the discipline to test properly.

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers

I've used leaked versions of OS7 on my Curve 9360, but have been hesitant to do so with my Z10. There were some reports in the forums when T-Mobile USA rolled out the 10.1 release that those on T-Mobile USA that had a leaked version of the OS installed were unable to upgrade to 10.1 because T-Mobile sees such loading as invalidating the warranty Users had to do a wipe in order to get the official OS.

It's definitely an at your own risk situation, and thankfully there are folks here that can lend a hand if things go south while using a leaked version of the OS. I'm not planning on using them on my Z10 because of the issues mentioned above.

Leaks can be good or bad depending on what they offer to the user. If the leaks offer good or enhanced features and fixes, then to me they are OK, especially when mobile service providers are slow to offer official versions. Too many leaks without official version can be a problem, though, since they can cause anxiety and sometimes suspicion that the OS developers are not doing as good a job as expected to maintain stability. For testing purposes I don't mind it but at some point (almost ASAP) I want to have the official version.

They are pretty freaking awesome. BlackBerry should be in those forums more often to know what needs to be fixed. I mean you have how many people testing os's this way?

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I think leaks are largely negative for BlackBerry. Having leaked OS's get picked apart means the people who would normally be most excited about new features see them as old hat by the time they're released. Leaks lessen the company's ability to properly frame a new feature - what it's for, how it works, and how it's intended to fit into the overall picture they're trying to paint (and why it's so awesome).

I've been as vocal as anyone about how upset I am that Verizon isn't making 10.1 available; to me that's a separate issue.

It's just an alternative to our carriers holding out on us! Why rely on them when we can really on actual people through crack berry who help and respond ASAP. Such as lbfe, kris, scrid2000, etc. These are great methods, leaks help give hope to the hopeless.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Sometimes they are risky, but overall they are good, especially for BlackBerry. It's a way for people who are having glitches with their current OS (and there are a lot) to upgrade and potentially fix their problem without being totally pissed at BlackBerry and if it screws up your device then it's your fault for using a leak! Hahaha All in all, I think they are good as long as you can accept the potential consequences.

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100% positive, Im sure they set so data collection policies to grab as much statistics are they can to improve our experience.

I love being able to take the risk to check out new features and figure out bugs. I work in IT, so I think this input and immediate availability is very valuable. If I had to wait for my carrier to release anything, I think I would be very frustrated.....

Bad, mostly. With all due respect to those who put them together, they are a security risk. I don't like putting an OS on my device that hasn't come through official channels. It would be better if the betas that BB makes available were fully functional instead of the crippled developer versions.

For developers, the dozens of different carrier releases are bad enough. Dealing with all the peculiarities of leaked versions is impossible, especially as users (by accident or otherwise) often don't tell us the actual OS version.

As a developer all I can say is "use at your own risk". I develop software that sees many versions and updates. Frequently we change things dramatically to align code to what comes next. Any code modification, small or as large as that has the potential to do really bad things ("regression"), which is why developers release only after they test their product well. Sometimes we give out alpha/beta (pre-release) versions to limited audience for increased testing but they are fully aware of all risks. Sometimes those versions also have increased logging to help us troubleshoot issues.

So, if you're OK with all risks, go for it! Otherwise stay away.

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I'm on the same version OS. I'd been in bad shape if I waited on At&T. 2342 works marvelously for me.

Leaks of big OS iterations give away to competition which is bad. Leaks of minor updates to improve stability don't impact BB much so it is good.

Leaks are too risky for me. I trust the home developers when they're comfortable rolling it out. Patience is its own reward!

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Yeah, I just wait for my carrier to shoot it to me. I'm not keen to wipe, reload, unload, yada yada if something goes wrong.

Honestly, they probably are bad. They are tempering the amount of complains carriers (and ultimately BB sees). Think how many more Verizon customers would be bitching them out right now if it wasn't for leaks. This is information BB should be getting but isn't.

I don't use them but certainly enjoy all the updates comments from the ones that install them, that way it gets my blood pumping waiting for the oficial update from my carrier.

In a way it helps me to see how BlackBerry listen to BBNation and keep building for us!

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I like being able to install and run leaks. They give functionally that may have not been present in the current OS. Especially being in the US with bb10. If the leaks that came out didn't find their way online I would have still been having so many issues that went away once I installed my first leak. Yeah from time to time some apps might have a issue. I just contact the developer so they know I'm having a issue with something. Most of the time it's something they are already workin on fixing. I think people just need to realize that it a leak and yeah some things might not work. Go back to the stock os then and complain their carrier isn't updating the software. But that's just my 2cents

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Leaks are good because they let the consumers go around the politics from the carriers, os 10.1 has pretty much been released in much the world, so os leaks are good

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Like others, I would love to see an official program for OS updates in the BETA Zone. I appreciate leaks, but would really prefer a support and feedback forum to get information flowing better in both directions and to keep beta users out of the normal forums. Additionally, they could include a version of BlackBerry World that does not permit reviews

It's always good to take a leak in the morning, and install one too.


Posted via CB10 Khalistan Zindabad

I just feel bad for those on the U.S carriers that haven't released anything after 10.0.... Its for those customers especially that the leaks are important.

Blackberry doesn't care that a few segments of their customer base is running old OS versions. They care about selling new phones and keeping the stick price up and the carriers themselves don't care either since your paying them monthly regardless. Users need to take actions into their own hands and jump into a leaked OS. Do it for your sanity!

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I don't mind them however I hate the back up time with BlackBerry 10. My old bold 9900 used to back up and restore so fast I became spoiled.

Posted via CB10

The last paragraph pretty much summed up the benefit. Those of us in the US or otherwise with carrier who refuse to update there devices in any kind of timely fashion have no choice. Verizon is so bad they are actually on a 10.0.9 build as they choose to skip 10.0.10!

Leaks are good. But if Blackberry can improve the way they roll out the updated OS (like iOS) people will not have to download/install the leaks... As for some carriers, it will need to wait for ages to get the update!!!

Honestly, I hadn't even considered running a leak until vzw fell so far behind on releasing 10.1. I'm definitely not patient enough to try a 10.2 leak though. Just wanted something more stable. I will admit though; it's fun to brag to my Z10 wielding friends that I'm running a hybrid OS!

The best part - I've finally stopped using Verizon print outs as targets at the range! ;)

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There are some inaccuracies in this article. Quite a few leaks were barely a week old when released and it takes BlackBerry longer than a couple of weeks to fix major bugs which shouldn't even pass QA.
On top of that many of these leaks are gold releases meant to be tested and released by mobile operators, not some unfinished OS meant to only be tested internally. That means that what we get is what BlackBerry thinks is a release quality OS and that's frankly scary at times. They need to start writing better tests.

Leaks and feedback in forums are a necessity since BlackBerry doesn't let devs or the general public test them and since they don't offer direct support. The only times I was able to get support was through the enterprise programme.
As mentioned by a user, they can be really beneficial when evaluating devices. If you know features you use on other platforms are coming, you might wait a bit or start with a small order. If you see BlackBerry only cares about consumers and corporate users, but not anything in between, you might move along.

And changelogs + list of P1-3 issues would be nice. It's 2013, testing farms can generate reports.

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

Love the 'leaks'. Keep em coming pluuease. I would have been stuck with my Z10 not having the HDR camera update etc, etc, so now i have BB10 OS which is great.

Leaks are necessary. I am on Verizon and am screwed for updates. Were it not for leaks, I would have returned my phone as a restarting pos.

Leaks are bad. Betas are good. In a beta program you can give feedback directly to BlackBerry and hopefully get things fixed. Leaks on the other hand just give a look up the kimono. Might be good for a rush but long term, it's just a tease until you get a formal OS release. What needs to really happen is that BlackBerry releases ALL updates and bypasses the carriers who take their sweet time hindering everyone.

I can't resist when I see the leaks that CB post for the right people!
Thank you CB!

Posted via the best phone ever. BlackBerry Z10

Leaks are good until blackberry has all the control of updates.

This is why people prefer leaks because some versions of the os that were released by carriers are faulty while people get the fixes from leaks.

I don't like carriers controlling the updates. They're not the makers or developers of the os.

Its like we're paying them to screw our phone up. So they can get more money from us.

Once again, leaks are good if blackberry cannot control the updates. (carriers must not be involved with any updates)

Posted via CB10

Leaks are good. It gives people the option to tweak their OS and experiment with different builds. I was able to do just that. Downloading a leak solved the random reboot problem. However, I have been using the official T-Mobile update for a few days now. I'm not 100% happy with it, so I'm thinking of reverting to a leaked OS. Like any download from the Internet, use at your own risk!

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

After the AT&T fiasco last week, I took control of my Z10 with a leak (for the first time) out of sheer frustration of hearing for over month what all 10.1 fixes and enhances. I WANTED/NEEDED this and my carrier is the roadblock. Now that I have, I'm more than comfortable with the decision to do so, as I've had no issues with the benefit of added functionality.

Since I'm an android rom flashing addict I say leaks are good for BlackBerry if, and only if, they pay attention to the community that's installing leaks. For instance, many of the features that android has and that other oems have integrated into their version of android have come from the android dev community.

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I don't really care if they're helpful or not. It's just fun to have them. Sometimes developers can be so illusive about the product that your curiosity and anxiety eats away at you. Having a leak is a good way to appease yourself while you wait for the final.

Leaks are great, especially when the official release had a major bug that caused loss of signal several times a day. I am a beta tester for apps so bet Testing the is is no big deal. Bugs and all it is still nice to have new features that the general public doesn't have.

Posted via CB10

I think leaks are great for beta-testing, having the latest version, etc... Yes, there are idiots who do not understand the concept of an unofficial release, but don't let the bad apples spoil the bunch.

All that being said, the one thing I DO worry about is security in the OS. Do leaks tend to have more of the OS exposed, and thus make it easier to exploit? I think there should be pre-beta official releases which have been tested for security. Don't keep the leaks (wrong-ish, illeagal-sh), but seek to legitimize them and give them out to the loyal community to test and comb through. The Crackberry community is, I think, one of the greatest assets BlackBerry has. Use us.... the right way!

Leaks are good, but they wouldn't be necessary if BlackBerry would push more solid OS' through these carriers! And be more consistent!

Yes we want new features and things in new updates, but some need the updates just for the phone to be operable!.. it ridiculous that some are still on 10.0... you don't get some of the apps because that OS is not compatible, and also you don't get updates for current apps you have on 10.0.. they need to be more persistent.. a lot of BlackBerry users aren't satisfied and BlackBerry can't afford to lose anymore customers.. they need to step it up with these OS'. Then the leaks wouldn't be necessary..

Posted via CB10

Leaks are good I'm my opinion. For VZW consumers, the lack of support in addressing the known issues related to their currently supported OS (Z10), is quite troubling and makes me think what priorities are deemed high within its customers.

Just my two cents

Kill Confirmed ...via CB10

Leaks are bad for a company, You have usually internal people who are under NDA releasing proprietary software to people who shouldn't have it, Also think of the reason a carrier hasn't released it, Maybe a radio isn't designed to work with a network properly, or someone sees on crackberry that there's a new OS and downloads it and now their data doesn't work, or they can't send text messages, they've spent hours on the phone with tech support with unofficial software, (I remember this happened with early 6.0 builds of BBOS Legacy), Not everyone is tech smart, but if someone reads something on the internet they'll try it. Take iOS 7 for example, how many people have it but aren't devs? Im against installing beta/leaks on my device for that sole reason.

That's what the Beta Zone is for. From what I can gather, the latest leaks are a combination of core files, radio files, and security points of failure assembled in a package that does NOT represent the high internal standards of BlackBerry, the company.

BlackBerry should make early releases available in beta zone more often.

End users and beta testers should uphold the responsibility of reporting bugs discretely and often.

Posted via CB10

I've been debating installing a leak.. never have yet.. im on vzw, 10.0**, random reboots, etc. But im not sure which one to use. I've seen a LOT out there... I rely on my phone a lot and need something stable that I can depend on n the clutch. Has anyone looked back after going thr leaked route?

Posted via CB10

All you need is to have the carrier complained that your phone took down your equipment, and you'll get why sometimes these things aren't meant to be tinkered around

Posted via CB10

Great leaks come with great responsibility, if you don't understand that it's beta, you should not install it.

Z10 all day

No smoking, no alcohol.. leaks are my drugs :)

Much besser then the "root" games from android

I love it



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I believe leaks are not good. A new release needs to be controlled and accompanied with a detailed release note, there is no point to release a new version if they don't get feedback from the users. The Bb beta zone should control it.

Posted via CB10

I need urgently a gesture, which will close an app immediately. To minimaze each app and then to tap the cross to close it 100x a day is very annoying.

At the beginning I thought its good but now I hope BlackBerry do something to stop the Leaks. Its just not good for BlackBerry. Lot of consumers doesn't get what Leaked OS means specially those users who came from Android or IOS and this will effect BlackBerry image at the end cuz leaked OS never been full and stable versions.

I know some users are happe with leaks OS because they just don't want to wait but I think its better for BlackBerry itself to prevent leaks.

I don't get why this question is even asked. The answer is obvious. Should we have the option to install beta or alpha software if we choose to do that? Of course.

I'm not sure what the other side to this is.

Leaks are great, I just had one. Leaks for our phones are great as well. And pretty much if you bork your phone, you can just use link to restore it. Not that easy if you were to brick an iphone or andon't. I'm still on 1880 leak and been concentrating my time converting apk's to bars for my device only. Keep the leaks coming and keep up the great help community. Thanks for making my BB10 experience FUN!

I have been running 10.1.2354 since it came out here and Love it. Leaks are user beware and if you don't take the time properly back up before you load one its on the user not blackberry or crackberry or those that took the time and effort to give you the option to do so.

They are awesome due to the fact that I can get all the features since the carriers suck pushing the updates. Yes Att sucks they are still waiting on the 10.1 I already have mine a few weeks ago and got rid of the nasty junk ware on the process no need to upgrade for a while now

I stayed away from leaks, until this past weekend. The second AT&T pulled 10.1 from us, I went and got it from the forums.

I won't go to 10.2, but I definitely went to a nice 10.1 hybrid build that I absolutely love. Set-up time was tough, I couldn't back-up my applications, so I had to redownload everything.

At this stage of BB10, I think that leaks are bad. BlackBerry needs to regain its image by controlling releases and setting the message as new versions become availalble. Having leaked, buggy software out there CAN tarnish their image. Now, if there are features that are common knowledge, where they want to get feedback then they should release that kind of build through Beta Zone.

That being said, leaks of 10.1 are great, especially to help those suffering with AT&T and Verizon. Them folks need the 10.1 goodness already!

I say leaks are good in the right hands because they know what to expect and won't go start streaming because something is broken.

Posted via CB10

One leak broke hspa for my Z10 on Koodo. Recently fixed with another leak. I didn't realize it was caused by the leak, so I called Koodo twice about it.

It's using resource on non supported OS that is the biggest drawback to leak from BlackBerry side, imo.

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I would say if a carrier hasn't released 10.1 by now they aren't much of a carrier and people need to switch

Posted via CB10

I'm on Verizon and had my first Z10 swapped out for another because of the reboot and battery issues. That was right when it arrived in the USA. I continued to have problems with the new device, as did my wife so I started with the leaks. Some were bad but the majority good and they've certainly fixed the issues that hindered the use of my spectacular SMARTPHONE. When Vzw gets their shit together and releases something that fixes issues BlackBerry fixed months ago then ill think about going back to carrier supported builds, but until then Vzw can blow me. Here's a little of our convo on twitter the other night...

@verizonwireless When r u going to get ur act together and push out the BlackBerry Z10 update you've been sitting on for months? #vzwfail

@verizonwireless ur lack of updates for the Z10 is making for a horrible user experience that is not Blackberry's fault #vzwfail

@verizonwireless @ BlackBerry has made many improvements since the release of the Z10 months ago, tho u've not released any, frustrating....

@verizonwireless many customers with random reboots, apps that don't work, horrible battery life, etc all bcuz u won't update #vzwfail

@verizonwireless u r holding ur @ BlackBerry customers hostage kpng us @ the crrnt OS, prolly w/ hopes we'll switch to iOS/Android #vzwfail

@verizonwireless us @BB users may nt b ur lrgest user base bt we r cstmrs n dsrve the updates @blackberry has gvn rst of the wrld #vzwfail

VZW Support
@bfunkera I'm just as anxious for software updates. They keep our devices running smoothly. Visit for updates.^N

@VZWSupport u r correct, they keep r devices rnnng smthly, so y no love for @blackberry when theres been many updates since z10 hit #vzwfail

@VZWSupport PS: ur link provided zero info about my inquiry, another #vzwfail This is not a case of @BlackBerry holding back but carrier BS

@bfunkera We love the Blackberry. Software goes through rigorous testing to ensure it improves the device and not negatively effect it. ^NB

@VZWSupport ludicrous that ur "rigorous testing" takes 3X as long as the world. MR's rlsd to fix issues yet w've seen none bad biz #vzwfail

@VZWSupport MR=Maintenance Release which means fixes stuff. @blackberry has released these so thrs no reson y ur cstmrs can't reap benefits

Just goes to show you they are all full of ish.

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Leaks are best at keeping us interested and not wondering off to other devices.

I don't think of it as testing.

That said some times certain things don't w, but if/when that happens, just go back to what did work.

Keep the leaks to give us options.

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"Use at your own risks" describes leaks usage pretty well.
Backup, test and then decide whether you keep it or not.
P.S: Installing leaks is time consuming, and I'd suggest this particular time suck should be part of the warning section of any leak publication.

When carriers stand in your way of upgrading, leaks are a good thing. It also builds anticipation that a device will eventually function as it should without waiting someone's go ahead--in this case, the US carriers' slow as molasses in fixing our problems.

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I am all for leaks.... it's up to you if you want to take the risk and install or not. I'm sure Crackberry warns everyone that they do install at their own risk. Leaks are exciting. :)

Leaks are at our own risk
We must be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

What is for sure is that 10.1.5342 is a complete mess.

I went back to and I have no temperature issues, battery is lasting 13 hours and I'm very happy.

I'd rather wait for an official release.

My 2 cents

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On Verizon, and while I held off for a bit, I finally gave in. So much better. And with the latest hybrid os, no dropped calls.

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STOP using autoloader leaks. Start using official 'leaks' from other countries via Sachibar Firmware Grabber.

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I think leaks are great, especially after reading some reviews to see how they are operating based on your phone and carrier. The leak that was given to me fixed 95% of the issues I was having with my OS offered by Verizon, who seems to still be behind the 8 ball. I give a lot of credit to Crackberry posts for helping me understand how to install and operate leaked versions!