BlackBerry 10 OS adoption rate by the numbers

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2014 03:55 pm EDT

If you missed out the BlackBerry Jam virtual event earlier today, then you missed out on some very important numbers being shared by BlackBerry and those are the adoption rates surrounding BlackBerry 10 OS. As you can see from the image above, BlackBerry 10.2.1 has an adoption rate of 74 percent while 10.2 is hovering around 6%. Now, those numbers are great but what's interesting and perhaps not so great is the level of users on 10.1 still, which is pegged at 15 percent and then it moves into 10.0, which is at 5 percent.

I have no idea who would still be running 10.0 or 10.1 at this point, I can only assume it's devices not actually being used on a regular basis and only turned on every now and then. Hopefully, they'll dig them out and update when the soon to be appearing OS is readily available. The other thing not accounted for here, and understandably so, is anyone out there running leaked or developer builds of BlackBerry 10.3 on his or her daily devices.

In any case, the majority of BlackBerry 10 users are on the latest OS and that's great not only for them as end users of the device due to all the improvements BlackBerry has made, but it's also a very important metric for developers because it allows them to create and target apps for potential customers without any conflicts of them being on an older, less supported operating system.

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BlackBerry 10 OS adoption rate by the numbers


Everything just because of android runtime and the ease of installing apps.


How the heck did you post so fast? First post was supposed to be mine and you ruined it....... boooo

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It's an interesting issue. I don't know if users on 10.1 are satisfied with the OS or just oblivious to updates. I recently saw a young lady Z10 user on 10.1, and in a separate occasion an older gentleman Q10 user on 10.1.

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I think you nailed it with 'oblivious'...would also apply to 10.0 users. These are likely the not-to-tech-savvy users failing to update.Whenever I see one I try to let them know that their BB10 experience will normally improve greatly with each 10.x upgrade.

not really
1. Those people most likely don't care about updates, the phone is working fine the way it is and they want to leave it.
2. Some people are scared they are going to lose info or mess up their phone with updates or it can eb a hassle for them
3. others might see then forget
4. they are with a carrier that doesn't support BB10 in some 3rd world country and didn't get pushed the update
You guys should see the android charts...
There are so many reasons, they aren't like Apple where they push the new OS to every single phone directly and make you install it basically haha

I think most them don't have access to a consistent Internet connection that may allow them to download big files at an acceptable speed

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In my personal experience, it's been that people have no idea how to update, and don't even register that there is an update (even when there is a notification). I've updated many a smartphone for friends for this reason.

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Some people can't update because the update size is huge and their device storage is huge. No amount of data / media / apps deletion can clear required storage size for the update.

I had to backup my phone first and then perform a factory reset / wipe to be able to update.

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On the updates front. How does one update their OS if they do not have access to wifi or a PC with Internet access. For some, their smartphone IS the only Internet access. Unless maybe you tether your PC to it and try to DL via link and update while tethered. Not sure if this would work, but not exactly straightforward either. In any case, there may be a few that cannot update due to wifi restrictions.

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Invite yourself over to a friend's place for dinner and leach off their wifi! :)

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Yet to find an open wifi connection to update mine to the latest version. Been waiting since eternity.

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THIS THIS THIS!!.... we NEED to have the option to download future updates over the mobile network. Although data consumption would be large the OPTION would greatly improve adoption numbers. BlackBerry please add this functionality!!

Yea I think updates should be pushed(to availability) and also pardoned from your data plan. Lol we can only dream

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Uh, not sure where you've been the last 5 years but NOTHING is "definitely better" with BlackBerry vs. Android. Well, maybe security. If you were like an enterprise user or something.

My sister. She has no idea what she's doing with a smartphone. She's probably still on 10.1.

BB Proud

"She has no idea what she's doing with a smartphone."

Well clearly. I mean she does own a BlackBerry after all. LOL! Sorry, too easy there.

Yeah you should switch her to Android, cause that real user friendly. And we all know that Android is the best platform for people who have no clue about privacy, permissions or Malware right.

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Err I think you will find most people find Android more user friendly then bb10.

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Err, I think you will find that most people outside of the hardcore users, don't use anything over and above the defaults. Most people I know, don't know much more then opening an app, using it and closing it.

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Perhaps people with no access to wifi don't want to update via their data plans..

Blackberry should let users know and make it so OS updates over data plans are free. If adoption rates were closer to 95% users would get a better experience and developers could really focus on the new OS and not worry so much about supporting older OS's. I imagine this might be a tricky endeavour but if T-Mo and others can say data for certain things like music streaming is free they should be able to figure this out.

It isn't about not wanting to update via mobile data, you technically can't.

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Really? I only do have mobile data, unlimited plan though, and both my phones are updated.

And I can't remember having to hotspot the data download one phone to the other and vice versa. I remember getting a warning though that it might consume a lot of data...

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Well I don't get a warning, it just says that "the update is too large to be downloaded over mobile data" and requires a wifi connection.
You think it has something to do with the location? Or even speed of the connection perhaps?

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It can be because of your carrier and it can be because some updates are small (eg ~15MB) and some updates are large. (eg ~1000MB)

What determines the size of the download is the "distance" between the 2 versions and some other factors that determine whether you can do an incremental update or not.

It's not really hard to believe there are people who just use a phone for calling and texts.
I doubt they updated their 99p nokia either, but just wonder where the week long battery life went ;)

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Seeing as 10.2.1 was the greatest jump in features in a long time, I'm surprised that everybody isn't running it.

Cheers. :)

If BBRY had an easier way to bypass the carriers for the updates than to run some hackware more people would be updated. As it is, the USA is still waiting on the last 10.2.1.XXX update and it looks like we'll skipp the for the release. Still the support for the updates by the Blue death star and Big Red has been terrible.

Many corporate users are not allowed to update their OS due administration restrictions, so if we think that most BB10 phones are used by companies, the math is simply.

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OMG.. I can't believe there are still people using OS10. 0. Yikes!! They are likely BBRY users in the US since carriers here like to shaft BBRY users waiting for updates.

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I feel like there may be some users stuck on 10.1 that are probably hating their phones for the glitches and don't know about updates and how good they are at improving an OS. I also believe they are probably hating on an entire brand(bb) for this reason. Probably voicing to others how buggy their phones are compared to competition. I remember how many times I had text messages that just wouldnt go out.. just sit there.. and I had to resend. and magical text theives that stole all the text from my outward messages and when I press send it would dissapear... meaning I had to type again.. very annoying.. glad to say all has been addressed in further updates.. I pity the fools still running on 10.1 or earlier

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Oh and can't forget the orientation problems with the apparent zooming. So glad these things were fixed promptly :) I love how far this young OS as come in such a short time.

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We want more customizable homescreen -- much better than all other OS in the market have. We know blackberry can provide this in next OS update.

Do you agree guys?

Sadly, I think it's a carrier issue in some cases. It would be great if Mr. Chen could work with carriers to ensure timely, if not universal, rollouts. I don't know what the story is, if BlackBerry just doesn't have the leverage or what, or if it’s compatibility issues that are allowed to linger, but the overall impression I get is that some carriers just don't care enough to treat the platform well.

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This is true. It was only when the " Heart Bleed" issue came about when AT&T push out the update. They(AT&T) knew 'security' is BlackBerry's thing and if something went wrong...they would be the blame for NOT rolling out the update. If the carriers could charge a buck or two for an update, they would offer them the next day.

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Last roll-out felt pretty universal, if you followed CB and checked in the forums ( It got gradually better with every release since 10.1.

Not talking about US carriers, they didn't wanna play the game.

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Could the carriers also be to blame for the lagging behind devices?
Although, I guess the inverse would be true too: the devices on the latest OS may be because of carriers responding more quickly.

Maybe BlackBerry users just know how to take care of themselves better independent of the carriers. ☺

I just upgraded my friend's device from 10.1 to 10.2.1. She has a corporate issued device and had no idea how to do a SW update.

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My wife and one of my kids would never have the latest update if it were not for me. We turned the auto update off due to data, and who knows what their battery level would be at for the update. So we do it manually over wifi and the device is plugged in.


The breakdown is interesting as well as somewhat mysterious. What are the actual numbers though? How many BB10 users are there and how does that compare to legacy OS users?

I guess the great portion of 10.1 or 10.0 might be due to restrictions that Blackberry implies to some countries and users for updating such as Iran. For example I know my friend who couldn't move out of 10.1 (I guess) until some weeks ago! Basically no update signs appearing and nothing available.

Bla1ze!!! Great job so far!!

Really relevant articles and info being posted!

If this is an indication of how you'll perform in the future, then Kevin made his best decision ever giving you the EIC role!


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My cousin has a q10 and doesn't want to update because he doesn't want android craps so he says that he has no reason to update

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Android Runtime has been built-in from the start, it's only now that you can directly install the app without having to side load. There is no reason not to update.

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He's had so-called "Android craps" since the day he bought the phone.

"Android craps" have been in BB10 since version

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Your cousin cousin has no reason not to upgrade. Android is part of BB10 since day 1. Deal with it.

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This chart would look to me like a good enough reason to maybe provide updates not through the carrier? Some of those 10.0 and 10.1 users are so not getting the best from their phones or the brand.

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I'll tell you who would still be running 10.1 . I experienced it first hand in the Philippines and I can only assume it's the same in other places with tighter budgets and a horrendous Internet availability.

Most (not all) phones sold in the Philippines are off contract. Meaning you pay through the nose for a data plan. The 2 major companies did make it easier to get a Z10 or Q10 and even for a limited time the Q5 by offering it for a low to free fee on a plan. Now anyone who has any knowledge of these kind of markets knows the plans are Not easy to get or keep up with the unemployment rates. So a lot of these phones are bought outright usually well after the release and for substantially lower price.

The speeds in the philippines barely pass 10kbs and that's on portable pocket wifi. You lose it fast and frequently. Without a Dedicated solid connection you fail repeatedly updating to the point where you just say screw it.
I can't say this is the case for every BB10 owner there as most I know have wifi that's stable. Part of this is the sellers fault and part is Blackberrys. This could be resolved by blackberry putting out a memo to all who purchase a BB10 device that they NEED to update it and I know that the stores selling these phones have the connection to assist but they don't.

Anyways... so from my conclusion it's not always possible even if they are aware. but Most people don't even update their phones at all let alone know about 10.3

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If all devices running 10.0 and 10.1 are actually ones sitting in someone's drawer, that means that a full 20% of BB10 devices aren't being used anymore.

Not very likely. They probably just don't know about the updates, because I don't think they get alerted of an update unless they actually go into settings and look for one.

Does anyone know iOS adoption rates?

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These numbers are meaningless IMO. The important numbers are 1) total sales figures, and 2) Ratio of BB7 vs. BB10.

To developers, these numbers are hardly meaningless. They show that if you want maximal reach for your app, you should support back to at least 10.1, and maybe even 10.0.

On a platform as new as BB10, deciding to cut off nearly 25% of potential users may be numerically too large to stomach.

But they also show that the general update case actually is fairly good, so focusing mostly on the latest version may be okay.

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Still at least 20% of devices out there can be hacked... but not too bad. Carriers seem to be doing their job.

I would prefer to see a comparison between OS6, OS7, and OS10. Need to see users of the older platforms make the move. If there is little movement from the older platform to OS10, then BlackBerry is still missing the mark.

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Was it 10.2 that BlackBerry offered Automatically download and install software updates?

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I was having my car serviced and noticed the sales guy had a z10. I asked him if he liked it, he proceeded to berate the phone. I took a peak and noticed he was on 10.0.x

I helped him update to 10.2.1.x, I ran into him later at another appointment, now he's very happy.

I think quite a few people are just clueless when it comes to technology.

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This shows that a lot of BlackBerry users still have not been initiated into BB10 and an alarming rate seem to completely miss the versatility and potential this OS and the accompanying devices have...

Let's hope for better numbers by the time 10.3 rolls out!

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I think some people still use 10.2 because some carriers have not made available 10.2.1.x

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Nice. Looks like an Apple chart. And I say that as a compliment.
By the way though it took a long time to get 10.2 on my verizon phones.

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BlackBerry 10 only has three phones tops.. Z10 Q10 and Z30.. what the heck?

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I have replaced my original BlackBerry Z10 and it's BBM # with a new BlackBerry Z10 and it has a new BBM #. The old Z10 continues to show up on my BlackBerry Link when I sign in no matter how many times I try to remove it. I wonder if it is included in the os 10 count? Just a random thought.

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I think some people are just unaware of the available update or what it means, two of my friends use Q10s and when we met they were complaining about some issues with their devices and we're asking me if I'm facing the same with my Z30, I checked their OS version and was surprised they were running old OS 10 versions and they used to discard the update notification on their devices when they appear. Updated them the latest OS and they fell in love with their Q10s all over again. Sadly I know for a fact that they will continue to ignore future update notifications fearing it will mess their phones or cause data loss :/

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I am happy to be using the latest offered by my carrier regardless what blackberry I use, be it legacy (last known or current. :)

The pie chart is not true!
I use the OS :b
I know is it theoretically only for developer but I use it anyway.

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Kind of funny to see the assertion about how this metric is "...great for developers..." since those native developers just got the big "F.U." from BlackBerry with the Amazon App Store deal, followed soon after by the termination of what appears to be most of the Developer Relations team.

I expect that very shortly, most of my favorite native apps will become abandonware.

I read recently how a developer enjoys programming for cascade and wasn't about to leave developing for native BlackBerrry. He didn't feel slighted.

been waiting for these stats for a long time now. Good to see. Let's hope 10.3 shows an even more significant upgrade threshold bringing in those from 10.2.0 and 10.1.

Its quite easy to update your OS from your setting screen. With the 10.1 OS the option was added to update without a wifi connection. I have been doing so eversince 10.1 downloading almost 1gb updates.

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