BlackBerry 10 or iOS - Which keyboard is faster at word prediction?

By Bla1ze on 9 Jan 2014 04:14 pm EST

It has long since been known that BlackBerry offers the best QWERTY keyboards out there, there's no question about it. It's reached the point now where even those who have moved on from BlackBerry still agree with that statement and companies are now trying to get away with insanely similarly styled keyboards

But what about the BlackBerry virtual keyboard? BlackBerry is looking to prove it is with a new video showing off some competitor comparisons. In this case, it happens to word prediction on the BlackBerry Z30 vs. the iPhone 5S. You won't really need to guess who wins but hey, check out the video anyway. It's pretty cool!



Every tech ad of this kind is rigged, at least BB10 keyboard learns your typing, I wish my S4 could learn to flip the page from the "air" without lag or inconvenience, like when I tried to replicate that gimmick showed in the ad.


Agree it's a rigged demo. I couldn't see where the iOS user ever used word prediction -- saw a few come up, but they seemed to continue typing the word, or already had completed it. I don't know if this is such a great idea for publicity, it will be picked apart by keener eyes.


But does the ios keyboard learn? If not then that's the point.

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This is the kind of commercial BlackBerry should air.

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In all fairness, if this email was typed (and swiped) beforehand the iPhone didn't have a chance. I'm not sure what the rules were though. If the iPhone had the same "training" then this is a clear win.

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It was the same person (look to the hands) and the same email content/length!

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I meant the text prediction aspect. If I were to type the message beforehand, delete it and start over (and start recording) the swipe would absolutely know exactly what to predict and destroy in a speed comp.

As an aside, I was a true touch screen hater , and was miffed that BlackBerry was coming out with a touch screen bb10 device first. But the second I tested it in a bell store I was instantly converted.

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The cool thing: using the iPhone, the thumbs began to type "before", and the Z user just warms up. Then, you saw the Z user just swiping up till the end of the video. It was funny to watch. I reminded me of 2 racers on ice, one just tripping and the other sliding majestically.
I enjoyed very much. Cheers.

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I just turned my word prediction on. Just to give it a try... Since I use my Q blindfold, I do not really need it. But the auto-correct feature is good in case of typos. I keep using it now, since my Q has to learn in 3 languages I type in! Cheers!

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BlackBerry ;)

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Simply more efficient

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Further proof that Ryan Seacrest is a jackass. Scared to reply to emails due to fear of typos, buy a BlackBerry? Nope lol give BlackBerry more money in the long run.


BB10 is faster. I'm sorry but between the Z30, Z10, and the Q10. I don't think that IOS even compares. That's why Ryan seacrest had to rip off Blackberry's physical Keyboard. Because it is the best.

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Greg Aniol

I have to be fair - when you type first time it doesn't work so fast. Repeated- improve speed VASTLY. That's the way BlackBerry 10 works. However as a commercial I would use this video without hesitation. Other commercials are even less honest, that's the market. Hope BB will do something to stay on the market. As for now I cannot see other replacement phone for myself. Ideas like this may convince people to buy it. The market votes so more customers -its one solution only. BlackBerry - keep going. Have a good day everybody.

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Wow, a ridiculously good video! I love how the z30 started typing after the iPhone... Please make another video with the z30 and Google keyboard!

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BlackBerry w0 is faster than iOS without watching the Video I knew that BlackBerry 10 Was gonna WIN.

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IPhone 5 to Z10 would probably make a better comparison for skeptics. Iphone fans can make the excuse that the z30 is wider which would lend to an easier typing experience.

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So why isn't BlackBerry using this for a massive ad campaign?

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.


Just wished I would've waited for the Z30 :/

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There is no fucking comparison! BlackBerry all the way!!! The IOS keyboard sucks ass big time!!!! I have and IPOD Touch and try to occasionally type on it some message or posting on some website I'm interested and it drives me fucking nuts. I have to restrain myself from flushing it down the toilette! Plus the BB10 keyboard is interactive and it learns the more I type on it.

I also love the flicking gestures too, non goddamn annoying words appearing the top of the screen. Right on top of the keys and the space bar. The different sounds also help.

The Samsung keyboard isn't any better. I've tried the Galaxy, Note, Mega.. whatever...they suck donkey balls also!

Plus all the freaking languages. I also speak Spanish and French... to be able to automatically switch between all those languages while typing is awesome! Plus the freaking joy at seeing that it also gives the right accents and everything else is great and saves me plenty of headaches.

Besides I've taught my Z10 to swear! Doesn't get any better than that! It swears in 3 languages now!

Fuck Apple...see what I mean?! Apple es un pedazo de mierda! Apple culez toi!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Its quite hilarious how much better the Z30/Z10 keyboard is as compared to other touch screen keyboards.

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Mo Cat

That wasn't even a close finish, more like a Formula 1 car versus a Prius.

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today i was sending i message in french using was hell. i had to recheck the email as the autocorrect was converting some words into insults...

once you get use to bb10 its not easy to using something else

Fortunate Fool

One of the awesome things about the bb10 keyboard is the support for multiple languages. Typing on Android in a different language than the one set up was indeed a nightmare.

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gopinath mukka

Always discuss only the best on BlackBerry. But what about the os. How fast can u call on ur z10. Hi frequently does ur bbos get stuck.

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Must say... the person typing on iOS was a pro... its tough to see regular typing so fast without a qwerty!

One thing BlackBerry really mastered among others, is the keyboard whether it be for a qwerty or a touchscreen!

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I love it of course Blackberry winssss......


Would have been a great commercial.

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What happened to the video? Looks like it's no longer available.

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No surprise there, and the prediction accuracy on the iPhone is infamous.

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Rocking the Z30...IOS? Android? hahahahahahaha...forget you!!!

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I am not a fan of apple at all and these reasons are why. Blackberry offers a complete experience in my view. The keyboard on the z10 is really amazing. I've used the 5 and 5s myself and I have to say that the z10 is still hands down for me a better phone.

Keep it up Blackberry. Although get the marketing right. You have so much to offer that people don't know about.

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Obviously Blackberry for the win...


I think instead of the BlackBerry typist just sitting there, it would be better if he knocks off another short email ( that maybe pops along the top), or a quick BBM message, and possibly even a re-tweet of something to show a little of the quick switching from the Hub.

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Oh wow... this just made me want to get a Z10! (Z30's still off my budget) That's something coming from someone like me who gets frustrated with full touch screens. I'm definitely getting a Q10 but that flicking is making me want to get a Z10 too. They should really market the devices like this!


30 seconds difference and its a short email
30s X 100 email = 3000 seconds
Thank you BB for 50 minutes of my life everyday :)


30 seconds difference and its a short email
30s X 100 email = 3000 seconds
Thank you BB for 50 minutes of my life everyday :)


I could try a Z10. Now i think Blackberrys touch keyboard is the best working virtual keyboard. In my opinion you can write faster with that word prediction. I still love the hardware keyboard. It's easier for me to write, because I don't have to look at. I can check what I have written instead, like I do on a pc. The keyboard offers some aditional benfits. Per example you can always (nearly) use the B or the T key to slide directly to the bottom or the top of a list.
I would love to have a Z10 as my secound phone. Some missing apps keep me using a Android phone in adition to my Q10. Writing messeges on my BBRY first and send them to my other phone.

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