BlackBerry 10 or iOS - Which keyboard is faster at word prediction?

By Bla1ze on 9 Jan 2014 04:14 pm EST

It has long since been known that BlackBerry offers the best QWERTY keyboards out there, there's no question about it. It's reached the point now where even those who have moved on from BlackBerry still agree with that statement and companies are now trying to get away with insanely similarly styled keyboards

But what about the BlackBerry virtual keyboard? BlackBerry is looking to prove it is with a new video showing off some competitor comparisons. In this case, it happens to word prediction on the BlackBerry Z30 vs. the iPhone 5S. You won't really need to guess who wins but hey, check out the video anyway. It's pretty cool!

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BlackBerry 10 or iOS - Which keyboard is faster at word prediction?



Saw that on N4BB yesterday. Doesn't surprise me that BlackBerry's virtual keyboard is so much faster

I get that, but I'm slightly surprised by the fact that it was nearly two times as fast! The BlackBerry finished in about 1 minute and thee iPhone finished about 40 seconds later!

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I had an S3 with Swype and/ or a Swiftkey for a year. My Z30 is so much better to type on.... not even close.

CB10 from the Z30

A Lot of people calling for it to be on TV, even on super bowl Lool, could someone link the other comparison vids?

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

Now tie this into your corporate marketing. Imagine the productivity difference from a couple dozen employee emails each day over the life of BYOD Android / Apple phone. Suddenly the up front company savings on the hardware side just melt away.

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What are you doing on this site and being a hater!?.. go to a different site if your going to hate on BlackBerry...


I believe our friend chose and praised BlackBerry, not hate on it...He's on the right site :)

You're right on that one.

German saying goes: "Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil".

"Whoever can read, has a clear advantage." So obvious, so true.

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Yes, iOS is a productivity nightmare. It is a consumer content consumption device.

The Q10 and the Z series best the iPhone on productivity by a long shot.

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Should have been BlackBerry®! Ios sucks!!! The missing punctuation threw some off. W/o the punctuation it looks like a typo as if one meant to say "BlackBerry® os sucks" imo

 AT&T Z10 STL100-3/ 

Plus the double entendre with the whole flick keyboard thing.....really just artistry in words!

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Numb nuts! I see what you did there!

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

Apple can't do FLICK!!!

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

It's kind of crazy how much of a difference it is. And the iPhone typist is cracking along at a decent pace.

Jacked on steroids and a pitcher of coffee. The Apple guy was probably training for weeks to move at that clip.

There was never any doubt about it!
the problem is that IOS and android users don't know it!!!

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That is one of the traits marketers use to target who is to be a ios ir android user: "people who don't know ".

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You have to remember, most of the people in this country are what you call, highly suggestable. Meaning people cannot think for themselves. Whatever Madison Avenue tells them what to buy, they will buy it

Rasheed - you hit the spot - people buy whatever they are told to. We must admit Apple marketing did a lot good to company by convincing millions to believe they are the best in the world.... and in marketing perhaps they are. They created demand for virtual value; many happy to sell own kidney to get iPhone. I am not trying to say that this is bad product but hasn't got so many advantages as market split would tell us.
To be clear I have 2 x BB handsets + PB.

Nice video!! Commercials like this are worth millions than stupid hype commercials that show nothing.

Just use this material and follow along the classic lines of

"I am a Mac." ... "I am a PC"

Make it a ripper commercial. 'Nuff said.

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iPhone users won't care. They dont nees the iPhone for email or text. They use it to watch Netflix and play games

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Thinking about wathcing netflix on my phone makes my eyes bleed... I never understood the drive to get netflix on BB10, or any phone for that matter. But to each his own I suppose...

I'm no expert. But ive experienced both services on both PC and phones, and there's really nothing to compare the two. Crackle has movies, but they are usually 20th century movies, with little to no TV shows. Meanwhile, Netflix's $8 charge gives you both old and new contents (as new as 2013) with TONS of tv shows

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Netflix and games? Didn't we just send petitions demanding Netflix then boycotting NF because we didn't have it.

As a user of both platforms for me the BB KB is tons faster and more accurate.
The iOS keyboard is so bad I always use speech to text when instead of typing.

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When looking at Blackberry initially, the ONLY reason why I was considering it was for the physical keyboard. I suck, suck, suck at typing on a virtual keyboard.

But the more I read and the more I talked to people, the more folks convinced me that the Z30 keyboard would be easy to use...and the screen size sure is amazing.

Now, I've had my phone for less than a week (and I'm still waiting for my SIM card, so I'm on wifi only) but I can tell you that I am ten-times more accurate with the Z30 keyboard than I was on my iPhone. I don't use the word predictions a lot (just for long words, mainly), but the autocorrection is amazing and the predictions very uncanny.

You are dead on about the spell correction. I don't even try to be accurate with my typing. No need to.

I bet Ellen Degeneres won't make any money on BlackBerry typos!

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Lol. Dear BlackBerry we know we have the best keyboards, virtual and physical. This is plain bullying...bullying that I like :D

From Zuri my Z10.

Commercials like this should be put on prime time TV. And many more types of commercials exploiting iphone/androids weaknesses compared to the bb10. It's out right war. BlackBerry is fighting for survival.
Not only is bb10 typing faster it is incredibly more accurate. It is surprising how many companies are dumping BlackBerry for ios. Not only are these companies giving up BlackBerry superior security features they are also giving up the superior efficiencies. It's mind boggling. I guess these companies don't care that there mangers are wasting time typing longer but also looking illiterate at the same time.

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I've been in to quite a few companies lately where they've just gone over to iPhone and got rid of their Blackberry and most people say they miss their Blackberry. When I ask IT why they've changed they always say 'can't get the apps we need on BB'

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Just amazing, this is the kind of stuff they need to use as add. Everyone: share via social :)

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Notice how much more hectic the iOS typer is? With these new thumb deceases the less you need to move thumbs the better in the long run...

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This right here says it all about BlackBerry virtual keyboards. The Q10s predictions can keep me from typing to much as well but watching people on Z10 or Z30 make me consider switching.

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I got a Q10 and a Z10. Whenever I switch devices, mean pick up the other one, they amaze me.

Wow, I am typing on glass. That fast, friggin' amazing, oh oh Q, looks like I am gonna dump you soon. Oh, I mean give you the flick...


Oh, this physical keyboard just feels so good and is really fast and accommodating. Typing blindfolded. The word prediction makes me such a lazy typist. Look, that standard message, I barely type a whole word! Tapping entire messages! (the repetitive stuff)...

Mate, I suggest you really try them both. You will only REALLY appreciate it after you have trained the device and the device has trained you. Gotta break it in. A casual test at your local phone store won't do, let me tell you.

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And another about accuracy. If the receiver of a message is scratching there head trying to figure out what the person is trying to relay there is more time wasted. And even worse they interpret incorrectly and cause a major eff up.

This should be a major concern with companies thinking about switching to ios.

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An interesting view point of both devices I'm glad I stayed with the winner lol! Whom ever thought of such a comparison should receive an Oscar lol!

My amazing BB Z10

Awesome, however it's not an accurate comparison.
Did you see that on the iPhone that the guy sent the message when he completed typing.

Most I phone users I know spend another 5 minutes correcting all the typo's. So in this review, add another 5 minutes and you will see the truth.


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I'm speaking from personal experience. The ios keyboard is a nightmare. The superior keyboard was obvious to me the first day I switched from iphone to my new z10. I didn't need a video to show me.

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Years ago, I was looking at buying an iPhone. That must have been the first one or the 3G.

No, the typing experience was just such a turn-off. I rather stayed with a Nokia qwerty. A weird Samsung qwerty. Or even a feature phone Huawei G6600D!

Thanks BlackBerry for the Q10 and the Z series!!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Simply amazing...there other things that BB does, quite frankly aside from apps...there is nothing that makes iOS better

Read some ios anecdotes but I found the same thing coming from android as well. My gf used to get these hilarious texts from me full of random words because I'd just type away only to realize afterwards that my message barely made any sense because of auto correct. I would just send them anyway because it was such a pain and a waste of time to go back and fix. Noticed a huge difference when I switched to BB10. Really doubt I became more accurate overnight. Must be the phone!

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I'm glad they made this ad, even though I tried to send some iphone friends to it and we couldn't even find it on YouTube. To be honest though, it's another example of the lack of creativity in the BlackBerry marketing department. This has to be the most BORING ad I can remember seeing. Wow.

Again, I'm glad BlackBerry are doing something - it's better than nothing, but for goodness sake, something open the blinds at marketing HQ, and let them look outside and be inspired absolutely BORING.

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It's a demo video, not a commercial for screening.

If they were making it into an ad or commercial, they would probably do it along the lines of "I am a Mac..." commercials.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

This is what the ad should have been, in my opinion:

1) Different music.

2) They should have had a video of the same man sitting next to himself (clone) at the airport or something - somewhere busy, etc.
3) Then the two identical selves in smart suits should have got the email at the same time, and pulled out different phones. Then the camera goes to the typing. The BlackBerry guy easily beats the iphone version of himself, sends the email, puts his phone away, grabs his briefcase, and walks away, leaving his iPhone self sitting there. Then the camera flips to show the iphone guy sitting and waiting for email delivery confirmation, while the BlackBerry logo is shown above on the screen and the ad fades out.


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Please blackberry, spend the money and put this on the air. I'm tired of trying to convince people.

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Belonging to a family where majority have an iPhone... one question they keep asking is how can I type so fast on a touchscreen keyboard.. I just shared the video with them. Now they know the reason.. it's all in BlackBerry 10..

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It's not just about the speed but the word prediction efficiency itself. I see comments on the YouTube video saying they'd like to see it compared to the Swyft keyboard. I'm sure they are thinking in terms of speed and not word prediction but, it would still be nice to see.

I'd like to see the emphasis on spell check. BlackBerry reigns supreme in this regard too. Best typing experience on any platform by far. That's why I want to see them add the BB10 keyboard to BBM for Android and iOS. Let them sample typing BlackBerry Style ONLY when they are in a BlackBerry App. Might make some people consider checking BlackBerry out. ;-)

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The trilingual keyboard is one of the most under appreciated and under promoted features of this OS. I mainly jump back and forth between Spanish and English, but it really is incredibly efficient and accurate even while switching back and forth. So many multilingual people would appreciate this feature but have no idea it exists :'( Que pena. Si solo supieran que de fácil es, seguro que dejaran las otras plataformas y empezarán a usar BB10!!!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

WTH? Did BlackBerry just hire a marketing department?

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And to make the BlackBerry even faster is to go into setting, language and word substitute so you can ask the keyboard to not suggest eg type " is " and the keyboard won't suggest "us" when you press the space bar

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jic999, I just want to thank you...I've had the "Auto-Correct with Space bar" set to on this whole time; I've had my Z10 since the beginning. Once I turned it off, I felt as if my fingers were on steroids typing away emails and messages...THANK YOU AGAIN!

I just want to know if we are really going to see BlackBerry putting this kind of potent stuff out there! This is excellent, but it seems they have spent a lot of $$ producing vids in the past that almost nobody sees.
I think Chen knows the moment is now. I hope he hits hard with this type of commercial. There is no arguing. Very powerful. The only problem would be not everyone has official 10.2. Leaks are for a tiny percentage of consumers.

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The typing experience on the Z30 has been nothing short of amazing, this rings true with every BlackBerry device I've rocked.

There really is no argument left that BlackBerry isn't up to snuff; John Chen & Company is going to spend the next year stuffing that reality right down all the critics throats.

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Love the video, they should do one of the Q10 VS iPhone too, and an Android phone because I know virtual keyboards are harder to type on, but until you have actually typed on an android keyboard you don't know what pain is, their auto correction is beyond terrible, I had a HTC One and it was so bad to type on it kept doing crazy things to words that weren't even spelled incorrectly, then I was able to get rid of it and got the iPhone 5s, the keyboard on that is much better I can tell you,Not perfect but much better than the android one.

Ps. Typing this from my Q10.

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BlackBerry should have had the BlackBerry device do other tasks and get them done while the iPhone was still composing the email - like post the Facebook, Twitter or even post to a Bbm channel.

That would have really symbolized, 'getting things done'.

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Amazing! This is the kind of thing that should be on TV. They don't even need to say anything. And I think that after the BlackBerry user is done, he/she should start making a sandwich or something, like, "While you're still typing, I'm already on to the next thing."

Nintendo World BBM Channel - C002A217A

"... love thine enemy..." or have pity on them ;-)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

That's what I'm talking about!!

The the kind of ads, BlackBerry should be showing off. All the seen you can do on a BlackBerry OS and others OS can't.

Now isheeps, start talking that you can install an app to match that.

Good luck.
Bb10 rule!

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Or download a HDMI port or NFC capability from the c... -pardon- Appstore

No "app" can replace that!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I know at work a guy who left the Samsung for the z10 says he loves it and has to admit it is better. The Hub, the keyboard and the HDMI out was his favourites along with the multitasking and flow.

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I left my SG3 for this q10.. before the samsung I had a 9900. Loved it but I needed LTE, so that's why I went samsung in the first place.. I used the sg3 for about 9 months or so, happily dropped it for the BlackBerry keyboard phone I'd been waiting for, and haven't looked back since. That sg3 had wow factor, but I found it inefficient in so many ways. I miss some of the 9900 features, but the q10 is definitely a step up from the sammy, for me.

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I'm not surprised when I saw this video comparing an Iphone 5s to BlackBerry Z30. I sold my Iphone 4s for BlackBerry Z10 when it first came out through AT&T. I love it ever since.

Try typing with one hand on an IOS junk. This is one of the reasons why I love my Z10. Keep moving forward

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Wow blackberry absolutely smashes the iPhone there. There will never be a quicker way to type unless other platforms copy

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Not to rain on your parade but I got to ask. Was the same sentence typed into the Z30 repeatedly before?
Because the prediction was more accurate than what I have seen.

Probably, but on the other hand I often crank out emails with stock responses to similar questions so it's a legitimate feature.

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Some things I sent using the IOS keyboard smh embarrassing!!!!!!

Type blazing fast on my Z10 and not even have to check before sending!

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It would have been nice if the blackberry would have received a response back before the iphone was finished typing.

Oh good, the video was private before so I'm glad it's publicly viewable now. No competition whatsoever.

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The skeptical side of me wonders how many times the email was typed into the phone in order to have the text prediction learn what comes next. Both the BB10 keyboards and even Android's swype will learn your typing styles, and if you always for example finish your emails with "Thanks, Jim" it will begin to suggest Jim everytime you type "thanks,".
The non skeptical side of me says of course it was trained on the sentence, but who cares, all ads are rigged, and regardless the keyboard is fantastic even without that.

Nice job BBRY! Finally some head to head marketing!!! Many of us have been talking about the need for almost a year! I hope it's evidence of a new marketing era for BBRY!!! :) :)

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 But comparative advertising is not allowed in many countries, unfortunately 

 Via Ze Ten 

This is consistent with my experience on BB10. As a former owner of an android phone, I almost never wrote emails on my phone. Now, all my emails are written on my Z30 as I find I'm typing even faster than with a regular keyboard...

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I would love to see a similar video, but with the iPhone 5s, Q10 AND Z30 all typing the same message etc.

Dear BlackBerry. Please turn this into a TV commercial and ensure everyone in North America sees this every day for the next two weeks. At which time it would be replaced by next commercial. Thank you - your adoring fan and share holder

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In my personal experiences owning a Z30,Z10 , Note 3, LG G2 , Iphone 5S, 5C the iphone 5's are far and way faster. Month or so ago a read test results on screen sensitivity believe on PHoneArena. The iphone 5's screens where over three times more touch sensitive than any Andriod phone while blackberry Z10 sensitivty was last. I love all platforms thus I have all the above phones but for me typing on an iphone 5's keyboard is like running barefooot and typing on a blackberry is like running with your boots on. The speed and accuracy aren't even close. In fact Swiftkey 3 on Android is faster than blackberry and more accurate. The iphone always seems to know what words you want while the blackberry almost never predicts correctly. Again no bashing required. I have owned every blackberry made for Verizon I'm just relaying my experience on owning and using all phones every day. No other keyboard is as easy nor faster than the iphone's once you spend a week with it.

Couldn't disagree more. I own a Z10 and bought a Nexus 5 a couple of months ago. I bought Swiftkey immediately as the stock Android keyboard is a joke. I don't know how you could possibly think Swiftkey is better than the BlackBerry keyboard. It's not even close. It provides 3 predictive options that are not in context . The BlackBerry keyboard evaluates the context.. such as, if I'm replying to an email, the predictive text options take keywords from the original email and provide then as options. This is an incredible difference in terms of providing likely target words. Swiftkey is Mackey Mouse compared to the BlackBerry keyboard. There many other differences. BlackBerry provides more options and more accuracy. Both have heat maps and BBs is better. Not even close. And Swiftkey is THE Android keyboard.

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This is what they should have advertised a year ago. It's time for BlackBerry to grow a pair and stop sitting back while everyone takes gabs at them. They have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.

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And next they should compare BB10 vs iOS on typing accuracy with speed (or autocorrect accuracy). I think we can also predict the outcome for that as well.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

This is of course true, but BlackBerry has added their own secret sauce and created a keyboard much better than swiftkey's.

Just because they share a piece of tech doesn't make them the same.

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Why is this even a question? Z30, hands down. iOS keyboard is terrible

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.

It was so good Apple had to copy the qwerty. Lack of creativity...disappointing

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.

Duhhhh! But in iOS's defense, the keyboard did improve with their update. I was typing a msg for my friend while she drove and it wasn't that horrible to use. Lol. But of course our prediction is on another level

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Paging Mr. Seacrest... We fixed the issue you thought you had. Put your little plug in keyboard away.


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These are the type of promotions that BlackBerry needs to put to commercials.

Show things that are way better than other phone.

Apple doesn't have a problem doing it.
Does anyone remember the commercial for "Noise Canceling" or the one where the size of the screen for their iPhone is so perfect you can navigate with just your thumb?

BlackBerry needs to be promoting all of its features no matter how big or small it is.

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Here's the proof.

"The filling is interesting because RIM has itself confirmed that it licenses SwiftKey’s technology for the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, however we have also noted that the unique way in which the BB10 keyboard provides predictive words over alphabets in the keyboard and the way the user has to swipe an alphabet to implement the prediction is unique to BB10."

They have a great keyboard. Make it into a commercial. Slow down on the Koolaid when it comes to Android.

Why haven't these ads been playing since blackberry 10 first arrived on the scene? They should have been saturating the TV and Internet with these ads!!!!

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I have a z10 and an iPhone 5. The Z10 keyboard is revolutionary in many ways but for all out speed the iPhone keyboard is faster PERIOD.

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You can type fast on an iPhone, it requires small fingers and a lot of concentration.

BB10 typing is fast. And effortless. PERIOD

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

You're the first person who I have heard saying that. I've typed on the iPhone 5s and it is nowhere near as fast to type on as the Z10. ..PERIOD

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Something nice to include in this amazing video is if during writing the email he receives a BBM notification, replies immediately, continues to write the email, receives a Facebook message and a text msg replies immediately and finishes to write the email at the same time than with iOs.

 It's our 'duty' to share this on FB, Twitter and any other social media platform. Go on, do it, it's the right thing to do :-) 

 Via Ze Ten 

The guy using the Z30 hardly did any actual typing. Nearly the entire email was flicked, with the exception of his name.

When I first went from the BB Bold to the Z10 I hated the keyboard for the first MONTH. But the more I used it the better it got. And the better I got at trusting the keyboard's predictions.

Now it's incredible at reading my mind to the point where I can flick entire paragraphs just like in this video. But it does take time for the keyboard to learn.

My one gripe is still how difficult it is to go back and edit text that I've typed. It's so much slower and cumbersome than the track pad.

The "S" stands for same.

Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.

Still doesn't account for the lack of apps. Faster word prediction won't win the consumer back.

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Apps are coming. For most of the existing Berry users it's of secondary importance, and for a lot of potential ones too. It's the general phone OS experience that is simply superior.

Wait for updated Android runtime going official and direct apk loading. "Coming soon" (at least we're I live)

This is a new phone platform, barely a year old. Exciting. iOS is pretty stale.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

What's the point of a new Android runtime?? If you want to run android apps buy an android based phone. So yes, apps are top priority. Exactly why blackberry is in the shit hole right now.

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I sure want apps too. But prefer native. I absolutely don't want a Scroogle phone.

Right, BB10 development started too late, and was released too late, buggy and not feature-complete. Now playing catch-up because of Heins... ?!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I HATE to be the one who has to say this, but this was a rigged test. The Z30 had had this message typed out on it before, and THAT'S why it did such a good job "Predicting" the next word. There is NO way that it "Predicted" that the person wanted to say "I'm good with 2:30". Watch it guys... it just gives 2:30 as an automatic suggestion. Sorry, but that HAD to have been written ahead of time for the BB10 keyboard to remember that context. Of ALL of the things that could follow "I'm good with", it COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN that 2:30 was next unless it was already written before, and therefore in the context of a sentence. Same with the automatic suggestions of peoples proper names.
I love my Z10 and I would be happy to take on ANY typing challenge with ANY IOS user, but this video is a rigged demo. If you don't believe me, just pick up your BB and see if YOURS predicts this exact text like shown in the video. It won't, and that's because it has to have been written out before, and stored into the OS memory as contextual suggestions.
Bring on your hate, but you know I'm right.

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You're right... my Z10 doesn't predict those words as in the video... but after trying them again, it does... and so fast...

But just wondered, why would I make the same messages?...

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There are times when you might have to say the same thing over and over again, and the Z10 is great for that. I have to send many of my clients repeat emails several times a month. This video, however, is NOT something that would have been typed multiple times, and that's the only way that it could have predicted certain things the way that it did.

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