BlackBerry 10 Now Offers More Than 100,000 Applications to Customers

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By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2013 08:17 am EDT

BlackBerry 10 launched just a few weeks ago with over 70,000 apps available in BlackBerry World, and today BlackBerry has announced that they have topped the 100,000 app mark. That means they've added an additional 30,000 apps in just seven weeks - pretty amazing if you ask me.

With multiple port-a-thons and a huge developer base, BlackBerry has done a great job getting BlackBerry World stocked up for BlackBerry 10. There are plenty more big name apps on the way, and with the US release just a few hours away, new apps like OpenTable and Amazon Kindle will be a welcome sight for new users.

Press Release

Application catalog grows by more than 30,000 apps in seven weeks

More top brands building for BlackBerry 10 as platform launches in the U.S.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 21, 2013) - Developers continue to support BlackBerry® 10, bringing more than 30,000 new applications to the platform over the past seven weeks. BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that BlackBerry 10 customers now have access to more than 100,000 applications for the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.

Today, Amazon Kindle, OpenTable and The Wall Street Journal are available to BlackBerry 10 customers and in the coming weeks CNN, The Daily Show Headlines, eBay, eMusic, Maxim, MLB at Bat, MTV News, Pageonce, PGA, Rdio, Skype, Soundhound and Viber will be available for download or purchase.

BlackBerry 10 customers already have access to leading apps and games, including 8tracks, Angry Birds Star Wars, ATP World Tour Live, BBC Top Gear News, Bloomberg Anywhere, CBS Sports, Delta Air Lines, F1 2013 Timing App CP, Facebook, Foursquare, Jetpack Joyride, Keek, LinkedIn, Navita Translator, Need for Speed, NHL GameCenter, N.O.V.A. 3, The New York Times, PressReader, Slacker, Songza, Twitter, UFC, USA TODAY, Waze, WhatsApp, and Zara.

"The response to the BlackBerry 10 platform and applications has been outstanding. Customers are thrilled with the applications already available, and the catalog just keeps growing, now with more than 100,000 apps," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances at BlackBerry. "Top brands and application providers are joining us every day and are seeing the benefits of being early supporters of the new platform. We constantly hear from developers that the BlackBerry 10 tools are easy to build with and that we provide opportunities for app differentiation that they do not see on other platforms."

"It now appears that the already impressive levels of developer support for the BlackBerry 10 platform are accelerating into the launch window for the BlackBerry Z10. The prospect of a very robust app catalog can only bolster momentum for the product and the platform itself," said John Jackson, Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms at IDC. "The ability to attract and sustain developer support is like lifeblood for any mobile platform, and it's not something that simply happens. This progress is a testament to BlackBerry's early and innovative engagement with developers worldwide and the innovative architecture of the platform itself."

BlackBerry 10 applications take connecting to the next level with the ability to leverage social, gamification, and integration frameworks that other platforms are not able to offer. Customers can easily share applications with those in their social networks including BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger), Facebook, and Twitter. Applications can incorporate gaming features such as leader boards, badges, rewards and more using the Scoreloop tools, and BlackBerry 10 applications can tie to core OS integration points to allow developers to create compelling experiences to keep people moving and flow with BlackBerry 10 experience features.

In addition to apps and games, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 offers access to one of the most robust catalogs of music and video content for mobile users(i), with partnerships across all major movie studios, all major music labels and television networks.

The BlackBerry Z10 (all touch) is the first smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10, the re-designed, re-engineered, and re-invented BlackBerry platform. The BlackBerry Z10 will be available in the U.S. from March 22.


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BlackBerry 10 Now Offers More Than 100,000 Applications to Customers


I'll beleive it when I see it! They had advertised it too when the PlayBook was coming out and still nothing.

It was Kindle that they advertised & then Amazon screwed them by backing out & coming out with their Kindle Fire that looks identical to the PB

I said "advertised", I never said announced because when the ex CEO. (The fat dude) was announcing the PlayBook he had a screen in the background with apps and Skype was among them. Look it up if you don't believe me.

I'd like to know the breakdown by numbers.

Android ports, Web Links, etc. vs native apps.

Posted via CB10

U hit the nail Dave79! 80 % of apps are just crap.

I was loayal for looong time, but finaly I decided to leave BB. I am tired of all uncertain promises. Yesterday I just rooted new N7 and all my desires are full filled. Yes, PB has I would say the best user experience, but I am a traveler.

My family can talk to me via Skype and I am able to transfer big files over USB OTG. I am able to buy airplane
e-tickets throught dedicated apps, and all things are now easy, no more converting and porting. Everything just works smoothly well. I can even connect to my remote servers and do some editing. Waiting was worthless.
Sorry BB, only what I'll miss is the sentiment. Sleep tight.

too bad anyone can get into your phone by mashing the screen. Also its Loyal not loayal. Funny I connect to remote servers, buy plane tix, transfer files over bbm and through sms. Everything works fast.

You left BB? So, what are you doing here? Have you taken up trolling as your new profession? Crackberry is for people who are addicted or wanna be addicted to BB, not for people who cracked under the social pressure. Now, you can leave and you know where to go.

Humorous. It amazes me that people actually come here to type this kind of thing. I wonder how many of CrackBerryians scour the Apple sites to do this kind of thing. I only went to the Apple side of Mobile Nation once to help a friend who was having trouble with her iPhone to find a fix. I read some of the posts and there were so many BlackBerry bashing threads I was shocked. I just don't get this mentality.

At least I don't bash other platforms. I'l help people the best I can, regardless of what platform they're on. Outright bashing is wrong.

WOW! Amazing. Either you get paid to download and test apps or have no life. Could you please explain to us how you managed to download 100,000 apps test them and determine that 80,000 are crap.

Sounds like a sweet gig to me. I could quit my day job with that sort of thing. Thanks for posting positive information on Crackberry.

Great question. I want to buy the Z10 in AT&T but I would like to know how many and witch are the native BB10 apps.

Good point... would also like to see breakdown of native apps vs ported apps

Posted via CB10

I just read an article that stated 70% of BlackBerry World apps being native, and 30% being ported. Not sure if it's accurate, but at least it's a given number.

"Today, Amazon Kindle, OpenTable and The Wall Street Journal are available to BlackBerry 10 customers"
wait.. what? Kindle? I don't see it in BlackBerry World!

Not enough. Lots of the apps avaliable are useless. We need the major app developers.

Posted via CB10

That is AWESOME!
I'm glad that this happened even if most people say they're crappy apps, they're still there. And people are taking the time to actually port over their apps. That means something. And it shows that the tools are good! I'm pumped, I'm excited, I'm getting my Z10 tomorrow, and can't wait to begin the new era of Blackberry. Let's keep this rocking and rolling!

I think both are needed. If you just have quality apps and not quantity, then everyone will say "BlackBerry doesn't have enough apps."

I know they would. Blackberry needs to be in both races in order to succeed in the "app race". They seem to have the quantity part down pack. Now a little work on quality and we will be in a even better position.

Oh they will. How many times have you heard there are ONLY 70,000 apps in BB World versus the App Store or the Play Store? About 70,000 times....

I only hear/read complaints about certain popular apps that are missing or the quality of other popular apps. I've never seen somebody say they need more than "70,000" apps. If Blackberry had the top 5,000 apps,(native) I don't see how anybody could complain that the app they want is not there.

You're talking about two different audiences. The media and bloggers hammer on the 70,000 (now 100,000) vs the App Store and Play Store. They tend to mock or downplay the overall BB10 platform because of the app count. The same thing has happened to Windows Phone. There are literally hundreds of articles about how the comparative number of apps in BB World and Windows Phone are PROOF that the platforms are struggling. And if that message is repeated over and over (ad nausiem), people will start to believe it and stay away.

Users don't particularly care about the larger number - They just want the ones they used either on another platform or are the standards. I would argue that if BlackBerry had the top 50, no one would complain. So the question of Quantity and Quality are important points. It just depends on who you are talking to...

I couldn't go as low as 50, I've downloaded and deleted over 500 quality apps just on iOS that I can see people wanting. Personally, I have over 100 that I keep downloaded, obviously some get used more than others.

Any news on the apps everyone's waiting on. Such as instagram. And also Skype is not available so this article seems a bit misleading.

Posted via CB10

Instagram sucks! They steal your info and your pics, inform yourself about all the shady stuff they do before you guys keep bugging BlackBerry to get it.

All the new apps look like "IPhone apps". as "iPhone apps" I mean apps for 15yo customers... I've just seen an app that makes a whipping sound if you shake the bb. Are we going mad? We need serious apps here...

Posted via CB10

Sat down and tried all 30,000 apps that got added, did you? Agree with the need for more serious apps, but let's not stretch things.

The whipping app is awesome.. If you watch Big Bang Theory you would probally have downloaded it.. :) They had a similar app on the show and it makes for some fun when bugging your buddies. :) I've used it about 10 to 15 times already.. Never thought i would.. Regardless its more important that an app is there for people who want it, not about an app being there that no one wants.

I have always been critical of Blackberry's App efforts. To me, with all the official releases, sideloads, and leaks, things are finally kind of okayish.

I'm still missing some apps but for the first time I feel like there is some variety.

Still no instagram. How hard can be to make an app.... especially for a company like facebook. I just don't understand why they wouldn't make the apps.

Posted via CB10

I don't get it either. It's like these companies have something against BlackBerry. Even if BlackBerry is will to cover the cost, they still give them a hard time. I just don't get it!

They also took forever to make one for Android too. It was iPhone only for a while. I think they will end up making an app though.

Hope CNN and eBay gonna be native, the side loaded version works for now, but not very smooth. TD,RBC,CIBC and Scotia Bank have confirmed BB10 app is coming as well.

Posted via CB10

No mention at all about BlackBerry Travel.

BlackBerry should be leading by example and releasing their own in-house apps ASAP. If they don't even bother, how can they expect third parties to?

Good to see ebay and Skype coming soon. Can't find Kindle. Maybe later today?

Hope MLB makes it before the season starts!

Posted via CB10

All it takes is for a few of the big names to come over. Then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. And things are finally looking good on that front. The less people have to complain about there being no apps, the better for BBRY.

Posted via CB10

So we getting our apps, the fone and platform is awesome, stocks looks on the up. Patches, updates are impressive, advertising has improved a hell of a lot. I think we need to thank blackberry for keeping our beloved brand not just alive but kicking. Oh yeah!!

Posted via CB10

This is basically playing the numbers game, lots of worthless apps on BlackBerry World. Would prefer quality over quantity, but I guess that's subjective. Personally I need at most 5-10 apps, WhatsApp, Endomondo, CB10, NOVA, Wifi Manager... actually that's all.

WhatsApp doesn't work for all BB10 OS versions.

Posted via CB10

You can use openwhatsapp until your vendor pushes out the OS code that will allow Whatsapp to work or download to your device in this case.

I'm hopeful BlackBerry is going to announce some major apps today.......there were promises made and a lot of people are standing on the sidelines waiting to see if those specific apps that were promised by the US launch will be there. I hope more empty promises. BBRY can't afford it.

What was promised by the U.S. launch? Hoped for, feverishly expected, but point me to the specific promises, please. Now 'expectations' have become 'promises'.

Any word on the Q10? I know the number doesn't have to be nearly the same. But needs to have all the top name apps I think at launch or people will be disappointed.

Posted via CB10

Cool...but Skype is still "coming soon" along with some other big ones...and I like how instagram is no longer on th see lists...hum...I think it is time for that car Kevin...

I think all the ppl complaining need to stfu, they are adding almost 1000 apps a day since launch, that's amazing if you ask me! Ppl are saying quality over quantity, well how about you just don't download the poor quality apps, if you do download one by mistake, give it a bad rating and delete it. Everyone is looking at how many apps blackberry has to offer that's the bottom line, when you look at the numbers for Apple and android, do you ever read the breakdown of how many quality apps they have? No you don't. BlackBerry pretty much have a majority of the major apps that most smartphone users need, and have announced that a few other major players are joining the hype in the coming weeks, what more do you want? It's good press like this that will get the other "Quality" apps ppl are whining about on this new platform, not the negative comments about how apps suck and how there aren't enough good ones.

I say congrats BlackBerry on sticking to your promise and to the growing success, roughly 1000 apps a day is a huge positive sign that blackberry is well on its way back!

Posted via CB10

I'm in love with my Z10 but I must admit that I was waiting a little bit more, even some apps wich logotype were showed as "upcomming apps" in the launching act of BBZ10 are still missing, and other one have fallen in a myth.... please, why BB users have to wait this much for having what iphone and android had since their beginning...

Huh why do people not understand the concept that it's the APP devs taking their sweet ass time not BlackBerry, and no iphone and android did not release with all these major apps from release... it took time.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Travel is here and Endomondo has officially said no to BlackBerry 10, pisses me off

Posted via CB10

Out of the 30,000 apps I'd say a large number of them are useless or repeated apps. Don't get me wrong, I'm ain't dissing, they shouldn't oversell.

Posted via CB10

I think the only downside is that the "New Apps" list is filled with App Generator created website apps rather than real apps. Anything that is a real app and new gets lost in all the website/blog apps that most people won't care about.

Hopefully, the numbers will at least attract other developers to add their titles to the list. I'm just glad to hear they are getting some of the popular apps ready. Hopefully it won't be too long to get Skype and a few others available.

BlackBerry are getting the apps but they still need THE apps that every one wants to see. Myself I am not too bothered

Posted via CB10

I guess we can forget about Spotify then? Also, none of the ones just announced seem to be available on the Swiss Blackberry World. No word on movies and music for additional markets, either. Really not impressed.

I would also say that a number of good apps (the ones I would use anyway) such as be buzz, smart wifi etc that would require BlackBerry to release more apis in order to work and also to be able to run in the background.
In other versions of BlackBerry os I have had a number apps that I used to use, but always in the background.
The majority of these apps aren't suited to run in active frames.
For example wallpaper changer is way cool, but it will be cooler still once it can do its thing in the background and essentially always be on

Mike posted via CB10

I doubt they care about Spotify. Which is shocking. They should be working overtime to get; Spotify, instagram, Netflix and a host of other popular apps. I wouldn't care how many apps the store had if it had the top 50 from the app store or play store on BlackBerry world

Posted via CB10

With success to build an OS10 app base, NOW is the time to bring OS10 to the PLAYBOOK!
> PLAYBOOK is a great piece of hardware that has long needed software support.

Awesome! I am excited for Skype and MLB At-Bat. :)

Keep it going, Blackberry! Hopefully the really big named apps decide to get along with the program.

Also people saying quality of quantity, how many fart apps does Apple have? Yeah. Exactly. You think they have purely only awesome apps? LOL Blackberry app submissions were the most any platform has ever had at launch. Give their NEW OS time. The phone isn't launched in the U.S yet. The apps will be coming.

Patiently waiting for the native SKYPE apps.. i have a good ported instagram, flipboard and words with friends apps already, so i ain't complaining. :)

Posted via CB10

You know how some people believe some journalist will always take positive news and put a negative spin on it? I realize a lot of you guys are exactly the same.

The more apps the better. Quality will come in time. Quality takes longer to build than crappy apps. Stop complaining about crappy apps and wait for the good ones to come.

BlackBerry never promised a time frame on these apps either so stop talking about broken promises. These companies have a business to run and can't put all their resources in a app for a brand new platform they aren't fully sure about.

That's bollocks mate. Quality should be first on the list. They took years making the phone this awesome. And didn't think let's get the apps will make the crowd want the phone. That's bad business.

Posted via CB10

No, they spent all that time not courting developers, actively shooing them away from the platform...c'mon, of course they know that the big / quality apps sell phones too, of course BB wants them. But without the permission to build the apps themselves (which they must have had for some apps), it's still in the developers' courts. How is that bad business? They can't force anyone to write the apps, all they can do is provide the (awesome) platform -- now provided. Developers?

It will be more impressive if there is a higher percentage of non-fart apps than the competition.
Apple may have a bazillion apps in their store, but that amount is moot, considering the percentage of flatulence there.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

BlackBerry is 3 for 3 in 2013 so far. Well done guys! Can't wait to see the growth in the market, ecosystem and userbase.

Keep moving (please).

still waiting on the Cisco Anyconnect app that was promised exactly a year ago. That app is rather important for those of us with short-sighted CIO's that aren't moving to BES 10.

All the complaining about BlackBerry 10 apps not being available is just sickening. To all you whiny people, does the fact that there are now 100,000 apps on a platform that was launched 7 weeks ago not impress you?? Here is some history on the availability of Apple apps:

July 2008: 800
September 2008: 3,000
October 2008: 7,500
January 2009: 15,000
March 2009: 25,000
April 2009: 35,000
June 2009: 50,000
July 2009: 65,000
September 2009: 85,000
November 2009: 100,000

16 months is how long it took Apple to get 100,000 apps. BlackBerry 10 is there 7 weeks after launch.
At this rate by the end of this year we will be at 250,000+ apps.

Have patience folks. We are not far behind in apps but way ahead in technology!!!

Posted via CB10

@zipro - If you read my post carefully, you will see that the only OS I spoke about is BB10 and not the OS2 on the Playbook. Does your Playbook run on BB10? If it does, please let me know how you got it to do so.
Find another forum to troll.

Many (if not most) of the current BB10 apps are based on older Playbook versions.

According to your logic, Android has only been around for 4 months because many of the JB apps don't run on 2.x.

I understand that a bunch of those 100,000 apps are the ones nobody needs. But it is the same in Google Play and Apple Appstore. I care about quality apps myself only as well. The point is that BB NEEDS those crapapps because society goes by quantity not quality. I bet only a fraction of the 600,000 apps in Appstore are quality and useful. But nobody there cares and just brag with the number anyways. BB needs this as well, like it or not.

Only 30, 000 Apps added in the last month. OMG. At this rate, there only be 400,000 by next Christmas. Boy does that really suck.

I love BlackBerry, will be getting my Z10 sometime this weekend, but let's be honest here: 100,000 apps is nice and all, but 99,970 of them are utterly unimportant. "The Big Guns" are:

Netflix -> Nope
Instagram -> Nope
A Really Good Turn-by-Turn/Maps App: -> 1/2 way there, maybe
Pinterest -> Nope
Skype -> "Eventually"
Spotify -> Nope
Hulu Plus -> Nope
Rdio -> Nope

I am sure I am leaving out a few. This will always be the problem until it is fixed for BlackBerry as a brand in the USA, whether we like it or not. I personally don't and WOULDN'T use most of the apps on that list, but that isn't the point: people want them. The other day in the forums somebody posted a review that made exactly this point, and one poster responded, "People in the USA are too stupid for BlackBerry, BB should just abandon the market."

That attitude will get you bankrupt fast. Cell phones aren't art; they are consumer product. Explaining to someone how a real afficionado doesn't need all those apps and how only morons are swayed by pretty iPhones with all of their "popular" apps, as if you are talking about why the poetry of Ezra Pound is so much better than 50 Shades of Grey, or why some obscure alternative bandthat's sold 5,000 albums in 5 years is actually far superior to The Rolling Stones, is a useless, desperate gesture.

Phones are a popular, mass-produced product, and they need to deliver to people what they want, whatever they want, and what people want isn't "stupid," it's "the market."

"People in the USA are too stupid for BlackBerry, BB should just abandon the market."
Pretty sure not too many people share THAT opinion but I guess it's a nice quote if you're trying to make a point.

In the full press release that has the media point of contact info, the contact's name is "Victoria Berry." Seriously? I guess that was an easy job interview.

So Apple and android have over 400k apps that have been downloaded once or less .

They have 200k apps that are repeats of the same app (flashlight apps etc)

BlackBerry is doing a good job getting the quantity.

I'll download a android port if it's free..

You want my money? Make it native and I will pay.

Posted via CB10

Since the majority of these "must have" apps are produced by different vendors, it could literally be a few weeks before suddenly they're all available. But it still takes resources to build and support, so there has to be enough of an available return to justify it. I wonder what "critical mass" will be for BB10 market penetration before it is considered ubiquitous and thus the BB version of any new app is released alongside Apple and Droid?

Yeah but how many "fart apps" are out there? I mean not literally I just mean how many useless apps are there? How many bookmarks to mobile websites, etc.

I really think this bragging about Applications isn't a good plan. BB should be making sure the apps that people want are on BB. They are paying $10,000 to devs, they couldn't give Netflix or Skype $10,000 to make an app?

I will be getting BB Z10, but not because it has 100K apps.

Ok iv had the iphone 4s and the Samsung s3.. they do have all the apps you can ever want... but the blackberry Z10 experience alone was worth the switch. apps are coming everyday and their are useful apps.. just takes time.. If you just looking for apps go head over to iphone or Android... but I'm loving the Z10 experience

Posted via CB10

Who wrote this crap?! BlackBerry didn't do a great job on the app front. To the contrary they just paid of dbag developers to port useless apps.

There is a major void in the BlackBerry World. Critical business and news apps are ignored.

BlackBerry travel
The Toronto Star
Real stock app
Facebook native to BlackBerry 10
A real Twitter

Just to name but a few available on android and iOS.

Why should we suffer with Web linked based apps or Android ports? We need native apps.

You don't buy a porsche 911 and then out cheap knock off tires on it.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Travel won't ever be available for Android or iOS but it is in BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10

Looks like Instagram ain't happening. So much for a shot at a good U.S launch. Flame me all you want but it's the truth. BlackBerry10 needs to have Instagram if they want Android and IOS users to make the switch.

Of course some will but some isn't good enough. I hope they figure this thing out.

Instagram already confirmed they were coming. They said it publicly and were hoping for this month. So give it a rest.

Seriously Instagram is the big Deal breaker for you!? BlackBerry is for far better than that. And Instagram is coming anyway ffs

Posted via CB10

And 90,000 are useless. Possibly even more. Everyday I see the same apps coming out made by different ppl.

Posted via CB10

Here's an idea...take all the money your spending on marketing and pay a bounty to the devs to get the apps that BlackBerry10 will need for a successful U.S launch. Build them and they will come.

I'm certain that when I go to check out the new phones a rep will say that I shouldn't buy it because it has none of the apps that I want. After my purchase they will make fun of me once I leave with my new device.

Pay the bounty BlackBerry and Kevin needs to buy someone a real car. That is all.

70,000 apps. But none of the ones we want. I'm pretty pissed off I got this phone now if I'm honest. It was straight choice between this and the I5. My friends have all the apps I would love and I can't even sideload em. I was excited butnow it's here its been a bit of a anticlimax. I wouldn't suggest to any of my friends to get this as it's awful boring at the minute.

Posted via CB10

Was on the Picsel site yesterday and it shows a Z10 among the supported devices for SmartOffice2. I use it on the PlayBook already.

BlackBerry Travel isn't available in the Swiss store - and neither is Kindle. Nice to see that BlackBerry apparently liked us as early adopters but as soon as the US in the game, they don't give a rat's a** about us anymore.

Posted via CB10

Both just recently dropped in Canada (Rogers) -- maybe it will take some time yet, assuming there aren't licensing issues. Don't we just live in a world of 'instant gratification' -- must be available the moment announced.

I was amazed that the Star Tracker app from the iPhone is in BB World. That app has to be the most amazing app ever. I can't wait to load it on my Z10 (when I can get my hands on one).

Ok, just got the Kindle app - the one I had previously sideloaded was faster and more stable. Thanks for nothing!

100000 applications and still can't find a data counter. How come?????
Gimme Skype, Shazam and Spotify and I'll finally be happy.

great job BBRY, but we need the premium one cares about quantity, it's all about quality!

Is an app that is ported over the same as an Android app that will run on the BB10 OS?

I don't think so and I think some people are confused by the two.

Believe until u see it. Apps, apps, apps, apps and more apps. Thats what makes a smartphone awesome even if the OS is boring. I Will say the same until i see crossplatforms apps.

100'00 apps available ? Yes, but what a poor quality! Most of them are portings from Android... The use on the Z10 is worst than ever !!! Apps on Blackberry OS7 were even better, seriously...! I tried to download Android apps (porting) and it worked good. But then, when I open the app, nothing happen...! Example : Shazam --> try to download it, you will see that NOTHING happen... I thought Thorsten Heinz was a better CEO, and I think he is... but seriously BB, DO SOMETHING GREAT !!! People will leave BB...

I guess maybe it didn't work for you, but many more will use them. To each their own I guess. Blackberry is moving, not sitting. If a perticular app doesn't work, blame the developer for not making it a native one. BlackBerry can't tell developers what to do.

At least I know the apps I will be using will be there. :)
If not, i'll be patient enough to wait or use altermatives. GO BLACKBERRY! ...and who cares if an app is a port or nothing YOU will use. As long as people use the app, who really is concerned? General consumers don't care. They just want them. :D