BlackBerry 10 now leading the pack in HTML5 compatibility

HTML5 Test
By Bla1ze on 2 Jun 2012 04:40 pm EDT

Earlier this year, we looked at some of the HTML5 compatibility tests that were showing up on HTML5 Test and at the time RIM was gaining ground with BlackBerry 10 only being beaten out by Tizen. Looking at the site now though, RIM has blown past Tizen and has jumped to first place in both the mobile and tablet categories. Needless to say, it's good thing to see them working so hard on HTML5 but at the end of the day it's going to take more than HTML5 scores to make BlackBerry 10 a success.

How would you market an industry buzzword such as HTML5 to the masses? They tried that with Flash in the past with arguably mixed results. How many "normal" folks can even explain why HTML5 is great and how it will improve the platform as a whole? I can't imagine a commercial explaining HTML5 hitting the airwaves. Not trying to sound negative here, just keeping it real. The road is long and great HTML5 compatibility is only one rest stop on it.

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BlackBerry 10 now leading the pack in HTML5 compatibility


Yeah, it's hard to market standards. Perhaps they can make fun of Apple's 'it just works' and show all the ways that 'it just works' on BlackBerry and #fails with Apple.

That is what you call progress and determination! BB10 is coming and it is going to kill everything on the market

Agree, marketing a technical term such as html5 would not work for your average consumers. Similar to flash. But instead show what would be the result of having the best html5 support. That, plus flash.

Perhaps a simple advertisement on browsing with BB10. Just a simple dynamic ad showing how people can use the browser in their daily life. Browsing sites with html5 and flash. Then of course also show what other cool things the browser could do, like multi-tasking with multiple tabs, etc. Don't just make it all about html5, or flash.

Can even add snippets of the gestures as well. While waiting for a meeting to begin, and playing a game, receives a bbm. led flashing. the person uses gestures to bring in notifications, then the messages app with a single swipe. Then into bbm, with his friend asking him to check out a cool site (Thats filled with html5 and flash goodness perhaps) then he just taps and opens it easily and quickly. Then he use gestures again to bring up the share menu and share it via twitter with his friends. Then he gets back to his game with a swipe again. Then the meeting starts and this main character just swipes and bring up his presentation on his BB10 device, and goes on to making a presentation. Short and sweet, not even a 30 seconds ad. Simply showing how a BB10 would not only get your sh!t done, it can also do fun and games brilliantly while you are at it. You get more time for fun and games because BB10 gets your sh!t done quicker. hahahaha.

Reading this and imagining it!! The would be off the freaking chain!!!! Seriously.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

Good one. RIM should hire you as a marketing consultant. That's much better than their "no information" lifestyle ads lately. They don't even show how awesome it is to use a BlackBerry! Gotta show how easy it is to use and move between apps! C'mon!

Tell Bla1ze that he needs to lay off the weed... this article is wayyyy late.... 2.0 was in the lead for awhile now

It was in the lead for only tablets before, but it is now in the lead of all operating systems for tablets, phones and desktops. I have to say, this is awesome.

It was funny because I only saw the 373 score and I was like "This is old news", then I look to the right and was like OMG!

But yes, it is true, HTML5 itself won't save RIM.

BB10 will...hopefully..

I can confirm this.

They could gain an easy extra 20 just by granting access to the cameras. But I'd most appreciate achieving the rest of the multimedia related points which would most likely also mean out of the box subtitle, ogg and improved mkv support.

Yup, 393 with 10 bonus points! OS 2.1 is awesome. More strides towards BB10 but no BBM yet. Android support is so much more seamless now, and they run better too!

Drag and drop features and video subtitles would be nice html5 additions! Probably already in BB10.

Subtitle and webcam support added. Ogg audio support in 2.1 (and so BB10 also) but not Ogg video. mkv support not tested for.

Uhh... ya. Who needs to lay off the weed? Reading the results right would be a great start, you damn hippie. :P lol

PS: Get off my lawn and no, you can't have your baseball back.

Though it's been adapted by some very popular websites these also keep html4 versions.
This would only be an important factor if the vast majority of websites were in html5 (more so depending on the ammount of those that had no html4 version). As is the importance of this is very little and the vast majority of users won't even notice it (the html5 support will prove more important for the future Blackberry OS versions and devices than for the Playbook).

By the time html5 is fully established as the de facto web standard the Playbook will be long gone and users will have newer hardware revisions (that considering the product line will survive the upcoming low priced Android tablets, the smartphone / tablet / netbook hybrids and the release of Windows 8).

Your box is too closed. You're thinking only websites can take advantage of it. How about the fact that games, apps and even the OS itself can be built off of HTML5? Yes, it all revolves around "the web" as we know it but it's expansive.

Carbyn is a good example:

I can't see html5 as a resource efficient language... Try a heavier app: take a console emulator written in html5 for a run in the Playbook browser.

I recognize the cross platform duality: it saves time and money at the cost of resource requirements, performance and power consumption. Cheap, easy and fast should be second to efficient. C/C++ should be the standard.

The hardware evolution has made companies / devs sloppy. You could pump a lot more out of pretty much every single pc / tablet / smartphone were focus actually put on this. Older and much lower powered devices performed real feats. Old PDAs (Windows Mobile at least) running TCPMP are an excellent example. I've yet to see a device currently on market match that sort of efficiency.

Bla1ze I would like to think there is one team in charge of the browser and they are doing their job well. Hopefully the other teams are pulling their weight as well! It is only one step but if all of the teams are doing that well then we are on to something.

Isn't HTML a framework? Just show a BlackBerry house the most well built, while the Chrome and mobile safari homes falling apart and filled with termites. Or something along those lines. You can even use The Three Little Pigs.

I'd be all over this if I were RIM. Apple is the one that made the big deal about HTML5. They told everyone they need to switch to HTML5 and that Flash is out. Most of the iOS Kool-aid drinkers have bought into that story. Yet, here is RIM crushing iOS is the benchmarks and compatibility - so this is the exact sort of marketing collateral that RIM should be using.

Can you reference a single benchmark? I've never seen any device released by RIM beat the latest flagship iOS or Android device in browser rendering speeds.

You must have stopped looking a year ago. The world is changing fast, especially in this mobile space.

Are you lying to me or yourself?

You think an older, small $200 device is faster than a new $500 device? I can show you lots of numbers - sales numbers, benchmarks, whatever you want as I own both of these devices and there is absolutely no comparison.

I also know that my expectations are different between an old $200 device and a new %500 device and should be. Can you imagine buying a newer, more expensive, and slower device? Absurd.

well you don't have to look far within the apple ranks. The macbooks are genuinely more expensive for a slower machine than the well made laptops from a reputable brand - sony, toshiba, asus, dell which for the most part can be found with the same or better specs for much cheaper.

am example is the z series from Dell.

Well, according to here:, the Playbook is more compatible with HTML5 than iOS 5.1. Add to that, the new 2.1 OS coming out soon is even better. Add to that that Blackberry 10 blows all of those away.

My point is, Apple made HTML5 into a big deal and yet RIM is doing a much better job of supporting it.

HTML5 is the future, and it is a reality today! Since Apple doesn't do flash, they've been pushing html5 hard. The whole industry is doing so as well because flash is inefficient. It doesn't matter to RIM as they do both very well indeed.

With a score of 447, BB10 will have arguably the best browser on the planet! RIM just has to add better bookmark organization. Forms, media, and all sorts of capabilities we have become used to, such as drag & drop, will be supported. Wow! RIM really has come a long way, and BB10 will be a leading platform in many areas!

Now, 'cuse me while I find my stockbrokers phone number :)

Bla1ze, html5 compatibility type is huge for RIM. Your browser will be faster if it renders full html5 because it won't choke on anything. It will also render stuff more accurately and precisely on the page as the web designer intended. Of course, it is not a make or break issue, but being the #1 mobile browser does matter. Nothing is more frustrating than when a website won't render at all. Grrrh!

It should matter a great deal to RIM. They have full flash plus the best html5 browser! It is a wonderful sell if they can creatively figure out how best to convey that message ;) Browser compatibility does matter, and with PlayBook and BB10, RIM has it!


Compatibility is important obviously, however...

HTML5 compatibility has absolutely nothing at all to do with rendering speeds - something that the PlayBook has always scored extremely poorly on. Unfortunately, most websites don't conform to proper web standards either... take a look at the W3C validator and check the sites you visit and I'm willing to bet most of them will fail. So, it is equally important as to how it renders pages that are not written properly as much as how it renders properly written websites.

"rendering speeds... the playbook has always scored extremely poorly on". Absurd!

I challenge you to show me the numbers that support your statement.

I agree that that there is no direct 1:1 between rendering speeds and HTML compatibility, but I stand by my statement that HTML compatibility goes a LONG way towards rendering and rendering speeds -- albeit if code is efficiently written.

HTML5 compatibility doesn't mean squat. Show me impressive browser rendering speeds, and then you've got something to advertise.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to agree with the last few posts. For the average consumer, this means squat.

Heck, even I know what it means and it doesn't much to me. What I actually care about is browser rendering speeds, something IMO the PB browser is not doing so great in. Let's hope all the tricks are left for BB10.

Folks, the best browser isn't the fastest, although speed matters.

Accurate rendering is where it's at! If it won't render accurately, you cannot navigate through it. How many of you have browsed to a page that won't appear or appears with no structure with missing elements? Some pages with menus won't work well and others with CSS elements won't display properly? Sounds familiar? This is really what html5 compatibility hopes to solve.

You've got to give RIM credit for pursuing perfection in BB10 's browser. Isn't Chrome, Opera, and Firefox pursuing similar goals? Let me guess, their browsers are crap too? Just because RIM is out in front, some people are getting nervous. Good! RIM has more of the same coming in BB10. Get used to it.

I agree - they should be fixing the hundreds of thousands of websites that don't render correctly with their browser first before chasing compatibility tests. Huge, huge, huge difference between these tests and rendering pages how the designer wanted them to show up originally (unfortunately!).

Take a look at the huge amount of people not being able to visit their banking websites and other websites on the PlayBook: - most of these render on iOS and Android.

No one is getting nervous about RIM and they will never fully return to their former glory. I am just hoping they can continue serving their niche market with their unfamiliar, insecure, rootable, full touchscreen devices as almost 15% of my development revenue is from BlackBerry apps!

Are you asking RIM to fix the websites of other businesses? If so I have a follow-up question. I wonder if you also wrote off Apple before their resurgence.

No, and I believe you forgot the part that said "most of these render on iOS and Android."... It's more important that the web browser render improperly written websites (more than 99% of websites - even fails with 99 errors and 6 warnings) than it is to chase these test results.

It's like the Acid tests... in 2008 FireFox couldn't pass Acid 2 but rendered most websites on the internet while other browsers were passing Acid 2 and rendering less websites correctly. When Acid 3 test came out - Opera and Safari quickly stated that they had test versions of their browsers that would not be released to the public but scored well... they wouldn't release them to the public because they destroyed how real websites get rendered, but scored well on the test.

What I'm saying is building a solid web browser that works on as many websites as possible is far more important than chasing a compatibility test and that's the trap RIM is falling into right now.

the latest RIM Ad sees a split screen with boring one side and doing the other.....nothing to stop the next Ads showing factual images of a BB device loading/running html5 and parallel to it an iPad failing to load the page.... Im sure that would be a simple and effective message.

I tried to use my gf's iPad this weekend. Regardless of all the apps available holding the darn thing in both hands made me not want to use it because it's so heavy. Visual quality though is awesome.