BlackBerry 10 the new official name of the next generation platform for BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2011 10:43 pm EST

At BlackBerry DevCon it was announced that the next generation platform for BlackBerry devices would be BBX but now -- come BlackBerry DevCon Asia, that has all changed once again. Now, RIM will be calling their next generation platform -- BlackBerry 10.

BBX is no more but really, it's not all that surprising considering BASIS, the company that sought out to sue RIM for trademark infringement for their use of BBX name won a restraining order against RIM to prevent them from using the name. It's a platform name -- personally, I'm more concerned with when it will be available, not with what they are naming it.

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BlackBerry 10 the new official name of the next generation platform for BlackBerry devices


IMO BBx sounded way better.... with BB10 people will just think well " oh its just another blackberry" But with BBX they had the element of surprise and anxiousness to those less informed

I totally disagree. Blackberry 10 will be just fine. I didn't fall in love with Blackberry because of the OS name. It will be all about what those phones can do and how well RIM does at marketing. keep the surfboard name out and they are on the right path.

umm how about use roman numerals for 10,15,20,25,30 : Blackberry X ......then just go back to 11, 12, 13, 14 then XV for 15 and XX for 20.....its simple system but still stands out for the larger transformations of the os


As in BlackBerry NeXt generation.



Really, BlackBerry 10 is a knee-jerk reaction to this injunction, but they must have thought of the alternatives beforehand.

Glad they are not wasting money on something as trivial as a platform name.

This company is ridiculous. Every time I want to believe that RIM is going to turn it around, they do something even dumber. How did NOBODY IN LEGAL CHECK THE NAME BEFOREHAND??? Are they honestly that stupid?

I'm now confident that they will get scooped up in the coming weeks by Google, Apple, or Microsoft in a hostile takeover. At $16/share, it's peanuts to pay in order to eliminate the last competitor with a foothold in the business market.

Say goodbye to Blackberry, everyone.

My opinion is that RIM new that, but, when people know of BBX, everyone will refer to it as BBX and not BB10. Who cares what it's called, it's what people call it that matters. I'll be calling it BBX because A it pisses Basis off and B because it sounds cooler. Anyways, it basically means the same thing, X in Roman numerals is 10.

As someone else stated here, if I can engrave it (aluminum back or whatever) I will!

BBX For the Win!

Oh, and they should habe called it BBNX as another user suggested.

I agree with you Theme. BB10 is the worst name. BBNX is better brand name. BBNX= BB+QNX, it can also mean BB NeXt Generation. Please RIM, don't settle for this lazy marketing. You have time

Apple had to buy the iPhone trademark from Cisco after Cisco sued. For the iPad, Apple bought the trademark from Fujitsu just prior to the iPad launch. Apple did learn to check for existing trademarks... sort of...

News today:

"In the lawsuit over the use of the iPad name, the Intermediate People's Court in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen rejected Apple's complaint against Proview Technology (Shenzhen). Proview, it said, lawfully registered the iPad trademark as long ago as 2000 for products in a number of countries including China, the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper reported, citing court documents."

So, how stupid is Apple? Will they be bought out for this blunder?

And will someone please drop some hurt on that Basis company thats ruining our beloved brand

True but in a small sense it robs me of my BB pride when it isn't engraved on the back. When i cannot wake up every morning and have it there to greet me

here here!
BBX it is, good luck suing me, I have more debt than cash :p. When it comes if there is an aluminum battery cover on it I will engrave BBX on it and they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

And this is another example why the current board needs a sweep. BlackBerry 10? Really? That's the best you can come up with to define a platform that will hopefully change the perception of your devices? By still attaching your product name to it? We ALL know it's a BlackBerry! Why do you need to remind us in the branding of the OS? Do you see AppleOS? GoogleOS? No. You see iOS and Android, names that differentiate from their companies, while also letting the consumers know that they are from the company at the same time.

Ridiculous. *sigh*

Every day there's some embarrassing news like this about RIM. It makes one believe that the organization is run by a bunch of kindergarden kids!!

Maybe Crackberry should get busy and post something from the event that matters a bit more. Content. BB10 to run in cars, BBcloud ect.
rely they got scooped by Berryreview again anyway :0

BASIS must be thinking that they are gonna make good money on this by eventually selling the name to RIM, not realizing that RIM is cash strapped.
Wonder what would have happened if BASIC would have waited to sue them until after the launch of BBX!!

YES! I was just coming back to post this. Why is is that they can't just call it BlackBerry X? The BB for the company Basis stands for "Business BASIC eXtended", as quoted from their website. So there's no way as long as they don't use the initials that I see they can be sued. Just spell it as it should be with the 2 capital B's: BlackBerry X. There it is, just ignore the lower case letters.

Call it anything you want. Just make it a kick-A**, top of the line, no holds barred, cut no corners, fully preloaded awesome communications device that easily provides the multi-media types everything they want as well as the security and reliable communication types what we already have.

From what I've seen on the specs of the "London" device, they seem to be on track to meet those objectives.

Now, I just wonder when they will release it.

Boy, that is an UGLY-ASS phone. Now If they go back to having BB iconic style like my 9930; I'll be happy to get a new BB on OS 10. That porche design shit is terrible to look @. London is no exception. A 9930 like Bold and BBX, Magma Hot!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a good codename for it too!(MAGMA)

when apple first came out with a phone and called it iPhone, a lot of people thought the name was weird but now most people think it's cool.
if rim put out phone(s) with superior software/hardware combo, people will start using the name like "all i want for xmas is blackberry ten..."

Hell, call it what it is...QNX.

Leverage the name from which it camr from
Market where it resides and powers today.

since when did the OS name come engraved on the device? does the 9900 have "BB7" physically written anywhere on it?

bbx=bb10 but bbx just had a better ring to it.
bb10 is lame, i agree with martinjdub they should go with qnx or bbQNX.
or bb nxt (as in next)
or bb FTW
Come on RIM hire a real marketing firm and get your heads in the game.

Now, listen to what I'm telling you...

RIM has a strategy here.

They will call it BB10, but the 10 will be an X, as in the roman 10.

So BBX is still here, and the name they can argue is a 10, not an X.

Smark kids!!!!!

This is inside information from an X (bgr) employee of RIM shshshshs..don't tell nobody.

They should change the name to DingleBerry. Oh, wait, that name is already taken! how about DBX?... *sigh*

It is sad to remember just a couple of months ago the Co-CEO of this company announcing the new generation of BlackBerry devices under the BBX name. Now that has been taken away. It was also sad to see the same Co-CEO apologize for a worldwide outage. Now the bashed tablet gets rooted. Twice.

What's next?

This is such bad news! BBX meant so much more than just BlackBerry 10.

BBX was a combination of BB+QNX, a new BlackBerry 'X'perience, and the new phones starting to be numbered in the 10's (what comes after the Bold 9900?)

The new name sounds like just another lineup of phones, not a whole operating system and ecosystem! This is bad! Very bad!

So when is the first Blackberry 10 device coming out? Last i heard was Q3 of 2012 but recently it stated March. I want a new phone (got a year on this contract) but don't want to get a BB7 phone if a BB10 phone is coming out soon.

Listen CBers,

They can call it whatever they want and I don't care. What I care about is if they actually deliver the products that I want to use. There's been a lot of bad press lately that reveals a management mess but it isn't the end of the road just yet.

Why don't they call it BBx2... As in BBx squared or BBx2 as in BBx to the power of two... As in dual core. BBx2 should be enough to keep the lawyers at bay, plus there is lots of marketing potential. The following generation could be BBx3 etc... What do you think?

I agree with B1aze here, the name of the platfrom is less significant than what the platform has to offer. Hope RIM has some good things coming in 2012.

It would have been clever to call it "BlackBerry X" because everyone would likely abbreviate it to BBX anyway. Not that BlackBerry 10 is that far off anyway from being abbreviated to BBX.

Though, from a strictly marketing prospective, "BlackBerry 10" is a but uncreative and doesn't convey that RIM is delivering a whole new experience rather than a continuation of the old experience.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think people need to calm down and think about this for a minute. I think RIM believes they will eventually win or work out a settlement and get to keep the BBX name. However, with the TPO being made so close to the start of Devcon Asia, they had to come up with a replacement that would be the least confusing for when they are able to use BBX, thus BB10. So, the BBX name is probably not dead yet.

I could care less what the name is although I'd strongly recommend not calling it anything with the "Blackberry" name in it given how tainted the name has become, i,e, to be a blackberry is to be slow, out-of-date, antiquated and archaic. I think they need to distance themselves as much as possible from calling the OS anything to do with Blackberry for people - the average consumer - will simply think that it is yet another obselete Blackberry OS. The name should be completely different so that a complete break can be made whereby consumers go "woah, this is something new".

This is so ridicolous, like a Kindergarden team is trying to put some mobile phones on the market, how stup*d do you have to be to not even check if youre future platform name is registered???

umm how about use roman numerals for 10,15,20,25,30 : Blackberry X ......then just go back to 11, 12, 13, 14 then XV for 15 and XX for 20.....its simple still system but still stands out

BBX made it sound like a whole new system, which was a cool idea.

This makes me wonder when does 8 & 9 come out??

This is just something else that confirms the idea in people's heads that RIM doesn't know what the hell they're doing. Think about it, this proves

1. they didn't have enough foresight to check to see if the name BBX wasn't already being used
2. they didn't have a good enough legal team to settle the dispute once they got into this mess
3. they didn't have enough creative talent in marketing to come up with a better name than " "BlackBerry 10". I mean come on, we've seen Crackberry nation come up with FAR better names in THE LAST FEW HOURS!!


This doesn't prove all of that. Yes, they should have looked into the name beforehand, and marketing could have worked a little harder, but again, this might just be a stopgap name till they get the suit resolved.

The inability to settle says nothing about RIM's legal team. They could have the best lawyers in the world and it wouldn't help them settle if the OTHER side didn't want to.

Hold the horses. BlackBerry 10 is probably just a stop gap name until this suit is over. The TRO doesn't necessarily have bearing on how the case will ultimately end up. It just prevents "abuses" while the dispute it being settled. RIM could still very much win this suit, or they could settle in a way that gives RIM rights to the BBX name. So depending on how long this suit takes compared to how fast the next generations of phones comes along, BBX might still be able to happen.

Letter to RIM,

I personally could care less what the next gen is going to be called.I will buy it(pinkie promise).Could you please just roll out the devices already?You can waste all the valuable time and resources you deem necessary, naming and renaming it afterwards till the cows come home.

Thank You
A BB User.

exactly.... this story is trivial.... let's just going with evolving the OS.

I'm on my first Android (Stratosphere).... I do like it quite a bit, but everything associated with communication takes at least 3x as long to get done. Good grief.

There are some great apps with android, but I don't know if I can tolerate the bogged down ability to use it as a communication device, the fragility of the thing, and the compromised security.

Personally with allnthe bad press lately it may be time to totally rebrand everything. Start with a totally new name for products running th new OS, at least for the US. Japanes car companies did this for upscale lines for the US and it worked great and eventually filtered back even to Japan now. Just like the abondonned the Storm name, it may be time to abandon the Blackberry name.

BBX sounded differnt, this sounds the same. I prefer BBX.

Ah well, whatever. Just get them out RIM!!

Who cares about the name? It's all about the new devices -- their specs, features, reliability and how soon they arrive.

umm how about use roman numerals for 10,15,20,25,30 : Blackberry X ......then just go back to 11, 12, 13, 14 then XV for 15 and XX for 20.....its simple system but still stands out for the larger transformations of the os

I like Roman numbers best. Blackberry X is cool. RIM should differentiate new phones from the old line up. Blackberry 10 is not enough in my opinion.

There are some incompetent people working at rim. Multibillion company and no one checked for trademarks before announcing BBX. Now they just make fools out of themselves again.

+ 10

LOL these guys don't want to win...its like lets take plan B

Plan are trying to make a comeback and go against Apple and Android and you take whatever is left as your new layout and name

This is why they blow it relfects in the phones and software

Why haven't they chosen "BBeX"? Thats different but sounds the same, so legally correct :) I hope someone from RIM is reading this.

Thats sad RIM losted the battle they should of called it blackberry QNX or Berry X, blackberry 10 is cool but BBX sounded better

I liked BBX. How about QBX -- putting the BlackBerry into QNX?

As an aside, I really don't get this. I am sure legal knew about it going in, but it sounds like they decided -- and have still decided -- they were going to be combative about this. How does that make any sense? LinkedIn thinks that Basis International is a company of 11-50 employees, and I doubt that they're a heck of a lot bigger than that. How much would it have cost to acquire Basis International and turn yet another bad news story around early? If they really do make cross-platform software, wouldn't there at least have been some kind of fit?

Really, all this fuss about the name. I just want the new phones released and oh yeah, some official news on a release date would be nice.

All it matters... Does the platform rock? Are the phones awesome? Are they cutting edge? Is the end experience amazing? That's what matters

Seeing as how this is nearly 2012, the name BlackBerry 10 is just about right. How about BlackBerry 2010??? See what I did there?


Why don't they just call it BX and then when they update it BX, when a new software comes out, BVX etc. pretty cool if you ask me. Man just release these phones and market them like crazy.


I just did two trademarks recently and had to make some minor changes to avoid infringements. The only thing RIM had to do to avoid infringing on the name was put B.B.X, B-B-X, BB*X, BB-X or B*B*X. Basis would probably have still barked at the name based on the name still being similar to theirs; however, the name would be different and not infringe on their trademark. I would highly doubt that Basis would have spent the money to keep challenging the name against a company the size of RIM. Basis seems to be a small company that probably has little cash to burn or tie up in court.

Ok.So, I agree BBX name was inferring a new,exciting,not to be believed Blackberry experience!! I'm just going to go back to basics in my reason for owning a BB. There is nothing to compare to even the first line Blackberry devices. RIM was introducing and accomplishing what people didn't even know was possible. It took great minds to create the original concept that revolutionized the business world. I, for one, believe companies need to stretch to grow and that makes for some growing pains. RIM has been bruised and knocked down. But there's victory and simply getting up, dusting yourself off and having another go. BB forever...( We need a flag Blackberry nation..ooh better yet a national anthem?? Lol.)

Really, BBX is more catchy. It can grab the ppls attention easily. With BB10 it's a bit plain & dull. Look at iphone 4,the upgraded was 4s. ppl were disappointed cuz they were digging the # 5... BB10 could be a good one too, as long it packs with nice upgrade.