BlackBerry 10 N-series photo, BBM Video, Readers Choice winners and more [Weekend Update]

CrackBerry Weekend Update
By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2012 01:52 pm EST
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BlackBerry 10 N-series photo, BBM Video, Readers Choice winners and more [Weekend Update]


First - I wish all you fellow CrackBerrys out there a very Happy New Year. This will be RIMs year to shine! Make sure that you tell all your friends and family to go out there and purchase a BB10 the week that it comes out. Call as many carriers as you can and just mention BB10 so that the word stays in their mind.
Go RIM Go!

Excuse me if I hold off on the early new year champagne in anticipation of a month from now, considering the device I was hoping to get, even in its supposed Dev Alpha C state fails miserably with inspiring me to do so. Oh yeah, I forgot, RIM is too busy catering to the "masses" to give equal time and/or preferential treatment to its QWERTY loyalists... Cheers, RIM!

Yah, it's a shame that the "cool new thing" is more important than productivity. They really need to treat their qwerty device as their flagship like the bold is. I don't know about you, but I care about function more than the "ooh, pretty screen" like the rest of the sheep out there. Slower CPU and all, I still beat all of my friends using my Bold 9900 versus their Android phones with their quad core CPUs and full touchscreens when it comes down to the nitty gritty. Looking for things, typing out texts and email, making phone calls, etc. My friends are actually getting quite annoyed at me making fun of them when we are looking for a nearby restaurant, an address, or a phone number to a business and I'm standing there going "yah, so I have it already, what's taking you guys so long?" While everyone is still plugging away at their pretty new phones. Most of the time now they just ask me to look since they know I'll beat them all to it anyway. And I've even given them a headstaart before and still beat them... And now RIM is treating their "just like the rest of the sheep" phone as their flagship... I hope I'm wrong, because I do not want to be stuck trying to type on a touchscreen relying on autocorrect to fix all of my mistakes... I'm the only person without any of those stupid autocorrect fails since I don't need it at all... I would like to keep it that way...

Due to the misfortune of having my washing machine devour two phones from within my cargo pockets ... I am stuck with an Android POS. Having this phone has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a reason I have been with Blackberry for years. The all touch phones are unresponsive, fragile power hogs that must remain on life support (charger) throughout most of the day. Accurately typing on this phone without a keyboard is more difficult than just about anything I have experienced on a phone. I am more than content to leave this one in my desk as a rescue phone should a random act of stupidity strike again. BUT, be rest assured, I WILL wait for the TK Victory (N Series)! I am more than underwhelmed with the choices that the Droids and iOS are offering at this time. I feel the longer the wait to release the TK, the more people will migrate away or simply wait (as most Bold fans seem to be doing), while holding back RIMS financial gains and increase in market share users, Not releasing the new BB Z10 AND the TK (IMHO) would be detrimental to the initial blast of consumers that will not be catered to by the lack of a QUERTY device.

PS. I am unsure whether the N series is a repackaged 99xx or the renamed TK Victory. The Pavlovian effect is in full effect when shown the TK model!