BlackBerry 10 N-Series caught in new photo showing off its backside

BlackBerry 10 N-Series
By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2012 06:43 pm EST

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has been thoroughly leaked and presented, we're sure to start seeing a little bit more of the full QWERTY BlackBerry 10 N-Series. As it turns out, a new image has turned up over at NerdBerry. Granted, it's only the backside but it's a start and you all know how these things tend to go. Once one pops up more tend to follow. Of course, there is always the chance it could be a Dev Alpha C as well but either way, it's new.

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Source: NerdBerry

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BlackBerry 10 N-Series caught in new photo showing off its backside


The Z10 looked like it had a texture, this looks smooth... and why can't they show the front. C'mon man.

Not really, now the camera is in that ridiculously stupid place like the L series and the iphone... Get ready to need to hold the phone with one hand while taking the photo because if you try to use both hands to steady the shot, your finger will be in the photo. Awesome idea...

Everytime someone with an iphone wants me to take a photo for them with their phone, it's a 5 try event. I was glad my BB has the camera away from the corner. Now it looks like I'll have that issue with my own phone...

Have you ever considered.....reorienting the phone? If your finger is over the lens you should be able to see it in the viewfinder, and if your finger is on the flash you will notice it after the first shot.

Or you could hold it like a burger

My exact thoughts..looks curvy,,,fine if it's d Dev alpha C but I hope d final hardware is nothing like this..unimpressive!

Agreed, looks definitely like a curve. Also, could there be a possibility that this device is one of the new BBOS 7+ devices that Thorstein was talking about. The width of the N-series has to accommodate a 720px wide frame and this just looks to be too small. Thoughts?

Remember that there is no track pad or berry key. Picture the phone without those keys and maybe it could be the new BBX qwerty

Take a look behind the phone above and to the left - the guys in a bar. Probably drowning his sorrows after RIM shares down today.

Probably also someone in the business related field since he is using Lenovo with Intel core 2 duo.

Go away with your bitter bashing sorrow. Blackberry 10 is going to whip the other samsung/HTC/apple in the face with an oiled chicken drumstick. :P

whyyyy!!!!??????!!!!!!!! WHYYY??!! do they show 'back shots' first!!!!! -_________-

I also agree, that this is probably a Dev Alpha C device :D

but still, is there any point in just posting a photo of the back? -.-

- I am Z10 person, which are you?? :D

I'd bet anything that they have shots of the front. This gets them more Page visits. Smart lol

Looks dull & plain, hopefully its only a dev production and not the finalize product.
Looks very slippery.

I wish the Qwerky gets a 3.75 screen minimum screen.
had enough of the BOLD 9900 3.2 inch screen

can't wait , I will be buying both Touch for the screen real estate and the Qwerky for the keyboard junkie

Looks smaller than I was hoping. Love my 9930 QWERTY but wish the screen was bigger. Guess I'll wait for a BB10 slider - No way I'll get one with AT&T, coverage isn't good in my area.


No way thats the dev alpha c. Why put a textured finish on a developer testing device? This looks more like final hardware.

Hoping to see a battery fill the whole backside of this thing. This should be RIM's workhorse device.

Most likely the Dev Alpha C device, 'cos this isn't at all "sexy" or sleek like the Z10 which is pretty much a finished product.
Still changes to be done to finish it off I'm sure...

If it has the same screen size as the 9900, I’m not the least bit interested. I really wanted something like the TK VICTORY

My thoughts exactly! Of all the concept designs I've seen, the TK VICTORY is one I'd purchase in a heart-beat!

This pic is nothing to get happy about. It shows nothing. If you are going to leak a pic show the face of the phone not the back

Except that the Pre 3 has a full back, I agree. And you know what? The Pre 3 design is practically perfect for use on the move. I just hope mine holds out till BB 10 is available.

I seem to be in agreement with the majority. IF this picture IS the final of the N series and the screen is as small as I fear it is ... BUMMER! It apperars to be the size (and look) of the 9930 with its rounded edges. Praying this is a Dev alpha C.

I think the N model screen will be too small resulting in no big improvement over the BB9900. It looks not much bigger than the current 9900.

Let's hope that is not the final hardware :/. Not sexy whatsoever!!

The L-series when leaked was sex, but this one... It's like ... Visiting grandparents at a nursing home, and they serve you a glass of lukewarm milk...that had been drank out of by some Oldman that has dirty yellow dentures.

That bad.

Hey, take the cover off and show me battery specs! I want 2400 mAh as some Crackberrians promised :-)

My buddy works on Wall Street as a analyst he has a Bold 9900 with a SEIDIO large battery for
work and an iPhone for personal ....mainly for the browser.
He said there are 500 just in his department who want to ditch their iPhone and can't wait for the
BB10 N with the BB10 Balance.
His exact words
" my Bold 9900 made me $$$,$$$ this year with fast quick emails , PDF text reading and BBM , once I get my BB10 N series phone I could careless what iPhone5 does ! "

I told him I will be buying both the Touch for the screen real estate for fancy parties , pictures video and Qwerky buy my side 100% ! He said he will be passing that along with his department.

I think BYOD was a God Send for RIM in the end !


Looks round and fat.

Not seeing an a ton of " wow!!! I want this now!" from folks.

Looks like an old cigerette case my Grandpa had.



Gosh people.. IT IS JUST A LEAKED IMAGE. It's the BACK of a PHONE for pete's sake. If you judge on something like THAT, it makes me think you have a terrible preception on things.

I think it looks GREAT, we just need front photos now, but I hope it doesn't leak just yet, only 10 days from release would be WONDERFUL!!!!