BlackBerry 10 makes adding corporate email, contacts and calendars simple

By DJ Reyes on 25 Sep 2012 03:04 pm EDT

The BlackBerry 10 experience aims to make the user's life a lot simpler, from ease of typing to having everything in one place - the BlackBerry Hub. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 aims to make life easier for corporate users too. Adding email accounts, contacts and calendars has become simpler and all you need is an email address, one-time activation password and email account password. This means both personal and work email accounts can be added the same way and users cam make use of BlackBerry Balance to separate emails and apps if they so wished. Check out the video above to see the feature demoed.

Source: Inside BlackBerry for Business

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BlackBerry 10 makes adding corporate email, contacts and calendars simple


That phone in the video looks suspiciously like the leaked parts of the first BB10 device.

I'm sorry, but you don't work at or for rim, so you can't tell them not to have a person do a voice over in a video. Sorry if you didn't like the man's voice, but it is what it is, like it or not.

the new activation process is cool... but kinda scares me as a system admin it seems harder than the current doing and end users have enough trouble with that... overall tho i love the look and feel buying 2 bb10s on day 1 lol

That is awesome!! I like the separate work space for corporate and personal emails. BB will win on the business front because no one can match their integration to an enterprise mail service.

Did anybody else notice the settings available for "BlackBerry Link"? Is that an existing corporate-only feature or is that something new in BB10?

I like this,...and I'm thinking that Corporate IT folks are going to like it too! Plus, get BB security to boot!


Nobody knows if it's current or older information. This video could be made in july and it looks so Damn smooth, easy. Interfaces do change. I don't think iapple is going to steal anything.

This is simply f!@#ing amazing! Finally getting to see things that were not revealed in the past, and I'm loving it. This is really going to prove who RIM is! Research in motion all the way! This is truly going to be the best of both worlds, and not geared towards one particular thing. Anything you throw at it, it seems to be able to take. There are going to be a lot of open mouths gasping when this phone comes out, not to mention all the iphone 5's that are going to be sold on ebay and craig's list. RIMS time to shine, is finally getting closer!

Now we are talking ....

A few more "WOW" things needed ..... and people will be smashing their iPhones on the ground soon enough!