BlackBerry 10 lockscreen mod now available for Android users

By Bla1ze on 31 Oct 2012 04:45 pm EDT

Previously, we've seen the BlackBerry 10 keyboard arrive on jailbroken iOS devices and now Android users have adopted the BlackBerry 10 style lockscreen. As I mentioned yesterday, Android offers a lot of customization options but to get this mod installed, there are a few caveats as it will only run on certain Android builds and certain devices.

The end result for Android users once installed, is that window shade or curtain raising effect we've all seen on BlackBerry 10. Given that that is now two simple elements we've seen spread around, it kinda of makes me glad RIM that hasn't fully taken the covers off of their next generation OS as of yet, they need to keep some goodies a secret.

Source: XDA via: RapidBerry

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BlackBerry 10 lockscreen mod now available for Android users


By that token, Google's been blushing like a schoolgirl ever since RIM announced the Android runtime for PlayBook. 

Uh oh, google fan in the house.

Copying a OS feature is different then creating an easy way to port apps over.

They are probably blushing more from embarrassment.

Its only flattery if bb10 were already out. This is theft. I find it discusting. Along wih that other 3rd party developer who ripped off the bb10 keyboard for apple and named it octopus keyboard. Its only imitiation if the masses see bb10 first. Now they see this first. Is there no decency left in humanity.

Not only that, the people who are ripping off RIM's ideas can probably patent every single thing we've seen so far from BB10 before it is even released... It's like what apple does. I'm surprised they haven't patented having buttons under a touch screen yet... darn I just gave them an idea.

Let them have their copied lock screen. They'll have the ability to upgrade to the real thing in a few short months.

"need to keep some goodies a secret"

Totally agree! It keeps the enthusiasm going until the release date, for us fans and new potential customers alike.

Rim is to open to others, tima is changing a, ios, they are like animals....if the see fresh meat then .....wuff wuff...and bb 10 is a very good Fresh meat the apple stock market falls and more news more fresh meat...hihuha

And they say BB is behind the times? Then why are Androids and iPhone copying them?

...and now I'm sure there will be some ignoramous out there who will claim that Android has this feature before BB when BB10 debuts.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

totally agreed.. those numb nuts, knuckle heads Android fans will defenitely claims its their's...

i can totally hear it now, they would say: Oh! we already have an app for that!" pathetic..

It seems like a second rate version of the lock screen, so good to see it out there as it makes bb10 look that much better.

EFF'in SUE!!

RIM better be Patening their A$$e$!!

EFF'in Droid - been bunch of thieves!!

RIM showed off the BB10 camera.... Then the competition turned around and bought that company.

ARGH!! >:-(»

Yaa...welcome to the world of Big Business eh!

Fortunately RIM has a bucket load of innovation that will be released with BB10. They know full well that the likes of Droid and Baaaaa are going to copy what they release surprise there.

It's what they release next year that concerns them most of all. They have more to lose than RIM does. Much like MS. Let them take the biz away from the two big players and even the field out. That is good for the whole business in general and consumers like us.

Keep doing what you are doing RIM :-)

what a shitty implementation. It is not the same as BB10. You literally have to turn on stupid android device before you swipe up (unless the guy is not showing this on the video). On BB10 you can do that without turning on the device. Poor copycat.

ya, it does seem a bit lacking....or atleast not as fluid as the BB10 version. I ahvent handeled a bb10 device so i dont know for sure, but can someone confirm if it "feels" the same.

The other thing is, while droid can copy a feature (and a pretty basic one at that), it doesn't change the way the underlying OS works....its all flash, no substance.

In anycase, im glad droid has this, even if its just certain devices/versions. Atleast this way, people will be aware of bb10 features prior to launch. PR is PR.

I can confirm that the BB10 screen is MUCH more smooth and you can actually swipe to unlock the screen instead of turning on the screen and then swiping to unlock.

It is just,
Screen Is Off -> Swipe -> Screen State On
Screen Is Off -> Half Swipe -> Screen Is On -> Un-Half Swipe -> Screen Is Off
By Half swipe and Un-half swipe I mean you swipe up the screen most of the way, but not all of the way, and without lifting off your finger, you swipe back down. This lets you "peak" at the time or your notifications and when you swipe back down, the screen turns off again. (No need to press the on button)
(Hard to explain, but you'll all get to use in less than 5 months!)


Excellent observation! Totally get what you mean. It's just not the same thing as the screen lock/unlock in BB10. Close but no cigar! LOL!

Holy shit. I don't think they showed us the half swipe up then down again for off. Much better then pressing the mute button to turn screen on then press again for off. Typical RIM innovation. #TeamBlackberry

Now now.. relax people.. It's a MOD that was posted on XDA Developers. So calm down posters with the Sue Android talk its not an official feature.

I hope to God that RIM is keeping a lot more cool stuff than this under wraps. As we have seen before, it doesn't take long before amateur hacks will try and steal the thunder. So much for leaks being a good thing... :/


.....besides that's Android, Im not shocked at all. They are so good on beeing a copycats...

....ANDROID, where's the ORIGINALITY?

You lot are unbelievable.... BB10 is a total rip off of meego harmattan, not just the lock screen,the whole UI !!!!
To quote the above.....

where's the ORIGINALITY? Hehehe

I gotta see that put on ubuntu, then I can use the scroll wheel to swipe I mean scroll up to turn on the monitor. :p

while im aware that it is only brain-dead idiots who decide to troll,
the only people using this lockscreen mod are either well (and i mean seriously) versed in decompiling, editing, and recompiling .apks or know someone who is.
the amount of effort it takes to build this mod is a fair amount more than you assume.
you need to decompile two different system files, remove several lines of code from each, insert several new lines, set dpi for each stage of the "curtain", insert the 40-odd images used for a smooth transition effect, recompile the .apks, sign them, then flash them in a custom recovery.

trust me, theres not going to be any Android user saying RIM ripped off the lockscreen from them.
this comes from someone who has indeed built this mod for a Galaxy S2, its not easy.