BlackBerry 10 Launch Event Live Coverage!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2013 09:20 am EST
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BlackBerry 10 Launch Event Live Coverage!


Down the highway from RIM, watching and waiting patiently. I have friends working at RIM, and wish them the best of luck this morning. They deserve a good rollout after a fantastic work effor over the past year.

Will the Crackberry commenting be commenting on the event? What do we need to do to have your reactions? Or everybody is on the livestream until the event finishes?

Well that live feed page is atrocious. 3 seconds of streaming then it stops. Maybe should have offered a low res version.

Yeah Kevin. That is the power of Crackberry. Gets the hair cut at the world wide launch event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad Thorsten is not more dynamic of a speaker and the crowd seems a bit lackluster in their resonse and cheering. They need more BB fanboys in the audience

I hope that's not Greg's real linked in info that he just displayed to the world haha

Man now gotta figure out how to afford one.
Blackberry, can I please have one for free :) Totally sucks my warranty replacement 9810 is broken after a month :(

guys...Hub is a gamechanger with the aut- populating info for your contacts. This is friggin amazing!

Hopefully demo phone is plugged in. Battery indicator is on the low end ..... Give it to me right now. I will charge the battery..................... PLZZZZ

I think the lesson here is to not only have press and suits at an even that is supposed to be hyped up... Need a bunch of rowdy College kids lol...

One's for the battery and the other's for the HDMI out so he can show what the phone can do on the large screen.

This is history in the making. Love how you can share charts in the new bbm
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I wouldn't be surprised if we find Celtx in BB World, doubt anybody knows what that is. I'm sure you and I would probably be the only ones who use that App.

I kind of don't mind that the US got the shaft lol :p

Alicia Keys though? That seems a bit desperate...

its not about the's about delaying a launch forever and then not executing once again. Only an idiot that doen't understand business would find some kind of solace in shafting their largest client.

Well, let's see...US is currently probably the worst market for BlackBerry with year over year massive losses in the customer base. That and your market is extremely saturated with Android/iOS, and that competition is rather entrenched. Maybe this played some role in the decision not to go after the US market at launch.

I am not going to pretend that I understand their business logic in doing it this way though...I've neither researched it, nor do I really care. My comment was purely something that I personally found funny. US always feels majorly butt-hurt when they are not the first in everything.

There are so many Celebs and big business people who use BB... wondering why they didn't tap into more of those people.

I think Playbook can handle de BB10, although I think they need to do some work to make the UI work better for a tablet. I think they didn't want to distract the attention from the PHONE (Z10 Q10), talking about a tablet which financially was a failure and in the media too.

I hope (for the sake of my own playbook) they don't take to long to do!
I love my Playbook!

Well, will all of the "Skype will never come, MS wants BlackBerry to fail" pundits please stand up and be counted! Oh, how sure you all were! How smug are you now?

I love-vvvvv-e it. The demo was awesome. I was actually cheering at home while watching the presentation live.


Loved the podcast and all the info. Love all the big name apps available. Skype, Angry Birds Star many to mention. Alicia Keys and her support of bb10 was great. Thorsten looked star struck when he was on stage with her lol. The new camera looked hot...and the pricing is great. Watched the event podcast on my playbook. Loved the new bbm and how you can share screens live. Only question I have is when is bb10 coming to our playbook? Anyone know???
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'm an extremely critical person and I was EXTREMELY underwhelmed by this presentation. I don't know why but I was hoping for a mushroom cloud announcement of some sort. And a tidbit on the future of the playbook would have been nice. And on top of that I have to wait until March to even see the device in person. SMH

I kinda leave with an empty feeling from the presentation. Heins is a very stiff presenter. Also, the devices were not covered indepth: Quality of the camera? Processor? Amount of Ram? BATTERY LIFE?
Also I'm not conviced about the keyboard version without the physical back buttons and trackpad..
And I can tell you.. If I'm not conviced, alot of other people won't be...
Loving the new OS tho!

I am like you. I honestly thought, at the end, "Is that it?!"

Does the Z-10 even make phone calls? Obviously I am being cynical here, but there was no mention of call quality and capabilities, i.e, what's the call quality/reception like; how does it work if your talking on the phone and you get an email/text that you want to look at - is it easy to do this while continuing to talk; transfer to speakerphone; or put the voice call on hold?

Other features I wish were highlighted include:
DLNA certification
Supported Video/Audio Container Format
BT Gamepad Support
Power Point, Word, MS Office Support
PDF Support
Memory sizes on the phone
Bridge Capabilities

It's not that I'm unhappy with what was presented, but outside of Hub, Peak, and Flow, BBM Voice, BBM Screen sharing, very little else was presented. And that is of concern.

Ya that annoyed me to. Nothing on the Playbook really. Anyone know when our Playbooks get bb10???
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Well, now that it's all said and done, for me personally, an overall underwhelming launch. It lacked soul and the crowd was really lame. Alicia Keys move seemed desperate. I think that the platform has great potential but all of the leaks probably hurt the announcement a lot. Almost nothing new was revealed that was not already known in one way or another. It is not very likely that this will be any sort of reversal of fortune for BB, at least not yet. I personally would not think that many iOS/Android users will be tempted.

On a more personal note, I can't wait to try the phone, but I don't think that I will be buying into the 1st gen of BB10 OS. I am sticking with my 9900 for now most likely. Come summer it looks like I may be upgrading though :)

They dropped the ball on the launch. Fool me twice, and all that.

If it's known that US carriers take so long to bring a product to market, YOU START TESTING EARLIER.

I'm not just a stakeholder, but a shareholder as well, and I. AM. PISSED.

RIMM didn't prep Alicia on what to say or didn't give her a real "job description". The press Q&A is mostly non-answers. We are, once again, seeing RIMM (sorry, BBRY) reverting to bad habits.

In a perfect world, products stand by themselves. The specs on the upcoming phones are fantastic- ideal, even. But this is not a perfect world. A product is only as good as the company that pushes it.

BBRY, get your stuff together and don't misuse the money and time I vested in you.

I totally agree. The launch was a splat and surely not a spark...what about all those "secret" features they were going to announce at launch? Skype? Was that it? Sure I'm glad to see skype, but a march launch....I'm so mad right now I don't even want to do business any more with BlackBerry. Right now, if this is how they operate, then they do deserve to fail. I've been holding out while everyone else has moved on to other platforms/os's, I've been loyal, I've been promoting the new seeing that horrible launch and hearing a march launch...bye bye Blackberry, you just signed your death cert...tis only a matter of time now till ya get bought out. Thorsten, you just gave more solid proof that you are NOT the man for the job. Thanks for NOTHING once again! grrrr, can ya tell I'm mad!

Will QNX be pushing the car platform for non - high luxury models -- to allow us to interface bb10 with our vehicles?

Great job Blackberry on announcing the new BB10 and for staying focused on phones as it should have been today. Can't wait to get a z10 and pair it up with my playbook that will be updated later this year to bb10.

I am deeply depressed right now. That launch was a huge disappointment, to say the least.

They left so much out. When it was over I thought to myself "that's it???"

I invested too much emotionally in this. Time to pull back for a while and regroup.