BlackBerry 10 Launch Date Math

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2012 10:57 am EST
January 30th 2013
30 / 01 / 2013
3 + 0 + 0 +1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 

Subtle. Brilliant. Right? BlackBerry 10 baby!

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BlackBerry 10 Launch Date Math


Gregorian, since most countries of the world recognize the calendar that way. Makes sense.

Sorry, I screwed up with that. I hope it's within a week of the launch. I don't think any of us want to wait a single extra day.

This one is a bit lame but...

Movember is about Mens Health, and prostate cancer in particular. Crackberry are growing Mo's. So far so good.

Grading of prostate cancer uses the Gleason scoring system, invented by a clever bloke called Dr Gleason. He invented it way back in the 1960s and it remains the best prognostic indicator we have. Given how much medicine has evolved over the last 50 years, that is nothing short of astonishing. But I digress.

The growth pattern of the tumour is graded from 1 (lowest grade) to 5 (highest). Because prostate cancer is a particularly variable cancer, we identify the 2 dominant grades and add them together to give an overall Gleason score. If there is only one pattern, you double it to give you the score. So pattern 3 and pattern 4 give a Gleason score 7. A tumour showing only pattern 3 gives Gleason score 3+3=6. You still with me?

Guess what the very nastiest tumour is...

Yes - Gleason pattern 5+5, Gleason score = 10.

Told you it would be lame...

Getting desperate here if you're going to resort to numerology (grin) BB10 will be here when it gets here - leave it at that. Enjoy your 9900 in the meantime.

Well to keep it in line with the theme, the date could be 02/11/2013. 2/10 is a Sunday.

02+1+1+2+0+1+3 = 10

ehhhh... you mean the rest of the world format... only in america you put the month before the day... just saying...

This article ”bb math" deserves to be a TV commercial! Hey, you need to hype the launch just as much as the devices themselves! RIM needs sexy ad campaign equal to the devices themselves.

This is awesome! This should quiet down all the disbelievers although some people are always going to find something to complaint about (especially those iSheeps with psychological issues interviewed for the newspaper article published not too long ago).

I told my wife that I do not want a Christmas present and that I would wait until 1/30/2013 for it. This is so sweet I can taste it. I am BlackBerry by choice and not ashamed of it! =0)


Hmm and my guess of Feb 14, based solely on it being in the middle of the quarter, may not be that far off......although I sure like 02/11/2013, for 10, and the win

Math wasn't much of a subject for me.
But blackberry 10 is gonna ROCK when I get my hands on it, once WINDmobile gets it, when I'm past three years, that 'tab balance I can't pay off in full ASAP, will be wiped clean and a new BB10 device will then be in my hands. :D

64th comment... 6+4 = 10 :D

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

65th comment! 6+5 = 11, 1+1 = 2, 2x5(number of phones I've had) = 10 WOOOO

... No, not really.

I CANNOT wait for BB10... and I wonder if they've been picking these dates as a sly marketing campaign? I'd like to see more BlackBerry ads pop up on TV everywhere before the launch date... we need publicity!

Launch it January 1st 2013 and call it BlackBerry 8 (01+01+2+0+1+3) =8

Well they skipped 8 and 9 right