BlackBerry 10 L-Series spotted once again in all its blurry cam glory

By Bla1ze on 15 Oct 2012 06:06 am EDT
BlackBerry 10 L-Series

*UPDATE* - Some better images can also be found in the CrackBerry Forums - Thanks, ad19!

At this point, I'm not sure it's much of a surprise to anyone out there to say that the BlackBerry 10 L-Series has once again appeared in some new images -- probably not even RIM. But alas, it's happened once again or at least it looks that way.

It's hard to tell given the fact the latest set posted up over at BerryReview has a gel-skin case on it but if nothing else, the device in the images is running a full-fledged version of BlackBerry 10 on it not unlike the ones we saw RIM employees using at BlackBerry Jam Americas on the Dev Alpha B.

In the photos, you can see a few apps shown off. Just like before, we can see YouTube, Skydrive, Box, Dropbox, Compass, File Manager, Voice Control, Newsstand, Maps, NFC smart tags and even the oddly named Print To Go. You can jump below to see one more shot of the device. Dev Alpha B or L-Series? Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

Source: BerryReview

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series spotted once again in all its blurry cam glory


superb stuff...cant wait for the release


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I am not sure what is so superb about this BB10?

I am a fun of Blackberry and I still use my BB 9700 and like it very much and YES, just like everyone, I am waiting for the BB10. I have to say that the BB10 isn’t that appealing at all. I think RIM is clearly banking more with the OS, but nothing to drool over with the actual device. I don’t like the “flat” square icons at all; the icons should “pop” and should be better designed. Overall, what I have seen about the actual design of the device (not OS...OS is great!), I am not is a typical square phone with flat square icons - the device is missing the WOW factor.

I agree! It needs more originality! It looks very basic and plain in this photo.. I don't think the picture is that blurry where we can't see it clearly.. lol.. The OS might be great! but having the hardware on the outside look cool and sleek too will only help promote and attract people to it!

When people see a BlackBerry, they know it's a BlackBerry. This BB10 photo doesn't have that..

I agree. I am a diehard blackberry fan but this just doesn't do anything for me. I will get it but the design just looks horrible to me.

Is that a calculator? OMG Bla1ze why didn't you say it had a calculator?

Device looks great. Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. Heck, maybe two of them.

"Print to go" isn't oddly named. You're a consultant, say, you have to leave the office now, you don't have time to print out your reading material, or convert to PDF and email it. So you print it to your phone or PB using Print to go, the PDFs turn up while you are en route, and you can now read them. Once you've read them, you can maybe forward them to where you're going and ask for them to be printed, or you can connect to the projector and display them.

It is a way of doing "takeaway printing" on a BB 10 device. Not everybody needs it, but it is a very useful feature to people who do.

I agree Print To Go, real handy. Even from a non business perspective. Got a .Pdf you have opened online, haven't time to read it all? Print To Go!

I just copy the pdf file into the media\documents folder on the PB, then I'm good to go. Since I always have wifi sharing setup, it takes about 2 seconds.

Not at all opposed to this logic. In fact, when the doc is already a .pdf, why not do it this way. But, if the file is in an unsupported format (Pro/E, Outlook, or any other proprietary file type) Print To Go is great. Also, if I don't want to send my excel doc to Jeff on the shop floor, I can just Print To Go it right on his machine from my desk.

Add to that list of proprietary file formats MS Project and Visio.

Granted, in recent versions of MS Office you can print to PDF and just e-mail it to yourself, but I think P2G is still a pretty slick little idea.

Hopefully they make a Mac driver for it. I use a MacBook at work, and Ubuntu on my personal machine, and unfortunately can't use this awesome feature.

Im liking the icons. I could live with them. Apparently RIM likes em tooo since we've seen them in so many leaks.

the standard icons look a little better now that their all unique and not repeating itself like in earlier builds but they aren't wow either.

good thing bb10 saves itself in other areas of interaction.

I wish RIM would go back to the old icon. Everytime I show my friends pic of a BB10 they complain about the icon being to robotic. UGLY!

BB10 has a high resolution display- why this boring and pale "8bit"-iconset?! Have a look to Infinity (Theme by BBthemes for OS7 Bold9900) and LEARN! And please- hand over some square devices to the "BB10-Paparazzi" for better photos!!!


Say NO to Squares!

Say YES to Wallpaper!! ;P

Surprise me Blackberry - release this phone in January. My money is waiting and my Torch is getting old.

Icons look different in this leaked image. They're not all boxy. I like this newer(?) design.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I hope that isn't the very final version of a BB10 phone... Like stated earlier in this post, there is no wow factor.. maybe in the OS, but the outside matters too. The icons are alright, I just hope the screen has a very high resolution! But the hardware looks bland and plain.. It needs more sleekness to it to make it look more modern and cool! I know BB10 will get there, just a matter of time..

As we can see they won't improve the icons style :( that's to bad!. It looks horrible with the background app name in black, they need to make it like "OMG I want that Phone!!" That's the only thing they need! UGH!!!! So stingy!!!HIGH RESOLUTION is a MUST...I does look bad!!