BlackBerry 10 L-Series snapped once again showing off its homescreen

BlackBerry 10 L-Series
By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2012 10:14 pm EDT

So this happened yesterday in the CrackBerry forums. The original source is really unknown but it popped up on Instagram as well, which looks to be from the same source as the previous images shown off -- given that they share many similarities with the exception that this particular device actually has more apps loaded onto it. Though by now everyone has a general idea of what the BlackBerry 10 L-Series it will look like either way.

All that said; nothing in this image is final so take for what it is. An updated image of an unfinished device running an unknown version of an unreleased OS. Now about those N-Series devices. They'd be pretty nice to see right now since the L-Series is already out there enough.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series snapped once again showing off its homescreen


With all these leaks I'm more on the "can't wait" list. Just release it already and shoot out the updates daily. I'd be more than happy.

WOW, not on the UI, but on the BlackBerry 10 device itself. This seems like the real first glance to the actual phone. It sure looks like that 2nd leaked render way back earlier this year! Great Job on posting Bla1ze

So square icons, great to know for developers. I was looking at more bb7 or even playbook styles but now I have a much better idea, and with my alpha bricked with the thanks for participating message an l-series would be a welcome addition.

The Grey squares around the apps won't be there in the final build. Similar to the Playbook.

I don't see any folders. Personally, it looks very iPhone 2-ish. I LOVE everything about BB10 but I hate the home screen. I never liked it even when Apple had it in the iPhone and iPhone 2. Adding folders later still didn't improve the look and function of it.

Compare this to BB7's home screen, this has a lot to be desired! A whole lot! I can do so much within one or two taps from the BB7 home screen. The BB7 home screen is so much more customizable too: I can show my top 4, 8, 12, or 16 favourite apps. I can swipe up, down, left and right to see more. My most frequent apps are always just a swipe away, and it doesn't matter how I've got my apps and folders organized!

I've posted those accessible functions from the BB7 home page in the past. The BB10 home screen is just plain blah! Just because it is iPhone-ish doesn't mean it is best.

Not to stray from the original topic - hold the power button for 10 seconds, release and press again to start. It will show again periodically until RIM releases that much needed update.

So square icons, great to know for developers. I was looking at more bb7 or even playbook styles but now I have a much better idea, and with my alpha bricked with the thanks for participating message an like-series would be a welcome addition.

Since you guys have seen the new hardware, and your linking links to the leaked slide that Kevin posted in January. You're not breaking your NDA, but you're telling us what it will look like if you read between the lines.
Thank-You Mr. Bla1ze.
I like it, and now i'm even more stoked!

we've been talkign about this on the forums, not many agree and we doubt the software is even close to beign finalized.

i personally think the UI is pretty bland and plain, i doubt RIM would release this if it is infact a real picture

I dunno how else to say this so that people understand. IT IS NOT FINAL. IT WILL BE DIFFERENT SOFTWARE. lol.

lol i know i'm sorry for the way i stated but by looking at it it doesn't look finished which is why i said doubt

There is nothing you can say Bla1ze, at this point with the cat out of the bag so to speak RIM pretty much has not choice but to reveal at least the finalized OS in a few weeks at BB Jam Americas.

If this as you say is not representative of the final build, well, it's on every tech site out there and so millions will have seen it. If RIM wants people to not spread the word they need to give them something else to talk about.

So what? Do you remember how many different icon sets we've seen in leaked pictures of the PlayBook before it was released?

There will be loads more images of the final OS when it hits and nobody will bother about these.

The UI/UX will be feature complete and ready to show off for BlackBerry Jam Americas. However, they will not show off any of the big apps that they have been working on for launch.

You keep mentioning that it will be different software, but haven't anything about it being different hardware. If this is the official hardware, and the screen is supposed to be 4.2 inches, then tbe bottom and top bezels look to be about an inch each. Seems to make the phone too large for my liking... Just a thought.

Not a big fan of every icon being squared itself, or via the box each is placed in. Makes icons a little harder to distinguish from one another. I would much rather have icons appear as they already do on bbos 7, or on the PlayBook.

They'll be different at release. Not sure why this is so difficult for people to understand. It's not final software, you're judging something that will be changed.

Hey Bla1ze. Don't jump to conclusions my friend, I'm not one of those people who act like everything we see is finalised and I didn't judge anything except the icons as seen in this photo. I'm just putting my thoughts out there so that if BlackBerry is playing with different UIs, they'll have some extra constructive criticism if they happen to read these comments.

I do understand your frustration however when people can't grasp clearly stated facts or lack common sense. Anyhoo...

I hear ya, and you're right. Like ya say, just frustrated. Especially when it's noted right in the article that's not final. I've read so many inaccuracies lately it's just not even funny any more.

I swear, people have just started to make things up and post them as facts, epsecially those not familiar with the BlackBerry space. They'll write 110% false information and never bother to correct it.

The point with the UI is that despite it not being finished, this might be the paradigm they have settled on when it comes to things like displaying the icons, have it looking good but still somewhat restrained.

Yeah, like those idiots over at Seeking Alpha who called the new flow interface "Cascade" clearly showing that they have not done any research or would know that the framework is called cascades, not the UI itself.

Exactly what I as thinking! First off, I don't like that they are all the same shape. Makes it look ugly and boring. Second, I REALLY don't like the look of the icons either, especially that enormously atrocious 'text messaging' icon.

well I really like the phone can't wait for bb10, but I Hope blackberry delete this ugly semi-trasparent boxes around de icons Horrible!

PREmature judging doesn't do anything. If you can't stand the icons, don't view the photo. The OS is going to be changing, as we DO NOT know what version it is. SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Something is obviously off. If you look at the upper right hand corner you can see that the usual blackberry data symbol is wrong, it looks like a windows emblem. It could just be a bad picture but it looks funny to me.

That works for me. I'm stoked about the phone it self though. Just a thought, this ui looks older than the bb10 that was demonstrated by RIM, kind of like a rough draft, maybe a very early working set up?

But more importantly, your little spotting confirmed one thing. We still has BIS, or so it seems. To many were speculating on it going away from BB10 onwards.

i said the same thing, it looks liek a mock up picture, like soemone is really good on photoshop

If this is for real, someone's about to get in a TON of trouble. The device looks like it watermarks the PIN number on the homescreen, so I assume RIM can track who has the device...

I really dont think thats the pin.. Either way its not whoever showed the phone offs fault to whoever(carriers) that someone snuck a quick pic

I for one, Mr. Bla1ze, know its not final sotware and it WILL change and has already changed from the old software pic when its released. But I also know the hardware is what is pictured above. :)

I noticed the BB symbol too. I thought BB10 will use regular data (like iOS and Android) and not require a BIS plan... so why the BB symbol?
On my BB7 phone the H+ is there to show your connected to data, but you need the BB symbol displayed so you can actually use data and shows you have a connection the BIS.
Or am I getting this all wrong?

Dude, it's a BB symbol... it's just a bad pic. Would I have posted it if I thought it was some elaborate hoax? Not check the photo? Pull whatever EXIF data could be pulled from it? Didn't think it was legit?  No - I wouldn't have.

It's just a bad pic of incomplete software. Of course some stuff isn't gonna look right.

If it is connected to the bb10 version of a bes, that bb symbol would probably be used to indicate that connectivity is in place.

UI guidelines tell you to use a specific size for the icons. It's most likely going to look like the icons on the PlayBook, for better or for worse. Frankly, it's going to be Active Frames implementation that will differentiate BB10 from Android, iOS, and WP8. Every mobile platform has a list of apps, and none of them are terribly exciting.

RIM has said that data efficiency will still be an important part of BB10. Hopefully the BB symbol just means the device is connected to RIM's network for services like BBM and push, rather than old school BIS...

One thing I noticed that makes me question the age of this picture has to do with the icon image sizes. On these pics the image of the bbm logo, the browser and contacts is stretched and square looking. But the same logos (look at the facebook logo for reference) are better in the video leak and image leaks we saw last week. I think these pics are pretty old.

What a relief to see the front facing cam if the hardware is not going to change...But cannot to see the blinking led light...Maybe a bad pic but would not want to miss the LED...

The Blinking light is there, to the right of the camera.
And to everybody else questioning the icons and software, do yourself a favour and read the above posts and you will see that this is old software and has changed and will change again until its final.... sheeesh

Oh cool then.. am sure RIM will have a great end product...Good or bad BB10 would be mine in Jan 13...


Personally, all I want to see is the hardware!!!! We know the software isn't finalized. And we won't see finalized software unfilled official announcement. Since the hardware is pretty much in its final stages, I feel we should find out about the hardware. Especially the N-series!

Did anyone notice that front camera? Boy o boy, BBm video calls are on their way, its just a matter of launching this beauty now. I ll be surprised if skype devs are interested?

I seriously hope this is just the quintessence of the UI. The contacts icon is the only thing that's even remotely close to elegance. Wouldn't settle for anything less than what we've already seen in the market. The eloquence of the iOS interface with the boldness of BlackBerry that's what i had in mind. But something completely unique other than whats already in the market with incredible elegance is much sought-after and i hope BlackBerry delivers it. The BlackBerry 10 sneak peek from the keynote showed promise but what I've seen so far on the Dev Alpha along with the leaked images weigh little bit on the disappointing side. Regardless I'm going to get one as soon as its out.

P.S would be nice if the full touch is called 'BlackBerry London'

LOL! I love reading the comments about the hand holding the device. Like, seriously?

Thanks for sharing, Bla1ze! Have to say, too bad the image cut off the top and bottom edges of the phone. Really excited about the FFC (camera). I know the icon design isn't final, but the ones here are definitely lacking in punch. I'm hoping for animated icons, kind of like with the animated BBM profile pics. BB10 should be all about customization, as with previous BB phones. Very excited to see the final product! xD

Mannnnn! B1aze is "on fire" when its coming to answering all these questions and thoughts on this thing. Should we not give him a round of appluase for him clearing up things like, "its not the final build", "bad pic", "e is for edge" and "its not the final build!". Teahcers always said there's no such think as a stupid quesiton, but what about a dumb one? Obviously B1aze has a lot of patience. And that's why he's so nice about this all.

I completely agree! It takes great patience to be able to keep the sanity. I think everyone is just so damn excited to see what we have in store for January that even when we get a leak like this, its not enough to quench our thirst for more!

Bla1ze, can you please comment on the LED ?
Maybe it's just the picture or the LED is behind the black bezel and is flashing "trough", but I sure hope they did not get rid of the LED.
This is one of my 5 must-have things!

Everyone should send a pin message to that device letting that person know they are about to get sacked.

Can we please freaking get it in white?! That Dev Alpha device looked awesome in white, I think it would be worth it for RIM to put a white one out there.

I sure hope we will be able to "hide all icons" like we can with the PB and current BB's. That is one of my top 3 features of each. I love to see my background, not icons.

Anyhoo, yay! more pictures :)

It is absolutely clear that there are still people who post comments without taking the two minutes to read Bla1se's post.

--begin sarcasm--

We should just give in and join the crazies!

It only runs edge? FAIL!!
I cannot believe they went with those icons!
Hard to believe that after this long they have given up on QNX and switched to WP8!


--end sarcasm--

I think these leaks are staged. The reason I say this is they reveal a little but not really what Blackberry fans want to see, i.e., the whole phone!

Thanks RIM for the little sneak peak to keep us happy pre Nokia 920 press conference. Looking forward to seeing the whole phone either before or after the iPhone 5 press conference. Maybe with a little blury video showing something the iPhone 5 can't do.


Quite certain they aren't leaked. I have it on very good authority that the hand you see no longer works for the company.

My 2 cents! I hope the face of this new bb10 is seamless, I would like a surface that is like the playbook! I dont like the plastic peice at the top where the speaker is. My 9850 leaks dust in and i would hope to not see that again in a new device. My thoughts!

Anyone else notice the E in the upper right corner where it would usually say 3G, EDGE, H+, 4G or what have you?

Like the look of the phone, obviously OS is not final. Really hoping some of those N series leaks get out. Here's my question to Bla1ze..With the iPhone 5 "leaks" looking rather similar to this does BB risk being sued for "copying" geometric shapes by Apple?

Obviously this isn't the final software, but I'm excited to see Story Maker and what JayCut has put together for BB10. Hopefully we'll get a sneak peak at BB Jam Americas. Waiting patiently for BB10!!

This not the final version. I do not think Rim has handed out the handset to anyone to test yet. (Not even the Carriers) My cousin is one of the Directors at Rim and believe me its not out for people to take pictures yet. However, there may not be much changes in the look from this to the final version. I heard Rim will be handing the test handsets to all the carriers and senior Rim executives end of this month (even those handsets may not have the final cosmetic look) and when the launch happens it would be a pleasant surprise to all of us and the Apple /Android folks.

Am I the only one who actually liked the homescreen, along with the icons and all that?


What I want and probably won't get for a while anyway, is some clear pictures contrasting the new BB10 phone with the Bold 9900/9930 so that I can get a sense of the size of the new phones. All I've seen so far, including the pictures next to the 9900, haven't succeeded in doing this. Personally, the Bold 9900 is close to the maximum size I want in a phone. The new BB10 phones can be a little larger then the 9900's, but I'm hoping they're not too much so.

the icons look kinda ugly in this..i liked the browser icon better in the other screenshot..but still lot more work needs to be done...maybe this is from an older build. hope to see better icons..

Really Blackberry??? Your phone looks just like the iphone and i think the software on my nokia 5.1 looked more advanced than this. Actually i'm trying to work out whether this is a photo or a picture on the back of a fag packet stolen from an Apple workers waste paper bin.

All jibes aside, i loved Blackberry for the buttons. I do not have the patience to operate touch screens. i like to type my emails fast and make phone calls. Not sit ignorantly on my phone constantly, surfing the web, texting my friends and playing angry birds. Seems just like everyone else, you've sold out to the iphone market and what drew me to Blackberry originally, is now dead and buried.