BlackBerry 10 L-series lines up against Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 820 and iPhone 5

BlackBerry 10 L-series lines up against Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5
By DJ Reyes on 28 Nov 2012 09:11 am EST

As we get closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch, we are seeing the BlackBerry 10 L-series device make more and more camera appearances, the most recent being two days ago. Sometimes I feel like I can get enough of these pictures, while other times I think I've had enough as I just want it in my hands now and these pictures aren't helping. However, today, we see another picture of the L-series device and this one makes me all warm inside. We see it line up next to a Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 820 and an iPhone 5.

This gives us a nice idea of what we're expecting size wise. While many in the forums have been debating over it's size, here's my take. I have small hands but I gladly welcome these 'bigger' devices. I've held and played around with an iPhone 5 and as you can see the BlackBerry 10 L-series is bigger than it but even with my small hands I would feel comfortable in holding it and navigating around one-handed. Especially with the awesome keyboard with its flick up gesture.

Look at the BlackBerry L-series size compared to the rest, I'd say the size is just about right and definitely holds its own. Very sexy. Would love to hear your comments too. Share you thoughts in the comments.

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BlackBerry 10 L-series lines up against Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 820 and iPhone 5


damn... it's bigger than the Nokia but damn I can't wait for the launch to finally get my hands on my L series (will be my first touch screen phone)

Bigger than the Nokia? LOL. The two black pieves of material that do nothing makes it bigger than the nokia, not the screen size.

how do you know the piece to the top and bottom does nothing? Have you been inside the phone to know this?

I totally agree. Why is there suck a large area there? There better be a damn good reason for it. Otherwise it is just wasted space.

for the same reason the iphone 5 back isnt all metal. phone signal CANT travel through metal so the plastic top and bottom will likely house the wifi and mobile antennas providing a better signal.

same reason samsung continue to make plastic phones and dont use metal for bezels. if they did the antennas wouldnt pick up the signal. That came straight from the samsung rep who makes a regular appearance in my work.

Troll much?

If you looked at the device a bit closer, you would see that in those two areas are the speaker and the microphone, hardly there "doing nothing".....

I was kind of hoping (though this is very hopeful) that we would have a choice of the colour of the plastic, also it may just be there so the service provider can print/engrave their name in it.

I used to prefer smaller devices, but over time my usage is changing, and I'm quite open to something bigger (despite having small hands). The popularity of the Note among women would also seem to indicate that good two handed use trumps good single handed use as far as consumer demand goes (I still like something I can use well one handed, of course, but if I had to choose, I'd pick two handed).

I do not understand the fascination with the Note...

Yes, the screen is big, but at the cost of carrying something that just looks uncomfortable to use outside the house.

I've a BB9780 for one-handed use & a small screen. I need a bigger device for content consumption. Once you've tried the large screen, you don't want to go back to any other touch-screen.

I'm not surprised if the Note is popular with women. Women almost always has a purse with them. They can easily carry the Note all the time in their purses.

I'm really liking this comparison :) Finally get to properly see it compared to other more "popular" phones.

Yeah that definitely is a Lumia 820. The Lumia 920 has sharp edges and is bigger.

Back on topic: The BB London has really grown on me. I am loving the look. Can't wait till it launches. :)

The Nokia in the picture is 100% the Lumia 820 because its not rounded and has a similar size screen to the iphone 5 (4.3 compared to )

I think the L series it holds its own, and I can't wait to own one. It doesn't look too big compared to other phones. its the smartest looking out of them all imo as well

I like it, if they were to extent the glass to the bottom and bottom then it would look like an iPhone/gs2 and the dozens of other black smartphones with full glass fronts

biggest thing i noticed.... the BB10 device is the only device without any "buttons" on outside of the screen..

iphone --> home button
Nokia --> windows touch button
Note --> home button

Fixed buttons are so last decade. The Playbook has no preferred orientation, and that is how it should be with a touchscreen device. Let's face it, such is modern technology that a virtual button has less to go wrong and should be more reliable than a physical button.

Not having fixed button(s) is double edged. Like the Nexus devices you lose screen real estate for onscreen ux elements like the search button you see on the L-Series. Whereas the windows phone has a dedicated seach capacitive button.

As far as orientation, unfortunately all phones have a preferred portrait orientation, atleast on the homescreen. I don't think the L-Series is going to be different.

I like the look of the L-Series though. HTC-ish but still distinct enough to be instantly recognizable.

Except that RIM is using gestures a lot, which take up no screen real estate. And as screens increase in size, there is no reason why phone orientation has to be portrait. The Nokia N900 worked in landscape mode, and there is no technical reason nowadays not to have a phone keyboard side by side with an address book, say, or a video window.

Start as you mean to go on is a good way to do things.

On the homescreen atleast, RIM felt the need to have on-screen buttons. But you make a good point. Having a gesture area and capacitive buttons would indeed be redundant. In the few cases where there is the need for buttons, we will see them on screen. No biggie in my opinion.

Not necessarily ,

I do recall patents (if not an actual implementation) where the speaker / mic function would switch based on phone orientation. :)

That's a preferred orientation when you are not looking at the screen. If I can see the screen, I am on handsfree.

Slick, is what it is. I'm loving the size of the BB10. Both the Physical device and screen size. As tall as the I5 but gives more screen space but yet much more phone sized than the phablet there.

Personally, I dislike the buttons, especially the touch buttons. My daughter has a Galaxy S2. When I was taking it for a test-drive, I kept touching the stupid buttons and having things like menus and the home screen pop up without me wanting it to. It was annoying. If I wanted buttons, I would prefer buttons that I have to press to avoid accidents. My brother-in-law has a My-touch and loves the fact that it has buttons. However, he's never used a Playbook so he doesn't know the buttonless awesomeness that exists. :P

Guys.. This L-serie device is NOT final hardware right? With all these leaks I'm not sure anymore. Please tell me this is NOT how the device being launched januari 30th is gonna look.. The size is great but it's looking damn ugly =S

I'm going to have to get used to the larger size of an L-series. I'm used to my phone being on my hip - this size will be too big for that.

I am really struck by just how similar all the hardware AND software looks. The WP looks the odd man out on the interface. Not sure how similar it would look once you get off the main screens.

Dear RIM: please put a BB10 phone in a box and put a price on it. I will pay it!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Actually I think BlackBerry10's UI looks like static BlackBerry icon grid. You know way back before Android and Iphone existed....NEXT.

LongLeggs wasn't commenting on which UI came first; he was commenting on how excruciatingly similar the BB UI, the Android UI, and the iOS UI all look. And I'd have to agree with him there.

And what's up with Crackberry users and the use of "NEXT"? I'm not seeing this used on any of the comments on the other Mobile Nations sites. Seems childish.

Sorry to post this on a BB website but the WP8 UI is awesome. It flows brilliantly and is so easy to use.

also if they had a picture of WP8 with the live tiles you might think differently

Nokia 920 is by far the best device I have ever owned.

Just a question, how long do you use your WP8 phone? Asking because UI is very similar to WP7 and I have one. Today I switched back to MeeGo after 2 months of WP7 usage. Tiles at first looked fresh and new, but now they look really annoying to me with no real purpose rather than killing battery...

It is just you. ;-)

Unless you have used Windows Phone you may not "get it". It took me a while to get used to it, but it is a very good OS; better than IOS for sure, and probably quicker and more intuitive than Android. Now I think BB10 is looking very much like Windows Phone OS but with the joy of gallons BB Sauce poured all over it. Yes, you can use that quote, hehehe.

Yes, I have used all the phone OSes I mentioned and I think the BB is still the best integrated and efficient to use OS. I cannot wait for the BB10 devices, but at the size of the L, I am concerned it will be as heavy as the Nokia Lumia 900 I am using. That device is too heavy in my opinion to be a fast device for one-handed use and the like.

Ok so I admit that when I 1st saw the L series I hated the look. But next to the rest of these devices it doesn't look "that" bad. I wasn't to fond of the top and bottom of the phone but it gives it a distinct character. I was hoping for chrome bezel @ least tho. But word on the street is, there will be a gun metal grey and white as well. Hopefully this isn't the final hardware but if it is, the phone is just too dope not to get it because of that. And like I said, its not "that" bad.

These pictures are not helping, lol I cant wait to have a new BB10 phone in my hand! And the L-series looks awesome, I hope thats the final device!

First thing I notice next to the Iphone is that despite not having any button, the screen is not bigger, it doesnt take all the phone lenght...and what about having only 4x4=16 icons on homescreen vs 4x6=24 icons for the Iphone 5. :( Dont get me wrong, i'm gonna madly love BB10. But will people convert? Hmm....

Im so scared...when i got my playbook it changed my life, with bridge, flow, android apps (emulator, maps, etc!!!). And multitasking! Its amazing watching a video while "peeking" to a app right or left. But, as we all know, the playbook wasnt a game changer in the tablet industry, despite being a truly amazing product. So i'm scared for BB10...

How many homescreens?
I think 16 icons is plenty. My main phone has 16 icons per screen and six screens ordered in frequency of use, and that works well for me.

I think the static icons is a bit of a put-off, but once you have a bunch of apps running, using peek and real multi-tasking, you will not worry so much about the icons and simply DO things with the phone and get back to life.

The Galaxy Note II which has a huge screen in comparison to the iPhone 5 only has room for 5x5 icons on the home screen, so only one more icon than the 4" iPhone 5. I'd also like to point out that a lot of users use widgets or only have a couple of icons per home screen on Android, so the number of icons doesn't really matter. I think people (as I think somebody else has pointed out) will primarily flow between a set of apps using the active frames.

For example, on my Bold 9900 I have my icon grid set to only display one row (6 icons) at a time. I have my favorites page set to the 12 apps I use the most and ordered by relevance for me. I then have an All pane which only has folders to it and therefore access to all of the apps through those folders and then a media pane for those apps that I use frequently but only at specific times.

I really think that Active Frames allows people to customize their experience and only refer back to the icon grid once in a while and truly "live" within the active frames and HUB in much the same way that I can live on my favorites pane on BBOS7 and only refer to my "all" pane when an app that I don't usually use needs to be opened.

Essentially what I'm saying is that BB10 does not have to revolutionize how we use devices on every level (Flow and Peak do this nicely though). BB10 just has to take that traditional BlackBerry experience and amplify it and make it even better. Look at the HUB, it really isn't a "new" concept in the sense that my 9900 has one inbox for everything, but BB10 makes that "universal inbox" so much more and so much more useful that it's a significant upgrade to an existing BlackBerry feature.

That's true for the icons. It's just that i'm feeling the race is heading this way. Showing lot of icons on homescreen to have a "big screen" feeling... At the first look between an Iphone4 and an Iphone5, the first thing we see is the additionnal row of icons.

Although, it has to be a different, great, awesome experience, because its true RIM isnt in the Specs race, nor in the Apps race (the infamous netflix/skype dilemma). A Blackberry experience amplified, as you say. It has to gain back a little percentage of android and iphones users, it has to be different...

I wish RIM will be able to survive being the fourth mobile os. Getting to third place will be difficult, as Microsoft has big big funds to push WPhone. And by changing Windows 8, we see Microsoft is really throwing everything to make their phones succeed and make those tiles part of our lives.

I am still on BBOS 6 on my Torch 9800. I dont have BBOS 7, how's the BB HUB gonna be different than the Playbook or the 7.0 one? How will it be "much more useful" ?

Right now if I open up a facebook message in my inbox on BBOS7 I'm taken to facebook, same with twitter and many other apps (although a quick tap of the back button takes me back to the inbox). On the PlayBook the inbox experience is kind of "meh" in the sense that it truly isn't even as good as my BBOS7 inbox... however it is a tablet and minus the customization features, it's ability to view and respond to emails is not too far short of even outlook on my PC.

With BB10 the inbox allows me to see not only ALL of my messages, but my calendar. When I open a message, it brings the relevant information to me instead of taking me to another app. It's really this process that makes the HUB "much more useful" as I said before. On iOS I'm forced into different inbox's for different means and my content lives only within the app it originates in so BB10 truly does enhance the BlackBerry experience to a point that I can't believe other companies haven't at least tried to on their own devices.

One last note: I respectfully disagree that RIM has to survive as fourth. WP8, while amazing in its own right, has yet to really show it has the ability to compete. I work for a carrier in Canada and we havn't carried a Windows Phone for a very long time and customers truly don't even know what it is. In fact when I mention it, they get scared by the term "windows" and immediately turn to iOS or Android. I'd also like to point out that BlackBerry is a computing platform now, at some point we'll probably see tight integration with many aspects of our everyday life (computing is beginning to take over our cars, appliances, and homes).

"The Galaxy Note II which has a huge screen in comparision to the iPhone 5 only has room for 5x5 icons"...

I can't speak for the Note II, and the picture above doesn't help because for some reason the person who took that picture did not choose to put Samsung's most recent phones in that picture against a BB that's not even released yet and the current iPhone and the step down WP, but the Original Note is capable of 7x7 on the home screen, and I'm speaking from knowledge I have one - but it's pretty obvious if you look above and take that 2 row clock widget out (it is a widget and easily removed), you have room for 2 more rows of icons.

In actual fact I like my home screen clean, perhaps from years of BB I have a clock and 2 rows of my most important icons, so I don't have so many icons on the home page and I hope the BB10 is configurable somewhat as well. I consider the "home screen" different than the app drawer and I prefer a little easier to find home screen.

I didn't even notice the widget at the top of the Note at first, but I'd say it's only taking up one icon row, either way... it doesn't really allow access to many more icons than an iPhone considering the substantial size difference.

You bring up a really good point though, about how the home screen is/should be different than the app drawer. Apple doesn't think so, Google does and Microsoft sort of does their own thing. The point I was trying to make initially about the home screen experience is that on BlackBerry you can easily customize your "experience" in a way that no other platform lets you. Android gives you X number of home screens and all the other stuff is in the drawer, Apple just puts everything on the home screen and forces everything into the next available slot.

I've managed to have my favorites pane on BBOS7 take the place of the home screen and my all pane the place of the app drawer simply because of the way that I organize my apps. On BB10 I'm going to be able to customize this in a similar way through Active Frames... these frames become my home screen and the grid becomes my app drawer and essentially separates my home screen (Active Frames scrolling up and down) from my app grid (scrolling left and right).

Obviously everybody uses their devices differently, I just like the way that BlackBerry lets me make the experience mine and I can easily arrange things in a way that allow me access to what matters and store everything else close, but not too close.

I do agree that it would be nice to see the app grid configurable so that I could only have say 4 apps on a single screen (I assume this is possible because it's been shown to a point on Dev Alpha's and exists on PlayBook).

You might be right about the clock on retrospect. I use Nova Launcher on my GNote and that's an option on that particular launcher, not sure you can do it on stock TW or not but you can go 7x7 if you want to with Nova. I do think there is some resizing of the icons at 7x7 but its very viewable. There is a lot of space between the icons at 5x5 on a GNote.

I was sad to hear BB10 won't support Themes as others have said I have, as you seem to as well, liked customizing my phones some. Stock is pretty good but there are always a few tweaks you can make, one of the reasons I like Android as well.

I do hope we can do a little customization at least on BB10.

it does not matter how big or small is gonna be, am getting one when it comes out.
another addict.

I have not had a 'smart phone' for three years due to a work location where there is no coverage. I came back to every kind of phone tech. In the last three years there have been advances that Capt. Kirk would kill to have.

I have seen all the above phones. All are great, all have perfect features but, I want the security of the BB10 and a feeling that the company 'wants me. iPhone is great but, I am not an App person so, the extra Apps from BB mean little (in the minority here). iPhone and such are over priced and, a friend of mine had goe through several in the last few years and is sick if it. BB was 5 years behind and living off their name. Now it is close to wiped out. They are fighting back and, in fighting, are going to make this phone the cat's ass.

I was upset with the waiting but, home stretch is here. The company I work for has close to 8000 BB phones on contract. They will upgrade to BB10 because of the security issues of the other phones. The 'BB Balance' is the hot topic.

I will wait. I will buy.

The top and bottom bug me also, butserious fans cant be choosers right? Cant wait to get it. i heard of a hifger end one coming out later maybe Q2 but cant wait that long. My contract was up 2 weeks ago and (like everyone else) I am counting down the days to launch. I hope VZW has pre orders available. "BlackBerry By Choice"

It possibly is plastic, but so are the wings of the latest modern aircraft, and so will be the boat I'm building out of carbon fiber, kevlar and epoxy. You want a phone made from hand carved unobtainium?

That's an awesome build on a boat I must say. Big enthusiast and fisherman myself. And I wasn't complaining about the material! I am just saying, like many others have, that it doesn't look too great to me. Other poeple have brought up mentions of how they would rather it resemble a dev alpha with the all glass as a more "premium" look.

Whether it's plastic or not, I don't think ddlax22 cares. He says that he doesn't think those ares of the phone look good. By the way, what is it if it's not plastic? Some type of polycarb?

Thank you. I could care less. I just used that word. I didn't even think it looked a bit unattractive until we just got a picture from a distance like this one. So I am changing my mind a bit haha

Who says it isn't? Do go out saying I'm making a dumb post without supporting it. I am in love with bb10 so, chill, friend. It doesn't look to be like the soft touch of the pb so I am 'assuming' its plastic. I get its there to give you something to hold, look at it, without that extra space u wouldn't be able to hold it properly and do the thumb gesutres. Try NOT to get mad and READ an opinion before you make a dumb comment.

look at the shadows cast on the surface for some reference on the thickness of the devices

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

All those complaining about bottom bumper:

It is necessary in order to bring the edge of the screen higher up in the hand for proper use of gesture. BB10 is optimized for one handed use, and if there was no bezel, the thumb would naturally rest a good third to half way up the screen. By adding the bottom edge, which rests in the hand, and presents the gesture area closer to the thumbs natural position.

The top edge is likely for symmetry.

Exactly. Finally, someone gets it. There's a reason why there's not a single all-touch smartphone on the market with a screen that extends all the way to the bottom with no bezel.

Is anyone seeing what I am seeing at the bottem of the L-series. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, 4square. Thats nearly all the major ones right.

Well we have all of those now on bbos so I'd assume they would be there. I think big name they're talking skype netflix kindle, and those type. Personally all I need is skype but If It doesn't have it, hey I still use my playbook daily hahaha nothing is stoping me

Man, that Note is a friggin tablet, not a phone. Would not want that, even if it becomes the best phone in history of life.

The screens on the other devices look more vibrant than on the BB10 L, which seems muted, washed-out & dark - quite apparent by lookiing at the screen icons ... Having said that, the windblows phone is like a neon sign in comparison to the rest.

At a quick glance I couldn't tell it apart from either Android or iOS, which is a bad thing. WP8 is the most distinctive, and the Lumia has the sharpest hardware.

WP8 is a who cares smart phone. Microsoft has never made a dent in the mobile world and this will be no different. At least microsoft will be off to create something else yet again. Nokia as a company will be lights out, once and for all.

Nokia still is losing buckets of money and running WP8 won't help them from losing money. A one SKU company never lasts..

With Windows 8 bringing the mobile world in to the PC (sorta like Apple does), I suspect they will do much better moving forward. Between iOS, Android and Windows, Windows intrigues me the most.

Nokia sold 2.5 million lumia 920s i was one of them and its an amazing phone. Anyways can't wait to replace my business line with a bb10 :D

"Nokia still is losing buckets of money and running WP8 won't help them from losing money. A one SKU company never lasts.."

Be careful what you say. Hypothesizing about such things is dangerous. Especially when RIM right now is all-in on the London device. Things could end up like this:

[RIM] still is losing buckets of money and running [BB10] won't help them from losing money. A one SKU company never lasts.."

The only one that looks psuedo-unique, fresh and new is the Nokia running Windows mobile. The rest look almost identical besides the stupid huge sized Galaxy Note.

But remember, the res of this bb10 is one of the highest if not the highest. Iphone's redna display has a density of 326ppi, galaxy note is 264ppi, windows is 341 and 332 and the BB10 L series is @ a whopping 356ppi and the N series is even @ 330ppi. So don't be misled by the picture you see. Wait until its in hand before making that judgement kolok. Lol

I hope that the case is rubberized and textured like my 9700. Otherwise one-handed use will be impossible for me. I tried an iPhone for two weeks and could not hold it securely or with any ease. These big cases change the ergonomics.

Whoa, that Samsung Note is a Goliath! I can never understand why anyone will buy it as a mobile phone; it's like raising a tablet to my face each time I talk.

The Lumia and WP8 does stand out the most among the rest with its bright banana colours and square boxes homescreen, but I have never been a fan of the WP8 metro UI. Nokia's Lumia does have a modern feel but lacks elegance in my opinion.

I'll reserve my judgement on BB L-series for now since I still don't buy that this is a final hardware. Aside from looks, the BB10 OS with flow and gestures still offers the newest and best way to use a phone, I think. After using the Playbook for so long, I can never return to using the homebutton.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

My first mobile phone was a Nokia that had a curved handset like an old fashioned desk phone and if I was out of the office for a whole day I needed the extra large battery pack. I was in a meeting in London on Black Wednesday and all of a sudden phones started to ring and people started bringing these huge handsets out of bags- one of them was still of the briefcase-attached variety. Then mine rang...that day we found out who was important enough to have a mobile phone, and relationships in the committee altered subtly. Times have changed indeed,but the Note 2 is tiny by comparison with what we had to use in the 90s.

Said the BB10 mobile computing system: "Put me in, Coach!"

Some of these comments are awesome and some are hilarious. You gotta love these forums and threads.

Bang on BruvvaPete, I agree with you completely.

Can't wait to lay my hands on one of these sweet babies myself!

I have to admit, I am not impressed at all. I haven't been since the first leaked photos. The OS may be great, the security top notch, blah blah blah. But it is the looks that will get the masses to buy. Its like cars, you can have all the horsepower, or torque, but you can still onyl drive the speed limit, so why do people buy Corvettes? Because of how they look! Driving a vette, or a porsche, or a beamer, people notice what you have and say "that looks awesome". Having a rectangular phone in your hand that from the back looks the same as every other phone won't make anyone ask what kind of phone that is. But having a phone like some of the mock-ups people have posted on here, will make people say "that looks awesome, I want one of those!"

This is just my opinion. I am sticking with BB because that is my choice, as will most every other true BB user. But to expand their marketshare, or even maintain it, they need to look different, not just run different.


It may not look like a Corvette, but with BB10 under the hood the comps can't catch us when we decide to break the speed limit.

you ENTIRELY missed his point which is one I agree with. It needs to look sexy. The Bold 9930 looks better than this from the outside which doesn't help.

On another note, the iphone 5 looks pathetic now next to these phones. no idea why people still line up to buy it and pay hundreds of dollars in premium for data and the handset

It definitely needs to look sexier. More "Bold" than "Curve" ...

Iphone is special, it's far ahead in the "trendy" and "hip"'s a name. Like those Beats headphones...
Android lead the "Specs" Race, and a part of the "Apps" Race (many and open!!)
Iphone lead the "Name" Race, and a part of the "Apps" Race too (firsts apps?).
Windows phone lead the "Computer integration" Race and the "Unique looking interface" Race...
Hmm, will BB10 leads the "Experience" Race

No I get what he's saying.
Why have a high performance car and not be able to use it due to speed limits. Since we're using car analogies the comp has a Corvette body with a lawnmower engine while we have a Honda body with a jet engine under the hood.
Think about MIB when Will Smith first saw K's car: "Technology from all over the universe and you riding around in this Ford POS."
BB10 will get into the hands of the consumer based on word of mouth, those who are saying how awesome BB10 is

Is the screen longer/taller than the iphone 5? I love the length of the iphone 5 but it's too narrow, which the L clearly fixes. I want to know how it feels in my pocket before I decide between the L and N.

Does anyone like how the back of the london looks so far?? I know the front is more important and while that looks nice I'm not sure about the back......looks really "plain* to me. Anywho can't wait! ^__^

I think the BlackBerry10 A series is gonna look very close to one of those devices up there...

BlackBerry Phablet anyone? A series.

I would like to see this new BB beside the current Galaxy S3 just for comparisons sake. Im patiently waiting for the new BBs to hit the store shelves but if they dont have that hands on wow factor for me at that time I may just go to the S3. I like what I have seen and heard so far but for me it has to have that appeal in the hand factor as well to make it the perfect choice for me. JMHO

Samsung: for People who has a large Hands..

Nokia: for people who has Medium size hands.

iphones: for people who has small/hobbits hands..

Blackberry 10: for people ABOVE ALL...

I much prefered the origional BB10 "A" design without the Black plastic on the top & bottom of the screen...... I hope this gets removed before release!!

Its tragic how all these pictures of the bb10 are leaking into public. It will somewhat be a let down when they showcase the phone on January 30 when most public have already seen what it looks like. It wont stop me from getting one, but it would be nice to have a surprise on the physical aspect on their date of announcement.

I wonder who is currently manufacturing these L series and who have they handed it out to.

I don't know, i've been waiting for this phone but i don't like it, it looks old. I hope this is not the real phone.

Like most of you on here, I'm a BB loyalist and will definitely get this phone. However, don't you think they could have made this phone sexier? It's your standard black brick. We all know the iPhone has its downsides but let's face it, the phone is gorgeous to look at and hold. I'll reserve full judgment until the release but the initial pix look pretty blah.

I actually like the top and bottom of L-series. Am I strange? They would look even better if they have Yukon Denali grill pattern (
Since the look of L-series is great already, now I hope it will have kick-ass CPU and memory.

I can remember the first time i seen a retina display apple device. I thought it was fake. The resolution was so crisp i thought the applications were small stickers upon a glass screen. I actually tried to peel said "sticker" from the screen and realized it was the real deal. Before that moment apple failed to "wow" me. Hopefully BB10 will be able to deliver that "wow" to ppl that see the device in passing.

Hold a retina display one foot away from a standard display, and your eyes will not be able to resolve the pixel differences. So what's the point?

I don't know why everyone wants to compare a blackberry to anything else. Everything else is just an entertainment device with phone features built into it (iphone is a classic example). BB is phone and an email system with fun things being built around it. I love the Lumia 920 but in India that is like 879 $ and so is the Iphone, we do not get these phones with an operator lock. I hope the BB fits my budget, am kinda happy with my 9790 as of now and its camera is lovely (best ever on a BB).

after being an admin for Exchange for 12 years I have realized a few things of late:
1) Android users really annoy me since their phones do not support basic encryption for email. (except most Samsung ones).
2) Windows 7 series don't have that encryption.
3) Iphones work great with it (just crappy cos after everything one pays for it, I still find it too annoying to use, but the iOS is by far the best at handling imaging ever against any operating system )
4) BB . Works. Works perfectly. esp with the introduction of the BB express server it works just as any admin wants.
Oh I miss the android games tho, the iphone ones too.
But for windows phone 8, hmm I just don't know yet.
But I will never leave my BB.

I really though that the phone design was going to be more like the TK concepts, wich are awesome. I know there are some technical issues about concepts but really wish for it to be a little sexier, fresher and creative.

The size is just perfect !! would prefer the icons with no boxes around, or maybe with an opasity option, more trasnparent, it would be even better if we had the option to turn the opasity of the box all the way down till it disappears.

Other then that, i just love BB10 UI and how it flows. Cant wait of it to be on my hands !!

i really wish they didn't do away with themes. i hate how everything looks the same.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

That's not going to fit comfortably in my pocket next to my wallet.

Looks like I'll be holding on to my 9800 for a while yet...

I'm sorry, every device there except the iPhone is just too damn big to be my phone. When it becomes a problem putting it in my pocket- no way. I don't like carrying around bricks.

The Samsung is a frickin tablet, the nokia is an ugly boxy brick, the iphone is the most fragile thing but acceptable, and the blackberry is TBD but likely too boxy (who the hell needs the two slabs on top and bottom if they have no use?) and in the same boat as the nokia with no app ecosystem to fuel it. Apple gets elegance correct, the others do not. Wish they would.

Have to love clueless iSheep. Apple get's elegance? Give me a break. Same bland boring phone year after year. Big deal it's thinner and has a faster processor and bigger screen. Seems that's all Apple has done since the iphone 4.

Wake me up with they innovate. Apple has been copying the competition for decades..

I highly doubt you even been to the App World let alone own a Blackberry product. Your ignorance is proof. Between side loading and app world i have everything that pos iphone of yours has is on a BB as well.

When the NEW BB10 drops everything will come full circle for the eco system. Funny how Apple and android developers are coming over in droves to develop for RIM. There is no money to be made in IOS or Android.

Couldn't care less if Apple has 1000000 apps same goes with Android. The fact is people only use 20 or so go to apps daily. Do i need 400 fart apps, 200 flashlight apps, 1000 joke apps the list goes on an on..

Maybe you can send them one of each. Sure that's all that was available to them at the time of the pic..

When I look at the top masthead I see sites of all of the major competing brands and even one that's not competing anymore in web OS. I am not sure of your point "Mobile Nations" is not capable of such a picture? I don't think they should need us to send them one of each of the current state of the art to compare them too, nor is it unfair of us who come to this site to expect that of them, IMHO

I am still hoping that's not the final look of L-Series.

Playbook is my first BB device. Love it so much that I have decided to switch phone from Android to BB10. But the leaked images of the L-Series just doesn't give me the same wow factor as the Bold 9900 (white).

I agree that it's unfortunate there won't be themes anymore, that's so blackberry! Also I don't find it a good looking device, very professional look, indeed, but for consumers it will be just another phone. I've seen lately many windows phones and they look very modern and crisp. I was thinking how cool it would be to have themes or at least a very customizable UI when on personal mode.I would also love to be able to hide apps icons like we do on the playbook so we can enjoy our wallpapers.

I'm definetely getting N-Serie...the L-Series looks like there is much space waste (the two "look like plastic" things...) ... Playbook + N Serie = Great

I think BB has got a potential grand slam here, here is my reasoning:

1) Some Similarities (between IOS, Android and BB10) Can be Good for new potential users:
I think that existing IOS or Android customers going to buy a new phone are going to want to understand the OS when they see it, and not be confused. I feel that windows phone is so "different" upon first glance that you'll either love it or hate it right away.

BB on the other hand has gone with simple device hardware, at first glance it doesn't
seem "Too" different from what IOS and Android users may be used to. However once
these users see a demo showing the goodies (time shift camera, peek, flow, toasts) mixed with the similar feel of their current device i think bb is on to something here. (Similar but Different Enough)

2) Hardware Features - I have seen many people raise discussion about how bb needs to have the best hardware, I think that's incorrect. If they were trying to sell for the same price as an Iphone, then maybe, but since they are trying to sell to developing markets where apple prices are not feasable, the device hardware needs to be reasonably priced to build.

-They have done well here in my opinion, 8MP camera is more then enough, if anyone here owns a good SLR they would know that the general public can not tell the difference on an 8mp camera to a 9, 10 or 12 MP camera, its incredibly slight.

-BB has been known to have the best battery life, and it appears with the whopper that is in the "L" series they aren't giving that up any time soon. If any one here has friends with Iphones then you are likely aware of how often they are plugging in or asking if they can borough a charger.

-Excellent screen resolution, even when compared to the best hardware out there.

I think all of these things will amount to a great experience (hardware + OS) overall with excellent value in the market. I think within a year of launch some of BB's greatest skeptics, may become its biggest fans!

I'd like to agree with u on the "whopper" battery u speak of, but if the 1800mah LS1 we've seen is anything to go by then I don't think it will reach d "whopper" height u allude to...I'm holding the battery life as my dealbreaker cause I want good battery life...BB has lost the "gr8st battery life" title, by the way!

Okay, so the elephant in the room here is the Samsung Galaxy S3 - everyone who is saying that the L series is the perfect mid-sized device is stepping around the fact that the S3 is this too, is already in market and has real momentum.

Agree with others about the top and bottom parts of the L series which just make the screen look smaller.

But really hope that this phone looks and is great upon release - BB phones are just excellent for all of the right reasons and I'm really hoping that RIM make a device which looks great, catches public attention, and secures their long term future so I can just go on buying awesome keyboard workhorses (that also look great) for years to come.

The S3 is an incredibly successful device, no doubt about it. I don't think the L-Series is going to steal the sunshine, but it will certainly offer customers who like the size some choice. I think that it will be interesting to see vendors start to compare these devices (L-series and S3) to the customers in store and see the reactions in person to the consumer who uses both beside each other...

Your on point with the top and bottom parts, but i think that they did this strategically because of the gestures which will be used to operate the phone. Although not visually stunning, i think they will be better understood when we can actually test the devices in person.

Only time will tell!

"but even with my small hands I would feel comfortable in holding it and navigating around one-handed"

OK - are you psychic or have you actually held and used the phone ?

It's kind of sad that it looks just like every other phone now. Windows has the only unique looking UI. The iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung all look virtually identical.

The iPhone and Android are the market leaders. If BB10 wants to steal some market share back, they can't be too different, like the Windows phone.

In fact, the consumers have proven that they like the grid look on the screen. So why not stick with what the consumers like?

Windows may be kind of unique but doesn't mean it will sell. Windows 8 is already tanking. The Metro look was forced to Xbox 360 users and well Windows phone has never been a stellar seller.

Pretty sure anyone who purchased an older windows phone. It will be their first and last one since Microsoft pretty much screwed them with no upgrade to WP8. Instead they will half arse it with a 7.8 update to kind of look like WP8...

Clocks ticking but surely windows phone will bomb yet again..

How is Windows 8 already tanking? I read a report from Microsoft this morning claiming that Windows 8 is already out pacing Windows 7.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Windows 8 will not break the enterprise market (where microsoft makes their bread and butter).

When online retails stores as an example newegg says sales are slow i would believe them over microsoft. Most of the downloads will be from the exploit that let illegal windows 7 users grab windows 8 for $14.99 before they closed the hole. Some upgrades from new pc sales and makers like Dell, HP, Acer etc pre installing Windows 8.

Overall end users are not jumping to go buy windows 8. The metro flip flopping is plain stupid on a desktop without touch. Searching for installed program is slow an painful.

I researched this on line why phone screens are getting so big. Here's why...

There is a new category for phones (created by Samsung). When the phone screen is 5 inches it is called a Phablet, and is a hybrid of a Phone and a tablet in terms of screen size.

So that's our new word today...Phablet. Google it and tell your friends about it lol.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Waiting as patiently as possible on this ... My Bold 9700 has been OK, but I'm ready to upgrade, and have held back on going Android or WP8.

One idea that I hope that RIM borrows from Google is selling these phones unlocked, at a reasonable price, direct from their website (except hopefully they're better with stocking and shipping!). Right now, Google can't keep up with the demand for the LG Nexus 4. Selling at $300 and $360 (CAD) unlocked is a steal! RIM, please price these BB10 phones competitively!

Google sells those phones at "cost" hoping to lock you into their ecosystem where they own themselves all of Google Play, in addition to other services like Google Drive and Picasa where once you are locked into a phone - they make money from you. RIM would have to do it for the service fees for BIS, and their share of their partnered media stores, and all of App World. Not sure how the numbers work out, but I completely agree. I will not upgrade to the L series as I wont have an upgrade until May and won't pay 500-600 for an unsubsidized phone. If they offered the phone unlocked for 350 I would think twice about that decision.

All you people forget that the software we been seeing is 100% naked right? The bells, whistles and visuals have not been shown off yet dum dums. To think that they would release "just another smart phone" that is no different from the competition is pretty sad. IT WILL BE WAY DIFFERENT! BB10!!!

All these people posting everywhere saying I hope that's not the final hardware.... take your head out of the sand... IT IS. If you don't like it move along.

It doesn't actually look that good.the iphone is poor too (looking dated now), but the new Nokia designs are stunning, esp the 920..... I hope they do something with the final design or it'll be like driving a 500hp Nissan sunny...may be fast but looks shi*

I think it looks great. Not as forward-thinking/alternative a design as the Nokia 920, but at the same time I would never expect Blackberry to try to do something like that. It looks good, and it looks practical.

What I really like here is seeing it next to an Android and an iPhone... the interface looks as nice as the iPhone, and seeing the Android proves exactly why we have the gray box around the icons. Those icons with no uniformity and no background look awful on top of that wallpaper.

I hate to raise this topic again, but I REALLY hope they change those awful looking icons. That semi-opaque background really looks circa 1985. What are they thinking? My Torch looks better than that.

I think the SG3 looks too big, the N920 too squared, the iPhone too large and assymetric, but the L-Series looks fresh, sexy but at the same time elegant.

looks like a lot of wasted space,,, almost a 1/2" of nothingness top & botton,,, & my eye can't help but see a very close resemblance to the phone next to it,,, the 9850 has 20 icons w/ the home screen fully open vs. 16 here,,, screen is only slightly larger than ip5,,, i understand what's under the hood is probably awesome but this thing has no style,,, i sure hope those goofy endcaps house some kind of james bond kitchen utensils or something...

Looking forward to BB10 but I am not totally thrilled by this design. It does look very similar to the device on the left. Not a friend of the bigger is better trend so I hope RIM will make something smaller in the mold of Torch 9800/9810. I want something I can put in my pocket and the Torch size is just perfect.

I'm not the only one! Tried putting an iPhone 5 in my pocket the other day at an Apple store. Feels like the max size I'd want.

I use a Pearl 3G right now. Love the dimensions, though thinner would be even better.

Leaning towards L, but maybe N will be the best choice for me to keep the size down.

I have to say, at first glance my eye was drawn to the BB10 as the sexiest of the bunch.

Windows 8 stuck out as the ugliest, only because it's so different. Then Samsung S3, looked like a toy. The iPhone looks pretty slick, but the BB10 ruled them all.

I have to comment on this notion that the WP8 is somehow a viable phone OS that would steal away potential market share growth for BB10...have any of these folks who think WP8 has a chance used this whacked and totally confusing OS? YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THE HELL YOU ARE WHEN USING THIS OS...IT'S COMPLETELY CONFUSING!!! Simplicity my arse. One swipe to the right and you are in a list of apps that can't be adjusted and to the left nothing. Someone said in a post above that familiarity with other OSs is good and that's true! Microsoft has a big problem, they know it and that's why Nokia is now up there butt on the patent. Desperation. If BB10 does reasonably well or buzz builds too high carriers will walk and WP8 will never get on plane. I was in a Verizon store in Chicago talking to a knowledgeable rep and asked her what do you think of the new WP8 phones? She said well if you were (were, I loved that) a BB user it was a good replacement option. So that's how VZW is positioning this phone. Well what happens when the real BB replacement comes out with better brand awareness?!?

I'm more excited about the physical qwerty N-Series... There's enough touch screens out there...

actually, i don't feel quite sure about the selling of this BB10 L-series device, based on the looks. What i mean is, seriously, don't put those big 'Blackberry' on the bottom of the screen, just making it looks somewhat 'outdated' model.

Just put the Blackberry text smaller on top left corner, and a capacitive BB logo button on the bottom center of the screen, that way'll look classier and more appealing for the crowd. Think i'll stick with the qwerty BB10, my thumbs just can't leave the Blackberry physical keyboard.

- Blackberry by choice -

the l series device looks better to me each time i see it in a new photo, my anticipation for is building at a faster rate though

WHERE are the N - series pictures!!! I'm going way of N. I don't like touchscreens. And I like to keep my phone easily accessible in a holster on my side. Hoping to have it by March to get used to it before I go to a business convention mid March.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

I agree! I would love to see pix of the N series. I also carry my phone on my belt all the time, even on my horse. Most of today's phones are too big for that and my thumbs are too wide for a touch screen. I am hanging on to my trusty old 9000 till I see the BB10 qwerty!!!