BlackBerry 10 L-Series devices land at the FCC, bring along AT&T compatible LTE for the ride!

By Bla1ze on 30 Dec 2012 03:55 pm EST
BlackBerry 10 L-Series

With the BlackBerry 10 launch event happening on January 30th, it was only a matter of time before the FCC got their hands on some BlackBerry 10 devices for approval. In total, RIM appears to of have submitted three or four devices for testing but only one of them has had its cover fully blown. The RFF91LW as it is known in the documentation is packing AT&T / Rogers compatible GSM and LTE bands along with some international GSM operator solutions. The rest of the information is held under confidentiality agreements but alas, it doesn't take a genius to know they're most likely the rest of the L-Series in various carrier configuartions.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series devices land at the FCC, bring along AT&T compatible LTE for the ride!


Me too, although I see that as long-term acquisition of unique and hard to reproduce, but soon to be an essential piece of ALL smartphones, technology. They will be able to license it and collect payments as Nokia has just done to RIM or not license it and have performance and cost advantages over competing smartphones. Either way I didn't really expect Paratek technology to show up in the first generation BB10 phones, but hey, It would be a nice surprise!
From my BB10 expectant BlackBerry PlayBook

I saw there was only one post and I hurried here to check and see that the first post didn't say "FIRST"....yay! Faith in humanity!

Although, it's great to see these images of these devices, my take is that they are becoming too rampant to now arose surprises. I hope RIM will indeed surprise us the blackberry people and its critics. Goodluck to we all.

Although, it's great to see these images of these devices, my take is that they are becoming too rampant to now arose surprises. I hope RIM will indeed surprise us the blackberry people and its critics. Goodluck to we all.

I'd love to see BB10 succeed but how are these phones any different from my 9900? My playbook a year after release is still crippled by the lack of apps. If developers are on board then I'm in but if not it will just be same old same old.

It's a whole new blackberry experience is his point. Not one line of code of bb10 is shared with bb7 to paraphrase Thor.

100K apps scheduled for launch, some of them from major players is quite a difference along with the specs and complete rebuilt from the ground up OS. Come on son!

Use the web search on your browser, google blackberry 10, read the blogs on here. It can't be THAT hard... Unless you're TROLLING, then GTFO.

The PB is "crippled" because devs are building for BB10. Everything will change in a few months when BB10 is released for our beloved PlayBooks.

I always had a hunch that At&t just held up on the 9900 to make sure that their iPhone5 sales would remain strong since most of the people that upgraded were clearly out of contract at the time the 9900 was released by other carriers. The iPhone5 wasn't released til like October and the 9900 wasn't for sale on Att til Nov. lol. No iPhone 5S in sight. So At&t users should be good this time around :)

Do we have a breakdown which 3G bands this covers? It was mentioned that it has AT&T LTE, but which 3G bands on top? Can't seem to find it in the FCC information.

Myself and the lady will both have one of them form AT&T...January 30 can't get here soon enough!

Yet more good news concerning the L-Series, while those of us wanting an N-Series device get shafted in the ass with yet another plain looking Dev Alpha device, lmao. Yeesh... waiting for confirmation T-Mo will be getting them at launch....hopefully there are no exclusivity issues this time!!!

*waits for windmobile to get it*
*waits for it to arrive as a working demo unit in rogers stores to test out, but isn't switching to rogers*

I might abandon the keyboard and go with the L-Series.

2 Reasons why:

- I will go nuts seeing all the hands-on reviews

- BB10 might be more useful on the 4.2" screen (The "Bold-like" screen seems to only have 2 lines of icons which will drive me nuts searching for stuff)

I can live w/the reviews w/o going crazy. More info is better, IMHO, though I was looking to upgrade a little early w/my 9930 getting a little fidgety for one reason or another (a discussion for another forum).

That said, your second point is one of my greater concerns...that BB10 is really designed for the larger screen and touch. In a similar vein, while the straightened-out keyboard isn't as appealing to me as the 99xx series' "smile," I'm a bit wary of the touch UI w/o the benefit of the touchpad (which is a productivity boon in my book). No other input device has that pinpoint pixel accuracy. Losing that, smaller screen and needing to tap w/a finger. Well... Just a little less sold, there.

So while I was in the QWERTY-first category, the above two points have me seriously contemplating the "Z10" instead. Luck willing, my phone will make a full recovery so I can lurk in CB and learn the ins and outs before diving in myself!

Who knows? Maybe get both and use the one you don't quite prefer as the backup device? (After all, you'll need two BB10 devices vs. a BB10 and BBOS7, right?! :)

I've always wondered. I know they wanted more real-estate for a bigger screen, why don't they make the exterior dimensions the same as the full-touch so they can have the trackpad AND the bigger screen? Because the way it is now, it has the keyboard AND the whole device is shorter, both hinders screen size... Also, if you must get rid of the physical buttons and trackpad, couldn't they do something like make the space button also a trackpad?? Like if you want to move a cursor, just move your thumb over the space like you would the trackpad and the click the space to select things while not in typing mode... I mean, I think that would work...

I can't wait for the BlackBerry 10 but. I will have to wait till February for my upgrade. I am going to be so jealous come january 30th. I have the count down app on my bold but I need to add 25 more days till my upgrade...

The phone doesn't come out on Jan. 30th. It will be announced on the 30th. Your upgrade timing is in-line with what "most" of us expect to be the release date. Hope this makes you feel better :)

I'm going with the touch. The swiping up of words looks so cool. That is one area that will smoke the iPhone. BB10 CAN NOT be beat. RIM is a sleeping giant, and the giant is beginning to wake up.

+1. RIM is not beginning to wake up but IT HAS WAKEN UP from its deep sleep, no more sleep deprived for RIM, they are now fully refreshed in & out and this BB10 OS will smoke everything out far behind!

30 days.. to BB10!!

I wouldn't go that far just yet, and suggest that everyone calm their jets. BB10 is still unproven as a device and overall OS, whereas Apple has a complete ecosystem, complete with available accessories and full product integration. So they're still the standard. Even Android is ahead of BB, and beginning to build its own ecosystem, complete with full Google integration. Until BB can boast that they too are building an ecosystem, AFTER the devices and OS have been proven to perform, they will continue to lag behind. For that reason, it is of UTMOST importance that BOTH the L AND N-Series devices, and anything else that comes after them, LOOK and PERFORM at a top-notch level.

Apple's strength has always been the depth of its Apps store. However, having spent the last four days with relatives who are big Apple fans, two things have struck me. First, The average App has an attention life span somewhere between 1-2 hours. Sort of explains why they are price constrained and my complete lack of interest in buying them. Second, iOS is a clumsy operating system that has basically reached the end of its usable life span. Double if not triple the number of operations required to do SIMPLE tasks compared to what we have seen with BB10. Let's face it, BB10 is just going to smoke iOS.

I doubt this comes as a surprise as your arguments are constructed in a manner that acknowledges BB10 is superior. Nice to see that Apple fan's are starting to realize that they are failing behind.

Mind you, I'm speaking as the best friend of a self-proclaimed Apple fanatic, who is fully engaged with its ecosystem, not as one having actually real-world used the device. My first smartphone was the BB Torch 9800, which I still use today for media purposes, even though the motherboard is fried. Anyway, she as an Apple fanatic freely admits that Apple is slipping in terms of innovation lately. She is quite happy with her 4S, although she was initially tempted by the 5. She researches extensively, reading tech blogs and the like, daily.

She's also not one to deny people love of their preferred device. She's quite impressed with the L-Series device(aside from the look of the icons, which she feels look boxy and dated). She's one of RIM's supposed targeted audience that wouldn't be swayed towards the BB10, because of her full investment in the Apple ecosystem. But I agree with her, in the fact that if BB doesn't develop its own ecosystem, allowing for full-spectrum device integration, the BB platform will just continue to be a "cult" platform. Not that it won't be sustained, it just won't be as major a player as it could be and once was.

My best friend made a good point to me earlier. She's an Apple person and already invested into the ecosystem, but she's a tech geek in general. She agrees that the BB keyboard is the best around for those that need a QWERTY. Being that I can't use a virtual keyboard, or haven't been able to so far, the virtual keyboard layout on the BB10 is going to be similar to the physical one, with the dividing straight lines and such. She feels that this will help in terms of finger placement and overall accuracy. as such, I told her I'd test out both versions of the device, to possibly transition over to the all touch format, although at heart, I'm a QWERTY person.

If you purchased a full touch device you would learn to use it, despite what u feel are large thumbs. You can do it.

There are a very small number of us who have hand tremors and can't use a "touch" keyboard. It sometimes is hard even using a physical keyboard - but - BB has always had easy to use physical keyboards - so have almost no problem with them.

I was in a Bell store on Saturday and asked when they would be taking orders for BB10 and he said they were starting on Jan 15th....I hope he knows what he's talking about because I'm ready to explode not sure can make it till the 30th!!!!!

Great* new message for sprintt!!!!! If blackberry 10 is not ready for febraury 10 ima cancel my line!!!! Is bb 10 all I want* new message for RIM* I hope when this bb 10 pop out that we can have at leats 2 yrs and half to see the new one, not like iphone that right away make another one and another and is always the same stuff thanks* just 30 days!!!!

I hope this doesn't mean saying goodbye to BB's long battery life. I know how bad LTE can be on a battery.Hopefully AT&T,Verizon,and Sprint will allow LTE to be turned off in the network settings. BTY,does the L-Series have removable batteries?

I don't know if you remember, but rather a long time ago someone at RIM said that, in effect, there were no good LTE chipsets and they were waiting for one. I strongly suspect battery life was the reason.

What I have seen in news coverage here and elsewhere on the upcoming touchscreen "L-series" or "Z10" model suggests that yes, it will have a removable battery. And probably the same applies for the QWERTY model.

Something I will be very happy to see. One of the things I have long despised about Apple products is how they solder components like RAM and batteries to the boards of their devices, and then gouge the holy bejeezus out of you to get models with a little more (non-upgradeable) RAM.

And for a critical business tool like a Blackberry, running out of charge is not an option. Someone in that situation can easily carry a 2nd battery, which I think is a key advantage for RIM - ie for customers using their device on a long plane flight or something.

I am a big fan of BB phones, primarily because of the QWERTY keyboard which gives me the ease of typing. The limitation of BB phones, known to many, is its support of rather few apps. I look forward to the new BB 10 phones and will definitely follow up on its news.