BlackBerry 10 L-Series device tutorial videos appear online

BlackBerry 10 L-Series
By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2012 05:09 pm EDT

Just in case all the recent news and leaks wasn't enough to whet your BlackBerry 10 L-Series appetite, there is plenty more where that came from. Some newer videos have no been posted up on YouTube that show off the device tutorials normally found preloaded on BlackBerry smartphones only this time, they're specifically for the L-Series touchscreen device. While we've seen plenty of the OS in recent days, the build shown on the videos is looking a bit more complete. You can jump below to get a look at all four of the videos in action.

Source: BlackBerryItalia

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series device tutorial videos appear online


As long as the phones have these little tutorials in them, all the nay-sayers complaining "oh it's too complex" can take a hike.

Simple logic! And from BlackBerrys of old we can tell that it prolly will have it because when ever I load any os to any BlackBerry them videos come up. In the words of borat, bb10 will be "great success!"

The gestures are quite simple and there's really not that much you have to remember. That said, they need to make sure that if there are working models in stores, then they need to have proper instructions next to them or on the screen so if someone goes to check them out, they know how to move around.

I thought it looked tricky in the other "sneak peek" videos before this but it's not tricky at all. Can't wait to get one in my hands.

It is not so much how many apps though, the crucial things is whether the right ones for you are there e.g. the kindle app is a must have for me.

Yeah I'm pretty stoked for that. Also deeply disappointed that the latest OS 10 variant won't load on the PlayBook (earlier ones would).

I have a feeling because those other variants weren't exactly BB10. It was just the API's on the playbook OS... this latest one is most likely the updated QNX kernel and BB10.

this. And it gives me more hope that we'll see the apps that I have come to love on legacy BBOS come to BB10. I'm talking RIM's Travel, Traffic, password keeper, and Mobile Conference.

my ass haha.. lets see 5 million sold in the first weekend or a phone that may do a couple 100 thousand..

there is stores in the usa that havent sold a bb in over a month you really think this will sway people laugh.. be real

...but you think a device that hasn't seen a real solid update in years can keep that up?...we have seen it before...

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BlackBerry PlayBook LTE
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Argh, all these leaks are not making the waiting any easier. My hands are just itching to get this device.

Edit: Looks like there's going to be a white L-series version. Although I prefer my BB black. :)

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Although I don't think it will be a dealbreaker for many but I do agree that all-square, all the time is not exactly great. But considering the icon designs that BB currently has, makes me wonder why they would suddenly revert back to old-school square icons. I think the square icons may just be for the beta/demo/dev version that are out now. The final, consumer product may be different - hopefully.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

add a device to your plan (new BB10) and take the current line back to a dumb phone (swap numbers), sell your current BB to fund it. I've done that a couple of times - if it's cheaper than contract buyout. If buyout is cheaper, do it and switch carriers - sometimes a new carrier will help you offset your buyout, too.

I never understand why people don't get new phones because they are still on contract. Sell your current bb7 phone. Get $250 or whatever on kijiji for it. Put that towards a $600 bb10 and pay for the rest.

These tutorials look good, glad to see the leaks. I think as the devices get into the hands of more carriers we will start to see some more leaks.

this is just amazing i dont think a preview like what was shown at bb jam has ever made me want something as much awesomeness and the door open due to iOS 6 screwups really hope RIM capatalizes on this

Dude, if it's hitting the market in the US in Jan we may get it by Sep. Do the right thing and plan a trip to the US or Europe before and buy it there without being stuck to telcel or movistar.

I think that it is so important for them to get bb10 sales that they will want to launch as quickly as possible in as many places as possible, so while it has no chance of launching simultaneously with the states the delay should not be too great.

i'm loving this os more and more, i was honestly thinking about buying a galaxy nexus, that was all until i first started following blackberry 10 earlier in the year. in my opinion it has what it takes to regain control of the smartphone world, its just that good

I hope this new os compliments robust APPS!!!!! Netflix, HBOGO, so on and so forth. How cool would it be to watch Boardwalk Empire on BB10 to kill time???!!!!!!

Odds are that this is something that will only have one interim version and then a final one much nearer release, you just need the placeholder there rather than needing to keep updating it all the time.

Man if BB can get apps like iOS and android that would be great! and in my eyes would make BB the best smartphone out there>>>>>

From what I've heard there is 150,000 some apps stocked locked and loaded in BB10's app store. With about 10,000 (growing daily) native QNX apps.

I can't believe I'm about to say this... I think I want the full screen vs. the QWERTY.

I'm drooling. I wonder how much I will be able to get for a 9900 when that launches because I'm going to have to pay retail vs. a subsidized phone.

I agree initially it was qwerty for me but after seeing how the OS works I'm going for Life series.

RIM is proving everyone wrong. I love it. It's gonna be a fun ride back to the top.

I've been posting just about every video of BB10 I can find on my facebook page, and outside of a very few people, the main responce back has been people saying they will give them another chance. My question is how many units do they have to sell and how many people have to return to the platform for this to be concidered a success. I think selling 50 million devices and adding 20 million users would be great

I too will be going L series 100%. I just wish the two plastic bits they've added to the top and bottom of the phone, i.e. the changes made from the dev alpha, was shiny plastic instead of that mat finish. Makes it look a bit cheapish. Not that it's going to stop me buying the phone as is, however IMHO it would look much nicer and classier with the shiny bits.

I agree that the extra bits on the top and bottom look weird. I think the white version looks pretty good though. Can't wait to see them in person. I'm not sure how I feel about a straight physical keyboard either. I also don't like the dated looking, square icons with the blue highlighted text. Reminds me of Windows 95.

Anyone know what the deal is with "the_consumer"? Everytime I read one of his posts, it's always hate! Not even critical thinking nor constructive critism, but just hate.

Perhaps one day you will realize what Apple realized some time now that simplicity is key.

A smartphone should be smart - Original Quote.

Oh!!I was wondering why the guys over at iOS haven't showed any innovation of late, they must be trying to keep it simple,!LOL!

Is RIM really trying to loose all of their customers? Everyone is coming out with new phone b4 Christmas and RIM want to wait to the first QTR of next year!!!! WTF!!!!

Are they stupid or what?? the only good think from any BB is the keyboard... if they want survive, they should design a Blackberry with android and the lovely keyboard same as Bold 9870 exemple....
How long will it take for RIM realize it?