BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 09:34 pm EST

By now, I'm sure pretty much everyone interested has seen images of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device. It's been caught on camera plenty of times but as we near official announcement of the first BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th, we're getting a really up close and personal look.

I really don't have much to say about these images other than they're the best we've seen to date and they're looking pretty damn amazing. Sound off in the comments or hop on into the CrackBerry forums for some further discussion.

* Update: A video has now been posted too. Watch it here. As well, the new BlackBerry Z10 name.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images


on an iphone 5, but this looks like an amazing device. Not sure how it will perform. Would love to see BB get back up there again and give samsung and apple a run for their money.


I love my Galaxy S III after carrying my Bold 9700 for so long. This may bring me back if it comes to T-Mobile.

I like the understated design of this phone! It may be another black slab, but pull of a touch of class in the process. My only question is if older headsets will work with it. I have the multimedia headset that is one if the best sounding over the years and the extra media keys really made the music playback of the Blackberry shine.

The extra keys do not work with my Playbook which is a bit discouraging.

....I've just done a sex wee in my pants!

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

You know what? The most worst part of iPhone design is the drill hole on the front glass. so as the other phones have the same ugly part. The BlackBerry L redesign the front layout with a perfect glass without the ugly hole for earpiece. That's a fantastic phone design. I wish I can do the same magic as Cyril, so I can take out the phone from the screen right now!

Who cares about the iPhone, that stupid thing has looked the same for years, at leat RIM has a selection to choose from and the BB10 will have a selection as well. People complained because RIM didn't get new devcie to market quick enough but for some reason nobody complains about Apple release the same looking device every time. sure it may be a little quicker or thinner or a tab bigger in screen size but thats it. To me it is just the same boring device.
Bring on BB10, I have been using my Bold 9000 since the day it was released and I love it. Can't wait to upgrade.

If only the Black metal part was naked metal and silver instead, I think that would be a stunning design, and it would look different from the other devices

Why are they releasing the non-keyboard version first ? That is a MAJOR FAIL if you ask me! People use BB becuase of the keyboard specifically!! If we wanted an Apple product we would buy an iToy.

I want the KEYBOARD!!!!!! Virtual keyboards SUCK!!!

COME ON BB - get with it!!


Having examined the pics of this new device I would say this much, the design is minimilist industrial, which is Blackberry we love before the bling line of BB's, no frills, no bells and whistles, keep it simple. 2013 will be the time for two new OS's BB10 and Jolla Sailfish. Both share some level of components features from a kernel/source code perspective. To those who think it'll fail, well you can exit stage left, and go play with your glass snadwhiches and platics boxes please. I can only say I wish the best for RIM, we need another real OS along side the likes of WP and Sailfish. Fanboys need not apply please. Cheers !

screen size still isnt big enough...they are using the limit of the edge of the phone/ still much room to stretch that screen a 1/2 more...smh come on...i hope this isnt official. looks good though

If the keyboard version looks as ugly as the leaked photos make it out to be, I'll be getting this instead. Looks fantastic, for a BlackBerry.

I'm not trolling , but I want to say that I think this is too little , too late. I cant believe it's taken them all this time for this poor attempt to catch up with the times.

I really wanted RIM to succeed , I still do , I was the biggest Blackberry fan out there . But I just couldn't take it anymore . Now I see they're still up to their same ole tricks . This is a 2009 phone at best.

Elder god's be praised....that looks so fudging sexy.....roll on January the 30th!

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

rabbitupnorth oh man, I love my Torch, and its slider keyboard. But the more I see these photo views and read about the features of the L, the more I'm getting tempted to go for an L instead of waiting to see IF a slider is really in the works and WHEN it will hit the street. Guess I'll find out more on Jan 30. One way or another, I'm early upgrading to BB10.