BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 09:34 pm EST

By now, I'm sure pretty much everyone interested has seen images of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device. It's been caught on camera plenty of times but as we near official announcement of the first BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th, we're getting a really up close and personal look.

I really don't have much to say about these images other than they're the best we've seen to date and they're looking pretty damn amazing. Sound off in the comments or hop on into the CrackBerry forums for some further discussion.

* Update: A video has now been posted too. Watch it here. As well, the new BlackBerry Z10 name.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images



Phone looks AMAZING!!!! Can anyone make a guess how much it will cost to buy the unlocked version after launch?

This has got to be the worst torture practice ever. How are we supposed to wait 'till this sexy phone comes out. How many sleepless nights we got to endure? I want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!



It's replaceable. That makes it effectively bigger than any nonreplaceable battery out there if you have a single spare.
Oh, and you won't have to pay a fortune to get back to the starting point after 2 years when that nonreplaceable battery in your iPhone/Razr/Nexus 4 has lost 30% of its capacity.

This is RIM thinking that the end user is its customer, not the carriers. Which is good, if you are an end user.

I'm actually more interested in the software, the hardware looks just like any other phone that's been out for 2 or more years.

I want the BB10 series L too, but you're right with that, looks like other phones.
Although I like the non slippery back

What I find interesting is that every singly "leaked" picture of the actual device the device is NEVER ON! It seems that RIM is not shy about demoing the OS on dev alpha devices and even showing us the hardware but never together! why? might the interface "look" for a lack of a better term be dramatically different from that of the dev alpha? just wondering!!

Good point. When they released the PlayBook they. Had some new themes and sizzle from what we'd seen til then. I hope they change those Windows 3.1 looking icons.

It probably has something to do with the pin being displayed on the software, while somebody is okay with leaking hardware pics, they are probably less eager to get themselves sacked for leaking more than that.

i have never been this excited for any device. not even the playbook which i now have . When do you think you can pre order after the anouncment? i am on verizon.

I don't like the edges. It resembles an iPhone, and I can't hold that in my hand - it just slips out. I really hope that the edges and back are rubberized like my Bold 9700, which I can operate with one hand. Otherwise I will be REALLY disappointed...

*abominable snowman voice*
Oh boy! Just what I always wanted! My own BB10 Phone!!!
I will name it Locutus and I will hug it and squeeze and use it to pieces!!!!!

No. 20 years of experience making mobile phones plus the craft of designers who know how a blackberry looks like. = BlackBerry 10.

curious that it's an "iphone + lumia" design. So...where exactly is the home button? Where are the pointy, not rounded, corners? People who talk about "phone design" probably sat around in the seventies and bitched about how EVERY phone dial was the same old "boring rotary circle" as any other phone...blah blah blah....what do you want? A triangle shaped phone? Maybe a hexagonal prism?

Love the HDMI, love the front and cant wait to see the full specs to see just how much I can get done. I need it now ...

WHY does RIM have to put the headphone jack on the top now? Cause Apple does? Why no camera/convenience key on the side? Cause Apple doesn't do that?

I don't hate this phone but the little things like that make me irritated that RIM won't do their own thing. I will be waiting for the N-Series phone for sure.

On a side note, anyone know the dimensions of this phone? I had a good laugh last week while in Best Buy seeing the Galaxy S3 phone. That thing is like a tablet!!! Waaaaaaaaay too big for a phone haha I couldn't believe it. Was a good inch and a half - 2 inches bigger than my 9900. Now I know what phone people are using when it looks like they're holding a tablet to their face.

Your mind is blown from that? Hmm that's weird.

Anyways I thought my point was quite obvious but I guess some of the nerds don't get it. Too many biased people on here, as expected though.

the user is referring to the SGS 3 commercial making fun of iPhone fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5. Apparently you didn't get it. The link below will help you understand.

also its practical to put the headphone jack at the bottom or top because when it goes in your pocket it fits without having a random phone jack sticking out the side of the phone.

but your opinion are yours, and we're all biased, because the iPhone 5 was designing with that practical thought in mind, but you want that awkwardly placed jack to stay on the side.
WELL BACK TO THE STORY - AMAZING PICS - #shutupandtakemymoney

I don't know if you're trolling but my curve has its headphone jack on the top and Apple moved theirs to the bottom for the 5. Not to mention a vast majority of smartphones have it placed up there so with that being said I really don't know where your "Apple" obsession is coming from.

Trolling? Uhhh ok geek.

Anyways, I hate apple as to why I'm here. You're making an ass out of yourself by assuming I'm obsessed with apple.

You need to not contradict your name. iphone is the one who begun placing it on the top like rim is now doing. it's way less convenient in my opinion but apparently i can't voice my opinion because its unbiased and i'll get called a "troll" because most BB users apparently can't take constructive criticism.

The point is, the majority of blackberry's have always had a great placement of the headphone jack on the side, a convenience key on the side and RIM use to do their own thing. clearly the hardware is very similar to the many phones out their, if you can't see that you're biased. Just glad the software is where it counts.

Alright, so assuming your not trolling but just come off as rude and biased, since you specifically "hate apple as to why" you're here. I think people responding prefer it on the top or bottom, but you like it on the side.

Yea the hardware is similar to most of the phones out with some major + points of specific areas and - points in others but Thor talked about it as well in his numerous interviews that they're focusing on the "experience" not the entirely focused on specs.

The problem that was debated after that was, first time buyers or other possible consumers will compare specs first regardless of its importance to make their decision without testing a working model in store or doing some due diligence.

I think it comes down to the software and its efficiency. its like the case where a dual core processor is better than the quad core processor in other phones because of its efficiency running the OS.

lol, well the BB10 headphone jack is in the opposite position of the iPhone 5. Clearly you were unaware of this.

Stop bringing so much positive energy to the comment section bro! lol.

Apple has the headphone jack on the bottom now ;)

There is a convenience key if you bothered to learn about the phone. Don't be worried about stupid Apple or Android phones, that's your entire problem.

Best part of the jack being on the top? With no home button, it could be on the bottom if RIM lets the display rotate so you don't have to pick the phone up the "right" way

Oh man that phone looks sexy. Wait does that sound weird? I don't care that phone looks totally awesome. I am still a guy that likes the keyboard so kind of wanting to see that version so I can better make my choice but damn that is a fine looking phone.

I agree 100% why wouldn't you put them both out at the same time so that we have choice and they would have GREAT sales but now people will wait to see the other phone and sales will not be all that great and we all know what is going to be said about the new bb10 at that point. Not good marketing if they do not come out at the same time.

They will announce them both at the same time, but the obvious reasons for not launching them both at once would be that the software for the qwerty is behind that of this model and wouldn't be ready and also they have hundreds of carriers worth of orders for this model to fulfill too.

Imo maybe the staggered leaks keep the excitement going . . This gets everyone all fired up then as this gets begins to get 'old' they can start trotting out N series photo leaks . . Keeps everyone juiced up for when they both get announced on launch day.

I myself would like the qwerty one but now I will have to wait even longer for it. I truly believe nothing gets leaked that they do not want to get leaked. So they should have kept that under raps until announcement day. But now that it is out people want to see it and hold it. They now have choice and sales will not be good until they both come to market people are just going to wait like me.

The lack of hardware buttons is key to the design, thankfully no "Grandma" home button like on the iPhone and most Droids, BB does not assume you are too stupid to learn a couple of swipe gestures on a device you use everyday for two years at least :)

I thought this was crackberry, not
Seriously though...looks like we now know what is on the other side of that textured back cover and the L-series we've been seeing are in fact new phone pictures

I hate the design... Combo breaker?

Just kidding. I liked the design before with the low quality shots, but with the high-resolution photos, my goodness... That's one hot device.

It is when you take into account facts like a smaller screen to power than a lot of androids and it is also removable.

So hot. Oh Jeez. Wow. Cant wait. I can honestly say ive never wanted a gadget so badly... Thats one sleeeek looking device. Damn +10 RIM. Stand in ovation!

The 3.5 mm earphone jacks....almost the whole device, it's slim, those aren't two cheap platic after all and the screen prefect....I love it, just one question.......Are those two USB ports?

Incredible look and design on the BB10!! I never thought I would be saying this but I am seriously considering switching from my galaxy S3 to the BB10. All indications from what I am reading, it is going to be quite impressive!! If they come out with HD video chat on their BBM...I will not only be switching over instantly, but I also will get a playbook for that simple reason!!

All I can say to RIM is WELL DONE!!

Glad to see it impresses some users of other os's, I have a 9900 and iphone 5, and will own this from launch!

Blackberry By Choice

BBM updated to include BBM Voice, users are able to switch from BBM chatting to calling within BBM over a wi-fi connection. Its available on OS 6,7, and presumably on 10, I do hope the front facing camera does mean video chatting options on BBM as well

I will be switching from an iPhone 4S. I have never owned a BB, so hopefully this phone will not disappoint.

This looks very nice. I'm more of a keyboard guy and was set on waiting for the N series or a slider/blade version. After seeing these photos I think I might reconsider and try to learn glass typing. Hopefuly the touch experience is better than the current bb 7 phones as I can't type on them with my fat thumbs.

I was talking with my carrier yesterday. I asked him to set one aside for me as soon as they arrive. He told me that he will add my name to his list.

A LIST? He already has a list going?

I have a feeling that this thing will sell a lot more then everyone expects. I LOVE the keyboard, but I may just have to get one of each if I can't decide.

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Into this one

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The come-back device of the decade! Looks like all of the delays and R&D will pay off,
and I'll be working some OT to buy one when available. Well done RIM, looks like a Rolls
To me!

1800 seems fine ! My dad's sorry for the word ... Iphone 5 lasts 2 days if he turns it off @night.
If he doesn't it lasts 1,5...
And that is just with 1424 mah?
Blackberry knows how to use codes well!
Damn i want it noooooow !
Nice one rim! If they could show of a n-series , as sexy as this l-serie....

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

I want white BlackeBerry..This is same one that I had posted in forum and everyone shot down that it's not final hardware..

Well in one of the threads...someone blew up this picture and you can see Blurred Serial yeah Not final hardware. But getting close!

You should not mix up not final and non-commercial, by the time they went into carrier labs they had to have final hardware available otherwise they would need to resubmit again later, the serial numbers simply indicate that it is non-commercial.

wow ...beautifffffuuuuul image who is the photographer i want to kiss him ......
this is the beginning of RIM see them in action.... unbeatable image

Gorgeous phone! I'm still waiting for the N series and it's keyboard glory. I cannot type on a screen to save my life! I have a Playbook and I HATE typing on it. I bridge my 9700 just to type lol

I am really starting to wonder if these were put out by RIM.

4 days after they put a sneak peak of the back door on there BlackBerry 10 website,
The high res photos and style of photo were taken by someone experienced.

I have a feeling that this isn't final hardware.

p.s. Kevin would RIM ever contact you to take down leaked photos? Obviously you have a close relationship with them and would you be promoting leaked photos if it wasn't ok'ed by RIM.

i dont know if its all ok'd by RIM, I mean the press is allowed free speech on whatever is available but yeah it does make you wonder if that explains why the L-series has been leaked every step of the way and the N-series has been nearly vaporware aside from its leaked lined keyboard

The odds are that these are not authorised leaks and that is why people don't switch on the devices since if they did so then Rim would be able to more easily track the leak from the pin number watermark like we have seen on earlier leaks.

The n-series probably isn't leaking because a lot less if any of those are in the hands of the carriers right now.

Ignoring the obvious point that the comment predated the video leak, you can see that they realised the watermark would be an issue as shown by them trying to cover them up.

It really looks awesome...there are no words for what I feel right now...In the words of a famous coach, "They ARE who we THOUGHT they were!!!!!!!!!!"
And, NO, it doesn't look like this phone or that phone, anymore than a Rolex looks like a Timex.

It's a good looking device, no doubt, but, I think 'some' people are getting carried away and perhaps forgetting this is RIM's last chance saloon, and because of that, I was expecting a bit more from RIM in aesthetics, a real eye catcher , if you will.

Myself, along with most, if not all Berryheads, was really please when the back of the device was shown on here a few days ago, I could only imagine what the front and sides where going to look like - now, well, on a personal note, I'm a bit disappointed.

I'm worried, that on the shelves, it's just not going to jump-out and shout buy me, (although I will absolutely be purchasing at least two).

Is there time for RIM to put a bit more styling to this device for that eye catching 'buy me' look? I ask this because production must be close to starting up for BB10 devices.

This has to work. There's no f*cking around here. It has to sell. BB10 absolutely must, aesthetically, jump off the shelf and smack you in the eye and shout 'buy me' mofo. After seeing these pictures, I'm worried it might possibly be passed by in the phone shop as just another black slab similar to myriads of other 'black slab' phone designs.

If this 'IS' the final BB10 L look, then RIM's marketing strategy for BB10 launch must be some of the best phone marketing PR there has ever been. otherwise, I fear the worst.

what about a possibility of different color options such as, Black, Silver, White, Red, Blue, pink etc as released in the past.

i personally think there will be a white and black one from the beginning hopefully...i really want this one in white

I'm guessing the way that back cover comes off that you''ll be able to customize with different colored back plates.

Dilemma!!! To keyboard or not to keyboard that is the question!! That mobile computer looks so good

now where are the N-SERIES leaks? if it's really only a little while after the L-series release.

I will admit that phone looks pretty damn nasty! (in a good way) But I'm still waiting for the N - series. And it would be awesome to get some leaked pictures of the N.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

WoW~!!! Nice work Rim! Looks amazing! I wasn't feelin' the top and bottom "chin" but it looks good here. Can't wait to see a white version.

Wow!!! Can we fast forward to january 30th already can't wait any much is it likely to cost? Cos I'm already saving up :D

Dear Santa, I just want to let you know that I love and will always love RIM & BlackBerry. It'll be so awesome if you can give me a BB10 but still totally cool even if you don't. I know I'll be getting it one way or another. Can't wait for both the L and N series to be out before I decide if I want to stick to my keyboard or jump aboard to the world of touchscreen. 2012 has been so awesome but I think 2013 will be even better with BB10.
Ohhhhh... by the way, I LOVE CRACKBERRY!! Just letting you know! :)

That back door has to keep the NFC contacts pressed up against the prongs on the body. As it is fairly flat, it will need to be quite stiff. Which means expensive, not cheap, plastic. I suspect there is reinforcement in there, perhaps carbon.

Super sold!!!! Can't wait to see it in White/Gun Metal version!!! I am so buying it!!! Definitely the ultimate DreamBerry!!!!


Definitely a very good looking device. It's sleek and menacing but idk if someone will be able to tell the difference from other devices on the market. Not feeling the plastic cover and I hate that RIM didn't put the micro usb cable at the bottom. I know Im not the only person who talks and charges at the same time.

Can't wait o get my paws on it!!!!!!!!!

I'm speechless!!!

Just forwarded this to my boss and ask him if the company will still thinking to replace our Bold 9900 with androids or iphones next year, and guess what he has to say:

Is this the new Blackberry handset due to come out for next year? For real???!!! If indeed it is, WE WILL TAKE THOSE OVER the "maldroids" or "iPretty"!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Thank you Boss, and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hahahaha! Without further disclosure, our company provides services for various government agencies/departments, military, and private companies that operates in natural resources exploration. I will assure you if you work in our industry, likely chance is you will be issued a Blackberry. As for my Boss "Needs" to be yours, likely chance that he will migrate else where is slim, the business has been great and he likes to be where he is at. LoL Although I will pass on the message, it won't hurt :)


I've started my "buy BB10 on the first day" fund.... I'm just putting away spare change, $5s, $10s, etc so when it launches I would be walking to the store with big wad lol

Wow.. I have to say i'm surprised.. Nice looking phone. Curious to see what the full keyboard version will look like.. Either way me and my wife will have BB10.

Blackberry by Choice

What is so 'glorious' about it? It is just another phone right now. Let's see what it can actually 'do', . Unless, of course, you are a true wannabe and want to go crazy about everything new on the market.

Just my 2 cents!

The back-cover looks horrible !!! make it the same material as the two grey "metal" tip of things on the front and I ll definitely buy it!

The back cover looks nice and understated while still keeping the logo in a prominent position, while also considering functionality rather than just slapping a slippy glass or similar back on it.

that is all true. But the front with its "first-business" class look is very exciting and than the back cover looks rather cheap. Positing of the logo all perfect but well I guess we can not argue about taste. I guess we all agree on "common give me that thing NOW !!!!"

that is all true. But the front with its "first-business" class look is very exciting and than the back cover looks rather cheap. Positing of the logo all perfect but well I guess we can not argue about taste. I guess we all agree on "common give me that thing NOW !!!!"

Mmmmm im a bug fan and so happy with my bold 9900 but this full touch device for me to mutch plastik. The king of plastik is samsung but rim need to show metal .....a volvo, audi, bmw , porsche ..nit nissan, kia, toyota....

Radio signals do not pass through metal well, especially NFC. Why do you think Apple keep making excuses for not having NFC?

exactly, too much plastic. Make a metal look-a-like material but not like this! Well the front is pretty I guess I ll have to carry it around trying to avoid flipping it :)

Sweet looking phone. The L series may bring my wife back to BlackBerry, but I'm still waiting for the leaks on the (hopefully) equally awesome looking N series phones.

If nothing else, people won't be able to say that the new phones lack any kind of build quality. So long as the call quality and operating system are buttery smooth then RIM may have a hit on its hands. Even if they only solidify third place in the smart phone market: with such a big market out there that's a pretty big potential slice of cash.

Hope RIM make a come back because I used to love their phones!


Hope Apple Inc won't notice the rounded corners!

I love it! I was a bit skeptical looking at the pre-release pics, but this is just NICE. A lot of haters will say it looks like other phones - or it's too boring, etc. - but I think it looks really professional and minimalist. Love it! I peed a little!

The phone looks real nice but there is nothing to get excited about seeing how today is 12/12/12 and the phone is not out for another month or so. The announcement is not until 01/30/13 and we do not know when the phone will be available and people are going crazy over this. Nice pix.... Yes. But calm down people.

Thank you Mr Wet Blanket; I think we are all adults of reasonable cognitive ability and are already aware of the results of your stellar analysis.


My first thought, however, was... "I wonder where AT&T will plaster their ugly logo on this phone?"

Maybe it will just be something on the back cover, unless they are ordering such large amounts that they'd replace the blackberry on the front with it.

Cant wait for it to finally be released, although would have liked it better if they used a bushed aluminum banding across the top and bottom 'encasing' the screen.

What a beautiful piece of design and engineering, dare I say on par with the infamous idevices. Actually quite shocked really.
Well done RIM
Well done QNX
Welcome BlackBerry 10.

I sure am gonna miss use of the desktop charging cradle. Yeah - I'm that guy. The one that can find something wrong in everything. BTW this is a beautiful device, RIM!

They should make the Blackberry logo on the back into pass-through charging contacts and release a cradle that aligns the phone properly to make them work. Release two versions, a flat cradle and a propped up style.

Stunning - I still have another 14months on my existing contract before I can upgrade and I am really happy with my 9900 so happy to wait.....................Jan I might say something different though but do want to see the Qwerty version.

As much as I hate to say it it does look like the Droid X. BB people are going to buy this no matter what (like me). People are going to really want a BB to leave their current phone. RIM will have to have a GREAT campaign to get non blackberry people to buy this phone. The guts of the phone looks GREAT but the look of the phone is just average but nice.

I read all the comments must say I agree sweet looking phone , but don't you question the fact the imei number and serial silk-screened to top of phone? If this was final hardware they would not have this there! I think there is still some surprises in store Jan 30 . Either way I will be buying 2.

That stuff does not mean that it isn't final hardware, it means that it is non-commercial stock, final hardware is required by the carriers.

Forget waiting for Christmas Eve, and forget waiting for New Years Eve, I am waiting for BlackBerry10 Eve.

Is anyone else?

The one and only thing I don't like are how the connectors (micro USB and micro HDMI) seem to "bite" into the back plate. Would be nice if those could be more centered on the side of the phone, and if the connections could be a little cleaner and not so raw or jagged looking.

I dont see the EYE CANDY here, that is how you get back those people who swetched to iphone.

This phone looks like any cheap Android Phone.

I think i will wait for the qwerty one.

Oh my god! How nice does this look! Can't wait until I have one in my hands! Counting down the days!!!

Kenny - check the EXIF data - sorry to disappoint, but they were taken with a Canon EOS 50D. The phone is looking good, but a test drive and some early geek reviews of the production device will tip me one way or the other.

The design is clearly not the defining factor for us to decide to buy a Blackberry. The success of the BB10 platform is mainly based in the performance, the apps and the price point. If BB London cost as much as $ 350, it would be a huge success...

As much as I like seeing these pictures, I do wish they would of been released closer to January 30th. I just want the phone already and am tired of waiting. I hope at launch they have it available in white too.

That looks nice!!!

Call me paranoid and clumsy, buuuuuuuut.....Should we assume that folks at Otterbox, Tank, Incipio, Zagg, and the likes have had enough time to have protective gear available on or by 01/20/2013?

I have waited two years for this, ever since my Storm 1 contract expired; two years on SIM only contract, waiting, waiting for RIM to deliver the next quantum leap forward. It started with my PlayBook, which has been flawless for 10 months. Based on that, I want an L-series NOW!
Vodafone, when can you start taking pre-orders?

if this is the real deal? darn... wicked!!!! but need more juice for the battery. 1800mah is not enough. i hope the final would be more.

good job RIM.

Listen... Don't you all jump on me at the same time but meh... it's a slab phone. Nothing more nothing less.

It's understated and I understand there is little you can do with the form factor. I just don't get all the "OMG it looks gorgeous!!!!!" comments.

It looks like most slab phones out there and in a crowd of black slab phones the average users will have a difficult time telling its a BlackBerry.

Personally it doesn't matter for me. I'd rather save my excitement for the operating system and how smoothly it will perform.

Alright, let me have it...

Compared to phones today, it might look like a lot of phones, but its build design/quality not on but close to on par with the iPhone 5. It's beautifully designed. .... Compared to current blackberry its an amazing breath of fresh air to see full featured, multi-touch bb10 device.

Wow, I really like the fact that that screen is slightly recessed from the rest of the phone. That will help keep scratches at bay (on top of the scratch resistant screen). Looking forward to its launch!

If you save the images to your hard drive they have the normal camera picture file name DSC and then a number, but after the number it says "edited" in the file name. The default camera picture names dont have "edited" in it. So either someone changed the name or someone edited these pics in some way

Oh wow..... OH WOW, I may need a minute *catches breath*
Now this leaves me with a decision L or N? Oh you know what I'm gonna get both. Seriously want 30th January to hurry up... I swear that's going to by my new Christmas.

Definitely Pre-ordering when this releases. Here comes two months of sleepless nights!

Because the person who leaked/took these pictures do not want to get in trouble with RIM... so they blurred out a code/pin that is engraved on the device (so RIM can identify who's device this is). At least that's what I'm thinking.

I pretty much like it but if you look dev alpha B and this leaked image both phones are the same but the dev version has a ticker housing... And plastic battery cover... really? My 9860 battery cover is way much better, I love it!!... On the other side the look of the texture on this L-series is awesome and I hope the design gets improved to be something more stylish than the plastics samsungs... (sorry for any mistake english is not my first language)


Just beautiful. Can hardly wait, but have to. :) One question: Does anyone know if this new phone is compatible with Point of Sale devices such as Square or PayPal Here?

I've never doubted that BB10 will be a huge success for RIM, and that opinion just keeps getting reinforced more and more as the launch date draws close. I must say, I love the way that RIM has been leading up to the coming release in January. By showing a little at a time, with each new detail that is revealed being just a bit more exciting than the last, RIM is building up the anticipation to an incredible amount. They are appealing to all consumers by releasing both a full-touchscreen and a touch/type device. The Bold 9900 is without a doubt the greatest BlackBerry to date, so what BB fan wouldn't be hyped over an even better version of the 9900? The L-Series phones will appeal to iSheep and other such consumers who prefer the full-touchscreen, and RIM is only reaffirming their title of "Best Smartphone Keyboard Ever" by revamping the generic touchscreen keyboard in a way that only RIM can. If that weren't enough, it comes packed with an amazing, entirely new OS that is full of new, innovative features, all while providing perfect accessibility to everything you could need. RIM is taking a huge risk by essentially throwing out its past OS and building a new, amazing one from scratch, separating it from other smartphones whose OSs have become stale. RIM may not instantly take the lead in the smartphone market, but I believe that with BB10, they will be well on their way.

Wouldn't it be funny if this was RIM's elaborate 2 year rick-roll in the making and the phone looks nothing like this?

HaHa! Just showed these pics to some of my friends and their first response was: "What that's a BlackBerry??!! I want one!"

I work as an IT contractor and one of the companies I work for supply me with a Blackberry and an iPad2, I also have a cheapish (£150) Android phone. Having all 3 allows me to make a reasonably well informed judgement of the 3 platforms. I am very interested to see what the new Blackberry 10's are going to look like and the new OS, because honestly, the current crop of Blackberrys are years behind Android and Apple iOS. I'm not massively excited about these pictures, it looks OK but like any other generic Android handset, it's a bit of glass in a plastic case. I hope RIM do get their act together and come up with something as good or if not better than Andriod or iOS, more competition is better for the consumer.