BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 09:34 pm EST

By now, I'm sure pretty much everyone interested has seen images of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device. It's been caught on camera plenty of times but as we near official announcement of the first BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th, we're getting a really up close and personal look.

I really don't have much to say about these images other than they're the best we've seen to date and they're looking pretty damn amazing. Sound off in the comments or hop on into the CrackBerry forums for some further discussion.

* Update: A video has now been posted too. Watch it here. As well, the new BlackBerry Z10 name.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught in some glorious new images



Thanks for the link Pandy. While there are similarities, the execution from RIM has a very completed look, but even if that Moto is two years old I still appreciate its design. Judging from the photos (and I know this isn't the final final* hardware until it's officially launched) the screen looks recessed leaving raised sides. I hope this doesn't interfare with typing.

You are not alone my friend (actually in honour of this being the first troll comment this is where I decided to post this... so Thankyou!)
From The today.
RIM launches its much-delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system on Jan.30, 2013. Poll:

Will you go out and buy a BlackBerry 10 device? Responses

Yes – I can’t wait to get my hands on one. 2194 Votes 76%
Maybe – but I want more technical details and pricing information. 322 Votes 11%
No. 387 Votes 13%

Total number of people voted: 2903 (including you)
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Put in my vote! :)

Yes – I can’t wait to get my hands on one. 4372 Votes 84%
Maybe – but I want more technical details and pricing information. 378 Votes 7%
No. 442 Votes 8%
Total number of people voted: 5215

Wow...Sounds like there is going to be a fair bit of interest in acquiring the BB10 L! The lineup to pre-order starts here. I'm willing to pay for it now for the privalege of having it guaranteed in my hands within two weeks of the launch..... RIM? Pre-order program?


It's real! It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now everyone will #believe in the power of BB10!

Anyone else immediately save at least one of these pictures as their wallpaper on their phone? Cause I did. The view of just the bottom, with the BlackBerry showing looks great on my 9900!

You still can't change the fact that it looks just like the 3 yr old 2010 Droid X. It looks cheap, with that cheap flat, dull, unsophisticated, low grade black plastic on the top & bottom of the front.
It looks much cheaper than what the tradition BlackBerry image should be.
I will still begrudgingly buy one, but this ugly cheap looking phone isn't going to sway anyone that is looking to upgrade from an i-phone. And that is going to hurt BlackBerry deeply.

Why couldn't they just make this phone out of high grade materials like the Bold 99xx????

In my book, anyone who refers to the iPhone as "i-phone" has an invalid opinion about the future of this device. But that's just me.

Anyway, it matters what BlackBerry fans think of it, imho. And they look pretty happy to see it. Heck, even I'm looking forward to checking it out. A good OS and build, no matter the manufacturer, is good for everyone else.

Ohhh the agony... Diss'd by the only person that I have a serious crush on.. The amazing, hot, witty, sexy, crazy awesome Ashley Esqueda has completely wounded me.

My hearteth breaketh..

Seriously though, I think the plastic on the phone looks cheap and unbecoming of BlackBerry (No matter how I spell i-phone) Just goes to show you I use a BB.

Oh well, where was I? Oh yes, about to pour about 12 beers and then off to cry myself to sleep. It's gonna take some work to get over this. :(

I'll still love you Ashley, its just gonna take me some time though.. I'd say until about Monday morning. Maybe you can wear something extra nice next Monday to make me feel better??

I don't really get your comments. You can have your opinion but what do you want in a full touchscreen slab phone's looks. If you turn off most phones and lay them all down on a table, they are all going to look pretty similar. Were you expecting a triangle? RIM builds solid feeling phones. That is probably where the big difference will be. Right now I switch back and forth between a 9900 and a Galaxy S2. The Galaxy feels cheap and it was Samsung's (possibly Android's)flagship phone for a while. I bet you the Berry won't feel cheap. Also, with my Galaxy turned off sitting beside my dev alpha and under the screen with these pics, they all look pretty similar. But when I pick up the dev alpha out of all my phones it feels the best in my hand. Like a solid quality device. At this point it is going to be the software that makes or breaks this phone.

Well....ACTUALLY....those new Windows 8 Phones do not look similar to any other phones. Also, having a distinct look has always been a staple for BB phones in the past, so seeing the looks of this is a serious downer.

I agree 100% Gambit11B. The new WP8 Phones look very nice. My favorite is the Nokia 820. It's all just beautiful screen with very minimal plastic framing. Very Nice!

Too bad I really dislike the live tiles on the home screen...

yea same here the product designs of the nokia WP8 phones are nice but the I dont like the os though. If only nokia recycled the chassis and hardware from the WP8 phones and use them for the new Android JellyBean.
Haha gonna be the most durable android phone ever xD

wow, the litany of sour grapes.
i say its a beautiful phone with quality detailing. definately world class phone.
And the UI software is dynamic, creative and a colorful experience.
BTW the BB10 L does not remotely look like a droid (thankfully).

Do you even know what high grade materials mean? Would you consider the iphone to be made of high grade materials?

Look, Apple made the phone out of 6061 aluminum. I forget where I found the source. It's a soft metal, therefore it's prone to scratches and dents. They could have used 7075 aluminum or any 7000 series which is what Bike companies like Trek use on their aluminum frames for their higher strength, but Apple chose not to. Since 7075 aluminum is a bit more difficult to machine than 6061, they may have opted to save money on replacing drill bits by going with the 6061. It's also easier to anodize 6061, but the entire world can see the result of this decision.

Wait for the phone to RELEASE before you start bashing material quality. Most of you don't even know what that means. It's difficult to visually assess quality in an accurate manner. Plastic does NOT necessarily equal cheap/inferior. Touch it first, then judge

posted this pic on my Instagram feed and lot of my friends liked it. Most of them said they need it now !!! Aint that something? This is going to be crazy.

Damn!! that's a big battery. Hopefully some 7 days without putting on the charger. Phone looks sexy--I want!

the way it came off makes me happy... no more popped battery doors and popped out batteries when you accidentally drop it :/ Then waiting 5.5 minutes for it to boot back up ROFL.

Beauty. It has everything that I want in a premium mobile device. Large screen and battery. Micro sd support with the front facing camera and docking options. As long as the software is solid,I won't leave bb ever again. This will be the first phone that I spend money to purchase multiple accessories.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! RIM take my money, know matter how much this phone (mobile computing device) cost I'm buying on launch soooooo freaking SEXXXXXAAAAYYYYYY!!!! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerry10 #letsgo

Zodiac BB10

"It is expected that up to date 30/01/2013 new RIM officially launches BlackBerry 10 and the first line is L-Series will be announced. But you do not need to wait until it can be said to be shaped like a BB10 looks like, because today I was lucky to get it. The L-Series laptop I have a friend, for personal reasons, so I can not say where the source machine, and the IMEI number on the image below will be dimmed. Your machine looks identical to the information and images leaked before. Not square as Dev Alpha B , BlackBerry 10 L-Series rounded corners, feeling very comfortable, and certainly both hands. Thanks uncle @ anhkim_114 enlisted take it early so that you can timely perform this topic. First invite you to view photos, video and review after."

(Def. not 100% accurate as it came through Google Translate)

I need this now. I can not wait another 49 days or what ever it is. This is proof the BB10 is it. Can you remember the last time we were all so fired up and ready to mortgage the house for a BB?


Nice looking "face",....i.e., the front of the device. But,...the battery capacity is wayyyyyy to low,...@ only 1800mAh. Also, please raise the "BB" logo, being in the middle looks to passive!

C'mon RIM!


The iPhone 5 is 1440 mAh and lasts longer than most Android phones with high battery capacities. It depends on how battery efficient BB10 is.

yeah.. exactly! take an example here. S3 & Note II last longer because they are equipped with bigger batteries BUT if you compare them with i4S/i5, their performance are about the same, even though iphones have marginally smaller battery capacity (1440mAh "only").

in the end, it all comes down to how the chipset & the OS work together. if they work together in harmony, the power management will be awesome, hence the battery life will be so good, otherwise it will be such a horrendous battery killer.

i've been using my playbook for more than 1.5 years now and i can say, the power management is getting better & better with more OS updates AND as QNX is the basic of BB10, i believe that BB10 will perform as good as or even better than the playbook OS, no matter what figure the battery capacity is. 1800-2000 mAh should be good & it will do good to BB10.

Finally someone with a good camera. Thank you! Looks good but thought the front would have had a little more panache.

But I can dig it.

Don't worry, it'll look much sexier after they slap the Verizon logo on the front ;) /end sarcasm

Seriously nice looking hardware imo . . Professional and classy


"ekkkkkkkkk why am i being shown this 2 months before i can have one?"

So you can take back enough bottles to be able to buy one on release day...sheesh!

It's mentioned by another further down...but I will say that I don't believe this L-model has Wireless Charging. Remember, the DHB said it!

People, I cannot wait to get my hands on this Device... two days ago the battery on my 9800 Torch started playing up after having the mobile just about 2yrs now. I want to be one of the few to have this in Australia. I can't wait on my service provider....straight from the US!!!!

It's gonna look so nice next to the Playbook! The PlayBook will simply say "I've been waiting". And when PlayBook gets BlackBerry10 they will really look great together. Oh what a glorious day it will be. RIM keep treating me this good and you can ALWAYS have my money :D

I will be buying me one of those for sure! Hardware wise all I wish was one programmable convenience key. Still, it's sexier then any iPhone ever made and it will definitely catch peoples attention in stores. Definitely not your dad's old BlackBerry!

WOOOOWWWWWW !!!!! Looking at the 3.5 mm headphone jack this phone looks thin. Considering you have a removable battery and all the awesome features of BB10 this phones will rock !!!! I'm still waiting for DLNA(airplay equivalent) leak ! I'm having an iphone 4s since september but Imessage is shit compare to BBM. Can't Wait to switch ! I'm buying it !

Joke's on us! RIM used a 1/4" phono jack so we could all use our old home stereo headphones! lol

But seriously, yeah. Looks thin. Hope it's still durable

OH BOY OH HOLY CRAP I love the look of this!!! And the bezel on top and bottom look so great actually!!! I love the look of this!! Beautiful. Amazing. I really wasn't diggin the look of this until now especially what I thought was plastic looking(dead wrong, hi-res pictures make a difference) bezel on the top and bottom. AMAZING PHONE

No problem! It's a BB10 phone too, and that is all that matters. :)


i'm sorry but it's still ugly. even in glorious hd. if it wouldn't have that ugly top and bottom slab of plastic then it would look significantly better. where's the new bold damn it!? :(

those top and bottom parts are what make this phone look blackberry.
everybody loves the current looks of this phone. this phone is beautiful! so you want it to be just plain rectagular?

Advice: Buy a screen protector on day 1! Would hate to see that puppy scratched up.

I'm more of an "N" man myself. Need more pics of the N-Series!

Speculation - wireless charging? Or just NFC? See how the rear cover logo is shiny? Flip it over now and look at the inside's some type of a chip that ends to the left with two metal circular contacts. OK, now, in your mind, put the cover back on the device...see where the two circular contacts go? On top of two brass screw like looking objects in between the SD card and the sim card. So this is either Wireless charging for the battery or the NFC chip. What are your wagers? Thinking about this more clearly, I think its NFC...the metal torx screws changed my mind and proximity to the Sim slot...

It looks very premium and well built. It also has the hardware specs to match. This is the BlackBerry we've been wanting for two years! I hope the apps are there. If they are, there is no reason not to want this phone. Job well done RIM.

I want to go to there!

I was gonna hold out for the qwerty model, but now how do I convince the Missus that I will need both these models?!

Well two in the hand is worth one in the bush...or something or the other ;^)

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Finally some high res pics! Build quality looks quite nice! I want it NOW.
Someone pointed out to me that the BlackBerry logo would look much better on the bottom matte part, and I agree.

Wow. That's looks way better than in the blurrycam leaks, beautiful design language.

I also saw the post on Engadget anf it was refreshing to see that most of the commentators were impressed by the design. They person actually said that how a company that has been pronounced as dead by most just made a phone better than 100% of Android phone.

Posted these on my Facebook; let's see what other got to say.

Wowwwwwwwwww Very Impressed I Hope The Software Is Up To Par... Qwerty Kinda Of Guy But This L-Series Is Hotttttttt

These pictures make me appreciate the fact that RIM stood there ground with waiting and developing the right product!! It is absolutely a very nice looking mobile computing device. I can"t use smartphone anymore,... it seems degrading. They just "ROCK AND ROLLED IT"!!!

I like how our first pix of the textured back showed up after RIM featured it on the website. I think all these "leaks" are scripted, but I don't care, it looks gorgeous! I ordered a Nexus 4, but it's not here yet and I don't think I'll even take it out of the box!

To all the people who were saying that the new BB 10 devices should/will have non-removable battery/storage... IN YOUR FACE, SUCKERS!!!

My 9930 just caught me looking and is now treating me like she caught me cheating! Its been good 9930 but your AN OLD HAG now. Move over for beauty!

WOW! I think my new-found love for Blackberry will be rewarded soon. I've put off buying a new phone since June for this thing. I've quickly gone from convert to disciple. I can't wait to make all the iPhone and Android users droll when I get this baby in my hand!

I will definitely be picking this up when released.. Hopefully the final specs as far as hardware will be solid.. Don't believe anything I've seen on the specs til final release. Hopefully they will come out with a white one for the wife.

I'm actually quite worried about what I may do when I actually get to touch this device in the flesh. I keep telling myself its just a phone, its just a phone, its just a phone. But this phone is like taking crack on steroids with a side of meth washed down with a nice full bodied red. RIM better have defibrillators aplenty on hand for the launch.

First impression was like o_o Wow... Such simple .... Elegance. I dreamed of a bb10 phone from the first sneak peek pic. Now this. Hmm what's the dream gonna be like :-o . Pretty amazing stuff we're in for ya. Can't wait.

DBK 8520 » 9790 » 9930 +16GB PlayBook! ^_^
BB10 Coming Soon Stay Calm xD


RIMpire strikes back.

Ok..ok....couple of points

1. FINALLY IN HD and a pic with some justice!!!
2. To all those who thought it was just a bunch of cheap plastic, those top and bottom slabs do NOT look cheap and make it distinguishable from other phones in a sea of slabs
3. That bad boy is thiiin with removable battery and expandable storage
4. I will file a complaint if RIM doesn't take my money for two of these asap lol

If I didn't get frustrated with touch screens so much I would be all for this L-Series but I can't give up my qwerty keyboard.

BlackBerry can open up your pre=order channel now ! We want to get the unlocked ones Jan 30th

Finally some clear pictures!!! and it seems like we will be able to take out our micro SD without pulling out the battery (Bold 9930) I cant wait for this to come out. When I first got my BB storm I stayed up all night playing with it, then I got the BB Bold 9930 and I was up for 24 hours i think the BB10 will keep me up for weeks

You guys are gonna Sh*t on me for this, but as much as I think the front and sides are flipping beautiful and I will be buying one day one,.... I don't like the back very much. But the fact that it'll be interchangeable satisfies it.

Bring it!

- Spades

Nice... I guess I'm not going to be able to wait for the N. So much nicer looking than the iPhone. Any idea what the button on the top is? Mute?

Let's be honest now, as much as I like BlackBerry, the black iPhone 5 is the sexiest phone on the market. RIM should've gone with gunmetal buttons and logos. Would've gave it a much sleeker appearance.

iPhone comment aside, you don't think gunmetal black instead of silver would look better on the buttons and logos? The silver is too much of a contrast from the black, it stands out too much.

I disagree with your comment that the gunmental would've given it a sleeker look. I do think the iPhone 5 looks good, but silver just has that luxury alure that give blackberry's their panache :)

I love the gunmetal on the device. If it didn't have it I would have been disappointed. Besides the fact that I just think it looks hot, I think it looks good with the rest of the phones design, and in all honestly, I'm glad that it makes it look not like an iPhone.

I was surprised that they put the full "BlackBerry" logo on the front, too. I thought they might just have the BB emblem or go for an Apple-esque logo-less face. But as I understand it, both the L-series and the N-series (especially) are an attempt by RIM to bring BB back to it roots after a few disappointing and costly experimental consumer-orientated devices.

So I think they're going with what has worked in the past, and a big "BlackBerry" logo emblazoned in silver across the face of the screen is just one of these things distinctly RIM. Besides, I did have a little play around with the phone in photoshop to remove the logo and must say that it looks better with the logo than without (though it looks best with just a centered emblem! *hint hint RIM*).

Can't agree with you about black buttons though, as I think the silver buttons look mint! Maybe if future iterations of the phone are not so (intentionally) simple they could get away with black buttons and a matte black logo (I think that's what you had in mind as an alternative?), but as it stands they're the only thing stopping it from looking like just a plain slab of black plastic, and tie together details of the phone quite well.

If you said the iPhone 4s, I might understand. But the 5? Not even close.. Even the iPhone 4S is better looking than the iPhone 5. My 14 year old wouldn't trade his 4s for an iPhone 5 if you gave him an extra $100. I had a chance to buy him a iPhone 5 from Apple for the same price and he begged me to get the 4s instead. Check your local BestBuy... The device they are running lowest on is the 4s... A lot of people don't want the 5.

This little puppy... Drop dead gorgeous.

Hahahaha ... :0 you weren't kidding ... The iPhone 5 and l-series bb10 shit on the gs3's design.

I'm speechless! I can't stop looking at it. Can we skip Christmas and New year's day and right to January 30th please?

Can someone confirm wireless charging please? I need more specs to throw in the faces of my iDiot iPhone friends. Thanks!!

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

OMG - that's beautiful! I hope one of the surprises will be different colours on launch, but that black is soooo sexy too!!

The build quality is comparable to Apple, but it looks soooo familiar like BlackBerry! great job with the design. Its also not too thick or thin.

Holy fuck !!! I didn't expect the official blackberry10 pictures leaks soo soon !! I want it !!! LEAK THE N-SERIES !!!!!!!!!!! SHOW US THE N-SERIES PHONE !!!!!!!!

On the right hand side pic, you can use that to compare with your 9900. The micro usb port gives it away. From my estimation it seems to be as thick as the 9900, which is great!!!

Looking at both the usb and earphone pics, I do think that you are slightly over-estimating the thickness and this one will be thinner than a 9900.

Hmm, you may be right. Ok then, shave 3mm off the thickness. That's 7.5mm. Isn't that too thin? Need to be able to feel the device in hand.

Bloody marvelous.......epic!! I am not a fan of touch screens generally but I cautiously might warm up to the idea.....well done RIM

* BlackBerry by choice *
Anyone want to buy a new Android multitasking nightmare of a phone so I don't have to stop eating for a month because come hell or high water I'm getting this!