BlackBerry 10 - Keep Business Moving

By Michelle Haag on 31 Jan 2013 04:46 pm EST

Everyone knows that BlackBerry and business go hand-in-hand, and the new BlackBerry 10 devices are taking that to the next level. With the flow of the new OS, you don't have to waste valuable time fumbling through menus and finding different apps. Everything is just a swipe away, with the Hub keeping it all connected.

The video above really shows off these new features, showing you just how easy it is to share and collaborate, keeping organized and on top of everything you need to see and do. All of this, combined with BlackBerry's long standing record of excellent security features, makes this the perfect solution for all your business (and personal!) needs.

Source: Inside BlackBerry for Business

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BlackBerry 10 - Keep Business Moving


This new add for business users looks fantastic. I honestly feel that this add conveys the idea that BB Users use their device to get things done and "achieve" results. More importantly, they show the ease of being able to share information seamlessly and it even showcases the BlackBerry Balance partitioning ability which is awesome. Love it! Go BlackBerry :-) ~ CrackBerry Torch Addict

I like the idea of "achieve." Sounds like it helps unlock your potential

They should use that in marketing:
"Action now has a symbol.
BlackBerry: Achieve More"

And after a brief amount of time to read the text, pop a Spark up after 'more' and include the default notification sound

I think that associating a symbol AND a sound with the brand will help generate awareness in public where people hear these sounds all the time but probably don't associate them with BlackBerry

Nice work on this one. Not sure how it gets cut down to true 'ad length' but as is it tells a great story, no question.

Nice, best part is when she is in the gym and switches over from Personal to Work. I would keep that part of the ad in for sure since no other phone is doing that.

Great, but according to a lot of comments, this isn't good enough. The US is delayed because this isn't enough. "We need more apps and a maintenance update." I say BS to that. The delay is just a major blunder. No rationale required...

Wow, your back again today for your ritual beating. I thought that after yesterday when all your poorly articulated arguments were shot down by the Google search, you wouldn't show up again.

I have no interest in a "ritual beating". And what exactly was poorly articulated and what was shot down by "Google search", as you strangely put it?

From what I've read about testing, it will vary from carrier to carrier if BBM video will work with the network. I don't know about other countries, but in the US every carrier is a little different with video calls.

Check the post and video "Blackberry 10 in 10 Minutes", there shows some options in BBM and i remember one option thar allows to use it with 4/3 G, i dont remember if it was voice or video.

They did a great job with this one! Conveyed the message and didn't bog it down with a whole lot of information. Great real world application of BlackBerry-specific features too!

I think they should have run that ad during the presentation. A nice look at productivity using the Z10 and goes to the heart of BB audience. Perhaps a touch too long, but nice work nonetheless.

This! I think the presentation should have included some videos and/or at least power point slides (some bar graphs showing BB10 is xxx% faster than BBOS7 (if they don't want to throw Android/Apple in the mix). Live demos are cool as well, but given they are announcing phone is available tomorrow (at least in UK) means that people don't discount the video as just a video but realize all the features are completed and available to consumers right away.

Phones are in available 'tomorrow' is for fans who have been closely following the BB10 progress. So no need to show them that when they already know it.

For the rest, these kind of ads are being introduced. So they will begin to get a glimpse of the BlackBerry experience.

This ad actually does not clearly tell how or why things are happening in a particular way. You might get it since you are following the Peek Flow and Gestures. But this ad is for the newly introduced BlackBerry person who wants to understand the BlackBerry experience.

Everyone wanted the launch to be 10x bigger and louder than what it was.. Even myself.. But that was only because we all wanted to rub it in the faces of the competition and the naysayers.

Life does not work like that.. and I'm glad that I learnt well from this experience that it's very important to remain calm and collected in every situation.

The demands of the user.. like Q10 launch and Z10 global launch should be under effect immediately and be on sale all over the world. More apps, more development and higher specs. But that would have put RIM/BlackBerry on the plate as a whole and ready to be served or thrown away.

Today because of what they did, a limited launch.. To selected 'partners' around the world is why they will remain in the industry for ever.

The fact that they are not Apple is the fact that they CAN do this. They don't need to build unrealistic momentum into their products and overwhelm their existing customer base.

Today BlackBerry 10 has shown that they are at the core of the smartphone business. They are not going silly or gung-ho with features and specs even though their life depends on it. That is the sign of a true winner.

I was not angry or disappointed after the BB10 launch presentation.. I was silent.. I just couldn't understand how simple Thor made this entire endeavour look. If I was in his place, I would be like Balmer from Microsoft.. But that's not what's expected from the lineage that Thor is expected to follow.

Mike was proud. The media is proud. This couldn't have been done any better.

i wish i could + 1 billion ur comment, crackberry please give us a like--love--love very much--lovemorethan mymum button.......'lade

Keep Business Moving...except when I have to manually enter all of my Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Memo data because Link and Outlook don't sync.

Hey do you own a Z10/Q10? I don't think so because you wouldn't make such outrageous claims.

Outlook syncs to the server and BlackBerry 10 can pull data from that server.

BlackBerry Link is more so for management of data like backup, restore and loading personal collection of media.

If you don't have an Exchange server, Link does not sync with Outlook. Hardly "outrageous". Keep drinking the kool-aid, fanboy.

Are u a bit demented? I've got Gmail, Hotmail and Hosted mail. Everything works perfectly on Wi-Fi and BIS.

Get a better service provider.

The difference is.. We BB guys can look at BB ads and say.. 'Yea we wanna do that.. be that business head..'

Sammy guys look at their ads and just say.. 'eww that's not me!'

I really like this one, it still has that old 'Blackberry is business' feel but with a modern and sophisticated touch.

I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone mentioned this before I posted. Though in fairness, that's probably a more realistic representation of Facebook comments.

Too long. For the super bowl it'll be around 30 seconds. If they cut this down to 30 seconds it will lose its ability to convey the message.

Awesome ad! You can see the quality of the Z10 in the commercial. And that keyboard technology! Can't wait to type emails on the Z10! I wouldn't mind if February flew by. March needs come soon, and the Z10 even sooner!

I love this! I was impressed with how they conveyed the usefulness, security and productivity which ONLY BLACKBERRY can deliver. However, we should also "Balance" this by showing another ad for "fun stuff: so the phone goes out of the "too corporate/business" shadow.

I love BlackBerry!

People who actually do stuff will identify with this video right away. Perfect for corporate selling.

Just got the email from Rogers with the tracking number for my Z10. Can't wait.

Not to sound like a fanatic, but that ad gave me chills. For a while I was really getting into it like I was involved in that project, and watching how that phone has everything integrated and how naturally everything flowed from one thing to the next, it was pretty awesome. I can really see how the way this phone was designed will make everything in business and your personal world much easier. Spend less time staring into your phone and more time getting things done...

Really great 'Flow' to the ad. Seamless and the best is that it made everything look fun and personal.

It did not feel like Sammy ads where it's just for amusement but no one can actually relate to the ad..

Nor did it feel like Apple ads where it feels like something is being demanded of the customers..

This is not an add for the masses, but for businesses this was an absolute home run add!! I am starting my own design firm because of this add. BB needs a team of people going door to door showing this add, they will seel BB10 by the truck loads!

Wow, very nice indeed. They nailed this one square on the head. Like the way they showed off BB10's strong features but still showing the colourful grid of icons, something people are very familiar with and really like.

Good Job, not sure it's right for the Super Bowl Add, but definitely I would like to see this played all over the world.

This is not a tv ad. I hope they come up with a 30 second ad that still gets the point across.

I'm glad that other people here like it. I personally find the green clichés a little old and tiresome, but if the ad works, why not.

It all means nothing if you can't buy one. And, when LDAP isn't supported in BES10. And, when corporate America has moved passed a desire for BES 10 and the associated back-end costs.

We'll see... call me bitter.

I say bitter!

Ofcourse you can buy this product. Did you miss the launch? Or you think ads are just made for the US?

Where do you get your BES facts? And again, is your corporate America the only one to use BES 10?

Din't you read the paper where it said BES is cost saving in BYOD environment?

Nice ad. Really shows how everything can be done so easily, quickly and seamlessly on one single device.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

That was cool. Now I have a better idea of what Thorsten is talking about when he mentions that Blackberry 10 is the future of mobile computing.

This is by far one of the best ads from BB. Instead of shouting at you, the ad quietly shows you what a robust device BB10 is. Truly ideal for business.

The video was great. shows more of what the New Blackbery Z-10 capable of in terms of business. However they should also show more about what it can do on our out of the office time ( Personal ) show how Families can benefits for this new UI. Fun time for the kids, camera time shift, games and more.

the video so slick and very proffesional...