BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour dates confirmed

BlackBerry 10 Jam Tour dates confirmed
By DJ Reyes on 12 May 2012 01:04 pm EDT

Update #3: Registration is now open for Europe and North America - Register Now!

Update #2: Registration is now open for Milan and Barcelona. For further information use the links below.

Update: New York and California dates now confirmed. See below

Excitement is building in the BlackBerry developer community as RIM prepares to take the BlackBerry 10 Jam Tour around the world. With locations for the tour already confirmed, people are eagerly waiting for the dates to be confirmed. Today, RIM has confirmed those dates and it looks like they have added a couple more cities. Keep reading for the full list...

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Dates

North America

  • June 5 - Austin, TX, USA
  • June 7 - San Jose, CA, USA
  • June 19 - New York City, NY, USA
  • June 21 - Toronto, ON, Canada


  • May 29 - Milan, Italy - Registration now open
  • May 31 - Barcelona, Spain - Registration now open
  • June 12 - Paris, France
  • June 14 - London, UK
  • June 26 - Moscow, Russia
  • June 28 - Berlin, Germany
  • July 3 - Warsaw, Poland

Asia Pacific

  • July 4 - Delhi, India
  • July 6 - Beijing, China
  • July 9 - Singapore, Singapore
  • July 10 - Jakarta, Indonesia
  • July 12 - Sydney, Australia

Latin America

  • August - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • August - Mexico City, Mexico

As you can see Latin America have yet to be confirmed as well as California and New York but keep it CrackBerry and will update you once these have known.

RIM also confirms that there will be a limited supply of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices and these will be given to qualified developers attending each location. No other specifications given on that as yet and registration is yet to be opened either. Any developers who attended BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando and received a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device are not eligible to receive another one if they choose to attend the tour locations.

We'll keep you posted on when registration opens. I, for one, am very excited for these events and hopefully I can get to the London one.

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour dates confirmed


Im pretty ticked off at the fact that they raise hype by putting Montreal 1st on the list with the global map but no mention of it on the dates. They just randomly decided not to come. Thanks RIM. I along with many developers in the Quebec area are really dissapointed

If there are many of you. Don't be ticked off. Do something about it. Get ahold of @asaunders and make your case.

BB 9800 n Playbook -

Forget the road trip!
Forget about parking, the traffic, cost for gas (both ways), and get a ViaRail train ticket for all (discounts as well for groups) - so much cheaper. You arrive and Union Station, get a day pass (Family Pass = 4) for $12? maybe less?

use TTC to arrive to Toronto destination.

This way you ALL can collaborate, code during both trips and rest as well on the late night train ride back.

Welcome to Toronto - we love Quebecoi. (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

they few of you should rent a car and drive to toronto its only 8 hrs drive.. and if there are as many as you say there are it'll only be like 2/hr per driver... not too bad ;) road trip!

Unbelievable! RIM can't do anything right I guess? Quit whining and make the trip if it is important to you. It really is people like you that are causing so much grief for everything RIM. They are doing their best to accommodate as many people as possible and I'm sure they considered everything in their decisions for locations. I'm from Calgary but I will not be counter productive and whine about it. Buy a plane ticket or drive there and get over it. I feel sorry for RIM's executive trying to make any decisions because no matter what someone has a problem with it. Good luck RIM and don't worry about posters like this one!

The point he's making is that RIM had a Montreal date, and then removed it.

Honestly, I think it's stupid of them to not put a date in Montreal. Big tech industry there.

Thailand is still one off the biggest supporter for Blackberrys.And after the cancelation of BlackBerry DevCon last year... due to flooding.You couldnt think of going to Bangkok this time?


I think the idea is to recruit NEW developers.. seeing as dev con was just in the area last year... it might be more economical for rim to go to different locations ;)

I find that rather curious... Yes we might have only one road in Canada but its still wide :P
Still 8hr drive from Mtl to Toronto and the west coast well... its just too far for them, I would think at least one in Vancouver(or Calgary) would make sense.

I'm definitely going to one of the European cities. The first public release of Cascades looks very promising. Can't wait to see Chess-wise running on the alpha device. The porting process from iOS code has been rather straight forward, so far.

You might think getting an Alpha could be a benefit as a user, but you'd be wrong. It's been carefully stripped of practically any useful functionality other than as a developer test device, and it's also not (they say) representative of what the first BB10 phones will be like physically.

Assuming you could get yourself accepted (chances are not, since they'll be checking for non-devs), you'd then be attending a short conference where basically every other person you'd meet would be developer.

Lastly, you'd be taking away a spot (and an Alpha) from real developers who would be trying to build apps that you, the user, could actually use when the phone launches.

Users: please stay away and let us do our jobs... thank you!

Silly question but how does one get in to these things?

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

another silly question: do we have to be developers to assist? I want to go to the one in Paris on June 12th!

Not sure what "assist" meant there... typo from predictive keyboard and you meant "attend"? If so, please see my earlier comment to another user.

Non-developers would not be welcome and would ultimately be hurting themselves. Please don't go if you're not a developer. (Just my opinion.)

Yes by assist I meant attend (french influence, sorry). I actually asked the question coz 1st I wanted to get a dev alpha device, I'm not a developer myself I tried once and got lost in the process, now I have people doing the job for me, but when I saw it's a useless device for a user than I thought it's better to leave to a real developer who could use it better,
and 2nd I thought that maybe RIM would show us more of the BB10 (silly me),that's why I wanted to attend!!

According to recent information from RIM, non-developers are allowed to attend, but they are not eligible to get a Dev Alpha Device.