BlackBerry 10 Jam tour prepares to go on the road

BlackBerry 10 Jam
By DJ Reyes on 7 May 2012 02:14 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10 Jam and BlackBerry World 2012 are now over and it has been quite an event with lots of exiting things to look forward in the coming months. For developers, the event brought about a lot of good vibes and a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device to boot. As a novice developer it would be have been great to be able to have attended BlackBerry 10 Jam but for other developers like myself who weren't able to get to Orlando for the event, RIM had said that they would take the BlackBerry 10 Jam on tour to reach more developers.

The BlackBerry 10 Jam tour is more of a condensed version of what was seen in Orlando but it will give developers a taste of what went on and give them a chance to connect with BlackBerry development experts.

Here's a few things that you can see on the BlackBerry 10 Jam Road Show:

  • Get a snapshot of the new things you can do with the BlackBerry 10 development platform. Learn about the unique capabilities of BlackBerry 10 to set your application apart.
  • Collaborate with your community. Learn, share and network with your peers. Make valuable connections that will make you even more successful with BlackBerry.
  • One-on-one expert guidance. Jam with BlackBerry platform experts and build a better app.

RIM have also confimed the Road Show locations:

North America

  • June – Austin, Texas
  • June – New York City, New York
  • June – Montreal, Quebec
  • June – Toronto, Ontario
  • June – Atlanta, Georgia


  • May – Milan, Italy
  • May – Barcelona, Spain
  • June – Paris, France
  • June – London, UK
  • June – Moscow, Russia
  • June – Berlin, Germany
  • July – Warsaw, Poland

Asia Pacific

  • July – Bangalore, India
  • July – Delhi, India
  • July – Beijing, China
  • July – Singapore, Singapore
  • July – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • July – Sydney, Australia

Latin America

  • August – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • August – Mexico City, Mexico

Actual dates and locations will be confirmed by RIM in the coming weeks, as well as registration information. We'll keep you updated on those details when they come out.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog



First. Berlin, here i come.


ummmmm.... does this mean no BB10 until August??


Maybe sooner in North America and Europe, since they are having those events first?


I hope so!!! But it really doesn't make sense for them to keep going back and forth between Europe, Canada, and U.s. in June...


They said "late 2012", August would hardly be late 2012. Based on what we heard at Jam the absolute earliest would be September, October-November seems significantly more likely.

This is for the first launch market. The timing of developer events has nothing to do with it.


My point is that there is NO way people are going to wait another half a year for BB10 to come out!


Montreal, I'm there! Free Dev Alpha device?


Montreal - 1.5 hours / Toronto - 4+ hours from Ottawa. Montreal here we come.... Dev Alpha would be nice but id be very surprised.


I will be at the Montreal Jam!!!!!!!! Yayness!!!!


+1 ... i'm so in for T-dot. Being a .net developer i was considering buildng for Windows Phone, but I'm a BB fan at heart - i hope their BB10 APIs are solid.


If I can get my hands on a Dev Alpha device I'll drive myself to Toronto.
But come on RIM, Why no home town love? Waterloo should be THE blackberry city.
We are a tech hub in southern Ontario. Putting one of these devices in a whole bunch of hands would create some great press.
Not to mention make me a happy I live KW for once.


Are newfs permitted in Montreal? If so I'm there!!


Only with a Passport :)


Dev Alpha device? Do we get one?


According to Alec Saunders blog, the alpha device will be given out on the road tour! This is exciting for those of us that were not able to be in Orlando. Here is a quote from the blog: "Since then there has been great coverage (checkout the BlackBerry Developer Blog) we’ve been bombarded by requests for Dev Alpha devices from developers who didn’t make the show.  The good news?  We’re going to take the show on the road – so come jam with us in a city near you, and pick up your own Dev Alpha device at the same time."


Hey! It's coming to New York! Any New York Developers out there? (I wonder If I can go to a Jam even tho I'm not a that even possible)?


Im in NYC and a former theme dev lookin to develop apps now. I beleive we can. As long as we register. Im sure new devs are just as welcomed. :)


I wonder since I represent a group of developers, (they are not going) if I could get one on there behalf to bring back? A guy can always hope...


Blackberry Jam. Like the food. Heh. I just got it.


I hope that there isn't limited attendance availability. While I can understand the motivation to get a free device, my goal is to learn to use the tools RIM provides to make applications.

It would be terrible if actual developers (or possible developers) can't attend as registration is full with free device scavengers...

Not sure how you'd screen though RIM...


I believe a $299 ticket price (same as BB10 Jam in Orlando) should be sufficient to screen.

And yes, I'll be at the one in Toronto!


Yeah, I think that might do it.


I'll be at Toronto as well!
Also, for any of you younger developers. (17 or younger)
You may attend if you have an adult with you.


Anybody know how much they will charge for these events? A.Saunders confirmed with me on twitter that they will be still giving out alpha dev prototypes


It was $299 for the Orlando event ($249 academic rate). I'm not sure if they'll have the same pricing for the road show events, as I understand these are supposed to be "compressed".


Only MTL and T.O. for Canada? No love for those peeps out in Van City, or even meeting them half-way in Calgary?


Who is with me in Paris?


I'll be hitting up Paris or London as Belgium is not getting the RIM love :)


Owh man.....:( why no Kuala Lumpur ....!!


Singapore in the list...good enough.. :) But next time, hope RIM include Malaysia in the list.


Hey, The source does not have Bangalore anymore :( & the website has Bangalore! Yay!


When will the schedule be released? I'd love to attend the one in Berlin


July..jakarta..hhmm..hope the time is match! :D


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Small dev crew coming to NYC!!!


how/where do you sign up? somebody post a link?


They'll say more when it is closer to the events.