BlackBerry 10 homescreen and Cascades elements visualized at BlackBerry 10 Jam!

BlackBerry 10 Experience
By Bla1ze on 1 May 2012 05:51 pm EDT

Although we caught glimpses of the BlackBerry 10 homescreen during the general session keynote, the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote was where RIM hid all of the good stuff. While demoing various other apps, Chris Smith took the stage to also show off the BlackBerry 10 homescreen (looking much like the previously leaked images) along with elements of Cascades to better help vocalize what the BlackBerry 10 experience will be like.

To sum it up in one word for myself and you all at home, I'm stuck on impressive and that's not a word I've related to many RIM demos of the past. The animations and fluidity of it all will make for great comparisons to the various other operating systems out there when the time comes and realistically, seeing this stuff in action has me pretty fired up for more. For now though, you'll find some more shots below.


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BlackBerry 10 homescreen and Cascades elements visualized at BlackBerry 10 Jam!


There was no video allowed.. only video will come from RIM, NO ONE else was allowed to record any.

No problem, just frustrating cause people keep asking but don't understand that it was a RIM rule, not because we just didn't want to video it. We wish we could have.

Yeah, exactly, especially if you're saying this was where RIM hid all the good stuff, it would've been nice to see on video.

well if Bla1ze is "impressed" and "fired up for more" it must be really something, he is pretty much an all round smart-phone user and not easily impressed (which is a good thing cause when he is, it really means something...) Can't wait to see more!

Exactly, I've been hard on RIM the past few months because I knew they could do better -- they finally, did better.

As much as I would LOVE to see a video- I am glad they aren't allowing it. Don't need to give the competition any ideas.

BTW- Thank you Blaize and the gang for keeping us updated so quickly! I am loving this- next best thing to being there!

I dont wanna hear nothing from none of you RIM/Blackberry bashers at all !! dont be trying to give props when u called for our death COWARDS!!

I like what I'm seeing. Will be very curious to see what type of device RIM matches this up with for the release. Can't wait.

I hope you're not lactose intolerant cuz the second part of that word is. DAIRY. I just started watching this show. It's freakin great.

Was there any mention about Skype? Or BBM video chat? Thank you guys for the great coverage you're providing to your members!

This UI looks alot like the London Leak we saw a couple months ago here on crackberry! Not the porsche-esque london leak. The playbook look alike...The other BB london that looks alot like the alpha device but way thinner. It had the same rubbery finish, the camera and flash was at the same place and the logo and facing camera.

Can anyone explain this homepage? Are the 4 Tiles on the homepage customizable? or are they the 4 most recent applications that have been opened? Also where is the application tray in all of this?

Been watching video's, reading all the post on BlackBerry 10 most the day from so much excitement until now. I love what we have seen of the keyboard, the camera etc but I'm the kind of person who has to love a UI to use something be it an app or especially a smartphone homescreen and in my personal opinion what they have come up with is awful. It looks a lot like windows 7 which I think is the worst smartphone homescreen UI out there (followed closely by android).
I'm going to wait to pass on bb completely until we see that BB10 review here on CrackBerry one day but until then I'm just really disheartened :/

Bravo to RIM though for working so hard to create something amazing! :)

@samgbx - so you've figured out the homescreen from all your 'video' viewing and have decided its not your bag... But you still find something amazing and give props...

Thanks for sharing that! O_O

Ignore Rocmon. You made your point very clearly and it made sense. I personally LOVE the new look, but that doesn't mean you have to. Also, you don't have to like the look to be impressed with what they have come up with.

I have never been this excited for a product! I thought I was excited for the PlayBook, but this just blows it away! The PlayBook was the first sign of changes at RIM. The hardware was beautiful and groundbreaking. The software had great vision, but wasn't ready yet. With BB10, you will see a new RIM. The hardware will be top notch and the software will be complete and breathtaking! I am so excited!


Just to clarify, were all of the demos run directly from the BB10 dev alpha?

I must admit, with the keynote I thought at first that it was just an animation, until I saw the BB10 dev alpha performing the actual demo.

I must admit, I'm wondering what the battery life will be like...

I think it looks really nice and easy to use the camera demo although short was brilliant I can't wait to see what else they have in the coming days

Maybe it's just the photos, but that UI looks like it's about 7 years old to me. I hope it looks slicker in action.