BlackBerry 10 highlights - App switching, multitasking, and notifications

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 07:47 pm EDT
During today's BlackBerry World keynote, Thorsten had Vivek Bhardwaj show off a bit of the flow that BlackBerry 10 will have. During his demonstration he showed off application switching and multitasking. The sliding screens look amazing! As he says at the beginning of the clip above "It's not just about being notified about a conversation. It's really being immersed into it instantly." He really shows how BlackBerry 10 will have that one handed operating ability that Kevin talks about.
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BlackBerry 10 highlights - App switching, multitasking, and notifications


It's all over, the race is over, iPhone 5, android 5, windows 8. Please all step aside. Blackberry 10 has entered the building

OMG this looks amazing. And I love Mr. Heins comment, "I love that!I love that." Blackberry 10 is the future for RIM and as of now,it's looking brighter than the midday sun.

the flow and all apps running real time in the background sounds awesome to me....but is there any thought being given to BATTERY life????

all that real time information refresh on the BB10 might put BB in the pathetic battery life category as the android & iPhone

Stop with the negativity. Wait until the final product is released in October/November and then you'll be able to test it.

Seeing the flow concept in action makes me remember comments made by Rim a in 2010 when they were saying that the current chips just weren't powerful enough for BBX. Hardware had not caught up with software at that point.

What ever is under the hood is going to be hot. It has to be.

This seems really great but...what about video...what if im watchin somthing on youtube was this same gesture of just sliding over still work the same...and does blackberry 10 plan on having some of the common main stream apps that you see on iphone and android....i personally dont care but i know this may be a concern for others

Mainstream apps will depend on the app developers and not RIM. We will have to wait and not jump to conclusions until the new devices are released in stores.

This feature looks alot like Web OS's Card View and their email application. I like the multi-tasking capabilities but also have some concerns about battery life.