BlackBerry 10 gets one more demo at CES [video]

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2013 08:58 am EST

As we inch closer and closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch event this month, we're all getting anxious to just have the devices already. While RIM isn't full force with a booth at CES this year, there are plenty of heads on the ground spreading the word of BlackBerry 10. There are still plenty of features of the OS that we haven't yet seen and RIM is doing a good job of keeping some secrets under wraps until launch day. Jeff Gadway, Senior Manager of BlackBerry Product Marketing, took some time yesterday to show off the OS on video once again.

In a quick demo with Forbes, he explores much of what we've already seen including the BlackBerry HubPeek and Flow and keyboard which he says is meant to "deliver the best typing experience on glass". As we've heard before, the keyboard has heat-mapping which will learn over time where you most commonly hit keys in error and adjust accordingly to increase accuracy.

Check out the full video above to see all of these features in action and rest assured we'll have plenty more from BlackBerry at CES on the way! 

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BlackBerry 10 gets one more demo at CES [video]


In lieu of spending huge bucks to have a booth, its pretty cheap marketing to just have the staff walking the floor showing off the product.

Oh, and *first* !! :-)

Rockin' the 9900

Is it just me - But she (The Interviewer) seems the most un-excitable person on the planet. Monotone. Emotionless. I fell asleep. "Thats. That's quite new."

She seems very depressed. Probably marriage problems. I think that she gets physically abused every night before bed.

Hahah! Never seen Fox News, but I guess from your response, they may get a little excited? Just felt it was very drab. It is the most unexciting video about BB10 that I've seen.

Don't agree. She was a cold fish interview. Seemed totally like she didn't want to be there. Maybe hung over from the night before. ;-)

DITTO! Let me get this straight, we are at the MOST PIVOTAL point in Blackberry history & we're choosing to spend the first 10 (Pun Intended) comments focused on the, pardon my french, D@*N interviewer!?!? REALLY!?!? What about the smooth delivery of info from Jeff!? What about the freakin' "HEAT SENSOR" tech!? The interviewer did a great job of reiterating everything Jeff was saying in Layman's Terms. C'mon Blackberry Community, we HAVE to FOCUS!

Boy I don't know what you all are talking about; she was professional, positive, interested, sincere, engaged . . . Seemed like a great interview to me, imo.

You must be kidding, right? One of the most boring interviewer I have ever seen. RIM should screen interviewer first. lack of enthusiasm from them is not good for BB10 image. This chick should look for some other profession.

Well, maybe she was bored. Just because some get excited about new tech gadgets, this may not have been an exciting or interesting device (for her).

She asked decent questions, reflected back to confirm her understanding of his explanations...She got the guy to demonstrate his product effectively, and that was the point of the interview.

Honestly, I tried to see the brighter side of her technique. I said to myself, her lack of emotion is a sign that this interview wasn't scripted or that she wasn't pre-coached. I do think she's genuine. But overall, dis-interested, and probably an Iphone user.

Totally agree...looked like she didn't want to do this interview

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

I've got a BB 9810 that is also sad. Sorry ole buddy, but I'm asking for a divorce. I'm in love with BB10.

I'm breaking my contract and upgrading in Feb!!!

That looks nice! Dammit, that keyboard DOES look like a breeze to type on, and I was so determined to stick with physical keys... Will this beat my 9900? Will I go from best-in-market to incrementally better?
btw: that cable was an HDMI, or what?

I was thinking the same thing. I stopped using BlackBerrys after my 9900 was obsolete at launch, but after using flaky, cumbersome Android POS phones for a year, I am tired of typing on glass and constantly hunting to find the information that I need.

After watching that keyboard and the BB Hub, I'm excited to try RIM's implementation. Where others seem to care only about fluff and entertainment, RIM really understands the value of productivity.

"Where others seem to care only about fluff and entertainment, RIM really understands the value of productivity." Well said :)

"Where others seem to care only about fluff and entertainment, RIM really understands the value of productivity."

I am SO stealing that! That pretty much sums up the whole BB experience.

Jeff did a great job here. We've seen most (all) of this before but he gave it a bit of a fresh perspective. Handled her very boring interview style and still managed to sound excited himself. Despite her monotone - she did actually keep from sounding negative. Cannot believe it but I may actually go to a touch keyboard.

I think she was a good interviewer. Knowledgeable, interested, not negative.

BTW, that's the first I have heard of the heatmap sensor feature that dynamically adjusts the tap targets for certain keys based on your real usage. Has this been discussed before? I had seen the other keyboard features, just not the heatmap...

Yeah, that was my thought exactly! When was the heat mapping ever discussed? That's a MAJOR selling point for me, as when I type on "other" glass screens I always have to adjust my typing. It would be great to have the technology adjust to me instead.

I noticed that Jeff typed the exact same phrase that he always types in his presentations. He makes it look so smooth because he's got so much practice.
I thought the interviewer sounded somewhat impressed. Yes, she was monotone but she works for Forbes, not Foxnews. I bet she runs out and picks one up as soon as she can. Rockin' the 9900

I'm sure the phrase was carefully selected to use words that show enough variety of predictions. Wouldn't be impressive if there were only ever 1 or 2 choices lol

Echoing some other comments, Jeff delivers a the same presentation as always with a fresh perspective. I haven't seen him mention the heat-mapping, open Hub API, or the proprietary nature of the new keyboard - I was expecting him to mention the SwiftKey license... is this only on the PlayBook?

The Heatmap feature is something I never heard of and I am glad BlackBerry and RIM are the ones behind it. I felt the same way about the interviewer however like Jefftam68 mentioned she works for Forbes. Just the fact that forbes is interested to interview Blackberry10 means more to me than that boring interviewer. I am excited about Blackberry10.

Yep. A positive review in Forbes could reach many business users (i.e., people who value productivity).

I was thinking the same thing. They have been notoriously negative or cautious about RIM news, not quite as bad as most Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha articles (ie. opinions) mind you.

I think she did a good job of getting him to talk about the new features. Seemed she knew more about the phone and he was surprised she knew so much. She definitely does not work for fox news.

This looks great!! I might be making the switch to all-touch for the first time. Looking forward to BB10!

Damn - I've always said I'd stick with QWERTY but that implementation of typing on glass is really interesting - I will spend some quality time with it and might end up bringing one home :)



He said "We've really focused on delivering the best typing expeirence on glass"
I'm sticking with the Z10 folks.

I am somewhat mad that I got an iPhone5 at lauch but with various people either having or wanting an iPhone in my company I had to at least try it so I can set up and assist them with it.

I hope there is a way to share calendars with others on other platforms. I am really looking forward to seeing the keyboard phone as well.

This reporter was pitiful. I felt like I was suddenly watching her more than the darn device. Could she seem LESS interested? I had to actually go back to the video and watch a second time.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm just ready for this damned thing to launch. I'm not visiting Crackberry as often because I'm tired of the wait.

LOL! But it's still fun to see the clock on CB counting down the minutes! There is only 21 days remaining. Come on, that's exciting! All these non-believers will start believing on Jan 30.

Same here, I dreamt I woke up on then4th of October and the phone was for sale so I lined up to buy it, and right before I paid I woke up. Can't wait to ditch my iPhone 5 for a bb10 z10, especially since I paid full price for it, and the 5s/6 will be out in a few months.

Wish CES was for the general public consumers. :D

GO GO BLACKBERRY 10! Glad word of mouth advertising was happening too.

Was this the BIG news we were led to believe was coming yesterday??

Over promise - under deliver is the track record with RIM and followers. I sincerely hope this is not the case with BB10 other wise the market will kill us.

Other than the Hub feature and the keyboard i have not seen anything from the BB10 software. When January 30th comes we will all be disappointed that the phones are not ready for market and will take another 4-5 months to get them ready. This has happened before and it seems to happen again.
Show us app support, making an actual phone call, how does the address book look like and how it works. And most importantly show is actual use not pre set animations... I want to see if it freezes like the other Blackberry models so far.

Why don't movie companies show me the whole movie instead of just showing me e teaser trailers. I want to see everything now. Now now now!

Sorry to be harsh, but seriously, get over yourself. It's called a sneak peak for a reason. The launch of BB10 is Jan 30th. RIM will show everything you desire then. They are not about to show you everything now and then get up on stage on the 30th and simply say "it's out go buy it" and then leave the stage. I understand your frustration and impatience, but seriously it's only a few more weeks till the event. Surely you can understand RIM teasing BB10 in an effort to create interest?

Now, your criticism and tone will be apt if on the 30th, we see the exact same thing on stage. Then I will agree wi you. But for now, treat it like a teaser trailer for a movie.

+10 .... And he has obviously not watched many bb10 videos because I've seen almost everything he listed. The fact that bb10 will have screen sharing capability shows there is more to bb10 then rim is showing us at the moment.

RIM is doomed. They have been showing the same hub for the past year. That is all they have to offer. RIM will never be relevant again in the mobile market. I thought that maybe they would be able to take on Android at least but after one year and this is all you have to offer. Yet many writes here keep saying we havent seen it all yet. Well yeah we have. I have been using a BlackBerry for the past 8 years and i love it but as soon as i can upgrade Apple here i come.

Get a grip already. What does it take to wow you? Stop a bullet and make u breakfast in bed @ the sametime? Lol do u really think they're gona show any new features (if any) @ ces when the official launch is just over 2 weeks away? Cmon use your head. Further more, they've show a lot of stuff that's goin in another direction from your typical user experience. Illiminating the in and out method of apps. No back buttons. All gesture oriented navigation. Not to mention that reverse time camera, heat mapping keyboard memory, balance and a brand new os sir. Which is all powered with high end specs. Go to iphone where they've had the same damn os, ui and even icons for yrs. Yeah that makes sense to knock something totally new for something that's only been tweaked here and there for the past 5yrs. Ios is capping out just like rim's legacy and soon apple will have to reinnovate like rim. Its just the nature of the phone game now.

LOL, you have no idea how foolish you sound. Your the worst kind of troll, the kind who tries to pretend they were/are a supporter at heart. You mean to tell us as soon as you can upgrade you will be going to Apple- your carrier has you on an 8+ year contract?!

What kind of big kick off would it be if they let stuff out early. They gave you the concept of flow and probably because they had to give that information to the developers anyhow. So relax. PS got my daughter and iphone 5 for Xmas. It is a toy and well behind BB10. No NFC, DNLA, Flash, HTML5 score of 386 etc. Also the teenagers reduce their screen size and brightness to conserve battery cause their iphone's are always dead. I laugh at them all. Their screens are the size of my Bold 9000. Plus they are fragile junk that need cases. Build a nice phone, sell it as such, then put a big ugly case on it...So get going and good riddance . PS you deserve it.

Hey playbook007 don't forget bb10 has a higher res of 356ppi. And the fastest browser score to date. As fast or faster than a desk top. Like u said iphone is a toy. Monkey see, monkey do. Its hillarious to hear this guy make an uneducated assesment about a product that hasn't officially dropped yet. Much less show us "everything" it will be capable of doing. Iphone is a great default phone for the average consumer who simply wants to just fit in because everyone is doin it. Its ok if something else is actually more efficient than an "iphone" people. Lol

As an iOS user for many years, and current iPhone 5 user. I can tell you making the switch to iOS will be a big mistake, bbos7 can already do almost anything the iPhone can do. The biggest change the iPhone had to its software in years was adding Siri. The iPhone 5 was a nice improvement but its not revolutionary in anyway. Bb10 hasn't even showed one feature they have to offer yet because there disabled, features like screen sharing capability's, or the toast feature. Bb10 will have more features then iOS from launch. As someone stated in a comment above, when universal release a trailer to a movie they don't show you the whole movie just a teaser to get you interested.

Anyway switching to iOS will be the biggest mistake you'll ever make I left blackberry 2 years ago, and ever since all I ever wanted back was my blackberry.(witch I bought a 9900 early this year)

I like this interviewer from Forbes. She is the one who brought up topic of Heatmap, Keyboard developed by Blackberry or not, therefore allowing Jeff from RIM to EXPAND on all those features and bring up Hub API.

Hub.... Keyboard... .. same thing all over again! I am as bored as she was in the interwiev. I don't blame her ! Anless RIM pulls a rabbit out of the hat on the 30th of January, they are probably finished. :(

Couple of new things in this demo, Open API for Hub so anyone can add their services in there, the keyboard is made by RIM so no one will be able to offer it

Ok, so I read all the comments, I did hear a troll mention something about 4 or 5 months after the 30th. That's not my focus.

So here goes, Did anyone else notice that he said on the 30th "We'll hear more about availability" Am I the only 1 that thought we would be getting BB10 on the 30th? My hopes are very high, but that 1 sentence scares the heck outta me. Its the first time I've heard it, but whats worse is that I don't know the meaning or I don't want to believe the meaning behind the sentence. Anyone have any thoughts?

I'm thinking some carriers will have it available at launch and others will have it available in the following days, weeks or months. All this information will be available on the 30th. Depending on the carrier, you may or may not be able to get a device this month. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. This is my best guess.

I feel like they will only announce availabilities that day and not actually launch on the 30th. They never once said it will launch on the 30th.

Thor has said time and time again they WILL NOT make the same mistakes in delivering a late product after launch date. They've said fulltouch will release soon after the 30th meaning 1-2weeks and qwerty very shortly behind meaning another 1-2 weeks. By the end of feb its safe to say both devices will be on the market given who's your carrier. 4-5mos is definately not the plan.

Wait a second, there's the contest tho. The one by RIM now, for the Launch Day event in NYC. They're giving away 10 BB10 devices, with a free case. So, maybe I'm reading too much into everything, but why would they give away phones that don't work. Me tinks me on to something! Hmmmmmm!!!

Just in from Seeking Alpha:

Wednesday, January 9, 4:31 PM Research In Motion (RIMM) plans to launch at least 6 BlackBerry 10 devices in 2013, says CMO Frank Boulben. The first two products - a touchscreen-only phone and one with a QWERTY keyboard - will launch at RIM's Jan. 30 BB10 event. Boulben adds RIM wants to hit a variety of price points - getting low-end devices out quickly could be crucial to maintaining RIM's emerging markets base in the face of Android competition. Thorsten Heins previously said mid-tier BB10 hardware would arrive by fall, but that low-end "concept designs" would take longer.

Didn't want to post the link since the story is short. But maybe a vid of that Boulben meeting would be nice.


it has been mentioned by rim (on multiple occasions) that the all touch phone will be available soon after the Jan 30 launch, with the QWERTY device being available a matter of weeks after.

Maybe its just me. I haven't been able to find a video that shows how this "flow" experiences flows between other applications other then into the HUB. From what I understand, you can flow through them without having to exit the current application. I have yet to see a video that shows him in a game app for example, and then "flow" to a previously opened app like Evernote and then back. The videos always show a user "flowing" into the HUB opening an email and then flowing between attachments and such.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. I feel this flow concept is limited.

Maybe the way it's handled on the PlayBook: A horizontal bar of words above the keyboard with the predicted words?

Another really in depth video over at gizmodo , Not lots of new info (if any) but very well summarized.

I wish I could remember where I read it but somewhere, someone said that RIM was already building up inventory. Also that for the major countries availability would be right after Launch Date. I for one believe that Thorsten Heins has ensured that this will be the case - no more surprises.

Of course, this will surprise the 'Shorts' and Naysayers because they're convinced there are more delays on the way.

I'm a little confused as to why people care so much about the excitement level of the interviewer. She asked some questions that allowed us to get new information; I for 1 didnt know about heat mapping, keyboard exclusivity, or HUB being open to new apps. This is all awesome news to me.

The lady actually seems to have done a little research, which is more than we can say for a lot of reporters/analyst/bloggers and trolls. Who knows what kind of day she has been having, or how hungover she is. Forbes did a positive video interview of a product we are excited for; and people are upset.

Again, I've noticed people complaining about the Launch event, and will the phone be available that day or soon after. People do realize the 30th of January is only ONE day prior to the last day of the month. If they released it that Weds. more than 75% of us weren't going to take work off on Weds/Thurs/ or Fri to get the phone. Putting right smack in the first week of February. I for one am hoping they announce on the 30th that phones can be ordered now, or purchased in the store the following Monday. I hate to wait, but at this point it doesn't matter. We are in the home stretch!

Sorry if I sound like a bully, I just get a little frustrated when people complain about stuff that doesn't truly matter.

With you 100 percent. True we had to be very patient but what is a little bit longer going to matter. I appreciate RIM for my Bold 9000 plus PlayBook. As for the interviewer I found her focusing on her valid and meaningful questions as opposed to it the typical ones over the last year's just looking to pounce, like a rabbid iphone fan.

I thought the girl did a good job to keep the focus on Jeff and the phone. Yes she was not very exciting but she let Jeff do the work. She just was there to let him present the phone. I am like many others willing to wait. It is to our disadvantage if everything is leaked in advance. We want the 30th to grab everyone's full attention and not be just a 10 second bite at the end of a news broadcast because everyone already knows what is inside of the phone. Holding back can allow them to WOW everyone.

I am an original Playbook purchaser and I too have been disappointed in RIM in the past but I believe they have learned their lesson. I have AT&T so it was exciting news to see the other day that they will be a carrier. Knowing how AT&T has failed to offer updates when other carriers were doing so makes me concerned that once again they may be slow to the table. Jeff can not say every carrier will have it available on so and so date if all carriers have not in advance agreed to the date.

I like my touch as far as the sliding keyboard but this heat mapping feature along with the flip the word up may be the thing that moves me to the full touch model. I had seeing emails from my Iphone friends and have to guess what words they are meaning because of all their typos.

I think it is also a big step forward to have Forbes even doing an interview that is not 100 percent negative.

I too am an original PlayBook owner. True, bad out of the gate, but it is way better now thanks for updates. I now have 4 units in the house hold. 2 64, 1 32, and one 16 gig. Can't wait till they transform to BB10. They cost me the price of one ipad...Thanks RIM.

I too am an original PlayBook owner. True, bad out of the gate, but it is way better now thanks for updates. I now have 4 units in the house hold. 2 64, 1 32, and one 16 gig. Can't wait till they transform to BB10. They cost me the price of one ipad...Thanks RIM.

Argh. To BB or not to BB, that will be the question when this is out. BB10, or Samsung Galaxy 3?? I hope I will be able to play with both in an AT&T store before making up my mind (I have to order online because I have an employee discount that I am not sure I can get in the store).

That's what they say about Android... I had heard Samsungs in general were better than most.

I'm excited for the launch of the Z-10. but not in a hurry to get one. My upgrade is not due not until JUNE. And by that time GS4 would be out ( i think.?) However, Blackberry are really a solid devices. So I hope RIM will nail it on the event..

My upgrade isn't until SEPTEMBER! And there's no indication that Sprint will have any BB10 phones at all. Regardless of whatever other phones are available, I'm hoping the Z-10 will be on promotion by then... because there's another higher-end BB10 out... :)

Seeing as my 9900 is flippin' awesome and the N-series hasn't moved me like i'd hoped, I'll be purchasing the L-series and keeping my Bold. Something about the way the back of the N-series looks so cheep and the straight keys... just not for me. Tried the straight keys on the P9981, didnt like it too much. They're no biting the keyboard 0n the 9900. Follow @BBMarnel

OK.... I had written RIM off for dead. But after seeing this clip "perhaps" there is still some possibility that they will be able to turn the Titanic around before it's too late.

I get that the Blackberry Hub is a great new feature that'll probably be the best on the market, but i really hope they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to showcase at launch.

After reading all the reviews about a bad interviewer I have to say she's not as bad as they made her out to be, she stayed professional whereas I would have been extremely excited and wanting to rip it from his hands to play with it. Also: the idea of heatmapping is definitely a neat one, plus the ability of devs to link their apps to the hub.

For all the Blackberry customers and Fans here i have few questions please help me out ..

I am just in the right time for my next big phone which is because of my phone speaker is unusable ... i want a phone which should last me for 2 year without a hardware problem and software crash Can BB 10 provide me that ??? And also will i be able to use gmail App like i hate it in my HTC desire Android 2.2 froyo version , my primary mail id Gmail so i cant miss that on my phone ....All Developers and People who had the privilege to have your hands on BB 10 Alpha device please give me feedback ....I am very excited seeing the videos here but still not sure about the App support of Gmail . i don't play games and neither i use navigation in my phone ..just make calls,messages and listen some music and surf my mails ...thanks in advance for all the forum members here ....

Honestly, no one can really answer your hardware question. You have to remember the devices haven't even been released yet. Your gmail you should be able to access without a problem. However, there is no app as of yet. If I'm not mistaken Google took away their support for the Blackberry app. But Blackberry is the greatest email managing mobile device you can get. You won't even need an app to manage your gmail.

Lol Commentator's expression at 4:24


And yo, if she don't like the man she won't be lively; also this is forbes, and she's 'pretty' she's expected to act catty and then all the punk men can make fun of her with their perceptions of female sexuality.

interviewer wasn't showing that much interest.. she probably uses iPhone as a dildo..

how the hell can you call yourself a BlackBerry supporter for more than 8 years and then wanting to change to iPhone as soon as your contract's up.. tsk tsk tsk.. xD