BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum kicks off in February starting with Toronto

BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum
By Bla1ze on 8 Jan 2013 06:55 am EST

Over he past few months we've seen BlackBerry employees traveling the world to show and tell folks about BlackBerry 10. Now, with the launch event happening on January 30th, there are no signs of that slowing down.

In fact, all of that was just the beginning really especially for those in the Enterprise sector. The BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum kicks off in February starting in Toronto and will cater to those looking to know more about how BlackBerry 10 can fit into their business portfolio.

  • See - See our enterprise mobility vision, the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Portfolio, secure enterprise mobility management and key business apps that take mobile productivity to an entirely new level
  • Experience - Experience all the innovations we've shown, first-hand, through hands-on demos and discussions with BlackBerry product teams and our partners
  • Learn - Breakout sessions that dive into details on the topics most important to you

If you're a Business decision maker, IT decision maker or an Enterprise developer these are the events you'll want to attend to learn more about BlackBerry 10. There is no cost to register and attend plus, registration for most events listed is open right now. Hit the link below to learn more or get yourself registered today.

BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum

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    BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum kicks off in February starting with Toronto


    Hit the market with a BANG then keep it going. Like I've said already, RIM is doing everything right this time.

    (Oh, and I've never got to say this yet.......FIRST!!!)

    Blame Microsoft for no Skype. Blame Apple for no Itunes. Blame Facebook for no Instagram. What about Google ... etc

    If my BB was a Canadian it would be suing the government for compensation.

    I have little or no use for Skype. I barely use it on my Mac. No need for it on my phone. That being said I really hope it does show up on BB10 so that people stop jacking every freakin' thread with a post about needing Skype (or Netflix or Instagram). Oh Instagram what the heck will I take pictures of my food with if I don't have Instagram?

    Feb 4 being the first date for this roadshow? That tells me that these phones are going to be ready for sale RIGHT AFTER Jan 30!

    Thinking the same thing as well....a hint that February 4th is maybe the actual launch date?? I sure hope so!!!

    Wondering why they didn't choose Nigeria as one of the locations(their 2nd biggest market)...well, I'm still excited anyway

    I was wondering about that and Indonesia as well. Do they not have the networks to take advantage of the BB10 ?

    Reading between the lines... BB10 devices available on 4 Feb or sooner!

    / Can. Not. Wait. It is like Geek Christmas.
    / Hurry. Hurry Hard!

    Registered for Vancouver and approved by the company to do so. sweet.

    Will I be seeing any other Crackberry addicts there?

    Absolutely ... if they do not show a super bowl commercial ... then we know something is seriously wrong with their marketing strategy.

    RIM doesn't have to advertise during the superbowl. If they do, awesome, if they don't, so be it. There will be marketing regardless.

    I need a location in Melbourne, Australia even though I do not need to know. I am getting my BB Z10 from the US.

    On another note, I am trying my hardest to sway my colleagues to move from iPhone to BB 10. We use iPhone because of a Company software that I am hoping the android version can be ported to the BB 10.

    Imagine I met this guy last night at a cricket game and he held 9900 or 9930; So I asked him if he was aware of the new BB 10 soon to be released? He answered no. I was disappointed, but I went straight into marketing mode. He turned around asking if I worked for BB.....LOL.

    I am going H.A.M on BB 10 marketing.

    in india its 13 april ..but when will it be available in indian markets for customers??? any idea anyone??

    Registered for the London event, but might have to visit the Chicago office....if so, I will just rock up to the Chicago event :o) Nice!!....Hope to see other CB'ers there!....Looking forward to it..

    Bring on BB10....