BlackBerry 10 is everywhere!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2012 12:17 pm EDT

This video popped up today and it's actually pretty sweet. In honor of BlackBerry 10, it runs through various "10's" in everyday life .. and it also reminded me that our See BlackBerry 10 and win contest is still going on! If you missed the original post, the contest is running now right up until the launch of BlackBerry 10. All you need to do is send in your photos of your BlackBerry next to a ten (be creative!). We've had loads of great submissions already and still see more every day. So watch the video above to get inspired, then get out there and find some 10s of your own to send in!

See BlackBerry 10 and Win Contest 

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BlackBerry 10 is everywhere!


Seeing as how today is October 10th, RIM missed a golden opportunity with the release of BB10. (Today is 10/10. Get it?)

I realize they don't want to release a half-baked phone, but this would've been a terrific day to release BB10.

It would have also had the added benefit of me not waiting for another few months before I get my hands on a new phone!

using an old song they used to use in an older commercial knowing this since i saw alot of them from internal pages when i was with RIM lol

Is it just me or did yall see that the calendar date circled 10 is Thursday Jan 10 2013 ( at the 00:09 mark). Is that a hint :D

Wouldn't that be sweet?! Except on that calendar, the 12th is in red, which looks like Sunday to me, which would make the 10th a Friday. I don't know any calendar that highlights Saturdays, but I have seen calendars that go from Monday to Sunday. The next month where the 10th falls on a Friday is May! :O

After seeing the ad for the second time I thought "Waaait a minute...", checked my calendar and here you go - January 10th is Thursday. I totally hope this was an obvious hint, not just a meaningless teaser :)

Yeah, it's everywhere...except not on a device that people can use. And now rumors abound that it'll be delayed yet again, till March. If true, and quite possibly even if not, other than the folks on this site and a few others there'll be scant buzz...and getting softer every day. A damn shame for a once great company.

a delay pass what? It was never announced for January, they said first quarter. so if it comes in march, as sad as it may be, it wont be a delay.

Relax, it's coming in January. Not because it launches in certain regions in March means it's launching in March.

I've heard the March release date rumor from 2 sources in the past 24 hours. If indeed it's true that would be very sad. I know....on time....but still sad.

I wouldn't believe that. I bet the first source was that analyst Peter Misek (he just told that he sees March as more possible) and the second source is an article at N4BB, but RIM's president of government relations only told that it will me March for Argentina, not necessarily the whole world. Argentina could be in the 3rd wave of distribution ;)