BlackBerry 10 supports video files with AC3 audio unofficially

BlackBerry 10 supports MKV files with AC3 audio unofficially
By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2013 04:04 pm EST

*UPDATE* - As pointed out by @bighap83, it's now showing officially supported on Z10 spec page.

When the BlackBerry PlayBook initially launched there was a good many folks wondering about video Playback support. As it stands, the BlackBerry PlayBook can play a lot of video formats out of the box but there is a lack of AC3 audio support. The AC3 audio codec is often used in MKV and AVI files so, that meant PlayBook users had to convert the audio before watching their videos. If you're a new BlackBerry Z10 owner, that process is no longer a problem as AC3 audio is up and working on BlackBerry 10 but, it does seem as though it's not 'officially' supported.

After some testing of video files, we've been able to confirm there is indeed support for AC3 audio within BlackBerry 10, MKV and AVI video files encoded using that as their audio source. Now, keep in mind there is a lot of files out there depending on where you get them from that come in many formats so alas, there is always the chance you'll come across some that just simply won't. That said though, in our testing 8 out of 10 files worked just fine, which is a good ratio.

Learn more about supported video/audio formats on BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry 10 supports video files with AC3 audio unofficially


Kalem soft video player seems to play ac3 fine on playbook. Not a free app but it gets the job done.

+1 to this, Kalemsoft video player has played everything I've thrown at it on my Playbook and supports DLNA

Agreed. Have been using it since last summer with very good results. I also use WatchMore which actually converts videos ON the playbook either on the fly (while "streaming" the resulting output to itself for same time playback) or saves the re-encoded video on your PlayBook. With those two programs there is nothing I haven't been able to play.

Holy sh!t it supports flac... WOW!!!!! Finally someone stepped up and gave us flac support!!

I am VERY impressed with the amount of both audio and video capabilities of BB10. I finally have a replacement for my Zune HD...

What about MPEG TS files? That's far more important than (just) AC3 audio support as without TS support all recorded TV programs will have to be transcoded (like on the PB if you don't own KalemSoft Media Player).

Very happy to see the native flac support (as QNX already supported - never made sense the PB didn't)... that said +10^10 for Kalemsoft... fundamentally changed my PB experience!