BlackBerry 10 development tools for Android developers updated

By Bla1ze on 11 Oct 2013 12:47 am EDT

If you're looking to port your Android app onto BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry has just updated their developer tools to make the process even easier than it already was. The update brings support for repackaging your APK file via a GUI-based tool, and ABD-proxy support for any Android IDE of your choice.

  • BlackBerry Plugin for ADT - Since most Android developers tend to choose eclipse partnered with the ADT plugin as their IDE of choice, a BlackBerry 10 specific plugin for ADT is supported which then allows developers to target two different mobile ecosystems within the same codebase. Our BlackBerry plugin for ADT simply adds eclipse menu-item entries to build/test/debug Android apps on BlackBerry 10, alongside your existing Android devices. To start using the 2.0 beta, make sure to point your update site the correct URL
  • Command-line/GUI SDK - The updated command-line SDK will continue to provide developers an environment to quickly repackage and sign APK files via the blackberry-apkpackager (formerly apk2bar) and blackberry-signer arguments. In addition, it also includes a GUI-based option to repackage/sign/deploy apps on the fly. With the GUI option introduced in this beta release, the ability to configure signing and sign release BAR files has never been so simple.
  • Command-line SDK – BlackBerry ADB Proxy Manager - Included within the command-line SDK is the addition of the blackberry-adbproxy command, which allows developers to connect their BlackBerry 10 smartphone or simulator over IP address to any development environment of choice. Doing so allows any IDE to run and debug Android apps on a BlackBerry 10 device/simulator as though it is an Android device itself.

The update packages are available right now through the BlackBerry Android tooling page on the the BlackBerry developer site. Also, while these tools are for Android developers, it's also something you may be interested in checking out if you find yourself sideloading your own Android apps.

Visit the BlackBerry Android developer site

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BlackBerry 10 development tools for Android developers updated


Smart people! Can someone explain to me what this would mean to an average Z10 user such as myself?? Thanks in advance!

Posted via CB10

Side loading will be easier as the DEVS can now develop apps for both BB10 and Android simultaneously as the code will work on both. So no more APK to BAR file coverts needed.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Sideloading will be easier for the developer. Not for the random person who takes someone else's APK and convert it.

Damn. This may mean more android ports and less native apps. At least if you're a lazy developer like Skype. OK, it's not that bad but seriously I would like some more native apps. They are so much better.

Oh well, at least we have the option.

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If BB10 devices can run android apps better then most android devices if not it runs the same.

Why is this a bad thing? You guys are complaining about apps, Blackberry doesn't have a big enough user base to get apps so this is just making it easier for the developers to port their apps = MORE APPS on BB10. If the developers see a lot of people downloading it and using it but criticizing asking for a native maybe that will give them the incentive to actually make a BB10 app.

I do agree with 1magine they need bluetooth support.
They also need to fix the camera so it's not sideways:P It's usable for me when making a Snapchat but when my friends try to Snapchat on my phone; they trip out.

For me it's more for permissions. The apps being ported doesn't allow me to choose what the app can access

Would prefer native apps, but I'll take what I'm given. Just bring out Netflix and Spotify already haha!

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I hope the Android ecosystem on BlackBerry matures to the point that it feels like native apps. :)

Posted via the awesome Z10 STL100-1/

Why are people worrying about ported APPS, When BB10 is so awesome. it runs ported apps like it was built for bb10 devices. When it is done properly not by you porting it your self! The only problem I have is the security need to be optional so you can control it.! I.e location base, read my device, read my information. NO!!! No and Nooo.

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I love porting myself. It's easy but can be time consuming. Some work and some don't. With 10.2 I've manages to get more working than on 10.1. Again, some work and some don't. It makes having my Z10 fun to have. But to make it easier, that's great. I'm on the same page that what I can get if fine with me. But as the app issue being present hopefully developers can move in quicker and get the people more apps that they want. Easier for developers and easier for average Joes using the platform like myself and are willing to go it alone, then great! At the end of the day, it's about the customer using their product and being able to satisfy the need for certain apps. Anything to make it easier is a plus. Go blackberry and it's users!!! We are an army!!!

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Can you guys make a list of sideloaded apps that are now working with 10.2? I'm still at 10.1

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I am still using BlackBerry Graphical aid to concert and install APK, so the new UI for this specific point is nothing new :P.

I like that they stay active though. Even if they were to sell their hardware division, BB10, be it on any phone, is the main reason I use their products.

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I have to side loading legal. There is a very annoying android lover on Engadget who keeps saying it's piracy over and over. Is it really piracy?

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

The dude with the moustache as an avatar? He's a troll. Ignore him and he generally just goes away. He's in the complete minority as virtually no one else questions the legality of sideloading free Android applications. There are way more users pirating APKs on their Android devices which erodes the bottom line and is far more clear-cut in terms of legality and morality that he should be worried about.

Finding a Way to get an APK file from the Google store is not forbidden by Google's terms and conditions.

Downloading an APK from another website, and converting it into a bb10 app, ans sideloading it on a bb10 phone, is not forbidden by Google or by BlackBerry.

But doing it I thought the explicit agreement of the person who created the APK can be said not ethical by some people.

Then who cares. If it's a small dev, then send them a note saying you'd love it if they ported it themselves.

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Great way to improve the ecosystem and remember ppl don't buy BlackBerry due to lack of apps. This way the average user will see more apps and consider buying BlackBerry.

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If BlackBerry starts being able to download and run direct Android apps, then what will be the reason to use Android anymore?
Superior OS over BlackBerry?

I don't think so.

Seems like more of a reason for a large player to move in for a bid.

Can you please get subway surfer and temple run on app world because if you don't get those apps people will stop buying blackberry's and will start buying ios and android please get it on bb 10

Posted via CB10

Guys, I can side load any apps actually! And it's working in this new OS. But the problem I'm experiencing now is, for example; Instagram, I can't share any pictures that taken by BlackBerry native camera! It's should be taken by instagram camera rather! Any body here notice that. If no, can anyone help me how to do side load without limitations? Thank you!

Posted via CB10

Pleas how do I sideload app on my q10 I currently run a 10.2 os please I need detailed advise and links please anybody.

Posted via CB10