BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha version update now available

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Update
By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2012 02:10 pm EDT

As announced at BlackBerry Jam Americas, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update has now gone live for folks to download. This release will bump the device into BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Update version 10.0.9 Bundle 388 and is packed with features:

This release offers your first peek at our BlackBerry 10 OS experience, including some of our core apps and new gestures! The following apps and screens are available in this release:

  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
  • BlackBerry App World storefront (purchases are disabled)
  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Games
  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Out of the box experience
  • Settings

The update is still pushing through the system and if you're on Windows, you may need to make use of the new tools available to wipe your device first. If you're not seeing it as of yet, just ride it out for a bit longer and it will show up for ya. If you're looking for the full release note or more info, hit the link below.

Release notes for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha version update now available


Is this the version 3 SDK that is on the Dev Alpha B devices being shown off at BB Jam? If so... I'm gonna hook up my PlayBook with that :)

Sorry, what I meant was, is this the OS version that was being demonstrated at BB Jam? Because if I can get my hands on the BAR file, I can put it on my PlayBook with DingleBerry.

Desktop Software shows it for me and it goes through the update process, but it hasn't actually installed the new software when it is done (it allows me to search for an update and do it all over again).

I had already found the update instructions at the link Hatax posted but they failed multiple times as well. The updater claimed to be downloading 56 modules and updating my device but it didn't actually update. My dev alpha is still on, after multiple tries running WipeReload.bat.

Same with me, it hasn't updated. I tried everything, debricked method and all. Have been trying since 1'oclock can someone please tell me how to do it.

I tried doing without apploader, it didn't work.
I tried installing app loader first and using desktop manager debricked method, it didn't work.
Now, I tried installing app loader and then using the wipe .bat file, its downloading like before but only 2 modules and for the last hour i have been stuck at 0 out of 2 modules but the progress bar is moving up.


Ok I just got it to work. The instructions at the link:

omit a step. When you download and extract the zip archive you have to run
the installer that's in the archive before you run the batch file. If you run the batch
file (as the instructions tell you to do) without first running the installer the batch
file will run, claim to update your device, but fail to do so.

The instructions are broken.

SOLUTION: Ok I figured it out for anyone having problems:
You have to first install the app loader, then click on the batch file. It may take up to 2 hours and seem as if it froze but as long as the progress bar is active as in you see the green thing moving across it back and forth it is going.
Wait two hours and it will work enjoy.

Hey everyone, if you have got the update working you are probably having fun and playing around with it like me. Although we have BBM now and no contacts, i want to play around with bbm and groups if you need a buddy add me


and lets test out bbm.

my BB10 bricked after updating, tried to restore it but getting "an error occured while updating youe software. any help please.

I love the the phone and the look of BB10 however, I wish they added the 2 convenience keys. I'd also like to see HDMI out. I do feel like something is missing in the phone just like with my PlayBook. Idk if it's the look of the letters or the fact I STILL can't use my front facing cam but I do feel incomplete still. I think that if RIM doesn't bring the big name Native Apps to to its App World it's doomed! As much as I hate to admit it, it REALLY needs Skype, Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO, Live Messenger, NetFlix, Skydrive, and all the major book stores, HBO GO, HULU, TiVO, ROKU, Boxee, etc. In all, the list goes on and on but these are the starter Apps RIM desperately needs.

The thing is, rim doesn't make those apps you mentioned, they can't make them, the DEVELOPERS have to make them. RIM can't get them on bb10, the developers have to submit them into appworld. Please don't think rim has to make those apps, because that is entirely incorrect.