BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha unboxing video

By Adam Zeis on 2 May 2012 10:46 am EDT

If you aren't a developer and won't be able to pick up a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha for yourself, you can still check out this unboxing video from forums member SCrid2000. Registered developers who attended BlackBerry 10 Jam were able to pick up their devices early this morning so they can start porting their apps to BlackBerry 10. Keep in mind that this is not the final BlackBerry hardware or software - it's just a prototype device for developers to use to ensure their apps work on BlackBerry 10 devices. Check out the full video above then hit the link below for more.

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha unboxing video


It's an unboxing video so there doesn't have to be a part 2 - there's nothing else to unbox, unless you want to see the cables, etc that it comes with... :)

You would need a version of bridge, at this point a more likely aim would be bridging a bbos device with the dev alpha.

Too small folks! Needs to be a bit larger and unlike the iphone. Not as large as the Samsung Note (obviously) but it definitely can afford to be bigger. Come on guys, make it different. Wad

I think Kevin posted a picture of the Alpha Dev next to the iphone and the Galaxy Nexus. It is about the same size as the Galaxy Nexus.

BB10 has much to look forward to. RIM should have the boot time of both the current PB and BB10 at minimal levels by the release :)

I wish it actually ran the BB10 interface we saw in the keynote, but it just runs a different version of the PlayBook OS that's made for smaller screens. Nevertheless, it's enough for developers to get their apps tested on it before the official BB10 OS and devices come out.

once again its 2012 and Adam has yet to get a professional camera...... the video is blurry.... ... the bold 9900 has hd video recording.... its time to get your sh!+ together.....

This is like watching the Blair Witch Project. I got motion sick and barfed all over my Playbook.

Really, Dude you'd think with being in the industry & all you could afford a decent little video recorder and get someone to hold it for you...

A little professionalism here...

I can't tell if you guys are being serious here... Did you even read the post? Adam didn't record this video, someone from the forums did. Wow.

This is a video you post CrackBerry? That was the most unprofessional video I've ever seen on a blog. You'd think the guy could find a friend to hold the camera steady. Embarassing.

Hmmm well didn't really like how the PlayBook looks and now they have their new blackberry looking like a smaller version of the PlayBook? Hmm dunno what to think about that.. But interesting.. I dunno if I would be up for another blackberry this year just have to wait and see

have you not been reading this is not a phone they are going to release its a beta test phone for developers to test their apps!!! geeez dont people understand dammiT!!!!! READ REEAD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wont be eligible until 2013 so they should have all the bugs worked out by then, maybe it wont have any :)

What kind of phone was that video shot with?? I'm guess BlackBerry 9900 or similar...another reason to avoid BB for now and just wait if you don't need the keyboard.

Lol, such anger and hatred over a simple video.
It was filmed with a 9650 cuz that's what I have and can afford. No one else filmed it because everyone else was opening there own developer alphas as well.
You're welcome to buy me a HD camera, and send a camera crew down here. Or you can ome down yourself and shoot as good a video as you want - I was really far more concerned with getting the thing open and checking it out, but I did spare some time to shoot the video.
You're welcome :)

Reading the comments's mindnumbingly ridiculous, the level of maturity and intelligence associated with some of the members of CB.

I feel like I'm a teachers assistant in an elementary school, with all the freaking whining that some of these so-called "adults" express. What happened to the old adage "if you have nothing nice to say, then STFU!"??

SCrid2000, thanks for repping us at BBWC/BBJam. Thanks for the s#*tty video, showcasing an awesome development in smartphone technology. I felt like I was watching a UFO landing, and you were the "Leader" that these visitors asked to be taken to. Thanks for the raw, 1st hand, hot off the press, REGULAR user/dev account and unboxing.

Most of all, thanks for even taking ANY of your time to share your excitement with us. You could have easily coveted that moment alone - I'm sure these selfish crybabies who are complaining, would have greedily gone to their corner to slob over...nevermind.

Thanks Bro!!! OSBB!!!

I'm a regular reader of these posts and I'm a big believer in BB because it's a great platform for what I need. I'm currently carrying a 9900 and Playbook and love them both. HOWEVER I was *angry* following my viewing of this "video". Maybe I'm not geek enough but this was a colossal waste of my time. Get serious guys...

No wonder gaylar from the three biggest letter (ASS) in tech is so frustrated. He was not given one! And their fans are here to read about it!!! Go back where you belong haters. If we #bbpeople are not significant then leave us alone.