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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha SIMs received at BlackBerry World now expired

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By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2012 04:53 pm EDT

If you were among the lot of U.S. BlackBerry developers who attended BlackBerry World / BlackBerry Jam in Orlando and received a SIM card with your BlackBerry Dev Alpha, you'll want to make note that the SIM cards for the devices have now expired.

The last day of usage on them was Sept. 30th as confirmed by @BlackBerryDev. Of course, the devices will still continue to work through Wi-Fi or if you put in your own microSIM, but use of the included AT&T microSIM has concluded. Thanks, @Pootermobile!



Awww man, just as I was lovin' BBMin' on this thing from the store! Guess I should look into some PAYG options...


You can BBM without carrier. An interesting and uncommented-upon change - I was able to use BBM from its availability on the DA over wifi, and never had a SIM card.


So what was the point of handing out all of these SIM cards?


TESTING..Collect data usage to improve...


Sad to see it go, but at least it was four months of free data while it lasted.


kinda useless to have the SIM card if you can't use to make calls.


Not really.

Devs were still able to test the functionality of their apps while using data.


the phones are for app development, not making phone calls. they already have that "app" besides if your app is for phone calls it would be voip/sip anyways right?


RIM must have really wanted to launch the first BB10 device in Q4 2012.


I hope they surprise us with an early launch :)


I hope they surprise us with a launch that is on time and without any drama. We don't need another phone like the Storm. Let's hope they release something that works great out of the gate.


There's usually a "beta" phase after "alpha" (ie dev alpha), before a product goes gold and is released to the public.


I think that these devices really are the betas. RIM will not be releasing another developer handset. And they are so close to the final product in most peoples opinion other then aesthetics that it could not possibly be a true alpha model. Alpha is usually the experimentation stage.