BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS now available for developers

Dev Alpha update
By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2013 03:58 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha owners get a treat today in the form of a new OS update. OS version has been made available OTA and via the update page for PC users. We're not sure what's new and exciting in this one, so if you come across anything be sure to hit up the comments and let us know. Just think -- in a few weeks everyone will look forward to the BlackBerry 10 updates! :-)

More info on the developer update page 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS now available for developers


its totally dependant on carriers and Rogers is solid always 24-48 hours after press launch event they have the device on the shelvs

U can check out the release notes on the developer update page. It's a small list of fixed issues and some other knows issues mainly i guess but a welcomed update none the less

The alpha simulator is updated as well. I have to say there is a noticeable speed improvement. Default memory size is 2GB now.

This update brought "LD", "LT", "MYVER", "MYPIN", "MYNUM" etc.

Noticeable speed increases. BBM is more reliable.

Swipes are easier, including unlock and swipe up to peak at the hub (which is still locked)

This is on the Dev Alpha B.

Sadly I won't experience this update, as I mailed my Dev Alpha unit back to RIM for some BB10 LE Blackberry Developer Reward Goodness. Can't wait! Missing my Dev Alpha already, and salivating for that BB10 LE to arrive hopefully next month. :-)

"Just think -- in a few weeks everyone will look forward to the BlackBerry 10 updates!"

...Not so much. Gotta wait for the units to hit stores first.

I hope the RIM has upgraded their update servers to account for more than 10k ppl hitting the check update buttons at the same time all day long.

It's for busy people (or slackers) like me who are submitting their apps tomorrow and thus still have their dev alphas with no limited edition in sight. *sigh*

Robert Scobie ( the worlds Biggest Rim Basher / Hater who wishes death and everything bad to them ) just tried the NEW BB10 smartphone. He said, " He likes it a lot".

There you have it people. If you are, or were a Rim hater and basher, once you try BB10, you open your eyes, and all of a sudden you become a Rim lover and supporter.

These phones are going to sell like crazy, and a lot of people know it!

YouTube works now with volume buttons too.
New bbm emoticons
Predictive text font changed
Keyboard sound silenced
Very noticeable stability and speed improvement
Browser share feature stable

In the camera application, the toolbar at the bottom has an "edit" button, which is non-functional, but which I did not notice before. I agree with others that the UI and browser are snappier.

I love how when you are in the browser and selecting a text box to enter into and the browser zooms in and centers things for your entry needs to be made much easier. This could have been here before but I missed it for some reason.

Is a forward button for the browser in the works as we just have a back button now?

The Peak feature to the Blackberry Hub from any application is going to be awesome. Who needs to waste time with a home button right?

Sure does look like BB10 might launch with v10.1... seem to be getting up there with 10.0 iterations!

Question, when the app goes into an active frames state will it have a "cover"? I've seen some have them but others don't like the browser. The browser, when put in active frame mode it is still open which doesn't look appealing to me, looks unfinished. Idk, I might get used to it.