News & Rumors | 13 Comments Press Release: RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform Today during BlackBerry World, RIM has made some announcements regarding the BlackBerry 10 platform. They have released the initial version of the developer toolkit for native and HTML5 development. This will certainly be a boost to developers who can now design applications in anticipation of...



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Aug 14, 2013 BlackBerry now available for developers

Along with the Gold BlackBerry 10.2 SDK downloads, BlackBerry has also updated the BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS autoloaders. When updated, Dev Alpha devices will be running OS The links have actually been live for the past few days but now, they're fully official. Keep in mind, these downloads are NOT full builds and are specifically meant for developers. In other words, you're not going to want to use these as 'daily drivers' on your device.

Update your BlackBerry Dev Alpha Software

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Aug 13, 2013 Qualified developers at BlackBerry Jam Asia to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C device

BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 is set to take place in Hong Kong on September 26-27 and just like all Jam events before it, if you're a developer attending the event you can qualify to get your own free BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C device just for attending:

To help prepare for the next wave of mobile users, qualified developers at BlackBerry Jam Asia could receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C device at the conference! The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C is a testing device for developers that can be used to help adjust, debug and test BlackBerry 10 apps for BlackBerry 10 QWERTY smartphones, such as the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, as well as the new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone.

Entry is easy enough, just register for the event as a developer, fill out the requested information and attend the event. BlackBerry will handle the eligibility part but as long as you nor your company have previously received a Dev Alpha device at a BlackBerry event or directly from BlackBerry, your chances of qualifying are pretty good.

Register for BlackBerry Jam Asia and get in on early bird pricing

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May 23, 2013 BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices will stay up and running after all

When the BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices were given out, developers were told that at some point the devices would be deactivated and essentially rendered useless (or bricked in geek terms). With plenty of developers eligible to trade in their Dev Alpha for a limited edition BlackBerry Z10 however, this didn't seem like such a big deal.

For anyone that hasn't received a BlackBerry Z10 or just wants to hold onto their Dev Alpha for testing purposes there is good news today. As it turns out, the devices will continue to work past the original deactivation date of June 30th. 

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Feb 06, 2013 BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Photo Gallery

The BlackBerry Dev Alpha C was unveiled during yesterday's keynote presentation at BlackBerry Jam Europe. Our hands on discovered a pretty solid device, with an excellent physical keyboard as you'd expect from a BlackBerry device. 

The response to the Dev Alpha C in Amsterdam has been phenomenal, with the testing booths packed with eager developers wanting to get their hands on one to start building great apps for the BlackBerry Q10

But, we know there's sure to be a host of developers who qualify to get a Dev Alpha C that couldn't make the trip to Amsterdam. So, to follow up on our initial hands on, here's a few snaps of the device to tide you over until it arrives. 

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Feb 05, 2013 First look and hands on with the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C

During the keynote presentation this morning at BlackBerry Jam Europe in Amsterdam, Alec Saunders unveiled the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C device. Geared at developing for the forthcoming BlackBerry Q10, the Dev Alpha C is of course the first Dev Alpha with the full, physical keyboard.

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Jan 01, 2013 BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha fetches $999 on eBay

Dev Alpha eBay

In years past we've seen pre-release devices show up on eBay weeks before an official launch. Some of them may or may not have shown up at a certain BlackBerry lover's doorstep - but that's old news. While I've been anxiously searching auction sites for an early BlackBerry 10 device (there are none to be found so don't bother) it turns out that there are a few BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units available -- if you have the funds. 

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Nov 29, 2012 Download the new BlackBerry Dev Alpha wallpapers for your BlackBerry smartphone
Download the new BlackBerry Dev Alpha wallpapers for your BlackBerry smartphone

Along for the ride in the latest BlackBerry Dev Alpha update was some new wallpapers. In total, there are 21 wallpapers including the original that was placed on the Dev Alpha available for download.We're working on getting them uploaded for different devices to the CrackBerry wallpaper gallery but if you're looking to resize them yourself, you can find the download link below. Make sure you drop by the CrackBerry forums and say thanks to Bighap!

Download the new BlackBerry Dev Alpha wallpapers

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Oct 22, 2012 Kaxi BETA now open to BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device owners
Kaxi Beta

With well over 5,000 BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices out there, C2 Development has opened the doors to beta testing on their new app called Kaxi. If you're not familar with Kaxi, it's an app that aims to make finding taxis in your local area whether you are in the UK or USA, super simple:

Simply tap "find local taxis" and Kaxi will search for the nearest taxi companies to you and display their name and number. You can also search by a town or city and Kaxi will display all the taxi companies in the given area.

Like any beta that you sign up for, you'll be given early access to app before it hits BlackBerry App World and as such be able to help C2 Development through the Kaxi BETA Portal which may be used to submit feedback and bug reports.

Right now, the UK version is completed and the US version is in bugfixing stages and a Canadian version is being considered. Have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and interested in helping out? You can sign up for the beta via the C2 Development site link below.

Sign up for the Kaxi beta program

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May 02, 2012 CrackBerry Podcast 085: BlackBerry World 2012 Super Podcast!

Listen Now!

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Apr 29, 2012 Hot: More higher quality photos of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device!
With the previous leaked photos of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device having already been shown off and confirmed by Research In Motion, we're now seeing a new batch of images fresh from the CrackBerry tip line. They don't show off much more than the previous leak but, they're of higher quality and you do certainly get a better look at the device. We're not seeing any signs of the OS it is running nor are we seeing the display turned on, but alas, we're not that far off now before it'll be officially unveiled this week at BlackBerry Jam and BlackBerry World. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for lots more from BlackBerry World 2012!

PS. REMEMBER FOLKS... this is a developer device, for developers to test out their BlackBerry 10 apps. This isn't what the first BlackBerry 10 phone will look like, so don't start making comments on it as if it were such. Thanks :)

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