BlackBerry 10 demo video shows off application switching, swipe gestures

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2012 08:51 pm EDT

Over the past few months now, we've seen RIM give off some pre-set demos of BlackBerry 10 but now a new video showing off what we've previously seen leaked in still images has popped up. In it, you can get a look at switching applications and gesture swiping to reveal your full app screen. You also get a good look at the clock app, which has appeared several times as well. Sadly, like all the other stuff out there, nothing here is final nor is it noted which version of BlackBerry 10 is running on the device so you'll have to take it as-is for now.

Also consider the video shows as being dated for June (Juni), yet is only appearing now in September. Something tells me someone sat on this until it was possibly no longer really relevant and therefore, may not matter all that much if people see it now. That said; we're getting closer and closer to BlackBerry Jam Americas where it is expected RIM will show off plenty more and provide some further details into BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry 10 demo video shows off application switching, swipe gestures


Awesome, For christmas this year, I don't want any gifts, I am only taking monetary contributions.
I need me some BB10 love for the new year

I agree - looks great. Just a bit depressed that people are getting new iPhones and IIIs phones and I have to wait.

Blackberry - I'm depressed!

Yup, busted! Hahaha

The way you set the time of an alarm on the new clock looks like it'll be sooo much quicker and easier than the current method. Looking forward to it...

Really, I don't care what it looks like. As long as the functionality isn't affected, I'll be happy with it. :)

PS. It's using beta software, subject to change.

The iPhone isn't "coming out tomorrow". It's just being announced.
There will be weeks left to leak tidbits of BB10 before the iPhone is actually available for purchase.

I just hope I can preorder a BB10 device before Christmas and pick it up before mid January. RIM can't afford to entirely miss the Christmas buying spree.

I fully expect to see TV ads before Christmas too. After all, folks are committing to buy the iPhone 5 when there aren't any damn iPhone 5s to be had. Fueled by the demand for the iPhone 5, Apple is having folks line up or take a number to wait for it. Sounds like that saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Saw similar lock screen and folders at BB10 Jam Vancouver...without all of the applications loaded (some Cascades samples were loaded at the session I attended). It's good to see that this dated back to June (meaning THEORETICALLY RIM should have made significant progress on it since then).

I can see where Thorsten made his call for the extra time for polishing the software based on this video. It looks like a really solid beta and is smooth and fluid as it needs to be but lacking a little spit shine and consistency in the apps. Overall looking like it's shaping up to really make everything else out there look old. iOS is really going to show it's age when BB 10 launches.

The transitioning part is cool and should answer people's question of how it'll work. Setting the alarm, should that be the beta version in the video, appears to be faster that setting it now.
If people want more leakes I still say it should be controlled. Don't release everything so others can copy it months before launch. Mobile tech moves too quickly to be irresponsible.

I made out a few, but it is stuff that is currently on the playbook. Even at 1080p still fuzzy. Can't tell what some are.

Expectations for iPhone: the damn thing has to be mind controlled or the stock will crash.
Expectations forBB10: if it works as an alarm clock, we are extremely satisfied.


And this is very impressive for a device that some people have the balls to say will be delayed again when Q12013 nears.

Maybe this is why the stock is up so much lately.

LOL! So funny, yet there some truth to that.

The thing is, RIM has sold many of us on their new BB10 OS. Now, they just have to deliver it. So assuming everything comes out as great as they have been telling everyone, they will win.

iPhone is on a different level, because it was great when it came out (half a decade ago). And every year they've made minor iterations. But nothing has ever been a "wow" change. A better camera, a better screen, a crappier OS. Face it, the iPhone is becoming outdated.

Bring on the BB10!

No one is commenting that the clock wasn't running real time? It has to adjust when expanded (opened). RIM better get this right. (Deleted rant about how much I've lost on: the stock price, and time spent telling iPhone users BlackBerrys can infact browse the internet and play music).
Please get this right RIM. You have had 5 years since the iPhone and even more since the LG Prada.... Which how has LG not sued Apple? They're nearly identical.
End 2nd rant.

The phone is connected to the power plug because the battery don't last long enough to set up the alarm.

I know that it must burn you to know that BB10 is going to kick arse :)

BTW - Shoudn't you be inline at the apple store waiting for your new 6 year old phone to arrive?

Firstly, its `doesn`t` or `won`t`. if your gonna attempt to troll, at least have the common curtesy to use correct english. :p

As for the actual question (which you failed to actually answer) my guess is currently its like the PlayBook in the sense you can set the app behaviour, and this wasn`t in `showcase` mode. Either that or this is part of the `seams` that thorsten could see and wanted to address before launch.

Either way i expect we`ll see more BlackBerry 10 at BBJam, maybe even a video hands on. It wouldn`t make much sense to do the press preview last month then have them sit on it till Q1, i believe the press preview is basically what we`ll see at BBJam.

I don't care what you blackberry fans say since it's to little to late . Even if BB10 is the best OS system in the world it will not sell since no one wants a new most advanced phone or OS. NEVER NEVER NEVER....sorry trolls i'm just making myself look like a stupid troll. BB10 is going to rock.

I know, trolls are so dumb they're not worth answering. "Too little too late," coming from an iPhone user is hilarious. Apple was on the bring of death in 2006 when the iPhone came to the rescue to revive them. So why wasn't it "Too little too late?" I'll tell you why, because they came out with a game changer and look where Apple is today. Well... It's RIM's time in the spot light. Gamechanger!

I miss spoke, what I should have wrote was Apple was on the bring of death in 2001 and was fully revived in 2006 by the iPhone. My point though still holds.

In 2001 their stock was at a low of $7.34. In 2006 it was hovering around $65. Today it is worth about $665. I'm just saying that Apples' stock was at the point that RIM's is today and Apple made a comback so why can't RIM?

The point I am making is Apple loser trolls like to say "Too little too late." They say that because they are mindless sheep who repeat anything that Apple's marketing machine spits out at them. They have no independant thought and like to be individuals by being part of the crowd. Notice they don't just share the sentiment of "Too little too late," but rather they quote it verbatim. That is because they are just repeating what they heard like the sheep that they are.

I challenge you to answer why is it "Too little too late" for RIM when companies like Apple and Motorola have pulled off come backs? I also challenge you to explain what "Too little too late" even means.

Further, I don't call some people dumb, I call many people dumb. Apple trolls make me sick because they don't have a modicum of intelligence. You sir, need to learn to punctuate your posts...unless it's "Too little too late" for that.

BlackBerry 10 is going to ROCK!
Long live CrackBerry Nation.

Come at me trolls.

I just bought a 32GB Playbook and a BB branded leather sleeve case through for $149 and I thought that was a sweet deal. BUT I just found out it gets even better. I may even go price match the flyer...

For one week at Walmart Canada for their upcoming Anniversary, you will be able to get a 32GB wifi playbook for $118.99 (no leather sleeve). It's in their upcoming flyer that is visible on their site. Go and check it out. This is the lowest price I have ever seen. I am wondering why they are so darn cheap now to be honest. I hope so much that this thing will get the BB10 OS update (I know they said it would happen but still, I am leery).

I mean for that kind of price, you can not buy a decent 5MP camera and a 32 GB flash card for that much. This thing does so much more, it's insane...

I can think of at least 3 reasons they're so cheap.

1) The more Playbooks in the market, the more apps that are sold, the more incentive for developers as they're now waiting until 2013 to profit from their efforts.

2) RIM is still sitting on a whack of playbooks that it has already written off. Using these as a marketing tool and letting people see how good the UI is can only help them.

3) Google and Amazon just launched very affordable 7" tablets which will now compete with the Playbook. From the days of the $99 HP tablet we know for many price is king and market share matters. Hopefully the low price gets them the market share.

Well it worked on me anyhow. I mean, I bought a 9810 after HP folded on webOS because I liked the form factor of the upright phone (and I quite like it now that 7.1 updated things to give me hotspot connectivity).

Mind you, I also bought a 32 GB HP Touchpad with all the fixings after the firesale (wireless charger, keyboard, etc.) but I barely use it. In fact, since HP said they're not backporting openWebOS to it, I think I will put Android on it just to check it out and perhaps get some more use from it (or try and sell it all off). But I am really excited to use my new Playbook though as a daily driver. Just so much easier to put movies on it and the browser just destroys webOS. Now with what I see in BB10, I am even more interested in the platform. If my carrier gets a B10 phone, I am going all in.

Looks like a Iphone/Android scroll...welcome to 2012 RIM, we wont see this phone till 2015 and they will still not be ready for the next shift...RIP RIM for falling behind and leaving the consumers.

`we wont see this phone till 2015`

and with that, your credibilty just went down, as your obviously not being serious.

Liquid revolver? You funny!
Do they call you liquid revolver because your brain is like a paint mixer?

Imbacile. What are you still doing here? Did you fall off your mom's teet? Nana booboo? C'mere. Let me pit you to bed. Snivelling little wretch.

I don't understand anything this gentleman is saying but who needs words when you see such detail go into an alarm clock. The alarm clock is a basic app and they obviously put some detail on how fluid they wanted it to be, this get's me excited for BB10. I'm going to sell my iPhone 5 the day BB10 launches.

Assuming they have a calender app, you can just set daily appointments instead. (Assuming it's similar to the current blackberrys and playbooks)

+1. I downloaded a couple of useful (but obviously incomplete) alarms and next thing I know they're asking for money. Classic fail. At no time did either description state there was a trial period.

While everyone is drooling over the nice UI demo and a clock. Did anyone notice that the user had to press down on the adapter the whole time he was presenting? This tells me there is an issue with either the interface or the adapters used. Hope this gets fixed before release!!

I don't think the presenter was holding the adapter, it seemed more like he was resting his hand on the table. If you look closely, he moves his left hand off the adapter several times.

Likely nothing to worry about here.

I don't think the presenter was holding the adapter, it seemed more like he was resting his hand on the table. If you look closely, he moves his left hand off the adapter several times.

Likely nothing to worry about here.

Actually, at one moment the adapter was flaky and moved on him, he fixed it and the video was also cut off, not sure what that was.

Anyway, something to check into when the phone is launched.

He was using a dev alpha.. A thrown together tool for developers... There is no way that they will have something like that slide on the actual release of the phone. Absolutely nothing to worry about tbh..

Okay I haven't said anything positive about RIM on here for a while as I was really disappointed they didn't run away with it when they were ahead, but this is really cool. I am gonna be first in line for BB10!

Based on everything that has leaked so far, I know BB10 is going to be a great OS and certainly the best BlackBerry OS ever. But having a great OS will not necessarily lead to success. To be successful, three crucial things need to happen:

1) apps and content is king - all, or at least most, of the big name apps need to be there at launch (instragram, skype, netflix, hbogo, hulu, kindle app, etc.)

2) existing BB users are low-hanging fruit - there must be a convienent and simple way for existing BlackBerry users to transfer their data store from their current BBs to the new BB10 phones.

3) convey a compelling message - there must be a compelling memorable marketing campaign that conveys the message that BB10 is designed with the user's productivity in mind. Go beyond the what, explain the why.

Don't forget...

4) an ecosystem that extends beyond the phone - Whether it be automotive, home theater, smart appliances... whatever. RIM needs to have some reason other then just a cool phone to compete with the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft who all have services and products outside of just smart phones and tablets. RIM really does need partners for BB 10. But not HTC. They need Harmon, or GE, or Volkswagen to use BB 10 or at least offer seamless integration through product they already make using QNX. RIM needs to find a way to leverage the fact that QNX is already widely used all over the place in stuff we interact with daily.

These ARE the 4 pts! They should be chiseled into stone and hung up at RIM headquarters and yelled from the mountain tops here at CrackBerry.

+1 to both of you

Agree with these 4 points. As for the video, its a yawn and doesn't illustrate to any of these points.

Cool video.

Everyone else, with the RIM must, and RIM will, and RIM should bulls**t... You can go fornicate with your hat, you know-nothing vajayjay farts. Relax. It's a motherfucking phone, brother.

OK, I'm looking forward to BB10, but this much excitement over a Clock app? I mean, why even spend so much time demoing the clock?

I think you blinked a few times and missed the edits. The video was actually ALLOT longer but edited down to just the tidbits that were shown.

But to answer why, you would have had to have gone to university and attended a long winded professor lecture minutia for an hour before you decided to skip the class and just read the textbook.

Your comment shows people tend to not see the whole picture. If the only thing you took away from this video is a preview of a clock app, I can't help you... Just saying.

After watching the video all I can say is WOW...WOW, what a crappy video, it only shows half the screen, poor lighting, just a poor quality video. Hope BB10 is better than the video.

It was recorded by a guy with a cellphone which he was hiding... They did not allow recording devices and he was over there trying to hide it.. They did not demo that with the mindset that people would see it via video. All I can say is WOW...WOW you are really complaining about the video that a LEAK came from in regards to the final product of the phone..? Really...

Hey, entitled goofs who likely only amount to a 7-11 employee, it's a leaked video. I don't care how you feel about the quality OR the content. In fact, I'm ashamed that we're both waiting to use the same mobile platform.

First let me say that I'm not a 7-11 employee, nor, do I look down with contempt upon those who do work at 7-11. I work in a professional corporate setting and rely on my BlackBerry 9900 on a daily basis. My comments were not made with your happiness in mind, in fact...your happiness or opinion of my post is of no consequence to me. Secondly, I'm not entitled by any means, what I am however is a long time member of this forum who on numerous occasions has had the opportunity to review new pre release devices. The fact that you don't care how I feel about the video or its content, is again of no concern to me. This is, has been and will be an open forum to post comments and the last time I checked, you and your 960 posts have no authority implied or otherwise to strike down the comments of another user. Lastly, you state you're ashamed that we are both waiting to use the same platform. Well tisk, tisk, tisk...dry your tears. I have been a long time user and supporter of BB and your comments while completely feckless, do nothing more than display the behavior of a small child who doesn't get their way. Perhaps you should hold your breath and stomp you feet to keep me from expressing my opinion. If you'd do your homework and reseach a little you'd clearly see that I'm not a troll, or BB hater. The entire point of my comments were that although a leaked video, the quality was so poor, camera of place, poor ligthing, etc that you don't really get an idea of the true features of BB10. Now, if you have no further objections, I'll get back to work and you can go back to watching cartoons in your parents basement before you start your shift at 7-11.

Did anyone realize the simplicity of the UX and the clock app?

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

Like many on here I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of new devices featuring BB10. So far eveything looks pretty promising.

Duuuuude, it's a leaked video, unauthorized leak. Filmed on a projected screen in a moderately lit room.

Beta software, subject to change at any time.

No, no, it was so much different! Didn't you see? Instead of tapping on a button to get to the home/app screen, he swiped! That's "flow" man! It's breakthrough! That's nothing like the old "in-out paradigm"

Bla1ze, would you know if those four tile like icons are similar to live titles? Or are they just images of apps running in the background/shortcuts?

I personally don't see any value if they are just images of apps running in the background/shortcuts.

They are supposed to be live tiles, and there have been leaked videos that stated they are (although we wont know until the final release). The one thing in this video that makes sense though, is that it wasn't live, and that was obvious, which raises the concern. But when I first bought my BB PlayBook, I was confused as to why those tiles weren't live, and why video stopped playing, etc. upon moving. and BOOM it was in the settings, turning it to demo mode (or w.e its called) uses more battery power (of course because you are emulating the entire app in just part of the screen running in the background), but they are essentially "live tiles". So do we know that QNX can do live tiles? Yes.. we see it in the PlayBook, and its just a simple option that you sacrifice battery life for performance (which should be the way it is, you get to choose on battery life, or extended performance).

Also, a huge part that shows they are indeed live, is that the functionality of them mirrors the PlayBook identically, but instead, they are in vertices rectangle form instead of horizontal rectangle form. Why else would they have that screen which shows "recently opened apps" if that wasn't the functionality. And more importantly, why would RIM just decide to axe off one of the coolest features of QNX on PlayBook?

All signs point to YES, and hopefully even more-so to the extent to which you can modify the phones settings to your liking if you want battery life or performance.


Oh, and PS. It was also leaked in a video by Engadget that a high up member of RIM (lets just say the creator of BBM) was demoing it to the guys over at Engadget, and he *accidentally* spit out that you can scroll down to see more than the 4 "live tiles" if more than 4 apps are open at once. Just another large sign pointing to "yes, they are live tiles."

Again, Bla1ze may know the answer if he was one of the few that got to go see the new phones, but he simply cannot tell you as there is an NDA, but I can tell you that all signs point to "YES", although we wont know until the presentation at the end of the month, or of course the release date :P

Neat leak! To all those complaining about the video and the premature judgements.... Oh please. The video was edited. The lighting was to be expected at a demonstration. And no recording was allowed. The guy probably got kicked out too. He was using a camcorder, phones, last I checked, can't zoom while recording. It has to be done prior. I wouldn't have recorded anything and would just absorb everything, and respected the rules. Good show though and the end was hilarious.

Seems I have ruffled some feathers with my comments. My comments were not intended be negative towards the device. I was just disappointed with the quality of the video, I guess I wanted to see more of what the device has to offer. My apologies.