BlackBerry 10 delayed until 10:00 am

Industry analysts who had been expecting to see BlackBerry 10 launched on January 30th at 9:00am have been disappointed as RIM has delayed the launch of their new phones till ten o'clock. Initial reaction on the stock market was muted, but many have warned that "the true fallout from this announcement has yet to be seen".

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2013 08:20 pm EST

BlackBerry maker RIM (RIMM) has been working on their new BlackBerry 10 operating system (their first with a touch screen) in order to compete with Apple's iPhone, and Samsung's Galaxy S III phone. While many have thought that RIM should follow HP and Dell's move into the Enterprise tech industry, the company under CEO Thorsten Heins seems to still be committed to releasing phones.

Still most analysts see this delay as devastating to the BlackBerry maker. "This gives Microsoft additional time to claim their place as the number three smartphone maker" noted one watcher of the stock. "There is no way of knowing how many CIO's will give up on the platform during this lost hour."

Others warned that BlackBerry 10, may still see more delays. "For all we know, once everyone arrives for the press conference, they may not actually take to the stage until five minutes after the hour".

[This is a post from Ebscer News - it's obviously meant as joking post so don't take it too seriously. If you do get a good laugh out of it, be sure to swing by and check out all of Ebscers apps in BlackBerry World]

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BlackBerry 10 delayed until 10:00 am


I read 'BlackBerry 10 Delayed' so fast that I almost dropped an F-bomb. Funny, but not cool!!! :)

Yea ..... I thought that you have become a basher.
For all the pain that RIM has gone through .... you present them with this?

Why not write something positive?

Was this approved by Kevin before being posted? If not, PLEASE send it upstairs, next time.


I personaly think they should take their chances and hold off until 10:10 (just to set the mood).

Hahahaha... Good one. I like the tone industry is having with the launch, seems MANY people are very excited, impressed and behind RIM with BB10.

To make it even better, i think they should charge a entry fee or cover charge,, say $10 a person lol

For a second there all I registered was "Blackberry 10 Delayed". God Dammit if there was another lengthy delay I would go insane.

Hahahah a, its funny cause if this was or engaget half the people wouldn't read the article and state they new it.

Can't wait for bb10.

Okay, I had to take a shot of tequila on that one. Needed that laugh, just found out a co-worker passed way. Crackberry to the rescu!!!!!.

Why are they disappointed?

It should be launch by 10:00 AM since it's BB 10

If by 9:00 AM it will be BB 09 :P

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if there could be a delay , it would be a 3.5 inch QWERTY phone , I need more real estate screen on the QWERTY and I would wait for this phone !

I love the device photo they used for the article. It was just like reading an article from Forbes or The Street lol

This was a great read. I can not believe RIM has delayed it again. Well guys nice knowing you but I'm about to jump off this sinking ship!!! HMMMM Wp8 is looking pretty good(not really). but anyway lololololololol

HAHA, I actually heard from a Wall Street Bull that this was a strategic move on RIMM's part. However, it went against the better judgement of Mike & Jim...

I have to agree with you it isn't funny.
I don't feel right about this. Sell sell sell.

OMG LOL. I saw the twitter link (currently studying at the library) and let out a quiet-but-too-loud-for-the-library no and then I read it and realized it was a joke hahaha nearly gave me a heartattack

I'm with chaosdivine. I'm stressed to the balls about my BB10. No more delays, waiting OR jokes! I want my BB10!!! Waaahhhhhh!!!

Awesome! I have to admit I did get 3 emails from isheep stating that bb10 was delayed again. apparently they cant read more then 3 words.
thank you for the laugh

Although this is a joke I still find it rather annoying when journalists say that this is the first touch screen phone from RIM.

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how about going back to the storm and storm2, they were both touchscreens. people might not av loved em but they did exist.

Some connected to the 3rd person who is a cousin twice removed from the guy who flips the light switch will break a finger nail and delay it for another 5 minutes before they decide to turn on the lights.

Okay, I just had an episode similar to return of the Jedi where Luke was getting ready to go to the dark side in order to defeat Darth Vader... Then I read the article in full. Nicely played...

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

ahhhh wohoopie doooo 10 instead of 9 .. its better actually because you can get a few coffee's going by then ..

hell I might be awake by 10 am lol might hahah ROFL

Well this worked out well - I had the launch saved as 10am in my calendar anyway! Would've missed an hour if it was 9!

Other than Crackberry, other tech sites don't seem all that interested in the BB launch. Not covered in the main stream media either. No one seems to care.

You hear about the iPhone almost daily for 6 months before release. Same with Android. Windows.

Blackberry? Crickets.........

I've been using word of mouth to tell people about BB10, ex-BB users, current BB users, skeptical iSheep and Droid sheep alike. If the media doesn't seem to care, then let's do our part to generate a buzz on our own. That's what I've been doing for months.

Engadget has posted articles almost daily on BB10 for several weeks now. Article comments in the past used to be mostly negative with a few defending the brand but the tide has changed. Comments are mostly positive now.

Lol oh wow you got me Adam, at first I was like, "doesn't it make MORE sense to launch at 10 am vs. 9?" And then I read the article and lol'd.

My heart skipped a beat after reading the first three words, but then I read the rest and loled hard. pretty funny article.

Darn it!!! You had me there for a second! I had to go over the article a second time and then off to the comments cause I was like "this makes no scense!!". Not again! Wouldn't bare it anymore!!!

Go RIM go RIM go RIM!!! It's our time now!!! Let the android/ios lovers watch the real deal!

Imagine that, RIM had the nerve to delay the BB10 launch by ONE WHOLE HOUR!! Guess share prices are going down the toilet again. (sarcasm, lol)

Come on everyone. Grab your pitch forks and rakes, brooms, tree branches, twigs... There's gonna be a lynching. Either that or prepare for the real end of the world.

Screw it. I'm going to my underground bunker and wait for that hour to pass. I'm selling tickets if anyone wants to hunker down with me.

What do mean delayed?????????? This is Bullshike, Now I am forced to by a WP, enjoy it for 1 hr then return it for the BB10. Thanks a lot RIM.

That was funny!!! made my heart stop for a moment but then i read the whole thing...hope to be able to watch the launch webcast live here in Mumbai...

Nikhil, there's apparently a launch event in Delhi as well. But there seems to be no information about it anywhere.

I read that in the press release but could not find any information about it either...I wonder if it will be a live launch in Delhi or will it be just the webcast in the presence of representatives from RIM...

Considering that the events are invite-only, and you're bound to have a bloody riot on your hands if you make the location public, I get the secrecy.

They may have a webcast for each session, although since the times are all overlapping, there may be multiple videos available for viewing post-event. Eventually we would get news of where it HAD been held, although I know I didn't get an invite ;)

I am more than willing to skip work tomorrow to scout all the major hotels :D although that would drive everyone else in my family mad if I don't find the venue and come home all ready-to-kill-someone!!!

Please respect my system !!!! (Samsung Ad Mode ON) .... LOL

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I was confused, because I already knew that the launch was at 10 AM, based on the countdown timer. Didn't anybody wonder at which point exactly the timer would reach 00:00:00:00? (I suppose many assumed midnight.)

Still, it's funny nonetheless. Can't wait for the excitement, with only 32.97 hours left to go...

In 1990 I saw Miles Davis twice in concert before his untimely death. To create anticipation and tension he was fashionably late each time getting on stage.

This is exactly what RIM is doing by postponing till 10am. GO RIM :-)
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Well the press release states the announcement will be simultaneous around the world therefore, assuming my calculations are correct. (times relate to their respective local timezone)

Toronto and New York at 10 am
London at 3 pm
Paris at 4 pm
Johannesburg at 5 pm
Dubai at 7 pm
Delhi at 8.30 pm
Jakarta at 10 pm

Scuppered my idea that the launch was delayed to avoid the announcement being made too early in other parts of the world.

No fuzz for guys like you and I who are Playbook/BlackBerry customers...but when you postpone the release time of a major event like this, big investors squirm real fast.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Coming to the real world... Would anyone know if this launch event will be broadcasted live from any source of media?

My bad, THE launch event. :)

That was very funny, thanks!
Now, when can I see one in an AT&T store??? How come AT&T isn't hyping this phone the way they hyped each iPhone for weeks with a preorder page and everything in your face when you sign into their site??

Well for those that have kept a watchful eye know already that the event starts at 10am. I thought the hour delay play was hilarious! It's good to see the CB team have a great sense of humour on the 11th hour. Thanks for the laugh :)

HA. At least they did't delay it another year. No seriously, I am very exited for what RIMM has in store. The "leaked images" of the final product and the videos are stunning even for someone who has an iPhone 5. Very impressed. Im more interested in there first BB10 quarterly earnings.

First thought .... Good for RIM. They need to get one last delay in before the release.... you know .... for traditions sake :)

FTW BB10 !!

Oh noooes!!! I can't hang on to my Motorola DynaTac much longer. If the launch delays until 11:00 am I will simply lose all faith in humanity and catch the nearest rocket to Mars. Don't think I won't either.

23 HOURS TO GO!!!! RIM Lives On!!

this is funny to those that follow BlackBerry but it's hard to tell if this is all or partly sarcasm,,, to a casual follower it will pass as real,,, "BlackBerry maker RIM (RIMM) has been working on their new BlackBerry 10 operating system (their first with a touch screen)",,, really??? then the 9850 i'm looking @ is made by__________...


RIMM is in no condition to joke around as the rest of the mobile community is about to throw the firt shovel of dirt on RIMM's grave. Tomorrow should be a huge step in re-establishing the credibility of BB's existence. BTW - I love my new Playbook!!