The BlackBerry 10 delay from a developer's perspective

By James Richardson on 1 Jul 2012 11:28 am EDT

We know that the latest earnings call from RIM wasn't the best news. Both Kevin and Chris have already given their thoughts and opinions so I'm not going to bore you with more of the same.

Clearly I wasn't pleased with the announced delay of BlackBerry 10 but who would be. However, one thing crossed my mind last night and that is the developers who would be affected by the setback.

We have seen from the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour that devs are extremely keen to work with the forthcoming platform. Not just current BlackBerry developers, but also ones that currently work on other operating systems. Many of these have been working towards getting a BB10 application ready for Q4 this year. Now that the OS will not be available until Q1 2013 this means those devs will not be able to make the money they expected quite so soon.
So I thought I had better have a word with a developer about this and get his views on the matter. And who better than Jerome Carty from Kisai Labs, who developed the amazing Twitter app Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

You can check out Jerome's thoughts on the latest news below:

CB: The RIM Q1 2012 earnings call may have been along the lines of what we thought was going to happen but I for one wasn't expecting to hear the news that BlackBerry 10 was going to be delayed. Were you?

JC: I did not expect a delay in the launch of BlackBerry 10 devices and I was a little shocked when I read about.

CB: Being a successful developer already how do you feel about the setback?

JC: The delay in BlackBerry 10 may or may not impact current interest in products that are already in market. However, if RIM doesn't think it's ready, I have faith that they've learned some things from the past and know
not to push it out this time around.

CB: The BB10 Jam World Tour has been a great success. Do you think the news will discourage developers from committing to the BlackBerry 10 platform?

JC: The BB10 Jam World Tour has been a great driver of interest in the platform. With the delay, RIM has more work to do to continue to encourage developers to build for the new platform. The best thing they can do right now is give developers updated tools sooner.

CB: I suspect many BlackBerry fans will have lost a little faith in RIM and feel disheartened. From a developers point of view do you think this will have a knock on effect on RIM's business or do you think the TeamBlackBerry
spirit will overcome the BB10 delay?

JC: It will affect the business in the short-term. However, no one knows what the long-term implications are. I'm hoping for the best. RIM is on the right path but they need to put a turbo on the vehicle that's getting them there and they'll be fine. Also, I wish the best to those who were unfortunately let go.

So there you have it, not all doom and gloom. Yes, we want BlackBerry 10 ASAP and RIM need to get their act together but if the developers still have some faith I believe that is half the battle. 

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The BlackBerry 10 delay from a developer's perspective


I'm really not sure why are we trying to a see a positive side from something too negative. Developers are not the ones using the phone, while their role is important, people still need BB 10.

Just like a lot of other people, I'm really not happy about this and reading posts like this is definitely not making anything better.

Really? Because those developers make money from you buying their work that makes your life easier...

It's delayed... Get over it and cut the legs off your horse if it's too high...

No one is "happy" about it but it is obviously something that needed to happen...


But at the same time if a phone comes out with no devolopers on hand then the phone most likely will die. Especially, at RIM state. Developers make it our break it.

I think what people really want to know is if RIM is planning on staying in business and evolve into something better or will they eventually call it quits and sell off their business. Shareholders want to be able to invest in a company that has a clear picture of where its heading. App Developers want to know if they should invest their time and energy into an OS platform that will ever come into existence. But most impotantly, End users want to know if they should continue to buy Blackberry products that will continue to offer support and updates in the future.

As CEO, Mr. Thorsten Heins should show confidence and let people know where the Blackberry brand is heading. He should clearly address these issues as soon as possible instead of leaving people in the dark about his plans in the months ahead. Otherwise, if he isn't going to address where RIM is heading, people will assume that RIM is hiding their problems and eventually calling it quits.

I agree with your statement that Thorsten needs to communicate!! We as a buyer would like to know what the future is for the product we so use every day of our lives and then some. Being in the dark has no future for staying with the bb product. I for one would like to know if were floating or sinking. I don't have any use for the other platforms out there,.. and i really dont want to try and figure out how to make my old product hang in there. Thanks for your comment!! I hope RIM sees these posts.

I wish RIM could just tell us devs what on earth is really going on. I don't mind signing an NDA to know the truth. - Sweet apps for the fans

Is there some alternate reality you live in where the CEO would actually come out and say:

"Sorry guys, ship is sinking"

I agree with everything you have said here. This will make or break my decision to get the BB10 phones when they release. As much as I love my BB, if there is no support for it in the future, better to get the pains of switching platforms out of the way sooner rather than later.

When you become a level 3 developer, you learn to communicate over the ether. I'm told that level 5 developers are ascend into a higher level of existence beyond the physical realm.

Exactly, and thus people will move to other vendors, like Android or Apple, get stuck in a new contract and thus RIM will loose out. One of the biggest losses for this year is Christmas, since RIMs news that BB10 is not ready until Q1 2013 they have already lost that opportunity to get some good sales.

Regards Simon...

Phones being pushed back to 2013 Q1 may be irrelevant if they decide to let BB10 loose on the PlayBook as soon as its ready.

PB owners would have an updated device to show around and that could be a nice organic marketing for BB10. If that's done right, the hype could help sell BB10 phones.

Do notice I say *MAY* be. I am sad I will have to way till Q1 (which may very well mean end March) to see BB10 launch... I was even considering taking a trip up north and be in line for the thing...

There are two sides we can look.

A. BB10 is delayed!! But hell my dev tools are not Gold yet... My App will certainly mature along with the dev tool. More time to improve my app, I could work on my own time.

B. BB10 is delayed!! I made a working app / my app is nearly done!! I wasted my effort... Goodbye BB10.

B. Can be mitigated if the app can run in the Playbook but if not... Oh well..

You didn't waste your time. The app is now ready for submission. While we wait for BB10, why not develop more apps? :)

Root why can we buy a developer alpha device? Have bb10 on it do a beta questionnaires? Give the early adapters a credit when bb10 comes out.

Developer relations are shakey at best. I'm glad to hear that Jerome is optimistic, but the same cant be said for many devs. For those already invested in the BB ecosystem, this may be a little easier to swallow. But new devs are just going to move along and continue developing for other platforms.

They had some great hype going, and a few weeks ago, the new CEO was a trustworthy face. Now it just seems to be more of the same. I for one don't think I'm even going to bother trying to get my hands on a deb device. For now I think that time will be better spent elsewhere. We'll see what the future holds.

At a time like this Mr Alec Saunders (Developer Relations) should be drafting a concise and clear letter to each and every BlackBerry developer explaining the exact state of affairs i.e. dispelling myths, putting records straight, and clearing the air as honestly as possible.
He spent a lot of time wooing them onto the platform and they are important partners in the grand scheme of things. They deserve direct address and the facts.
The CEO or at least their publicity people needs to make a follow up press release on the company's stance and position in this matter. Is it still all systems go on BB10 or the bigger focus is "exploring all options"
This will cater for us fans and anybody else following the events. Right not all sorts of are doing the rounds.
It is called taking charge of the message.

Yeah, having a tame Dev toe the company line is not indicative of the real world.

Spin this all you like CB, but Devs WILL be not looking at this in any way positive. A friend of mine is a Developer. He's livid.

The delay definitely killed the growing buzz that was starting to form around BB10. BB World and the Jam tours created a lot of dev momentum, but a lot of that was lost with this announcement.

It would be nice to know what specifically caused the set back rather than a generic statement. If people knew it was just compiling code rather than something more serious the delay might be as big an issue. But when people are left in the dark, they assume the worst.

Get your act together RIM. You can't expect to compete if you're going to continue like this.

RIM needs to push out an Alpha version of BB10 to the PB so the devs can start making money off their work

One good thing would be more time to develop quality apps (of course one of the selling points for developers was the potential short amount of time it would take to make BB10 app so meh???) RIM has got to give developers something more tangible as to why there is a delay (in my opinion) as a consumer I really don't need to know why but developers have much more to lose. . .

I don't think they need more time to develop quality apps. Need of time is relative, for the things that you care and matter, you always have time, these take priority in life. What RIMs need to provide the developers is access to a lot of consumers. By delaying BB10, RIM is doing exactly the opposite. A few diehard fans here will hold on for a Q1 release but most consumers will go and get a new device as soon as their contracts are over.
There are plenty of very nice phones out there right now and with the new iPhone and other devices to be released with JellyBeans, there is little that RIM can offer. The offer promises and don't deliver.
At this point that is all that is left, promises to be broken.

In 6-9 months Apple and Google are going to be releasing the next big thing while RIM still is struggling to get out what Apple and Google released 5 years ago.

RIM's chances of surivival are slim at this point.

BTW before you bash me as a hater, I have had 4 BBs phones and I currently use a pb. This news was the straw that broke the camels back.

Android phones didn't exist 5 years ago and the iphone was just barely released 5 years ago... Nice try though.

Not bashing here, just replying to your statement.

Apple and google already announced their "next big things" (from the software side anyway): ios 6 is just ios 5 (and 4 and 3 and 2 and 1) with updated siri, which only works on iphone 4s and "new ipad". Android 4.1 jellybean is just 4.0 ice cream sandwich with updated face detection and slight changes to the interface, but 4.0 is still only on a few devices so 4.1 shouldn't be available for quite some time, unless it's a nexus phone.

I think bb10 has some room to breath but they need to push it out as soon as possible.

So where was the outcry from the multitudes who lined up to get their shiny new iPhone 5 only to find out it was a slightly enhanced iPhone 4? As with every iPhone glitch they get a pass. They weren't ready, gave no indication that the iPhone 5 wasn't ready, and no one cared.

Imagine if RIM had done that?

It would have been the end of the world, which just goes to show how clueless people can be when they are "brainwashed" by companies like Apple.

Next time try reading before you decide to bash me. Nowhere in any of my posts did I say that the iphone 5 was released. However, technically a 5th iphone was released. The first iphone was number 1. The 3g was number 2. The 3gs was number 3. The 4 was number 4. The 4s was number 5. If 4s isn't "5" then the 3gs was actually 2.5 so what happened to the iphone 3? if the next iphone that comes out is still called iphone 5 instead of iphone 6 (or "new iphone"), then the entire sequence will be out of line.

well honestly, RIM is long way behind in the race against Apple and Google, and it should not even attempt to race on that track.

What you forget to mention/realize here is that new/recent/smaller platforms for example windows phone are also in line, RIM has to worry about them too.

Everyone knows RIM is behind. That is the whole reason for BB 10 -_-

Fistly I only mentioned apple and google as a reply to the original commenter.

These other new/recent/smaller platforms must be really small considering I have never heard of any other ones.

You said windows phone is also in line. Do you know what windows phone is? It is Microsoft's new and improved, revamped operating system. Before windows phone was windows mobile 6.5, which was slow, laggy, buggy, boring, old, etc (on my siblings' touch pro 2s anyway). They took their time but they were able to create something new that consumers might have interest in when the iphone and android phones were taking over. BB 10 is one in the same. RIM is trying to be fresh and innovative, but noone will give them the chance because they just hear the word BlackBerry and think sucky operating system.

No I would say 3 was a big software update....though they didn't update the hardware till the 3S.

And 4 was a big software update in that it brought a bunch of features that the iPhone should have already also brought the worlds first Right Hand only phone (antena-gate) though everyone bought Apple's "you don't know how to hold a phone, go buy a bumper" excuse

sure its not the same but these same devs (if they haven't already) could possibly port their wares over to the playbook.
After all, the playbook needs more apps and surely the backend is not that much different from bb10.
If they're serious about the blackberry platform, the playbook is a good place to start. It still has a small percentage of users but if you're currently developing for bb10, why not?
Unless it really is going to cut into time/money then I can understand but hey its a good place to start debugging and garnering up some loyal blackberry users!

personally I think this delay is taken so much out of proportion that you think RIM are dead judging by some comments.

They still have a huge amount of users that depend on them everyday with os5/os6/os7 updates. people will say its too late but whatever my phone is still doing its job but it will come to a time where I will need a new phone and I hope that RIM take notes from the updates of android and windows phone 8 to make something more than just a phone with apps.

Guess what, the API situation on the PlayBook is almost worse than on BB10 because of that silly AIR layer.
Devs who saw a gap and who were lucky that RIM didn't fill it will probably be happy with the delay, because even if the PB is not selling very well, it's still some income and it's better than no income.
Devs new to BB10 have zero interest in developing for the PlayBook which is a dead platform.


I keep hearing about all these developers, but yet most all of the major apps are still missing. It's especially curious since it is allegedly so easy to convert a current Android app. I appreciate the effort to spin something into a positive, but there is simply nothing good to come out of delaying BB10 until March 2013.
As far as Blaq being "amazing", for sure it is a decent little app, but the best thing you can say about the only Twitter app on Playbook is it's "better than nothing". As for me, I'm just gonna keep rocking my 9900 till they shut the BIS server off.

Please share your wisdom on how you know so many apps aren't ready because BB10 hasn't been released. Inform us on where you get your facts that the major Devs weren't ready. We're all listening, Morpheus

You don't really have to be a detective. BB10 is the same OS as the Playbook. There are still no major apps for the Playbook. Netflix ain't coming. Skype ain't coming. Instagram ain't coming. Pandora ain't coming. I challenge anybody here to produce evidence that ANY of the major apps are headed to Blackberry.Of course, this is all a moot point. There is a better than 50% chance we will NEVER see Blackberry 10, much less an app for it.

You must be eating the same porridge, Dorothy. I guess any statement without factual evidence can be taken for truth prima facia

I recently spoke with a RIM engineer and was told Netflix is under development. RIM ended up having to pay Netflix to have it developed. It will be available on BB10.

skype has actually been confirmed for bb10...I was at Blackberry Jam Berlin and they showed the skype logo numerous times when talking about major apps coming to bb10 along side apps like spotify, lara croft, assassins creed 2 and others.

They've been showing that Skype logo since the launch of the Playbook over a year ago. It means nothing and certainly doesn't 'confirm' anything.

It's impossible for anybody to be ready for BB10 atm because the APIs aren't even ready. That's the main reason the launch date has been postponed.


These developers that are supercharged about BB10, do they currently have apps for the playbook? The OS on the dev alpha is a modified version of the playbook OS, right!

OH! Whats that I hear? *crickets*....It's developers knocking down doors and stepping over each other to get apps developed for BB10! o_0

My thoughts exactly. PlayBook has been out for a long long time, and the OS that it runs is what the new BB10 smartphones will be running with a modified UI. It's based on QNX. So essentially, BB10 has been available since PlayBook launched. Did you see all those major third party app developers running to get their apps ported to PlayBook OS? Even when PlayBook OS 2.0 was released, did you see any major change in PlayBook app development?

The Blaq developer you mention in your article capitalized on the lack of app development for PlayBook. He saw that Twitter has absolutely no interest in PlayBook much like most other major third party apps we're familiar with. He released a twitter app for PlayBook to an audience dying to use a twitter client that is at least good enough to tweet without the app crashing. Blaq, in my opinion, isn't such a great twitter client. The UI needs a major overhaul from a professional UI and human interaction designer. But hey, it works. It tweets, searches and gives you notifications.

The fact of the matter is that developers are showing less, or no, interest developing for PlayBook (BB10, QNX, call it whatever you want, it's the same platform but the development tools maybe different). Twitter, Netflix, Skype, all neglected it and I don't see them ever interested unless RIM hired them to develop apps for their platform just to give consumers a reason to buy their smartphones. The way I see it now, if RIM doesn't reach out and hire those developers or entice them in some ways (not just through this BB10 Jam BS), they won't write a single line of BlackBerry code.

The PlayBook native SDK does NOT have Cascades. If you do native, you're stuck with very few choices for the GUI. Game devs do not have the same problems because they do pretty much everything in OpenGL. It's much easier for game devs to support multiple platforms as long as those platforms have OpenGL ES. - Sweet apps for the fans

The big companies don't want to write apps in AIR... and HTML5 is too limited on the PlayBook. Everybody is waiting for BB10 for no-nonsense apps development.


The PlayBook relies on a slow AIR layer. BB10 has a C++ SDK.
Many APIs don't exist on the PlayBook and there seems to be no roadmap for them since BB10 is supposed to come after 2.1.


Yep, enjoy the summer, who cares where the stock goes up or down, Rim has two years of cash for survival (worst case scenario) so plenty of time to finish bb10. Chow! Life is better with BB!

I can't imagine all developers are this ok with the delay. I think the second delay is a bad sign. That said, I will stick with my 9810 for the next little while and see what turns up after Christmas.

I guess its just this 1 specific developer that's even not OK with the delay but article makes it sounds like that, I doubt developers are OK or will be OK.

You miss out holiday seasons, you launch phone at a time when most of the people would have recently bought a new one, who will buy your phone, and who will buy/use the apps developed by these developers??

Ok, that's just cherry-picking. How representative is this developer? If I were one, I'd be very annoyed: you just delayed my cash flow by three months (at best) and raised a lot of red flags.

Q: How representative is this developer?
A: Not at all.

The fact that they have a PlayBook app at all and are being interviewed by CB pretty much says it all. They are the exception to the rule.

Here is what an interview with a actual developer who is representative of what is going on in the world of mobile development would look like:

Q: What do you think of the BB10 delay?
A: BlackBerry is still in business?

well said! It's almost like Crackberry is running propaganda for RIM to make it seem that all isn't as bad as it seems. Who are they fooling?

Actually the developer in the article had sales records that were broken only by that flying bird game with the pigs.

I'm not nearly as successful a developer, but the added prep time for me means it'll be a lot smoother launch than the PlayBook.

We're all on the outside, looking in. Best way to get a glimpse inside is through the developers. Successful or not.

How dare you say that! Don't you know that everyone in Waterloo remains confident about the future of RIM? Things are just fine. Believe!

There's lots of good and bad to the situation. But it strikes me that the most negative posts in the comments to this article are by those so active in the forums and community that they haven't generated 100 posts apiece. Maybe even not 100 if you combine some of them. How much real interest does that show?

It doesn't matter what this *one* developer says.

People aren't buying BBs and the faithful who stuck with RIM have also given up.

RIM is terrible at software and is a horribly run company.
Their chances of survival were slim with a 2012 release date of BB10. An 2013 release date is the nail in the coffin. There's no chance. Game over.

Why deprive yourself of the phones that have been out there for years in the slim hopes that RIM releases a product 1 year from now that is no better?

Time to stop being sheep who blindly follow/believe in RIM while they continue to disappoint and lie time and time again. You owe RIM nothing - it's time to move on.

80 million and dropping fast based on the size of my BBM contact list over the past few years.

Heck, this is probably the last year of having BBM for me, I'm most likely on my last BB. I've had enough of spending money on a product that fails to meet even lowered expectations.

Wrong. 80 million and growing but just not growing here, in a land full of whiners and complainers with an over inflated sense of entitlement.

How many millions of these "80 " millions are employees in companys walking around with an outdated Blackberry they are forced to use. They want nothing else than to ditch it and get an iPhone or a Samsung.

I just dumped a box of about 50 into the electronics waste at work a couple weeks ago. We're not the only company doing that.

But I watched the review between Blackberry 9900 7.1 software and Iphone 4S and the reviewer said it is hard to say which one is better it is up to user preferences. 78 millions Blackberry users and I ready to switch from Iphone 4S anytime when BB10 soon release. Stop saying no one interest at BB10!

Completely agree with you. "you want the truth you can't handle the truth" would be more appropriate to those who are blind to the reality. The stock has dropped 95% in a few years. What else is there to say. Puhleeze!

Not sure if I can hang on much longer. The memory leak and poor battery life on my 9810 are about to force me to jump ship?! I saved an upgrade for the fall to get a BB10 eventhough I'm not a fan of all touch meaning it will more than likley be Q2 for a qwerty BB10??!!! >_<

No...RIM said that with the delay the full Querty Keyboard will now be released shortly after the full touch.....aka, this delay is not going to affect the launch date of the 9900 replacement

Interesting that some people can't read the writing on the wall no matter how large the type.

Here's the story (and no, I don't feel any need to 'prove' it. Anyone who watches the corporate world can see it.). Rim cannot make it on its own. BB10 will almost certainly never see the light of day, either for technical reasons or simply because there are not enough core apps to make if fly. Compounding that problem, most devs know the future is elsewhere and will no longer waste their time on BB10/QNX. And while the BB10 phone might be competitive if released this year (assuming it had the requisite apps), a year from now it will be playing catch-up, and we all know how good Rim is at that.

But they can't come out and admit all this. Why? Because they are positioning the company for a breakup/sale of remaining assets of value. Hence the massive layoffs -- to cut costs to the point its remaining assets can fetch a price (any price). Hence the silence on why BB10 is delayed.

Ask yourselves one question: Why does Rim not explain the delay? Not, why is there a delay, but why won't Rim tell us why. When you understand the answer, you will begin to understand the rest.

The $2 billion cash is almost irrelevant at this point, since it will likely be gone within a year as revenues now begin a slo-mo fall over the cliff. Rim can't allow that to happen, so we are likely to see some major corporate moves by October, before the cash reserve is further depleted.

This is not about how much you like your PB or your BBphone or how loyal you are to Rim. It's about a tech company that has foundered badly and is no longer in the game, and what is its best way to liquidate remaining corporate value. And that way does not include releasing a BB10 phone next year.

Well said! At lease some here aren't in denial like the author of the fluff interview to make it seem like all is not that bad ar RIM.

As a developer, I have a slightly different perspective. The news definitely makes me question BB10 development for now.

Part of this is due to me being a Java developer. Unless I am porting over Android apps, Java isn't on Playbook or BB10. So I have to convert apps to C++, which is not my primary language. Cascades makes it a lot easier to move into BB10 development, since it builds off of QML and Javascript. When Cascades came out, and the news that BB10 would be available in the Fall, it was easy to see devoting time and effort into adapting to BB10.

From a profit standpoint, it takes a few months to develop and test an application. Knowing that the developer tools will be updated along the way, most of the app development can be done and adjusted as new updates come out. But, you're still targeting a few months of development work and looking for profits shortly afterwards. The delay now means that development has to go on for an entire year before it will be on devices, with no means of making any profit during that time. For a one-person development shop, that is a hard pill to swallow.

The argument could be said to develop for Playbook, then port over to BB10 when released next year, but (I confirmed with RIM) the current Playbook OS won't run apps developed via Cascades. Right now, Playbook doesn't run Cascades apps. So, the new tools they have been pushing and marketing to developers are no good for developing anything to be used in 2012.

So, do I develop for BB10 and wait until 2013 to see any returns? Do I keep developing for BB7 hoping people will still buy BB7 devices? Do I just move over to Android and see lower percentage sales? Ported Android apps can't use Playbook APIs (camera, PIM apps, Bridge...), so that limits what can be ported. If I were a larger development house with multiple platforms to build for, that would be a different story. As a single-house developer, it really does make me question where to place resources. I would love to keep developing for BB10, but for now, it has to move to the back burner while working on apps that will provide returns this summer.

I couldn't agree more. There is a 6 months gap in revenue for people focusing solely on BB10 and it's nearly impossible to fall back on the PlayBook because that OS is dead.
Since we're using cross-platform dev tools, we won't be impacted as much, but I feel for the devs who focused on Cascades and bbui.js and were expecting a launch in a couple of months.


Thanks for that dev perspective. It supports the viewpoint I took above (no surprise). And I wasn't even aware till now that PB doesn't run cascades apps, meaning that avenue is not available to developers.

Its really hard to make this bad news into any sort of good news..especially since this is coming from only one dev. Consumers, devs, and the rest are all affcted by the delay.

This company is taking even more chances delaying the phone when they are in deep trouble already. They should honestly use the cash they have and use the 5000 they laid off and used it to help with the BB10 platform. That would definetly help bring BB10 into market fast.

RIM made the wrong choice to use time instead of resources IMO. I lost faith from that announcement. I hope one day ill be back on blackberry bit for now on to the next one.

I have been hoping that the enthusiasm shown by Alec Saunders and reflected by the writers on this blog was real and tangible and a valid offset to folks in the know like Robert Scoble who say large development houses are not currently interested in BlackBerry and BB10 isn't going to change that.

To date, I have seen no tangible evidence of this. I thought that the imminent release of BB10 in October was partially to blame - that RIM was holding back on some important announcements to bring to the stage in October.

With BB10 now delayed to March 2013 in my mind - I think RIM needs to tell developers out there that there is in fact great interest in developing for BB and look at this high quality App we are releasing to PlayBook today thats a sign of things to come. There is a way to monitize your app even now...

It hit me like a brick today I saw Rovio is coming out with a new title for them (Amazing Alex) coming in July and this is their announcement:

"Amazing Alex will be launching soon on iOS and Android, with Windows following soon after."

Now Rovio has brought most if not all of their Angry Birds to PlayBook, they know how to do it, and yet it's completely left out of the announcement.

I just use this as it's an example I saw this morning before reading this story and it is a vivid example that seems the more things change the more they stay the same - unfortunately

I still think the delay release is a good path for RIM. More time for developers, more time to correct mistakes. Its true and sad at the same time. But my confident on RIM still stay the same. We all want to get our hands on new BB10 as soon as possible. But dnt we also want it great on our hands and a UI that can really competes. From the beggining, I always thought they didn't have enough time to develop a new UI. And had some fears that they might deliver something like what happened before on PB launched. But now. With the delay, I can tell we will get a great devices.

Rim needs to stop playing and release the cascades libs for the playbook. Heck,release a bb10 beta for playbook!!!! We will help all we can.

Part of me feels like Rim is just buying time, waiting to be sold. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason Thorsten came in. Sell us all dreams so we spend$$$ to buy what's left of the stock pile of devices and then sell Rim when the time is right.

Smh I hope I'm wrong.

Sounds like you know the score, you just don't want to believe. I understand. I also understand, however, that the options you hope for don't really exist.

I can say that I am glad there won't be silly slight updates in phones. Like how the Storm came out...without wifi.....or how the curves had meager increases in specs

It is better to delay phone few months and get it done right then have half-baked phone released now and disappoint many.

Thorstein was COO *nd part of the old management team. So, the delay should not surprise anyone. RIMM is very predictable. Delay, delay, and delay.

You all sound like that wacko last year who said the end of the world was coming last may 22, 2011 and when it didn't come he was like opps i miscalculated its in october, then october came and he has a stroke and the world is still here...

he must be running blackberry

Not surprised at Jerome's response. He relies on RIM's success to succeed, of course he will at least try to find the positive things to say on everything related to RIM.

of course Jerome isn't going to say this is doom and gloom, RIM Makes him money, why would he bite the hand that feeds him. I like Jerome, I like his apps, I own them, but his opinion is biased.

Every crackberrian like yours truly needs a reality check, things are bad, very bad for RIM, I didn't realise how bad till I bought my first android phone, a gingerbread dual SIM, I mean this really shook me, gingerbread! Me a complete bb fanboy, I thought I could never be phased by any other! Well nothing beats that physical qwerty on the 9900, that multitasking workhorse and of course BBM, so no dropping the BB for me, its my primary business tool. However, i'm quite awake now to one thing, RIM is in deep waters, and no matter how we try to sugar coat it, that won't go away. I'm just hoping and praying that they stay alive, I'm still willing to live in denial of the situation for the love of my "precious", but dam it RIM, get your acts together and you better not go bust!!

Here's what we have to Understand: With this delay, RIM is not just losing customers for a few months...they are losing them for TWO YEARS!!! Think about it. More than enough time for a collapse. I hate to say this, but my Playbook and my Bold are the last 2 RIM products I will own. I LOVE you RIM, but one can only be Lied to so many times before the Trust has run out. It's not you, it's me.

Agreed. When I'm looking for a replacement for my 9900 this fall what am I going to buy; another 9900??

Goodbye RIM for me; I'll be just another vacant BBM contact on the handsets of my few remaining friends with Blackberries.

Good comments. I think my 7 phone is excellent. Now amazon and Google and apple are going to sell playbook like devices. BlackBerry still makes a great phone. I love my playbook. There is plenty of room in the market for bb10. BlackBerry needs to stop being defensive and just do the work.

Playbook like devices? are you serious? The playbook is no device to emulate, it's a total failure. Amazon was a success and Google is actually going to succeed as well. There were 7 inch tablets before the PB and way after RIM is only but a memory. You can't be serious.

My response is simple. When you get featured by RIM almost daily in one way or another, and have constant exposure on Crackberry when you put out updates, then there is very little you need to worry about. Your sales are 99% better than every other developer.

This article is misleading.

I am glad this Dev still feels "somewhat" positive, but I would bet there are more Devs
that will drop from making anything for RIM in the next 6 months.

CB constantly tries to put a positive spin on what is terrible news for RIM. This time
I think they went to far.

Sometimes you need to speak the truth guys and stop candy coating it.

RIM needs/must know that they are in BIG trouble in the current and prospective customer

Folks feel they are not telling the whole story. That things have not changed with Thor taking over.


developers for blackberry are not as important as they are for iphone and android. lets face it, those who use blackberries, and continue to do so, are in it for the basic OS' feature set. the messaging, bbm, email, calendar, etc... blackberries are not meant for watching netflix or playing a FPS game. i have only a few apps on my blackberry and if indeed i wanted instagram etc.. then blackberry would be a poor choice because of screen size and overall processing power. sure it's great having apps available for bb, but let's not forget that the base OS is more important for bb users than it is for ios/andoid users.

I think this is one place where RIM fell short. The basics hasn't cut it since the first iPhone. Samsung didn't drop the ball like RIM did and now they're globally #1. The basics might work for a few but for the masses... Massive fail.

No big deal. I wish I had waited a year from release date of the people,aybook to buy it. I could,disclosure have paid $300 less and had 2.0, basically the playbook I EXPECTED in round 1. I already plan to wait 3-6 months AFTER the 1st bb10 devices roll out, so the bugs will have begun to be worked out.. I am confident in my current playbook 2.0....... And my bold to get me through 1-2 more years. I really live my bold, a few big bugs but all in all. I want rim to release bb10 when it is Fully functional and tested and associated kicking.. And ill totally be buying one..

now the rumour is that Rim may actually go to Windows 8... why would anyone continue developing for bb10? ... Rim is not only sinking, they are going over a waterfall ...
time to sell my playbook ,,sadly tho

RiM should extend the developer guarantee. If a developer sells over $11K, then guarantee them $20k. Also, they should use some of the cash on hand to lock in the most popular app developers.

The other thing to do would be a licensing agreement. Allow BBM to land as an app on Windows Phone 8. RiM still are selling more obsolete BlackBerry smartphones than Nokia is selling Windows Phones.

I have a question to all of you who desperately trying to convince everyone that blackberry/RIM will die/is dead. What do you get from it? I mean, for those who defend blackberry/RIM surely doing that because they want to keep their blackberry running and hoping RIM will continue existing to provide more services to it's users/customers. But you are more than desperately convincing everyone to stop using blackberry. What on earth you get from doing that? I'm still trying to figure out the reasons other than you will gain profits from outing blackberry/RIM of business. Really, can anyone enlight me on this? Don't give me nonsense like helping other giving insight or doing your part to help other people to not waste their money etc. What people want to buy/do with their money is their own bussiness you know. And with all the media negative cover on blackberry/RIM should be enough to scare people away from buying a blackberry.

So I ask you again. What do you get from desperately trying to convince everyone that RIM/blackberry is dead? Money?

If you had millions to invest would you invest in RIM? Nope. Nobody is trying to convince anyone. Most of the comments are from die hard BB users who are frustrated and ready to jump ship. There is no money and no benefit in stating the facts. And you should not worry since pretty soon you might be the lone ranger and all the comments will be rosy. If there are specifics that you know would change the belief that RIM will be kaputt soon please let us know.

”If you had millions to invest would you invest in RIM? Nope.”
You don't know me. If I have millions of U.S. Dollars I'd invest 3/4 of it to provitable investments, 1/4 to things I like. I like playing games and buy premium items. I like blackberry too, so maybe I'll invest in game companies I like and RIM. It may be stupid but if it's my money why do you care? And that's not answering my question.

”Nobody is trying to convince anyone. Most of the comments are from die hard BB users who are frustrated and ready to jump ship.”
Sorry, you have to be more convincing. If you arf frustrated from blackberry/RIM who can't satisfy you then the logic thing is complain and try to get yourself satisfied or jumped ship to what can satisfy you. There's no sense in staying around,sulking,complaining and badmouthing what you already frustrated of. Unless,if it cost you millions of stock loss and the only thing to compensate that is getting your share from selling the company. Then I can understand the reason behind the constant bashing and that answered my question. But since it's my own assumption and not the words in your reply then that haven't answered my question either.

”There is no money and no benefit in stating the facts.”
Yes,only if you merely stating the facts, not opinions. I'm sure you know what I mean. By adding opinions you add to the fact already mentioned/stated everywhere making me wonder what your motives behind it. What can you get by constantly stating negative facts and added with negative opinions? If you are not one of those I ask,you don't need to answer my question with suggestion to shut up if I can't satisfy you while you are not satisfying me by giving me the answer of my question.

To much attachment to something, in this case Blackberry Phones, makes you blind to see any negative criticism against it and why people criticize ! You can not simply understand !
Everybody is attached to his or her body and get very offended when somone points out some faults. "You are ugly" or " you smell" or " you are fat" ! The person thinks he is the body and can not take any "insult " !

The same thing here. If the person has strong attachment to the Blackberry brand , he really " loves " his BB 9900 and his Playbook he will not understand why people criticize his "beloved Blackberry " !

We get it. You're no longer happy with BB. So why do you still come to CB??. Take your trolling friends and get lost. :)

A lot of it is coming from Android and Apple users and I think it's pretty clear that they get a sense of satisfaction, kinda like "I told you so!". There is a constant debate/battle over which OS is better, if RIM goes under it can be used as proof that BB is an inferior OS. With the hate that develops on these forums, that will feel like defeating an enemy.
Anyway, that's my take on it.

Android and Apple users do not need proof the BB OS is inferior. It is inferior! That is why we are all waiting for the damn BB10. And I really doubt Apple or Android users care about BB at this moment.

Actually, I've thought of that possibility. If that's the case then it will be about users vs users, not users vs the company. While most of people that doing the bashing here is bashing the company. Not bashing the users. If it's a war between users it would be more of 'bb users are idiots' against 'iphone or android users sucks'. Yes there is a war between different platform users but it's not what I see here.

+ 47 re ferre_kun

Ive noticed that the people who are trolling about are a bit like the yellow pages commercial (i.e. "look at me, look at me")...

If your that agreived by RIM, save us your sob story and buy yourself an i-phone. Anywho, enough attention for the trolls.

I have an idea... RIM should consider extending their 'trade-in' offer so that people can upgrade their phones to os-7. For instance, I own a 9800 would wouldn't mind moving up in the world pending BB10 release. Make it affordable for people to be patient. .. just a thought.

You are complaining about complaints about RIM. If complaining about RIM is trolling, then what about complaining about complaints?

Even if you are the owner of this Site, you can't define trolling as you like it.

Im confused, who is the owner of this site?

You can complain all you want, its still my opinion that it amounts to trolling just as much that its the opinion of SOME that RIM is doing a bad job.

I just think that people should look to a solution for the problem rather than cry about how the problem is causing them angst.

I just hope my solution re 'trade-ins' is seriously considered and not lossed amongst the complaints.

i'll stick to my realiable flip phone, in english ( eh ) it works.

ill can't wait for the market to open up on munday!

its like shooting turkeys in a barrell...

Take off! To the Great White North!
Take off! It's a beauty way to go.
Take off! To the Great White North!

I am a little disappointed at the delay but its not the end of my world. I don't really care what the reasons are for the delay, no company in the same situation would be any more forth coming than RIM has been. If BB10 sees the light of day I will replace my 9900 because I love my playbook. If BB10 does not see the light of day I will use my 9900 until it is no longer usable as a dumb phone. My samsung tab 7.7 is ok and superior to my playbook on paper, but in reality it is not as good as my playbook. I will never buy an apple because I can not support a company that became what it railed against in its infamous 1984 super bowl ad. I don't trust google or microsoft as far as I can spit. 99.9% of aps do nothing for me. If RIM dies, I will go back to a dumb phone that makes phones calls and do text messaging. The death of RIM would be a sad day but not the end of my world.

i'm going to do almost the same, i am going to get me either a monza/orlando/playbook/android tab, whichever cheaper lol (most likely i'll get me a cheap android tab). if i can get my side job running maybe i'm gonna get me a monza/orlando & a playbook.

i'm still using 9550 and love it (i'm a stormtrooper), and to be truth, i've tried monza and the only thing i wish monza has is the 'surepress sensation' as i've already got used to press the screen lol. the only thing made me want to buy monza/orlando is to upgrade to OS 7 :p

While I'm disappointed that Blackberry 10 won't launch in the fall, part of me thinks this might be good. You don't want to launch at the same time as competitors, if you want to make a bigger splash in the market, and RIM needs a big splash.

Feel free to disabuse me of that notion :)

I wonder why no one mentioned about this possibility before..or have anyone mentioned it already? i missed it then XD

Interesting how so many think that RIM is dead and buried with this delay. I wonder if this prediction ability works out well for them in real life.

if you can ask RIM about their sales, you may want to ask blackberry sales on asia. a survey stated that blackberry have the most market share on june at my place (if you can guess where i live you'll know what i'm saying. lols.) which holds 33,4% of the market share. nokia is second with 22,9% and samsung the third with 13,4%. Strangely, the survey said samsung was the most searched online throughout april.

i don't know about U.S. market but here in asia the market share is still growing rapidly. the number of people who use smartphone is still very low compared to the number of people.. uh..i'm not a statistic person so i don't know how to say it but bottom line is, if U.S market have lots of people using smartphone already, here in asia there are lots of people who don't use smartphone yet, and want to buy one soon or later. what will they buy? i think that depend on price, promotion, and timing. blackberry got hammered very hard by international media and faced the 'green robo hatred' but still sold the most here at my place.

In one of the Top-5 cities here in Asia, RIM is *still* selling the (almost) 3-year-old model slider Torch 9800 at full price. RIM did not even bother to sell the Torch 9810 ??

I'm a BlackBerry fan, but trying to push 3-year old models at full price reflects very dimly in the eyes of its loyal customers. Moreover, I feel that RIM thinks very dimly of its loyal customers.

Does RIM really think RIM customers are not aware there are newer models out in other countries?

I would have bought the Torch 9810 in a heartbeat if it became available in 2011. But with Fall 2012 fast approaching, I won't be buying the Torch 9810 which RIM itself said BB10 OS is the way forward.

So what happens to BlackBerry sales and revenue between now July 2012 and end-March 2013 ?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it's really starting to grate on my nerves seeing all this crap about RIM already being dead. It's like talking about a family member that's still alive and speculating about what's gonna happen to their stuff after they kick the bucket. But here's a fun fact: We really don't know anything. Speculate all you like about the rumors of RIM's demise. We're not in the board rooms, we don't really know what's happening. Until RIM's doors shutter for good, I'm inclined to believe that RIM has a fighting chance. It's gonna be an uphill battle for sure, there's no denying that. So, I suppose this is my two cents. Personal opinion, nothing more.

To put it simply, bitching and moaning and trolling on the people who still believe isn't gonna solve anything. It's delayed. Boo-hoo. Shit happens in the smartphone market. Rushing BB10 to the market would completely defeat the purpose of this massive undertaking RIM has put into with the BB conferences recently. If BB10 comes out day 1 and broken then the point is moot and they will have spent absurd amounts of money on nothing. Patience is a lacking virtue in this day and age and honestly moreso here in the states with our breakneck, have-to-have-it-now speed of life. But take a step back and look at the grand picture. BB is NOT only in the US. That Canadian company does not revolve around US and our needs. They're global, they're affordable, and really popular in developing countries. The Middle Eastern teens are going apeshit for BB because of the privacy it offers and how affordable it is. India is another excellent example. They, last I heard, have, ya know, a billion people. Nothing really to wrinkle your nose at. And guess which affordable smartphone brand has already penetrated that market? Cookie to anyone who figures it out. And guess what? They're all gonna need phones to keep up with the demands of how fast their market is moving.

I really have a hard time seeing RIM running out of cash anytime soon. I'm no financial analyst and may not have the best insider knowledge in regards to this matter, but logically, to say that RIM is going out the door based on the US market alone sounds completely asinine and narrow minded to me. International companies have to put a lot more into perspective than just one market alone to survive. I think RIM will do just fine to get BB10 out by Q1 as one company.

And, don't get me wrong, I sympathize with the devs in regards to this matter. This kind of delay, in the fast paced smartphone market no less, is probably extremely disheartening, and I really do hope that RIM makes it right to them after all the hype has been built up. Not much more to say on this matter.

Well, I suppose that ends my tirade for the night. Hope that at least brightens the situation a little bit in such a dark time.

Dear CrackBerry and James Richardson,

I decided to take my case to Alec himself, so I posted up on his website. Despite comments getting screened, they/he still allowed it to stick.

My comment is currently the most recent one, under Frank George

It would be great if a response was generated from RIM or Alec, but that might be like hoping BB10 gets a surprise launch this year.

Btw. CrackBerry would be better served if it didn't make the launch of some theme or case a news item. It undermines the brand eco-system and on reflection you won't find any other platform making noise about themes or such banality.

Good isn't good enough. It's time for greatness.

Just another reason why I'm taking a 2 year break from Blackberry when my contract is up. I love my BB but 6 years is enough and when I come back, there may be a noticeable difference.

How about CB interviews someone on the front lines instead...those who stock and sell OS 7 devices. I can tell you firsthand they are not moving well.

I think a better person to have interviewed would have been a potential new developer. Then you get an idea of how they felt about this decision. Those are the individuals that RIM is trying to lure.

for RIM to keep up with iphone, it too will need a user friendly phone that even an idiot can use...

the reason iphone is so big is that apple came out with a phone that makes even the tech-stupid be able to use a smart phone...

all the bells and whistles in the world wont help if the public using it doesnt know how to use it...

specs only matter to people who read and post on these sites, the general public knows nothing of these things, the only reason they have an iphone, or a droid is that they hardly make a flip phones anymore, and you cant really mess up an iphone unless you break it by dropping it

i love blackberry, i want a new blackberry so bad i can hardly stand it.... but i want a phone that gives me what i want, need in a phone... will blackberry ever give that to me again? i sure hope so

let us remember that blackberrys were given out to corp employees... many didnt even know how to use it, this site showing people all the tips and tricks proves that

now everyone wants a smartphone, yeah they use it to play words with friends, angry birds, post pics on instagram, FB... the average day to day user of a smartphone isnt very bright, and could careless how to really work their phone, they are happy to be able to make calls, play games, and change out the different color cases... for RIM to survive they need to be able to give the phone to a monkey and it be able to use it...

Hey, is it just me or am I the only one who remembers what RIM is really about? RIM is freakin GLOBAL .... and i'm not just talking south america n europe.....they're freaking GLOBAL people!!!! If you are going to be issued a smartphone by your employer you'd better believe it's gonna be a blackberry. And it's been that way for freakin ever. So RIM delayed the release of a phone that will allow it to better compete for popularity in the U.S. big freakin deal!!! RIM's success does not hinge on that though. If you want to play games and video chat go get the PB, that's why they made it (without native mail.....duh). you can sync that up to any BB you already have and work off of you carrier's data.......who else is doing that without charging you extra? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................nobody!!!! Man, RIM has had greatness and it will prove that it can once again deliver greatness......but it takes time people!!!!! How about this, focus on getting more proprietary apps (established franchises/businesses that develop apps for BB as well, not just android n iOS) on the PB since that OS is gonna be the future. Then, when BB10 devices ARE available, promote all the businesses who developed apps to work with BB10...... New OS, new device, a tablet that fully integrates with the previous two, and trusted franchises/businesses who offer full support for the apps............that's how RIM will regain their popularity here in the states.....but thanks to their GLOBAL appeal RIM is not going out of business anytime soon..

Thanks for's been my pleasure to share
Troubl3dman out

let us remind ourselves:

Google was never into phones

Apple was almost dying before steve came to save them with his ideas of the DEVICE that will change the mobile landscape.

Microsoft really never bothered about phones until others are trying to come into their turf - replace the desktop!

RIM was the poster child just like apple was once with their macs . Apple turned their fortunes around because they had good people good engineers and good management

RIM only lacks management, they have good people and good engineers, things will turn around if the fans are there, if people demand their devices, now only some patience and give RIM a chance just like people give apple a chance. Hey! you switched to iphone or android, dont tell me you wont switch if you see something different and new! that the real reason iphone and android is attractive these days.

Apple's stock was under $100 just in 2006 before the iphone came out and it changed apples fortunes, just a sinple device.

You cannot tell me someone else is not going to come and take that. It does not have to be RIM. Also, i never understood why its RIMs job to show apple. Right now there are 4 major players, someone is always going to be ont he top and #2 and the other 2 will either dies or be like apple was 7-8 years ago, in the 10% market share.

RIM just really needs to come out with the BB10 to be really good. Imagine how many millions are sitting on blackberries that are potential to upgrades.

The smart thing for RIM to do is not be #1, let android and ios and windows 8 fight it out, RIM can just stay 2nd or 3rd with 200 million users, android and IOS can stay with 500 million microsoft can take another 100 million. There is money to make in the world. I am pretty dure you can find 1-2 billion people for buying phones.

Just my 2 cents