BlackBerry 10 Connected Porsche shown off at BlackBerry World 2012

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 08:06 pm EDT
Are you interested in the future of not only mobile, but also automobiles? Research In Motion showed off a BlackBerry 10 connected Porsche Carrera during the BlackBerry World keynote this morning. Thorsten Heins pointed out that while it has 4 screens throughout the car, they are not actually separate devices. It's a connected ecosystem based on BlackBerry 10, all controlled by one device. This looks incredible, and I can't wait to see it available for the public.
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BlackBerry 10 Connected Porsche shown off at BlackBerry World 2012


They should of showed this off this tech in the Panamera. Its looks ridicoulous , common really mobile cofference in a back seat of a carrera?.

I totally agree. They should have put this in a Panamera or the pepper. Those cars are more about comfort and actually have usable back seats.

Ok, so what is one supposed to do with all those screens in a Porsche? I guess the kiddies could watch a movie in the back but so what?

To me, it is ridiculous that they used the old out going 911 model. With a half a billion in playbook write downs, you would think that they could pay a little more for the new 991s.

Is it me or does the screens on the back of the head rests look a bit larger than a 7" playbook? Could they be the PBs big brothers?

Yup, I noticed that as well. They showed this car with standard 7" PB's as CES, but these do look considerabley larger.

I was thinking the same thing and I had to see if anyone else noticed it.
If you look at the size of the one in the dash and then those on the head rests... The ones on the head rests look larger then the others.

Hmmm looks impressive but might the next step in this direction be speed monitoring? Not much point having a porche if your going to have your behaviour checked and enforced all the time!!

Here's something I would love to see...

Many luxury cars have Heads Up Displays right?

So... BB10 connects with the car and POOF

I get text messages scrolled across my windshield.

I then hit the phone button on the steering wheel... and voice dictate a text reply.

I want that.

I want that real bad TODAY.

And POOF get into an accident....
Seriously though how ridiculous is attaching two playbook at the back side of front seats in carrera that is sticking out and showing it at a major conference? a half a** local garage could have done better installation and the whole concept is so #LAME.what are they trying to do..speechless

They should have used a car with a real backseat...or an SUV.....they look pretty ridiculous on those little seats when I know I couldnt sit back there.....