BlackBerry 10 Compass and Calculator apps updated in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 27 Jan 2014 11:02 am EST

To go along with the update of BlackBerry World, two of the BlackBerry 10 core apps are being updated right now as well. The BlackBerry 10 Calculator and Compass apps are showing new versions available. Both simply just list bug fixes and stability improvements as the changes. It should be noted though that these updates don't seem to be appearing on official OS releases for everyone as of yet. 

They seem to be only appearing on devices running a leaked OS such as the early version of  but that's not really confirmed, just appears that way and while some folks are getting them downloaded others are getting errors while trying to download. If you see them available, go ahead and update. If not, they'll almost certainly come with the 10.2.1 update once that is fully released.

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BlackBerry 10 Compass and Calculator apps updated in BlackBerry World


I don't think they need to do this. I'm pretty sure they can tell through other means. Sort of like how a web browser does whenever you access a website, I'm pretty sure your device calls back to BB to update time/date, check for OS updates, etc.

Yes, since any BES can show, and make reports, of OS Versions in use, I'm sure the company that designed all this can tell exactly what is in use.

Same got me this morning, but at firing got a message saying that they were not for my device. After a few minutes they came through.

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They are also coming to regular OS phones as well...I have never run a leak, and they popped up in BlackBerry World this AM

Posted with my awesome Z10...or maybe even my Q10...50/50 chance...

Not running any leaks and downloaded just restart blackberry world and you shouldn't have a problem if you do restart the device and you should be good for sure

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I don't install OS leaks but the moment I downloaded the Beta BlackBerry World, these two downloads showed up for updates, as well as Evernote!

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I didn't get the BBW update but I got the calculator and compass updates. They weren't installing at first but after a while I tried again and they installed fine. I have never installed any leaks and I am on

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I'm not running the leaked os10.2.1 I'm still running os10.2 but I have received these updates for the calculator and compass, I did however have issues down loading the updates. I had to change my network settings to hspa/umts/gsm in order for it to work! Good luck out there!

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I am not running a leaked OS, just the official 10.2 and have been successful in downloading and installing these updates without a hitch.

I got them after updating BlackBerry world in the beta zone. No leak

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I got the calculator and compass updates as well as one for Evernote. Leaked 10.2.1925 here.

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Both showed errors downloading Over mobile network but downloaded fine over wifi

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Also just got an Evernote update. I was running the beta zone release.

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Received both the BlackBerry World update and both app, and I am not on a any leak

I hope this is a sign from BBRY that they can update the core apps very easily and not need to wait for a full OS update to do so. They need to use this capability much more often. I would love a killer media player with massive TAT influence.

BlackBerry Weather and Evernote also have updates available.. BlackBerry Weather jumps to from and Evernote goes from to Just thought i'd let y'all know

Not running the leaked and just updated both compass and calculator.

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I just updated to beta zone app world and downloaded 4 updates including calc and compass on a non leaked os version Z30. So it is not just leaked os versions getting them.

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After installing the BlackBerry World update, both apps showed up with updates available (so did Evernote), and I'm running stock

I think it is a good sign that they are starting to update core apps through BlackBerry World. If they can get more of the apps updated that way, then we won't have to worry as much about waiting on carrier OS updates.

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I got both updates and I'm not running a leak. Still on Got an error on one, retried it and it worked fine. BB world update as well.

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Official OS here and updates available, though i have to click check update twice before it shows up as available updates.


Showed up for me.. I am running an official OS 10.2

Though can't really make out what changes have happened.. just updated them..

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I think it is related to the carrier and the phone model with possibly the type of OS running. Carriers could be pushing out the updates for 10.2.1.X late tonight, early tomorrow.


I'm on official BlackBerry OS and I have received both updates in BlackBerry World after updating it to new version from Beta Zone.

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Hopefully the tip calculator will revert back to the way it was before the 10.1 release.

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I'm not running s leaked OS and I got the updates. However, when I first attempted update on both, I got a network error. After closing and restarting BlackBerry World they updated fine.

Running OS

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Updated without Problems both.
I only got no Notification and need to search the Calculator and Compass in the World.

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Although this update rolled out in December, for the heck of it I updated anyway. My Compass is still broken and has been since installing and I have this same issue on 2 different Z10's. The compass needle jumps around and "sometimes" finds North. WTH?!?

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

No you are not the only one. My compass Is 180 degrees off, sometimes. The rest of the time it's just wrong. Has been for a while. I thought the Verizon Official 10.2.1 would fix it. Wrong. Good thing I'm not out in the middle of nowhere!

Posted from my Verizon Official 10.2.1

I'm on. 1925 leak and glad I don't need the compass. Is off 180* and constantly has the interference button come back. Had all metal replaced with crowns in mouth. So cant be me. Lol. Wth?

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Managed to click download for both apps within the blackberry world website (after signing in) and subsequently the updated versions of both compass and calculator appeared on the phone
Z10 BB10 release

Updated both compass and calculator apps.

I am running the official O2 Software Release on my Z10.

Have not registered or installed any beta software such as the BlackBerry World beta which has been mentioned before.

Updates showed up when I checked the 'My Apps & Games' section of BlackBerry World.

Hoping update to 10.2.1 becomes available very soon.

Posted using the CrackBerry app on my 64gb Wi-Fi only PlayBook.

I received the updates on my official Bell 10.2.

Not sure what's changed in the apps. Still no digit grouping in the calculator and the compass still points North.

Maybe an EQ is coming for the music app? :/

I have an official OS and got updates for calculator, compass and evernote :)

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I just looked to see what you were saying. His compass has the interference button lit up as well. Although it's next to the other.

Bla1ze. Is your compass working?

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I found that the interface error means it can get a good compass reading but that doesn't affect the location.

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I have got the new update and it STILL Doesn't work. It says I don't have the necessary sensors on my z10???????

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I wasn't notified the traditional way (by getting a notification in my 'Notifications'), but I went into BB World and My World, checked for updates and they both popped up with needing an update.

On Verizon -

Z10 running VZW 10.2.1 and I got both updates about 5 hours after I first noticed this post. So if you don't have it yet and you have the latest software try later.

I still can't figure out how to work out percentages with the calculator. Hoped the update would fix that.

I know that this sounds ridiculous, but can anyone help?

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BlackBerry World did not signal an update.

When I ran BlackBerry World - initially the Compass and Calculator app did not appear as an available upgrade. However is was about 5 seconds - then they appeared.

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Updated both on z30, 1925 leak, the compass is totally off. Shows east when it should be north

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I don't run leaks. I recieved both updates on official OS Software Release Software Version

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I'm not running any leaks and I got the two updates which downloaded just fine without any errors.

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Yep, got the updates on a bog standard official release of 10.2.

Maybe so many people at Crackberry are using "leaked" versions of the OS you can't tell what's official and what's not ;o)

I'm on VZW and loaded the update. I'm not sure what it did except add some bloatware and remove my backdoor clock. After loading the new A W, I got the updates for the calc and compass.

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I'm on. 1055 and the option to update the Calculator & the Compass is available.

Though I'm sad to say the thousand separators feature is still not introduced in the calculator app. Whyyyyyy?

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I really wish the calculator had basic digit grouping for thousands and auto rounding, just so I didn't have to load an android app, for which there are literally dozens

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