BlackBerry 10 coming soon to Koodo, WIND and Mobilicity

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2013 02:19 pm EST

 Koodo BlackBerry 10

The hits just keep on coming - today Koodo, WIND and Mobilicity announced that they too will be carrying BlackBerry 10 devices at launch. Koodo announced via their Facebook page and both WIND and Mobilicity confirmed to MobileSyrup via email. We'll add these to the growing list of carriers that will have BlackBerry 10 devices at the ready. Just a few weeks left until launch and we're getting anxious. Bring on BlackBerry 10!

Source: MobileSyrup 



Since I'm on Mobilicity, it's all good....

Mr Gill

Wooohooo! I was waiting on WIND!


Our Twitter nagging paid off RootBrian....LOL!


FYI: koodo=TELUS. Don't be fooled!


All of Canada on the BALL for the BB10 launch so glad to see all these happening now gives the ready boost for BB10


Yes......I did not want to switch carrier to get BB10......I'm really enjoying Koodo


Still waiting for the slowest of them all to have new phones....Fido. :( I hope Fido would have the BB10.


Same!! The new plans at Rogers are ridiculous. I really like the unlimited calls/texts and 2GB of data plan with Fido for only $56. Worst comes to worst, I'll just buy it off contract.


Rogers owns fido, so I'm sure they'll have it


Unfortunately, both WIND and Mobilicity said they were going to "support" BB10. To me, this doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be carrying it. Last I heard, WIND wouldn't need getting it for at least a month after launch. Anyone have any idea what they mean?


Wind will be carrying it. They were one of the first carriers to come out supporting carrier billing. The question is - when are we going to get it??.


Share the LOVE! BlackBerry for everyone..... Its a wonderful news for all those people on discount carriers.Great move RIM


i hope wind launches it soon after the 30th. my 9780 is on it's last legs


i hope wind launches it soon after the 30th. my 9780 is on it's last legs


Everyone in North America is almost on board - I hope that the rest of the world is taking note !


Add Walmart Canada to the list


The guys at the Niagara Falls Wind Store laughed when I asked about BB 10 at launch. They trashed BlackBerry the whole time I was there. I mentioned that Wind had the SIII at launch, and they gave me a line about how Europe had them first so it was easy for them to get them. I continued to express my excitement for a phone with true multitasking and 1 gesture app switching, and he told me how android had that already, which it doesn't (you either hold the back button to open a subwindow, or back and then forward into a new application). When I mentioned the PlayBook 1 swipe apply switching they laughed at the PlayBook. The guy then showed me his iPhone and said that Android and iPhone were the best because they are Linux based(which is almost kind of true). QNX is also a unix-line kernel based OS, but I just wanted to leave at that point.

This is the long winded way of saying I am happy that Wind will have BB10 @ launch, I just won't buy it from the idiots at that store.


You should call customer service and complain about those idiots.


Haha "Long Winded" was that a pun?


Last year I had a very similar experience with the Wind store in Vancouver at Cambie and Broadway.

I was ready to buy a windows phone for my wife with battery life as my main criteria. He told me windows phone was full of viruses, and like 90% of them are returned as defective, then tried to sell me on some android phone with way worse battery life. MS could probably sue Wind on the grounds of slander. Anyway, I bought the phone at another Wind store with employees that had a brain.


Last I checked Wind doesn't have LTE so there are reasons to chose other carriers, but they also don't sell iphones or plans. These guys are obviously losers who don't know what they're talking about.