BlackBerry 10 coming soon to the Dominican Republic on Claro and Orange

BlackBerry 10 available soon in the Dominican Republic
By Michelle Haag on 9 Mar 2013 06:15 pm EST

Though the BlackBerry Z10 was announced back in January, there are still parts of the world anxiously awaiting the release of the hot new BlackBerry, including Latin America. It seems that the wait there won't be much longer though, as two carriers (Claro and Orange Dominicana) in the Dominican Republic have started marketing the Z10 on their sites!

Claro has put up their pre-order page for the BlackBerry Z10, and it seems that they are offering both black and white versions. Also noted on the Claro pre-order page, the white version will be an exclusive to Claro. Orange Dominicana has not put up a pre-order page as of yet, however both their Facebook page and website indicate that the device will be available soon. No word on pricing at this time. Thanks for sending this in Vindicta!

More information/preorder BlackBerry Z10 from Claro

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BlackBerry 10 coming soon to the Dominican Republic on Claro and Orange


In Colombia, movistar already have ads promoting the Z10, but no word on when will be available! I heard that Tigo will be getting it at the end of the month, the same as Claro.

I'm in Movistar and everyday I check for the Z10 and I haven't seen anything. I wrote them and they answered that they don't have a date yet. I have a friend who's bringing them from Canada and she sells them unlocked at COP 1.600.000

It seems like these launches happen with very limited supplies. I hope the "eventual" US launch isn't similar to the Nexus 4 debacle. I have a feeling that they want to appear to have "sell-outs" and carriers will only get a handful of Z10's

Would not surprise me if demand out strip production. Demand is growing here as more and more people cross over.

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There needs to be a realistic balance, though. Giving AT&T stores 5 units each and then claiming "overwhelming demand" isn't the way to do it. There needs to be a reasonable supply and I don't think there will be.

I am also in Claro and already signed up in their pre-order list. Can not wait to have my Z10 in my hands!!!

BlackBerry is back in Dom. Rep.!!!

I live in Dominican Republic and a huge blackberry fan , can't wait to have the Z10 in my hands . And I know lots and lots of blackberry users out here that are desperate to have the Z10

I don't think any store had 5 Z10's regardless of country. Most likely each store in Canada and in the UK had between 20 to 50 Z10's for walk in customers. Several stores carried between 60 to 100 Z10's and sold out within a week, and had loads of Z10 stocks in the back of the store to restock the shelves.
Both Rogers and Bell in Canada alone account for 1000's if not 10's of 1000's of units which were pre-ordered prior to the official launch. And those were sold out within 48hrs.

BlackBerry increased production weeks before the CEO announced it on the net.
Remember Nokia sold 4 Million WP8 L920's in the last Q4 2012. I think BlackBerry will beat that number with the Z10, though BB10 launched in late Jan 2013, so it will have a short Q1 2013.

Many people are switching to Iphones and Android's phones, but blackberry is still No.1 in DR, so having a new OS with great reviews may help Blackberry keep there leadership of smartphones in DR... That's my opinion.

Glad to know they will launch it officially so quick in my mother nation. My brother told me there are some shops selling them (possibly unlocked Canadian models) in a place called BB Clinic.

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March 14 is the official launch from Claro in the DR, it'll take place in Praia Club, at 7:00 pm in Santo Domingo city. the link below shows the article (in Spanish) and the picture with date, place, time etc.

i posted a threat about this yesterday, already pre-order 2, black for me, white for the fiance :D can't wait !!

P.S. My fiance has an iPhone 5 and will switch by her own will to the new BlackBerry experience. Cheers !

Yaaaaaaaay it's coming over!!!!! Hooorraaaah! Happy day, some stores are already selling them though, but they are asking crazy amounts of mulah for it ( 30 to 33,000 pesos which is roughly around 800 us dollars yipers!!! ladies and gentlemen :s ) anyhow can't wait for it, it will kick mayor arse when it arrives, people will love to play with it!!!!!!!

DR is an interesting market for many smartphone manufacturer companies as Blackberry, Apple and Samsung. It is very small (when compared with Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil) but still is interesting to analyze how are evolving the market penetration of these brands and how new competitors can succeed oh these type of markets.

The price is gonna be the deciding factor. BlackBerry have been infamous here for overpricing their phones. It's not strange to find a BlackBerry for 500 US dollars (20,000 Dominican pesos) ON A TWO YEAR CONTRACT. That's way too much. I'm predicting the Z10 will cost around 550 dollars on contract, which is what the iPhone 5 costs. I seriously don't understand why carriers don't subsidize high end smartphones here. They would be selling more if they did. That's why Curves are so popular here because they're cheap even without a subsidize.

I'll have to disagree with you, when the 9900 came out, i was one of the first to get it, i had it pre ordered, it all of course depends on the plan you get. In my case i have the Smart4 plan from Claro, the 9900 unlocked price at that moment was, US $600, with my 18 months smart4 contract, i got the phone at RD $5,800.00. that's like US $140.

The iPhone 5's price here is RD $33,500 (US $840) off contract. With my plan i get it at a price of RD $15,000 that's US $375.

I assume the price will be a little lower than the iPhone, or similar.

I just returned from the DR on Thursday. The local airport workers stopped me to ask what kind of phone I was using. When I replied, BlackBerry, they all started talking to each other in Spanish and pointing and shouting BlackBerry to each other. I figured it must not have been available there yet. Lol.

Many people here doesn't know the Z10 even exist and you know blackberry isnt recognized for there strong publicity. But im waiting mine since i knew RIM was working on Blackberry 10 last year, that is why i havent upgraded from my 9800, the waiting is going to be over next friday #BBZ10GonnaBe

Wow, Here in Trinidad, there are a few Z10s in the wild, but no "official " word from both carriers. My rep said late March. SO i told him to have 2 on pre-order for me.

I'm a Canadian visiting the Dominican Republic. The guy who rented me a wireless hot spot for the week at the resort practically begged me to sell him my Z10. He like a lot of people down here like their BlackBerrys! I've seen a lot of them around. Now I can tell him that it's coming soon on his network.

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Hey @webmeister I'd like to ask you about your experience renting the hotspot in DR. How much did it cost you? Was the service good? Was it from claro or orange?

Yeah, we love the blackberry here. but i hope they dont bring it as expensive as the iphone 5 when it first came out officially. When i bought my 9800 it was just RD$ 11,000 (almost US$ 300) so that is the price im hoping for.

Yeah, the two guys that I talked to in the Internet cafe seemed passionate and knowledgeable about BlackBerrys. Smart of BlackBerry to first release the new model in a country friendly to the product. I hope the release price is attractive enough to put lots of Z10s in Dominicans' pockets! They are friendly and generous people.....they deserve it. ;-)

Thanks for your kind words! Canadians are very friendly too. Im sure that i will be having mine when i visit canada this summer!

Listen, this is a small country, but believe me, people are crazy about communications here, every one carries at least a blackberry, but most people now are carrying 2 smartphones, and carriers here are really expensive, that's why we get the smartphones really early after launch.

I thing BlackBerry along with carriers, should start a little Ad campaign here, to educate everyone about the new BB experience.

After there are a few BB10's out there, it'll sell like crazy !!

Orange is my carrier am I exited with this news, #BB10KeepMoving!!!

I will see my partner that change to Iphone or Galaxy coming back so soon!!

Hi! I'm holding on to my badly-beaten 9800 to get my hands on the Z10 ASAP!

Though I worry about the price they're gonna set (Claro) and I think they are forcing contract renewals onto their "Smart" contracts (no Blackberry unlimited pans). I plan to study my options well, even consider switching to Orange if I feel I'm being punished somehow... But anxiety is building up :)

For what I have read, on Smart Plans you have the option of BIS. That will allow you have the unlimeted data for blackberry but still it degrades after 500 MB. Im in Claro and going to stay there, Finally today I saw on the news paper the Ad of Z10 and Orange Ad too, The say they will deliver it on 4 Days, so i guess Claro will do it too!!! Counting the day till i have my BBZ10 :)

I showed it to a few people at the Bavaro Tower Casino On Saturday night and they all loved it. Including a few people from the USA.

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Team Crackberry like you guys even I want BB10 to do great all over the world. India is a huge market and I feel BBs attitude towards it does not make sense.. Guys in place like India where z10 is launch I see not even a single newspaper ad or a TV ad. Sony Xperia has done and so has samsung and apple. Does BB think they can sell in India just like that. Also not sure why the MD Sunil Dutt resigned. Brand Blackberry is huge in India and many Indians atleast 1 million can buy a Z10 just like that even if its the most expensive phone out there. Please convey this to the CMO that till date not even a single ad has been seen in newspaper nor TV. How will Indians know its a WOW phone without any TV ads. Instead of wasting money on "Keep Moving" project please spend some wise marketing money for such things.